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A link I want to share

The above link tells the message much better than I can say it.  Please read and share it with everyone you can.



Is it time to abandon Donald Trump

I am sure that most of you have heard the audio release of an exchange between Donald Trump and Billy Bush back in 2005 when they were talking about a married woman.  I have heard political leaders saying that this is the last straw.  The present speaker of the house even cancelled an event with Trump because he was so disgusted with him. I heard the audio myself and I have to say that it sounded like a couple of adolescent boys talking about one of the cheer leaders.  Presidential? Absolutely not!?

Now I am going to admit something to you.  I have said much worse things about members of the opposite sex.  Of course I was not a public figure and when I said those things no one was recording me.  Now perhaps you could be honest with yourself as well.  If you are a man think back to sometime in your life when you were talking with a friend about some woman that you found attractive but unattainable.  Did you perhaps refer to some section of her anatomy with less than pristine words?  If you are a woman have you never in your life talked with a girlfriend about a man that you were enamored with and perhaps said things about the way he was hung in words that you might not use in front of your mother?

Now I do not think more highly about Donald Trump because he had that conversation, but at the same time it is not going to stop me from voting for him.  His words were poorly thought out and perhaps makes him appear juvenile but I doubt there is a person on the face of the earth that has not said similar things when they thought it was just between them and a friend.  If anything it makes him a little more human than the hypocrites that are attacking him at this time.

Now let’s take a look at the other side of the coin.  There were also revelations about Hillary Clinton that came out yesterday.  One of them was where she said that she had two sets of talking points, one for when she was in private and one when she was in public.  One of the talking points she had in private was that she believes that we should live with open borders and with free trade throughout the world.   Imagine with the problems we have with terrorists throughout the world what would happen if she got her way and our borders were opened up so that anyone could travel any where with no restrictions.  Can you see where terrorists would flow across our borders?  How long do you think you would be able to enjoy the freedoms you have now if bombs are going off in every city in the country?

And how about this idea of free trade?  Do any of you remember Ross Perot talking about NAFTA?  He said “Do you hear that wooshing sound?  That is you jobs being sucked south of the border.”  And he was absolutely right.  NAFTA has been the biggest cause of jobs being exported than any other trade deal we have ever had.

So when you go into the voting booth in a few weeks, ask yourself.  Can I live better with Donald Trump who sometimes says and does crass things or with Hillary Clinton who wants to open up our borders to millions of terrorists?  Do you want such a woman appointing up to three more Supreme Court Justices?  If she is elected it is not just a problem for the next four years but potentially a problem for the next forty years.  In fact I believe she will completely destroy our way of life and we will never get it back.

I implore you to vote for Donald Trump.

Democrats attack the first amendment

Even those of you that have always voted democratic should be a little bit afraid of taking a bite of this piece of the pie.  The democratic party has been trying to revoke the second amendment to the constitution for years but in my wildest nightmares I did not think they would get around to the first amendment as well.

I suggest that you read the article in its entirety (although I realize that most of you will not).  So I will try to in as few words as possible let you know the gist of the idea.  It seems that the democrats are going to insert into their platform an agreement to make it illegal for any energy company to assert that burning of fossil fuels is not causing man made global warming.  They insist this is not an affront on the first amendment, since the first amendment does not protect someone from committing fraud.  And therein lies the rub.  Since they believe that there is no doubt that man made global warming exists then it would be fraud for someone to disagree with that idea.

Even if you happen to agree with the assumption of man made global warming, do you really want to criminalize those who do not?  Of course you might argue that this only applies to those vile, evil oil companies.  How much of a stretch would it be to expand it to encompass everyone arguing against the idea of man made global warming.   Where does it end?  Will you next make it against the law for someone to argue that life begins at conception because that violates your argument that abortion should be legal?  Or perhaps you would like to outlaw those that do not believe in evolution.  Or how about jailing everyone that thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone?

Once you decide to take away someone’s, anyone’s freedoms, how safe are those beliefs that you yourself hold dear.  Think very carefully when you go into that voting booth, this fall.  Ask yourself, do I really want to vote for a candidate that has signed off on the idea of taking away part of the first amendment to the constitution.

Who really is waging a war against women

Despite their claims to be the party fighting for women’s rights the democrats were the ones that blocked a republican effort to provide funding to find a cure for the Zika virus.  Curiously that virus is only dangerous to pregnant women and their unborn children.  Of course I should not be surprised because the democrats are the ones pushing to murder unborn children.

So maybe they now figure that any attempt to protect unborn children is a war against women even if it means eradicating a deadly virus.

Is this the end of our way of life?

I saw this on a friend’s blog this morning and thought that I should take a day off from my own greed of advertising my books to post it.

It is being touted that if Donald Trump wins the republican nomination that it will be the end of the republican party. Personally I am not sure that would not be a good thing. The republican party has been a joke for years. While they have been talking fiscal responsibility for years they continue to follow the democratic party in raising the debt ceiling year after year without much of a fight. Perhaps we need to have a new party led by an outsider to balance the greed of the democrats.

What I am more worried about is whether we have reached the point where our way of life will soon be over. With the election of either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders we will be open for eight more years of unbridled spending. We have already reached the point where there is no way we can ever pay down the debt. I was just hoping that we could slow the trend enough to put off bankruptcy for enough years that I would not be alive to see the end.

When the United States was just being formed Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor wrote that democracies were all doomed to failure. Here is his quote:
“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”

During the last presidential election Mitt Romney inadvertently warned that we had reached that point when he said that 47 percent of the people would never vote for him because of their greed. The election results proved him right. Even though Obama was seen as the worst president in the history of our nation he was elected by a landslide.

Now we have one last chance to turn the tide. A Clinton victory in the fall would be a disaster but I see no way enough people will put aside their greed to avoid it.