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Erotic Novel Giveaway Day 22

Carter Comes Home


After making Georgia sweat for an entire day, Carter finally decided that he needed to go home and face the music.  Even though he was still angry with her, he did still love the woman and was not ready to give up on her just yet.  As his workday came to a close he started to develop a little bit of a headache.  It wasn’t the type that starts in the back of your neck, though.  This was more like a heavy pressure was inside his skull and was pressing in from all sides.  He got into his car and leaned back against the headrest and closed his eyes for just a few moments.  He hoped that he could get his head to stop hurting before starting the drive towards his house.  Before he knew it he was sound asleep and dreaming about things that he only thought about when he was alone with his cock in his hand.


It was completely dark out when Carter awoke.  He felt refreshed as if every weight had been removed from his mind.  He looked around and was surprised to see that he was still in the parking lot at work all though he had left the building hours before.  Starting his car, he was anxious to get home and to have a conversation with his wife.


The drive was uneventful and no dread came to him as he approached his house.  Even when he pulled into the drive he was surprised that no compulsion began to take over his mind.  He thought back to the past week and realized that something had completely changed.  And that did give him just a little bit of apprehension.  He opened the front door and noticed that the only light in the house that was lit was coming from the living room.  He flipped on the kitchen light just so that he could see that nothing was in his way and then proceeded to where he figured his wife must have been waiting.  He stopped dead in his tracks when he seen what she was wearing.  She had on a pair of leather pants that were so tight that he could not figure out how she could have possibly gotten into them.  Every curve of her shapely lower body was accentuated right down to the boots she was wearing.  And the boots were breathtaking as well.  He had seen them earlier at the club but he had been too stubborn to study them closely.  Now he could see that they had, at least, a five-inch pointed heel and that both sides and back were covered in tightly braided leather for the seams.  His mouth began to water with just the thought of how much dust and dirt would collect in those braids and how long it would take him if he were allowed to lick them clean.  And added to the allure of the picture his wife was gently tapping a riding crop against the sides of those boots.


Georgia did not say a word.  She just allowed her husband to stand and stare.  She was hoping that he was enjoying the vision in front of him but she knew that the first one of them to speak on this occasion would be the loser and she had no intention of losing.  She smiled a little as she noticed how hard it was for him to take his eyes off of the tapping whip.


The silence was killing Carter and so he finally spoke.  “Okay, I am home, what do you want us to talk about?”


“Actually, I have changed my mind about having a conversation.  I have decided that I will do the talking and you will do the listening.  Now get out of your clothes and come over here and kneel at my feet.”


“I don’t understand,” Carter began.


“You don’t have to understand.”  Georgia cut in before he could finish his thought.  “You just have to obey.  And the next words out of your mouth had better be yes, Mistress, or goodbye.”


This was a dream come true for Carter and although he wanted to rebel just a little bit he was not taking any chances that he would lose the opportunity to see where this was going.  So he quickly reached for the buttons on his shirt.  In record time, he was completely naked and on his knees in front of his dominant wife.  She swung the toe of one of her boots up and grazed his lips with it.  And then she offered him the heel by pushing it against his teeth.


“Suck on my heel while I explain what is going to happen from now on.”


He greedily took the heel into his mouth and began sucking on it, much as he might suck on a cock although he had never had that experience.


“That’s right, suck my heel.  Keep going until I tell you that you can stop.  You will notice that I have removed your compulsion to do housework.  However, that does not mean that you will not have to do it.  From now on all the normal female duties that I have done for most of our marriage will be your responsibility.  I will, of course, give you direction from time to time and will take the effort to make sure that you do things to my standards.  Infractions will be punished severely.  You may take the heel out of your mouth now so that you can say, yes Mistress.”


Carter removed the heel making sure that he sucked up any moisture that he had gotten onto it as he did so.  He used his tongue to dry his lips before he spoke the two words she had commanded him to say.  “Yes, Mistress.”


She switched feet allowing him to take her other heel into his mouth, which he did willingly.  “Now let’s talk about a few other rules.  Since you allowed a slut to use your card to order you two pairs of high-heels I have decided that you will wear them every night from the time you come home until you have finished your work for the night.  You notice I did not say evening because you will always have enough cleaning to keep you busy until at least midnight.  I know that will cut into your sleep a little.  Well more than a little because you will have to be up by 5 a.m. to make sure everything is done and my breakfast prepared before you leave for work.  Take the heel out of your mouth so you can say the magic words.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


“I brought you heels out so that you could try them on.  They are right over there behind that chair.  Crawl over and bring them back in your teeth but be careful you don’t drool on them.”  She watched him enjoying the view of his bare ass as he crawled away from her.  She thought how nice it would look with a few stripes from her crop on it but she knew that would have to wait until she had him firmly under her control.  One of the things that Amara had found out from her little jaunt through his mind was that he was a wimp when it came to receiving pain.  Oh, course that made the idea of whipping his ass all the more appealing to her but she did not want to scare him off just yet.  Amara had him pegged right so far.  He really did like the idea of being ordered around by a strict woman.  Georgia began to wonder if she should have a little talk with Carter’s mother.


Carter had selected the black leather pair and he looked so cute with them dangling from his mouth, trying his best not to drool.  He sat down in the middle of the floor and worked his as hard as he could to figure out how to get the shoes on and the buckles fastened but he was having so much trouble that Georgia had to allow a little laugh to escape her mouth. “If you’re having that much trouble just getting them on your feet imagine how difficult it will be trying to walk in them.”


She spent the next five minutes watching him struggling with those buckles and then she finally decided that if she wanted to see him walk in them that she would have to give him a hand.  Come over and put one of your feet up on the chair between my legs.  He did that but with the other shoe off.  She had no problem getting that one buckled onto his foot but when he tried to raise the other foot so that she could put the next heel on he almost fell over.  He was fortunate that he did not break his ankle when his foot went sideways and gave out.


“This is going to be more difficult than I thought.”  Georgia giggled.  “Just this once I am going to get down on my knees and help you.  Take a picture in your mind because it will never happen again.  Now grab onto the chair arm to steady yourself and lift up your foot.”  It took her a little effort to get his foot into the shoe and buckle it in place.  “Now take a spin around the living room but slowly so that you don’t hurt yourself.  That’s it put most of the weight on the balls of your feet.  Set the heels down gently.  You have a nice sway to your cute little ass.  Getting those shoes was not the worst idea anyone ever had.  But you do look ridiculous with all that body hair.  You won’t have time to shave it off properly until the weekend but I expect it gone by Saturday night.  We are going to play dress up then and I wouldn’t want you to get laughed at with hair sticking out of your nylons.  Now be a good boy and go get the vacuum out of the closet and get started on the carpets.  I so love to see a man in heels running a vacuum cleaner.”


Carter could not believe that he was allowing himself to be used for his wife’s amusement.  But somewhere deep down he was loving it and he was even starting to get an erection.  By the time he returned with the vacuum his cock was at three-quarter mast and Georgia couldn’t help but notice.


“I see that you are enjoying this scene.  We are going to have to do something about that nasty little thing between your legs.  Amara suggested that you might like me to put you in chastity.  Is there any truth to that?  Yes, you have my permission to speak.”


“I don’t know where she got that idea,” Carter lied.


“That will be five strokes,”  Georgia announced.  “Grab the back of the chair for support.  I wouldn’t want you hurting yourself when I start.  Hurting you is my job.”


Carter could not believe it as he felt the first stroke of her crop land across both of his ass cheeks.  “Jesus Christ that hurt,”  He yelled.


“We will just add five more for cursing and that first one does not count.  Now hold still so that I can discipline you properly.


He heard a swooshing sound and again his ass exploded with pain.  It seemed like every nerve in the area was on fire.  He tensed up to ready himself for the next blow but Georgia was too smart for that trick.  She waited until she heard him exhale and then struck again.  More white-hot pain shot through him.  The next blow came quickly even before he thought of tensing up.  This one was not as severe.  Maybe my nerves are starting to adjust he thought but then the whip struck him at the very top of his legs and he screamed in pain.  “I think you should have to count out the strokes.  I might forget where I am at.  That was four so the next one you should count out five and thank me.”


Again the whip landed on the top part of his legs.  After screaming like a little girl he did manage to remember to say five thank you.  And again, this time, a little lower.  “Six, thank you, Mistress.”  By the time the tenth stroke had landed he was in full tears.  His nose was full of mucus and he was snuffling trying to keep it from running down his chin to mingle with the tears he was shedding.


“Oh that is just priceless,” Georgia said.  “You know the other night the thing I regret the most?”  She did not wait for him to answer.  “It was that when you were bawling like a baby I did not get to see the tears.  They are so precious.”  She pulled out several Kleenex and handed them to him.  Blow your nose but don’t blot the tears.  I want to see them dry on your face.”


When he had recovered sufficiently, she again asked him the same question as before.  “Now slave tell me the truth.  Do you ever wish that I would put you in a chastity device?”


Carter hesitated but when he saw her start to flex her whip again he answered.  “I guess I have had that fantasy, but that is all it is.  I certainly don’t want my cock locked up so that you can blackmail me with my orgasms.”


“Then why are you so hard right now while we are talking about it.  You have lost your nasty erection when I was whipping you but now it is back in full bloom.  So tell me again about your fantasy.  I am sure you have researched the subject, so do you know where I can buy one of those things for you?  And do they come in different sizes like small, medium and large?  I know you wouldn’t need a large one and probably not even a medium one.  Do you think they make one small enough for your little dick?”


“Yes, mistress I do know where they are sold.  And they come in all different sizes.  If you are really serious about this I should go and be fitted.”


“That is a wonderful idea, I will meet you there after you get off work tomorrow.  Just put the address into my GPS before you leave for work.  Now finish you vacuuming.”


As she watched him pushing the machine with much difficulty she beamed with happiness.  Thank God that she had let Amara delve around in Carter’s mind.  And this was just the tip of the iceberg.  There were tons of other fantasies that she was going to enjoy turning into nightmares for her husband.


A Little Devil in Georgia Cover


Erotic Novel Giveaway Day 18

Wednesday Morning


Georgia was just starting to awake and stretch when Carter came into the main bedroom to use the master bath for his morning ablutions.  She had thrown the coverlet off of her still nude body and he felt a moment of arousal as he viewed her naked breasts.  She looked at him with a smile on her face.  “Do you like what you see, slave?”  She asked.


Carter did his best to ignore the question not wanting to recall anything that had taken place the night before but he was totally helpless not to respond when Georgia spoke to him or asked him a question.  “You know I adore you, Mistress.  And yes you are the hottest woman on the planet, perhaps in the universe.”


“Then come here and give me a kiss,”  She demanded.


Carter walked to the bed and bent down in an effort to bring his lips together with those of his wife.  “I see you don’t understand instructions.  You no longer get to kiss my lips.  Only real men have that privilege. I meant for you to kiss my well-fucked cunt.  Now get your face between my thighs and clean me out with your tongue.  You do want to be my cunt licker don’t you?”


“Yes, Mistress,”  He said as he moved towards her crotch.  As he approached her cunt with his mouth he breathed in an odor that was unfamiliar to him.  He was sure he knew what it was and his stomach began to roll just thinking about what he was about to do.


“Get control of yourself, slave.  You will regret it if you upchuck on me.  You have eaten that pussy many times in the past.  It just has a little more flavor now.  You need to get used to the taste because you are going to be eating a lot after some man has filled me with his cum.  At least, most of last nights has drained out.  All you need to do is lick up the dried crusts.  Now get busy.”


“I don’t know why you are doing this to me,”  He complained.


“You don’t need to understand, you just need to obey.  This evening when you get home from work we will have a little chat and I will outline the rules for you.  Right now the rule you need to follow is I want you to clean my well-used cunt with your tongue.  Is that clear?”


“Yes, mistress.”  And he began to lap vigorously at the dried cum on her pussy lips before thrusting his tongue as far inside her as it would go.  The taste was unbelievably bad and it was all he could do to keep from allowing his stomach to revolt.  Fortunately, Georgia was not in the mood to keep him at the task to the point of orgasm.  She was still completely satisfied from the night before.  Her only motive was to cause Carter some discomfort and to make him think about what he was doing for the rest of the day.  When he came home in the evening she would cause him much more agony.


When she released him she allowed him to go into the bathroom but she gave him a firm command not to brush his teeth or wash his face.  She told him she wanted him to have a constant reminder of his new position in the household and so if he was concerned about anything that might be left on his lips he should lick it off with his tongue.


Georgia waited until her new slave had finished in the bathroom and was ready to leave for work before climbing out of the bed and heading into the bathroom for a long hot shower.  It seemed to her that every muscle in her body had been stretched far beyond the normal elasticity.  And the inside of her cunt was sorer than she ever remembered it in the past.


Carter was in a total funk as he left the house and got into his car for the drive to the office.  But the further he drove the less depressed he felt.  It was as if he was leaving all his troubles behind him.  By the time he reached his place of employment he was actually in a fairly good mood.


Georgia, on the other hand, was having trouble reconciling what she had done to her husband with the way she had always felt.  As she sipped her first cup of coffee she thought about what she had done the night before.  The worst thing was she did not feel ashamed of having fucked another man in front of Carter.  In fact, she felt good about it and that was what was troubling her.  It was almost as if she was becoming a sadist.  And then she thought back to hearing him sobbing and the one thing that came to mind was that she regretted not being able to see the tears streaming down his face.  “What have to turned me into, Luther?”  She thought to herself.  And of course, there he was sitting across the table from her.


“Why Georgia, my girl.  Whatever do you mean?  I haven’t done anything to you.  You were a little harsh on poor Carter, but I am sure you had your reasons.  Could it be that you are still a little pissed off about the bimbo he brought home on Saturday?  By the way, I think there is a package on your front stoop.  UPS didn’t even bother to ring the bell.  Perhaps you should chastise the driver, the next time you see him.”


“Come on Luther, I never did any of this stuff until I met you.”


“Perhaps not but deep down you wanted to.  It is just a coincidence that you let the venom out near the same time I got involved with Amara.  You know she really wants all of us to get together again soon.  She said being tied down and fucked while her sister watched was the hottest thing she has ever done.  Why don’t you go bring in your package?  I bet you will be in a much better mood when you see what is inside of it.”


With a shake of her head, Georgia made her way to the front door.  Just as Luther said there was a large package on the stoop.  She checked the shipping label and saw that it was from an expensive shoe retailer that she had seen on the Internet a time or two.  She was positive that she would never have ordered anything from them since their prices were out of this world.  But then she remembered something that Carter had said to her when she returned from Amara’s house. And as she carried the box inside her dander began to rise once more.


Luther was all smiles as she brought the box inside.  He could see the look of anger on her face and reveled in the depth of her emotions.  “Let’s see what is inside the box.  I bet it is really something special.”


Grabbing a pair of scissors off the end table, Georgia set about destroying the packing tape on the box.  She was careful that she did not allow her temper to get away from her so badly that she damaged the contents of the box as she already had a good idea how expensive they were.  She peeled back the top and then removed some packaging material and finally pulled out two very nice shoeboxes. She could not believe her eyes as she pulled the top off of the first box.  Inside was a pair of the most delectable red satin shoes with a gold-embossed metal six-inch heel.  She could immediately see that they were much too big for her feet but she suspected they would fit Carter just fine.  How he would walk in them would be a completely different matter.


The second pair was made of black soft leather.  They too had, at least, a six-inch heel.  The toes were enclosed and came to a sharp point making them look even larger than they were.  “He said he ordered some heels but I did not realize that they were in his size or that they would be this expensive as she pulled out the statement that was inside the box.  And then she noticed that there were not two orders but in fact, there were three.  A pair of boots costing $550 was nowhere to be found.


“You might want to call your credit card company and find out where that pair of boots were shipped,”  Luther stated matter of factly.


“And then beat the living shit out of the bitch that has them.”  She declared.  “But I am not going to get what I need from the credit card company.  But Decadent Shoes, on the other hand, should be a little more helpful.”


“But aren’t you going to put in a claim for fraud?”  Asked Luther.


“Don’t you think that would be a little difficult since half the order was shipped to my home?”


“I think you can convince anyone to do anything you want.”


“Really then why don’t you come over here and kiss my ass.”


“I meant anyone with the exception of me.  But even so if you bare it I will be happy to kiss it.  You have a truly desirable ass.”


Georgia gave him a little smile as she picked up her phone and started to dial the number on the bottom of the invoice.  Within just a few minutes she had the name and address of the person the boots were shipped to.


A Little Devil in Georgia Cover

Erotic Novel giveaway day 15

At The Bank


Georgia was not sure if what she had just encountered was real but she figured that she should cash the check as quickly as possible just in case Thompson and Waverly came to their senses once she had left them alone with their dicks in their hands.  She used a branch just down the street from her office for convenience and so she made her way across the busy avenue, walking the short distance to the bank’s entrance.  As she entered the lobby she could tell immediately that something was very wrong.  On most days there would be a constant stream of voices as tellers and customers conducted their business but today everything was eerily silent.  And instead of a line moving toward the cashier boxes people were standing in a large group and everyone had their hands in the air.  Then she heard a loud voice.


“I told you to lock that damn door.  Now we have another one to deal with.  Get the bitch under control and get that door locked before someone else enters.”


Georgia followed the sound of the voice and saw a tall muscular man with a ski mask over his face and wielding a large black handgun.  Just then someone grabbed onto her arm and turned her so that she was facing another thug who was pointing a gun directly at her face.  “Give me your purse and get your hands up in the air,”  He demanded.


Georgia was frightened nearly out of her mind but she would be damned if she was going to relinquish that $32,000 check that she had worked so hard to get.  And then her fright began to turn to anger and she looked directly into the slits of the man’s mask where his eyes were located.


“Get that fucking thing out of my face right now and stick it back into your pants where it belongs.  And while you are at it why don’t you blow your balls off.”


The man looked down and although you could see that he was trying to hold his gun on Georgia it began sliding down slowly and the muzzle began to slide beneath the man’s belt.  And then something terrible happened.  There was a loud bang and the man double over and sank to his knees.  A pool of blood began spreading out from between his knees and loud moans could be heard coming from his mouth.  At the same time, the other thug was trying to figure out what had happened to his partner and he swung his gun toward where he had last seen him standing.  But now all that was there was a crowd of bank customers looking down at something at their feet.


As for Georgia, she was totally in shock.  She had not really intended for the man to maim himself.  She had only wanted him to stop pointing the gun at her.  But now she would have to deal with the other robber before he hurt her or some other bank patron or employee.  She could see him storming across the floor towards her and raising the gun as he came.


“Drop your weapon and lay down face first on the floor,”  She yelled in a loud commanding voice.  And to everyone’s amazement, the would-be thief did as he was told.  Within seconds, the bank security guard had him in handcuffs and his weapon secured.  As he was pulled to his feet and his mask removed, he looked directly at Georgia and shook his head in apparent amazement.


“How the hell did you do that?”  He yelled across the room in her direction before he was yanked around and pulled away to await the police.


Georgia now noticed that every person in the bank was looking directly at her.  She knew that she did not need the attention so she began backing away towards the entrance hoping to get out of there before she was called upon to answer some embarrassing questions.  But just when she thought she might be able to escape she found the entrance blocked by a bevy of policemen entering the bank.  It seemed to her that embarrassing questions were definitely in her future.


She did her best to back away into a corner where she hoped that she would be forgotten.  If only she could pass a message to the entire crowd the way she had passed messages to the two crooks a few moments ago.  “Forget all about me.”  She thought and tried to project the message to everyone in the room.  But as the police started to interview customers she saw each and every one of them pointing their fingers at her and she knew her subliminal message had not got through.  One of the policemen raised his radio to his lips and talked for a few minutes and then put it back on his belt and turned and headed directly towards Georgia.


“You need to come with me, miss.  There are some questions that you need to answer.  When she did not immediately respond he reached out and grabbed her elbow and roughly began directing her towards an office doorway.  She put up a little resistance but even so the cop became more and more aggressive towards her.  “You really are a stupid cunt, aren’t you?”  He whispered as he brought his lips close to her ear so that she was the only one that could hear what he said.  “You could have gotten someone killed with the stunt you pulled.  Now get in that office and set your ass down in a chair.”


Georgia did as she was told and was amazed when the cop pulled his handcuffs from the back of his belt and cuffed her right hand to the chair arm.  She looked closely at his chest as he bent down to do it and saw that his nametag said that his name was Trent.  “Officer Trent, look at me!”  She thought.  The cop stepped back and gazed directly into her face.  “Do you like what you see, officer?”  She thought of pushing the question out of her mind and into his.  “Would you like to see my tits, Trent?”  Again this was just a thought without any sound being issued.  “Unbutton my blouse so you can get a better look.  Do it now!”


The policeman got a big grin on his face as he stepped towards her.  Reaching out with one meaty hand he grabbed the topmost button of her blouse and began working it out of the eyelet.  Georgia could see a man in a suit entering the doorway and so she frantically began to demand that Trent move quicker.  “For God’s sake hurry up.  You will never get the damn blouse open at this speed.  Rip it open.”


And Trent took both hands and pulled the blouse apart sending buttons sailing through the air and across the room.  He did not even see the detective until he was roughly pulled away and around.  “What the hell are you doing Trent?”


“Uh, err, I thought she might have a weapon and I was searching her for one?”


“Search under my tits, Trent.  I have a knife in my bra.”  Georgia thought.  And Trent tried to turn back towards her reaching out and pulling her breasts free from the nylon encasement.  Georgia smiled to herself as the detective twisted Trent away from her and began pushing him towards the door.  “Who is the stupid cunt, now?”  She pushed the thought towards his back.


The detective turned and came back and stood in front of Georgia.  For just a fraction of a second too long he hesitated allowing himself to absorb the sight of her perfect breasts into his mind.  Georgia smiled thinking of the handsome detective jacking himself off to that memory later in the evening.


“You have my sincere apologies.  I have no idea what got into Trent.  You have my word he will be severely reprimanded for his actions.


Georgia made no attempt to pull her breasts back into their covering since trying to do it one-handed would be difficult if not impossible.  “Aren’t you forgetting something, detective?”  And she began shaking her still cuffed wrist so that the handcuffs made a rattling noise.


He reached into his pocket and pulled out a string of keys.  He inserted one into the lock and with a crisp snap of his wrist the cuff opened and her hand was free.  “Please do your best to cover yourself, ma’am.  I hate to admit it but seeing you that way is a little distracting.”


“Maybe I should leave the girls out in the fresh air.  Perhaps you would be distracted enough to allow me to leave.”  Georgia said with a smile.


“Why don’t we have a little chat first?  The other customers tell an interesting story about a woman that ordered the perps around.  You wouldn’t know anything about that would you?”


“I am sure that with all that was going on out there it would be easy for someone to become confused about what they thought they saw.”  Replied Georgia.  “I know that everything happened so fast that I have no idea what went on.”


“That story might work if it was only one or two people that saw you tell a man to shoot his balls off and he does it, but when that story is told by 8 different customers it has a little more credence.  And then those same folks say that you ordered the remaining robber to drop his weapon and he complied.  How do you explain that?”


“What is there for me to explain?  His partner had just shot himself and I suppose he thought that perhaps I had a gun trained on him.  Truthfully I don’t really remember any of this as clearly as you say others do.  Am I being charged with some kind of a crime?”


“I could charge you with reckless endangerment.  You could have gotten yourself or others killed with the stunt you pulled.”


“And yet here we are with the only casualty being one of the would-be robbers.  And as I recall his wound was self-inflicted.  Perhaps you should be thanking me instead of harassing me.  And since you are adamant that I stopped the robbery, is there a reward?  I just lost my job and I could really use the money?”


At that moment, the door opened and Georgia looked up to see Luther entering.  He was wearing a dark blue suit and had a gold shield hung around his neck.  “I will take over here, detective.  You can go back and start your paperwork.”


“Yes, sir.”  Was all the detective said, as he turned to leave the room.


Georgia waited until the door was closed firmly before she addressed Luther.  “Well, you do seem to get around.  How many police departments do you work for?”


“As many as it takes to keep you out of trouble although that is becoming a full-time task.  And speaking of trouble do you think that what you did to poor officer Trent was called for?”


“He called me a stupid cunt.  He deserves anything he gets.”


“Yes, I can see how being called stupid would grate on your nerves.”


Georgia looked at him and cracked up as she realized the connotation of the words he had left out.  “So where do we go from here?”


“Well, why don’t I take you out and introduce you to the bank manager and you can put in your claim for the reward.”


“Is there a reward to put in a claim for?”


“There will be if you tell him there is.”



dominant women collage

Erotic Novel giveaway day 7

Preparing for The Party


The afternoon passed very quickly and soon the two sisters decided it was time to go out for the evening.  No decision of where they were going to go had to be made; both of them could hear Luther’s voice in their heads telling them exactly where the party would be held.  He also told them exactly how he wanted them dressed for the occasion.  And just to make sure two packages were delivered in the middle of the afternoon.  Like two schoolgirls anxiously awaiting their birthdays, the women tore into the packages.  Looks of wonder came over their faces as they surveyed each item that they pulled out and laid on the bed.  Each item was a virginal white color including the half-corset, hose, and shoes.  The corsets did not cover their breasts but there was a white leather harness for each of them that would emphasize their globes.  Georgia held the harness up to her and wondered exactly how the thing was supposed to be put on.  And then she saw a piece of paper with a diagram, which she showed to Amara.  “I think I am going to need help with this,”  Georgia said to her sister.


“It shouldn’t be too difficult to manage,” Amara remarked as she looked at the diagram.  “It is just a matter of squeezing our breasts until they fit through the holes.  It does appear that our nipples will be exposed however as I don’t see any type of bra included in the package.  Here let me help you with your harness and then you can do mine for me.”


So Amara held the harness up in front of Georgia and helped her put her arms through the proper slots.  Then she pushed one opening against Georgia’s right breast until the areole was pushed through the hole.  She then instructed her sister to grab on to her own nipple and begin pulling as Amara pushed the leather farther down her breast squeezing as much of the flesh to the outside of the hole.  When the leather finally reached Georgia’s chest her breast looked strangely engorged and there was some pain that went along with the constriction.  Shaking that off they began working on her left breast repeating the pulling and pushing until that breast was also completely through the hole.  Then Amara buckled the harness in place behind Georgia’s back.


“It is your turn, sister,”  Georgia remarked and held up the other white leather harness for her to slip her arms into.  Amara had slightly larger breasts than Georgia did and so it took even longer and a little more pain to get her harness in place.  Then the two sisters stood in front of the full-length closet mirror and admired their engorged globes. The skin was stretched so tight that their nipples seemed to be flat instead of elongated.   Let’s put on the corsets and see how much further our tits stick out.”  Georgia stated.


Excitedly the two women helped each other dress not even thinking about why Luther might want them to wear the costumes.  As Georgia helped Amara lace up her corset she noticed how shallow her sister was breathing and knew that most of the air was being pushed out of her lungs.  “Are you okay?  Should I loosen the laces so you can breathe better?”


“No, I am sure that this is how Luther wants us.  We will just have to get used to taking smaller breaths of air.  I do think you may have to help me with my hose and shoes though as bending over is going to be difficult being laced this tightly.  Then when you have finished with mine I will help you with your outfit.  The very last things that we will put on are the collars.  Did you notice how wide they are?  Our necks will be stretched and held stiffly in place.  That is going to take some getting used to.”


Georgia grabbed Amara’s stockings off the bed and sunk down to her knees in front of her sister to aid her in putting the hose on.  Georgia noticed how silky the stockings were and wondered if perhaps they were made of real silk.  They felt wonderful against the skin of her hands and arms as she helped her sister’s feet into them and she could not wait to feel how her own pair would feel against the sensitive skin of her legs and thighs.  They went on effortlessly and were soon attached to the garters that hung down from her sister’s corset.  Then Georgia took the shapely shoes that had been provided and slipped them on her sister’s feet marveling as she did so at the height of the heels.  She wondered when she got her own pair on how difficult it would be to navigate on heels that were a good 6 inches in height.  Lastly, she slipped the short white leather mini skirt onto her sister and zipped it up for her.  No panties had been provided and the skirt was short enough so that when either of them sat down their shaved pussies would be prominently displayed for all to see.  The same would be true if they tried to bend over for any reason.


When both women were finished dressing they helped each other with the wide leather collars that had been provided.  They were made of very thick leather so that they provided no give to allow their chins to drop even a small amount.  Between the constriction of the corsets and the collars both women were forced to maintain perfect upright posture.


Looking at herself in the mirror, Georgia remarked.  “I don’t see how we can go out of the house like this.  Our tits are on display for anyone that might see us.  We are bound to get arrested before we get into a car and we certainly cannot drive in these outfits.”


“Don’t worry about driving.  Luther will be sending a car for us.  And I did notice that the bridal veils are long enough to provide some coverage for our tits.  Aside from that, we will just have to chance that no law enforcement people will see us.  And even if they did, I am sure I could find some way to bargain my way out of trouble.”


Shortly there was a knock on the door.  Amara felt no embarrassment at her partial nudity as she went to the door.  Without even looking through the peephole she pulled the door open to find a tall good looking man in a chauffeur’s uniform standing there.  “Madam I will be your driver for you and your sister this evening.  I am to help you with the finishing touches to your ensemble before we go.  May I step in?”


Amara stepped aside and waved him to enter.  “What final touches did you have in mind?” Amara asked seductively.


The man had a large purse slung over his shoulder and from that he produced a number of small padlocks.  He also produced what looked to be wrist restraints in white leather to match their harnesses.  “Hold out your hands, please,”  He instructed.  Both women obeyed and he fitted each of them with the leather wrist cuffs and locked them in place with four of the padlocks.  He then asked them to turn around and they felt him locking their collars in place as well as the leather harnesses.  He then instructed them to put their hands behind their backs.  When they complied he pulled each arm up until it was horizontal and then locked it in place using another padlock.  When they were restrained to his satisfaction he told them that he would put their veils on in such a way that their breasts would be partially covered.


Taking each woman by her elbow, he guided them out the door and down the steps to the car taking careful pains to make sure that they did not fall because of not having their arms to help their balance and because of the extreme heights of their heels.  When he opened the back door of the limousine he was very careful as he turned them towards him so that he could help them lower down to a sitting position.  Satisfied that their heads were below the doorframe, he helped swing their legs into the car, snapped their seat belts and shoulder harnesses in place and then closed the door.  He made no attempt to pull their skirts down and their cunts were both out in the open air.


As he pulled out of Amara’s drive, for the first time both women began to feel self-conscious because of their nudity.  Although the windows of the vehicle were slightly tinted they were sure than anyone in a high profile vehicle would be able to look down and see their bare beavers.


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