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At The Bank


Georgia was not sure if what she had just encountered was real but she figured that she should cash the check as quickly as possible just in case Thompson and Waverly came to their senses once she had left them alone with their dicks in their hands.  She used a branch just down the street from her office for convenience and so she made her way across the busy avenue, walking the short distance to the bank’s entrance.  As she entered the lobby she could tell immediately that something was very wrong.  On most days there would be a constant stream of voices as tellers and customers conducted their business but today everything was eerily silent.  And instead of a line moving toward the cashier boxes people were standing in a large group and everyone had their hands in the air.  Then she heard a loud voice.


“I told you to lock that damn door.  Now we have another one to deal with.  Get the bitch under control and get that door locked before someone else enters.”


Georgia followed the sound of the voice and saw a tall muscular man with a ski mask over his face and wielding a large black handgun.  Just then someone grabbed onto her arm and turned her so that she was facing another thug who was pointing a gun directly at her face.  “Give me your purse and get your hands up in the air,”  He demanded.


Georgia was frightened nearly out of her mind but she would be damned if she was going to relinquish that $32,000 check that she had worked so hard to get.  And then her fright began to turn to anger and she looked directly into the slits of the man’s mask where his eyes were located.


“Get that fucking thing out of my face right now and stick it back into your pants where it belongs.  And while you are at it why don’t you blow your balls off.”


The man looked down and although you could see that he was trying to hold his gun on Georgia it began sliding down slowly and the muzzle began to slide beneath the man’s belt.  And then something terrible happened.  There was a loud bang and the man double over and sank to his knees.  A pool of blood began spreading out from between his knees and loud moans could be heard coming from his mouth.  At the same time, the other thug was trying to figure out what had happened to his partner and he swung his gun toward where he had last seen him standing.  But now all that was there was a crowd of bank customers looking down at something at their feet.


As for Georgia, she was totally in shock.  She had not really intended for the man to maim himself.  She had only wanted him to stop pointing the gun at her.  But now she would have to deal with the other robber before he hurt her or some other bank patron or employee.  She could see him storming across the floor towards her and raising the gun as he came.


“Drop your weapon and lay down face first on the floor,”  She yelled in a loud commanding voice.  And to everyone’s amazement, the would-be thief did as he was told.  Within seconds, the bank security guard had him in handcuffs and his weapon secured.  As he was pulled to his feet and his mask removed, he looked directly at Georgia and shook his head in apparent amazement.


“How the hell did you do that?”  He yelled across the room in her direction before he was yanked around and pulled away to await the police.


Georgia now noticed that every person in the bank was looking directly at her.  She knew that she did not need the attention so she began backing away towards the entrance hoping to get out of there before she was called upon to answer some embarrassing questions.  But just when she thought she might be able to escape she found the entrance blocked by a bevy of policemen entering the bank.  It seemed to her that embarrassing questions were definitely in her future.


She did her best to back away into a corner where she hoped that she would be forgotten.  If only she could pass a message to the entire crowd the way she had passed messages to the two crooks a few moments ago.  “Forget all about me.”  She thought and tried to project the message to everyone in the room.  But as the police started to interview customers she saw each and every one of them pointing their fingers at her and she knew her subliminal message had not got through.  One of the policemen raised his radio to his lips and talked for a few minutes and then put it back on his belt and turned and headed directly towards Georgia.


“You need to come with me, miss.  There are some questions that you need to answer.  When she did not immediately respond he reached out and grabbed her elbow and roughly began directing her towards an office doorway.  She put up a little resistance but even so the cop became more and more aggressive towards her.  “You really are a stupid cunt, aren’t you?”  He whispered as he brought his lips close to her ear so that she was the only one that could hear what he said.  “You could have gotten someone killed with the stunt you pulled.  Now get in that office and set your ass down in a chair.”


Georgia did as she was told and was amazed when the cop pulled his handcuffs from the back of his belt and cuffed her right hand to the chair arm.  She looked closely at his chest as he bent down to do it and saw that his nametag said that his name was Trent.  “Officer Trent, look at me!”  She thought.  The cop stepped back and gazed directly into her face.  “Do you like what you see, officer?”  She thought of pushing the question out of her mind and into his.  “Would you like to see my tits, Trent?”  Again this was just a thought without any sound being issued.  “Unbutton my blouse so you can get a better look.  Do it now!”


The policeman got a big grin on his face as he stepped towards her.  Reaching out with one meaty hand he grabbed the topmost button of her blouse and began working it out of the eyelet.  Georgia could see a man in a suit entering the doorway and so she frantically began to demand that Trent move quicker.  “For God’s sake hurry up.  You will never get the damn blouse open at this speed.  Rip it open.”


And Trent took both hands and pulled the blouse apart sending buttons sailing through the air and across the room.  He did not even see the detective until he was roughly pulled away and around.  “What the hell are you doing Trent?”


“Uh, err, I thought she might have a weapon and I was searching her for one?”


“Search under my tits, Trent.  I have a knife in my bra.”  Georgia thought.  And Trent tried to turn back towards her reaching out and pulling her breasts free from the nylon encasement.  Georgia smiled to herself as the detective twisted Trent away from her and began pushing him towards the door.  “Who is the stupid cunt, now?”  She pushed the thought towards his back.


The detective turned and came back and stood in front of Georgia.  For just a fraction of a second too long he hesitated allowing himself to absorb the sight of her perfect breasts into his mind.  Georgia smiled thinking of the handsome detective jacking himself off to that memory later in the evening.


“You have my sincere apologies.  I have no idea what got into Trent.  You have my word he will be severely reprimanded for his actions.


Georgia made no attempt to pull her breasts back into their covering since trying to do it one-handed would be difficult if not impossible.  “Aren’t you forgetting something, detective?”  And she began shaking her still cuffed wrist so that the handcuffs made a rattling noise.


He reached into his pocket and pulled out a string of keys.  He inserted one into the lock and with a crisp snap of his wrist the cuff opened and her hand was free.  “Please do your best to cover yourself, ma’am.  I hate to admit it but seeing you that way is a little distracting.”


“Maybe I should leave the girls out in the fresh air.  Perhaps you would be distracted enough to allow me to leave.”  Georgia said with a smile.


“Why don’t we have a little chat first?  The other customers tell an interesting story about a woman that ordered the perps around.  You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”


“I am sure that with all that was going on out there it would be easy for someone to become confused about what they thought they saw.”  Replied Georgia.  “I know that everything happened so fast that I have no idea what went on.”


“That story might work if it was only one or two people that saw you tell a man to shoot his balls off and he does it, but when that story is told by 8 different customers it has a little more credence.  And then those same folks say that you ordered the remaining robber to drop his weapon and he complied.  How do you explain that?”


“What is there for me to explain?  His partner had just shot himself and I suppose he thought that perhaps I had a gun trained on him.  Truthfully I don’t really remember any of this as clearly as you say others do.  Am I being charged with some kind of a crime?”


“I could charge you with reckless endangerment.  You could have gotten yourself or others killed with the stunt you pulled.”


“And yet here we are with the only casualty being one of the would-be robbers.  And as I recall his wound was self-inflicted.  Perhaps you should be thanking me instead of harassing me.  And since you are adamant that I stopped the robbery, is there a reward?  I just lost my job and I could really use the money?”


At that moment, the door opened and Georgia looked up to see Luther entering.  He was wearing a dark blue suit and had a gold shield hung around his neck.  “I will take over here, detective.  You can go back and start your paperwork.”


“Yes, sir.”  Was all the detective said, as he turned to leave the room.


Georgia waited until the door was closed firmly before she addressed Luther.  “Well, you do seem to get around.  How many police departments do you work for?”


“As many as it takes to keep you out of trouble although that is becoming a full-time task.  And speaking of trouble do you think that what you did to poor officer Trent was called for?”


“He called me a stupid cunt.  He deserves anything he gets.”


“Yes, I can see how being called stupid would grate on your nerves.”


Georgia looked at him and cracked up as she realized the connotation of the words he had left out.  “So where do we go from here?”


“Well, why don’t I take you out and introduce you to the bank manager and you can put in your claim for the reward.”


“Is there a reward to put in a claim for?”


“There will be if you tell him there is.”



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Kindle Unlimited

Once again Amazon has found a new way to screw us author’s out of what little money they pay us.  Now instead of paying us a set some when someone reads 10% of our book they now pay us practically nothing for each page someone reads.  I don’t know about anyone else but I have almost reached the end of my writing rope.  In the meantime here is the link to my author’s page just in case you want to read something of mine before I pull the plug.


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Most of my books are available on Kindle Unlimited so if you have that service you can read them for free.



Sex Books, Sex Stories, Female Domination


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Sex Books, Sex Stories, Female Domination

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The Best Female Domination Books


Two books with bonus short story cover Two Book Boxed Set Three book cover The Voyeur, The Preacher's Wife and The Bride to Be Cover The Evil Therapist Cover The Cruel Wife Returns Cover My Wife's Revenge By Wanda Peters Julies Slave Cover His Mother's Advice Cover - Copy Cuckold's Anonymous Cover - Copy cruel wife slave husband cover - Copy Breaking in Her Husband Cover - Copy Addicted to High Heels Cover - Copy A wife afraid to be tied by wanda peters - Copy A Little Devil in Georgia Cover A Little Devil in Georgia Cover Collage - Copy