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Female Domination Horrors

It is my belief that many men would love to have their wives or girlfriends take charge in the bedroom.  Even a little bondage or light whipping might be enjoyable.  But what if you woman decided to take charge all the time.  What if she told you when to eat, when to go to bed, what to wear, how much you could drink or heaven forbid controlled when and how you had sex?

Sound good? Not so fast.  What if she also was cruel in the way she disciplined you?  What if she became more sadistic in her dealings with you?  Imagine her locking you in a tight box for the night instead of sharing her bed with you.  Imagine that you could hear her moaning as another man or woman serviced her sexually.  Imagine that perhaps you had company in the box.  That she had put snakes or biting insects into the box before locking you inside.

What if she frequently bound you in horribly painful positions?  One of those might be standing against a pole with all your weight supported on the toes of one foot.

What if you were forced to do all the housework while wearing 5 or 6 inch heels?  What if just when your feet were becoming accustomed to those torturous heels she decided to add to your pain by driving nails through the soles of those shoes?

What if she took delight in making a butterfly board out of your cock and scrotum?  What if she regularly allowed others to whip you?

Those are just some of the things that the women in my books do to their husbands.  If you dare visit my author’s page in the Kindle Store on Amazon.  Here is a direct link:

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A Little Devil in Georgia

Georgia’s Weekend Continued

The two men had left and Georgia and Amara lay side by side on the bed completely contented. It seemed like every nerve in their body had been given a relaxant. “I made up the guest room for you,” Amara told Georgia. “But I wouldn’t mind if we just crawled under the covers and slept together. I have a strange feeling that I would like to hold you in my arms tonight.”

Georgia turned to look her sister in the eye. She knew that the suggestion should cause her alarm but for some reason it did not. “I think I would like that.” Was all she said. And the two got up, pulled back the covers and settled into each other’s arms and went to sleep contented.

A few slivers of sunlight were doing its best to sneak in through the darkened curtains Saturday morning. As they came to rest on Georgia’s eyelids she shook her head and reached out with her hands to stretch. She was amazed when her hands brushed against the long flowing hair that she knew did not belong to her husband. And then thoughts of the previous night began to form inside of her head. Had she really fucked a complete stranger, not once but twice? She started to get up out of the warm, comfortable bed and she seen the woman that she was sleeping beside. Why in the world was she in a bed with her sister, Amara? And then Amara began to stretch and come to life as well. She rolled over and smiled at her sister. “Hi, sis, did you sleep well, I hope?”

Georgia quickly got out of bed and rushed into the bathroom, suddenly ashamed to be naked in front of her sister. She spent a few minutes doing her morning ritual although she did need to retrieve her toothbrush from her luggage. She jumped into the shower and took did a quick clean job on her body allowing the hot steam to clear her head. She knew that she had not drunk enough the night before to cause this much fogginess in her brain. There was something else at play in this weird scenario. Feeling somewhat better she turned off the water dried off with a towel she found folded on a shelf and then wrapped the center of her body inside of the terrycloth for a little show of modesty before opening the door and moving back into the bedroom.

Amara was just entering the room with Georgia’s two bags. “Your room is just down the hall. I figured you might need a few things from your luggage before breakfast. I am going to grab a quick shower and then perhaps we can go out to eat if that is alright with you.”

As her sister disappeared into the bathroom, Georgia grabbed her bags and headed down the hall to her room. It was a smaller version of the one she had shared the night before and without the connected bathroom. She had stayed here before and was very comfortable with the layout. She opened the smaller suitcase and took out her toiletries and took them into the hall bathroom where she finished her morning ritual with a good cleaning of her teeth and brushing of her hair.

Going back into her room she rummaged through her other suitcase and found a top and short set and her plain white panty and bra. She finished dressing by slipping her feet into a pair of low-heeled white sandals. Looking in the mirror, she was pleased to see that she did not show too much wear and tear from her torrid lovemaking sessions. And just thinking about the unnamed cowboy that had brought her to such heights of passion she felt just a little spark of pleasure beginning to form in her nether regions. “I will have to quit thinking about him or I may need to take another very cold shower,” she thought to herself.

She was just turning to leave the room when Amara entered. “Are you almost ready to leave, I am starving?”

“Lead the way.”

As they exited the house, for the first time a slight niggling of guilt came into Georgia’s mind. As she settled into the front seat of the sedan the feeling grew even worse and by the time they reached the family restaurant it was an almost overpowering feeling of remorse. “How could I have cheated on Carter like that with a man I had never even met before? And I don’t even know his name for Christ’s sake.”

Amara pulled a small flask out of her pocket, handed it to Georgia and suggested that she take a little drink. “This will help you settle your nerves and then we will talk about this over breakfast.”

Georgia took the top off the flask and held it under her nose. Taking a whiff of the contents brought an almost instant calming effect. She wondered what wonderful potion it contained as she lifted it to her lips and took a small sip of the liquid. Warmth began at the tip of her tongue and flowed down through her throat and into her stomach where it began to spread to all the extremities of her being. “God that is good stuff,” She remarked. “What was I saying a few minutes ago? I seem to remember being upset about something.”

“Amara gave a little sigh of relief and replied. “Oh, you were just remembering what a wonderful time we had last night with Jake and Blake.”

“Jake and Blake were their names? That sounds like a cartoon show.” And Georgia laughed as she opened her door to get out of the car.

Amara followed her sister into the restaurant wondering if she was really doing the right thing. She had been told that her sister needed to loosen up and she certainly seemed loose last night but now she was starting to question her own motives. Why had he insisted on involving Georgia?

That question was still swirling around in her head as they entered the restaurant and waited to be seated. Georgia, on the other hand, had seemed to forget all about her previous worries and was chatting about how good it was to spend some time with her sister. They only had a couple minute wait before a server grabbed two large menus and gestured for them to follow her. They were seated in a booth in the far back corner with Amara’s back to the wall and Georgia facing her. This allowed Amara to see anyone coming into the room. For some reason, her mind drifted to the idea of an old west gunfighter wanting his back to the wall so that he could not be taken by surprise. And then she spotted the man walking down the aisle and she realized that she had indeed been taken by surprise.

He walked straight to their location, leaned down and put both of his hands on the table. “Hello, Amara. Fancy meeting you here.”

It took her a few seconds to catch her breath and even then it was difficult for her to form words.

“And you must be Georgia.” The man remarked as he turned to study her sister. “You truly are as lovely as advertised.”

Georgia also seemed to be having trouble forming words to reply but finally managed to stutter. “You have me at a disadvantage. You seem to know me but I have no idea who you might be. Amara are you not going to introduce me to your friend?”

“His name is Luther but I am not sure I would call him my friend,” Amara replied.

“Why of course we are friends, dear one. Georgia would you mind sliding over so that I might join you?”

Georgia had no idea how to respond but since he was by far the handsomest man she had ever seen in her life, her inclination was to obey his suggestion. As she slid to her left he was sliding into the booth next to her with his leg resting against hers. Unbelievable heat passed through his denims and entered her bare leg and crawled upwards to rest solidly between her thighs. Her nipples became rock hard at the same time and she found it hard to catch her breath. She thought that she must feel a little like a female animal in heat and it took all her willpower to stop herself from reaching down and caressing the bulge in his jeans. Just then she was saved as a server stopped by and handed Luther a menu.

“Will the gentleman be joining you ladies?” She asked although it was obvious that she already knew the answer.

Georgia noticed that she was bending down with her uniform top slightly parted and that her hand was resting on top of Luther’s. This caused Georgia a pang of jealously and she could not figure out why. She had never laid eyes on this man before in her life but now she was becoming possessive of him. And why was her sister just sitting there with a struck dumb look on her face?

Georgia quickly reached for her glass of water and took a long drink as if the chilled liquid would put out the flames that were licking at the swollen lips of her cunt. Although her own breath was shallow she was sure that everyone within six booths of them could smell her pungent sex. Once again the server came to her rescue.

“Have you folks decided or do you need a few more minutes? And then directing her voice straight at Luther she said. “I am here to serve you in any way you would like. And I do mean in any way.”

Luther looked up at her and gave an order for all three diners. “When you come back with our orders please make sure that you unbutton your uniform all the way to the waist. And take off your bra before you come back as well.”

The woman did not look at all surprised at the request. “As you wish master.” She said and then turned to put in the orders.

As she walked away the spell seemed to break and Amara managed to gather her wits about her. “I suppose you are going to make her another one of your slaves?” This was directed towards Luther.

“Are you perhaps a little bit jealous, little one? I could have ordered you to disrobe instead of her. Would that have made you happy?”

“Of course, you don’t care that she will probably lose her job because of your little stunt?”

“If she has good enough tits she will be able to get a much better job than waiting tables. In fact, I may just hire her myself. Now, why don’t you lean over the table and give me a big kiss so that I know you understand your position.”

Georgia watched in shock as her sister obeyed. It was indeed a big kiss with her tongue dancing inside of Luther’s mouth. As Luther pulled back away from her sister’s mouth he turned and smiled at her. “Don’t worry your turn will come, Georgia. And he reached down and put his hand directly on the inside of her right thigh. Without waiting for a further invitation, he moved it up so that his fingers were at the very entrance to her shorts. Georgia could not help herself and allowed a moan to escape her lips. Luther’s fingers felt like they were tiny snakes as they snuck beneath her leg band and moved upward towards a spot that was now drenching wet. And Georgia was powerless to resist.

Luther had just removed his hand and placed it back on the table when the server came with their food. She had indeed followed instructions and as she bent over to place the plates in front of each person her tits spilled out of her completely open uniform top. Every eye in the place seemed to be watching her and Georgia heard several gasps from shocked patrons. Soon a tall man in slacks and white shirt was coming hurriedly down the aisle towards them.

“Beverly what in God’s name do you think you are doing. Button your uniform and go draw your pay. You are fired.” He then turned to the diners at the table. “I am so sorry about that. I am the restaurant manager and I apologize for Beverly’s behavior. What can I do to make this right for you folks?”

“Well, you could give us our meals for free and give Beverly a raise for being such a good sport and providing such excellent service,” Luther replied.

“As you wish sir.” The man said and turned and walked back towards the kitchen.

Luther turned his attention to the two women that were staring at him with open mouths. “Come on ladies, eat before your food gets cold. You will need all of your energy this evening.”

The amazing thing was that neither Amara nor Georgia questioned his statement.

First Chapter of My Evil Stepsister Returns

My Evil Stepsister Returns

Chapter One – An Unexpected Visit
I knew that there was something wrong the minute I opened the door and walked into my house. The first clue was that I could smell fresh baked cookies and my wife does not bake. In fact if it was not for the pizza joint around the corner, the fried chicken place down the block and the Chinese takeout we would probably starve to death. Of course I do cook just to shake up the menu from time to time. So at this point you are probably wondering why I would have married a woman that can’t cook. After all an old adage does say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But, in my case the way to my heart starts a little bit lower than that. So, if you could have just one look at my wife you would know.
If you look up Goddess in the dictionary you will find Pamela’s picture in the description. She is not overly tall, about 5 feet 6 inches in her stocking feet. But when she is dressed to thrill with either her fuck me pumps or her high-heeled boots she is much taller and very intimidating. She keeps herself in excellent shape so even without the aid of heels her legs look long, shapely and gorgeous. If you shift to the top of this perfect woman you will find honey blonde hair that hangs below the shoulders framing a perfect face. Drop a little lower and her c cup breasts are something to be amazed at. Oh, I know, many men prefer breasts that are larger, but I never got into that idea. I think if a man spends too much time thinking of huge women’s breasts he probably has an infantile complex.
There was laughter coming from the living room and one of the raucous voices was plainly that of my wife, but the others I was not so sure about. A couple of them sounded vaguely familiar but the memory was too far in the past for me to put my finger on it.
Something told me that I needed to find out what was going on before I let it be known that I was in the house. So as quietly as possible I slipped up to the doorway to the living room and peeked around the corner. No one noticed I was there as their’ attention was riveted to the big-screen television on the far wall. Their backs were towards me so I did not recognize anyone in the room with the exception of my wife. I did however recognize who was the center of attention.
On the television screen was a video of what appeared to be a young woman wearing a frilly dress that hung down to just above her knees. She was holding hands with a young man as they walked through a flower garden. I gasped loud enough so that I gave myself away.
“Well, look at this,” a voice from my past declared. “Here is our favorite girl now. Come on in and have a seat, your stepsister, wife and I have been baking cookies and reminiscing about old times. I am sure you will enjoy watching some of these old movies that I took of you dressing up and living as the girl you always wanted to be.”
I was flabbergasted. All I could do was stare at the hideous pictures playing on the screen, remembering how my stepmother and stepsister would deliberately dress me up in female clothing and humiliate me in front of my friends.
Finally I got my breath back enough to confront the wicked woman sitting in my living room. “How in hell did you find me? I thought I had rid my life from you and your evil and twisted ways.”
“Don’t you dare talk to your stepmother in that tone of voice!” My wife interjected.
I stood with my mouth open looking first at my wife and then back to my stepmother who was sitting, her booted legs crossed with her right foot swinging slowly back and forth. I wanted to run, to get away before I knew that she and my stepsister would again entrap me. But I could not run, in fact I could not take my eyes off of that booted foot. It was almost as if I was hypnotized much as a cobra is hypnotized by the flute of the snake charmer. The room was completely silent except for the slight swish of nylon being brushed against boot leather.
“Pamela,” my stepmother began. “Do you see how he stares at my boots? In just a minute his tongue will sneak out of his mouth and lick his lips. Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?”
“Of course not,” my wife answered. “Ask away.”
“Well, I was just wondering, does Jason lick your boots for you?”
“My lord, no!” Pamela declared. “Why in hell would he want to lick my boots?”
“Look at him dear. He can hardly keep himself from falling to his knees and crawling over here. Look at his face. See how flushed it is. And look at the front of his pants. His little clit is so hard that it is causing the front of his pants to tent. Of course since he has always been a little short in the manhood department it is a little difficult to see clearly. Maybe you should have him take off his pants for a better view.”
“Are you suggesting that he wants to lick the boots of his own mother?”
Nobody bothered to correct the fact that she was not my real stepmother and the woman with her was not my real stepsister.
“I am sad to have to say it, but yes he does. I have to accept the blame. You see when I found out he was licking my boots behind my back I figured it was better to have him do it in the open rather than sneaking around and then lying about it. I really don’t think there is anything worse than a liar, do you? I bet that if you think about it, you will remember some times when you found your shoes or boots in a place where you did not remember putting them.”
“Are you suggesting that Jason has been licking my shoes and boots without my knowledge?”
“I am absolutely sure of it. Once a bootlicker always a bootlicker as the saying goes. You can never break him of the habit. You might as well either divorce him or live with it. And if you decide to do the latter then make him do the job right. Once he has cleaned them he should be made to polish them as well, don’t you think?”
“I cannot believe this. First I find out that he is a closet cross-dresser and now you tell me he is a bootlicker as well.”
“Don’t take my word for it dear. Sandra here will tell you the same thing.  Tell her Sandy about your sister’s perversities.”
“Mom is telling you the God’s honest truth. For a long time after I found him stealing into my room and putting on my clothes we tried to break him of the habit. And then when we found out about his fetish for our shoes and boots we tried to reason with him. Mom grounded him and even took him over her knee and used her hairbrush on his bottom but nothing worked. So we finally decided if he wanted to be a bootlicking girl then we would help him achieve his desires. And truthfully it was kind of nice always having clean polished footwear. But I think you should ask him yourself.”
“Jason, for Christ’s sakes speak up. Is what they are saying true?”
I wanted to deny it. I wanted to say that ever thing they had said was a damned lie, but I could not make my tongue form the right words. The problem was, part of what they were saying was true. At least the part about my fetish for shoes and boots was true. The part about me wanting to wear my stepsister’s clothing was a damned lie, but that did not alter the fact that I had worn he clothes many times. And I still could not take my eyes off that swinging foot. And to make matters worse my stepmother’s precognition about my tongue wetting my lips came true. I could not stop myself; I had to wet my lips.
I could hear heels tapping out a quick tempo and coming across the room towards me but even then I could not take my eyes off that pendulum of a foot. But then my wife was in front of me blocking my view. She reached out and grabbed me roughly by my hair and then delivered a resounding slap across the side of my face.
“I asked you a question, damn it. Now answer me. Is what your mother and sister telling me the truth?”
I shook my head more to clear it than to deny her question. I swallowed hard to try and get my heart out of my throat. Trying hard not to get myself into deeper trouble than I already was, I began to speak.
“Some of what she says is true.” I hesitate to say more.
“Some of it you say? So tell me which part is not true?”
I appreciated that she had worded her question in that form as it at least gave me an opportunity to answer without going into a great amount of detail about my footwear fetish. “The part where they said I insisted on dressing in Sandy’s clothes is not true.”
“Really? Bring a straight backed chair from the kitchen and set it so you will have a good view of the television but not your mother’s boots.”
I did as she instructed but I took more time than needed to bring the chair back. I wanted to be able to prepare myself for what I was sure would be a video of me performing wearing Sandy’s hand me down clothing. I brought the chair back into the room and tried to get just the right angle where I could watch the show without being able to see my stepmother’s boots. Finally I had it positioned in the right place and sat down on the hard seat.
No words were spoken as the video began to play from a preset position. On the screen was my younger self, smiling like I was the happiest little girl in the world and dressed like one. My lips were painted bright red as were my fingernails as well. My hair was curled in such a way that it framed my face and my eyelashes were long and black.
The video played for a few minutes and then stopped. “So where in that picture is the boy who hated being dressed in his sister’s clothes?” My wife demanded.
“I didn’t say I hated dressing up as a girl. I said that I did not insist on doing so. That was Sandy’s and mother’s idea. Mom said I made a better-looking girl than a boy and so I might as well dress like one. After a while I just gave up and did what she wanted. I am sure that she did not show you all the times when I railed against being dressed up and paraded in front of all my friends.”
“So,” mom began to speak. “I guess then that since you have left my house you have never worn women’s clothing again?”
I had not anticipated that question and my faced flushed with embarrassment. I wanted to lie but I knew that somehow I would not be able to do it with a straight face. So I just kept silent as one might in a courtroom taking the fifth against self-incrimination.
“I think your silence speaks volumes.” Pamela stated. “Is that why some of my panties are stretched out? Have you been trying on my lingerie when you are alone in the house?”
Again I hesitated to answer knowing that the truth would be worse than my silence. I could see Pamela starting to stand up and I turned directly towards her. She crossed the room with such speed that I had barely gotten my head all the way in her direction when I felt the flat of her hand strike me hard against my left cheek. It was hard enough to snap my head in the direction away from the blow and then she backhanded me across my right cheek.
“I have had just about all your efforts to avoid my questions that I am going to take. I asked you if you have tried on my lingerie. I expect an immediate answer.”
“Yes, ma-am.” I blurted out. “I am sorry. It won’t happen again.”
“I think we all know that is a bald-faced lie.” My stepmother said. Then she turned her words toward my wife. “Pamela wouldn’t you like to see how Jason would look all dressed up like the woman he desires to be?”
“I might as well.” Pamela replied. “Everyone else has seen him in all his feminine splendor. What did you have in mind?”
“Well, it just so happens that I have a complete outfit in the bag that I left on the kitchen table. Sandy why don’t you take your stepsister upstairs and help her get ready for her coming out party?”
“I am not doing this! There is no way in hell that I am going to allow you to dress me up like some tart in front of my wife.”
I watched my stepmother reach down and put her hand into the large leather purse she had beside her. She brought out a large wooden hairbrush and began tapping it lightly against her boot-covered leg. I forced my eyes to look away from her and toward my wife to see what her reaction to all this would be. To my amazement she had a huge grin on her face.
I knew I was in deep shit. My stepmother fully intended to use that brush on my bottom and she would not do it with my pants on. Now the true horror came to my mind for I was at that moment wearing a pair of my wife’s older panties that I had stolen from her sometime in the past. Once my pants came down then my cross-dressing would be fully out in the open.
“Okay, I will go with Sandy.” I announced.
“Too, late little girl. You know once I have the brush in my hand someone is going to get a paddling and that someone is you. So make it easy or hard on yourself. Either come willingly and drop your pants and shorts or Sandy and I will force you over my lap. Either way you are going to get a red bottom but if we have to force you it will be not only red but also black and blue. Which will it be?”
I looked over at my wife and she was smiling from ear to ear. Please Pam you aren’t going to let them do this to me are you?”
“Let them? Of course I am going to let them. In fact I am going to cheer them on. You deserve everything that your mother dishes out to you for lying. Now I suggest you walk over there, drop your pants and climb over mom’s lap. And do try to at least act like a man when she uses that brush. Try to see how long you can go without begging and pleading.”
I really had no choice. Unless I was prepared to physically fight my stepsister and stepmother, I was going to end up over her lap. And all though I might want to hit either or both of them, I would never raise a hand to a woman. So I stood and slowly made my way across the floor to where mom sat. Hesitantly I undid my belt and the top button on my trousers and lowered them down to my knees. I was wearing a long white shirt, which covered my backside although I knew that would not be allowed for long.
“Take off the shirt, girl. I don’t want anything to get between my brush and your ass.”
Slowly but surely I unbuttoned my shirt and allowed it to slip off my shoulders. Carefully I folded the garment and set in on the table beside my stepmother. I could hear the giggling coming from across the room and I knew that Sandy and my wife had discovered my deepest secret, the fact that I was wearing a pair of women’s underpants.
“Well, mom, I guess you called it right. The little bastard has been stealing my undergarments and wearing them when he thought he could get away with it. I hope you are going to give him a few extra swats with the brush for being such a bald faced liar.”
“Why don’t I just keep paddling his bottom until you tell me he has had enough? My arm needs a good workout anyway.
“Mmm, I like that idea. Jason pull down the panties and crawl onto your mother’s lap.”
Having no other choice I did as she commanded. Reaching down I not only lowered the panties but pulled them and my trousers completely off. As I folded them I held them in front of my now erect cock to try and hide it as best I could. But at some point I had to put them down on top of the folded shirt and I quickly lowered my hands in front of my now straining cock hoping that no one would notice. But my stepmother was having none of that.
“Drop your hands down to your sides, girl and turn around and face Pamela. I want her to see how your little clit is straining straight up so she will know how much you are looking forward to having your bottom turned as bright red as your flushed face.”
As I turned I heard my wife suck in her breath slightly. Her hand came up to her mouth to stifle a laugh or a sigh, I could not tell which. But the sparkly in her eyes told me she was really enjoying the spectacle in front of her.
“Dear God, he loves the idea of being punished. I would never have believed it until just now. I hope you are going to make him suffer enough so that his tiny excuse for a cock will not be hard for long.”
My stepmother turned me roughly around and forced me down across her lap. She had made sure that her skirt was covering her nylon clad legs so that my cock would have no opportunity to sneak down between them and rub against her thighs. Once she had me firmly locked into place she raised the brush and brought it down across both my ass cheeks as hard as she could. Mom did not believe in warming up her victim. I couldn’t help it; I released a cry of pain although I did not beg at that point. Again the brush came down this time just a bit higher than the last stroke and fresh nerves screamed, as the heavy brush compressed them. This time I managed to hold back my cries of pain although I did expel a large whoosh of air from my lungs. I could not see Sandy’s or my wife’s faces but I could hear them urging mom on. I could imagine my wife smiling with glee with each blow from the brush.
Again and again that brush fell against my ass cheeks until there was no more fresh skin to hit. And then she switched her aim so that the brush crisscrossed the already screaming muscles of my ass. By that time I was bawling like the little girl my stepmother accused me of being. Finally it was over and this time when I stood up I did not have a hardon. My cock hung down totally flaccid and to my chagrin pulled almost back into my body cavity.
Sandy came across the room and handed me a tissue. “Here sis, daub your eyes and wipe your cheeks and then let’s go upstairs and get you properly dressed.”
“Don’t forget to rid his body of all the hair below his shoulders. I brought an extra-large bottle of Nair just for this purpose. I can see he has not been taking his hormones so removing his body hair will take a little longer this time. I will see if I can get Pamela to start him back on estrogen so that unsightly hair will not grow back as quickly. And perhaps in time he will develop a little more girlish shape as well. How does that sound Pam?”
“I am not sure, why don’t we talk about it while Sandy helps her get dressed.”
I noticed how my wife had now changed the gender to feminine when she was referring to me and deep inside I was thoroughly conflicted. On one hand I hated the thought that my wife might go along with my stepmother’s suggestions of forced feminization but on the other hand the idea of being able to wear women’s clothing without having to hide the fact thrilled me.

My Evil Stepsister Returns

First Chapter of A Little Devil in Georgia

A Little Devil in Georgia

Carter’s Weekend

The first bright rays of sunlight began streaming through the bedroom window just as the alarm clock jolted Carter Mayweather from his sleep. He stretched and reached out to his wife’s side of the bed not because he wanted to feel her sleeping body but because he wanted to be sure that she really was gone. He had looked forward to this bachelor’s weekend for some time and he wanted to make sure that it was actually about to reach fruition. His wife had gone off to visit her sister in Atlanta leaving Carter alone to do anything that he wanted for two whole days. Today he had a tee time at one of the more upscale golf courses for 10 a.m. and then lunch with his best friend and co-conspirator Randy Marvin. And to top everything off he had a dinner and hopefully a sleepover with a woman he had met on-line. So Carter was feeling very good as he climbed out of bed and made his way into the bathroom for his morning routine.

Everything seemed completely normal to him until he climbed out of the shower and started to throw his used towel into the corner. Then he noticed that was where yesterday’s used towel also was. For some unknown reason he felt compelled to pick up both towels and take them into the laundry room. He started to drop them into the hamper, which was now about half full but he could not release those towels from his hands. Instead he felt obliged to open the top of the washer and put the towels in the drum. And as long as he was doing that he might just as well add the clothes from the hamper as well. He had never done a load of wash in his life and something in the back of his brain told him that he should not be trying to do something now that he had avoided for his entire life. But no matter how hard he tried he could not walk out of that room without completing the task. He studied the dials, having no idea what he was looking for. Finally he decided that his wife probably had things set the way they should be so he added a capful of laundry detergent and then rotated the dial to start. When nothing happened he finally pushed and pulled on the knob and low and behold water started filling the drum. He closed the lid and looked around and finally was able to exit the room.

As he made his way back into his bedroom he noticed that the bed was a mess from his restless tossing the night before. He just could not leave it that way. He felt compelled to try and straighten out the sheets and covers. He had never done this task either and soon found that it was not as easy as it looked. His wife had always taken care of such mundane things so he struggled with each corner trying to get them just right. By now the sun had brightened the room completely and he figured that he was running out of time to make the first tee. Randy would be knocking at the door any minute and he had not even started the coffee pot. Oh well, he figured they could stop on their way to the course and pick up some coffee.

He went to his closet and pulled out his golfing outfit and carefully laid the clothes on the now pristine made bed. He opened his top drawer to get out underwear and socks but he noticed that nothing was in any semblance of order and for some unknown reason his mind just could not stand the sight of disorder. So he pulled everything out of the drawer and laid it on the bed and began folding his underwear and socks and placing them carefully back into the dresser. Satisfied that everything seemed to be in the proper place, he pulled out one pair of shorts and one pair of socks to wear for the day. He was now nearly dressed all that was left was to put on his golf cleats and walk out the door.

He checked the clock on the microwave and saw that he had a few minutes before Randy should arrive so he figured he might as well check the refrigerator to see if there was something that he could eat quickly. But as he opened the door he found that the refrigerator was in total disarray. He felt compelled to straighten up the mess and soon discovered that he had emptied the entire contents onto the counter and was busy cleaning out dishes of semi-spoiled food. In just a short order he had a stack of dirty dishes in the sink. Satisfied that all that was left from the contents was good food that was properly sealed he started to restock the fridge. But he just could not bring himself to do that without at least cleaning the insides of the fridge. He had no idea how that task was supposed to be accomplished but he figured a fresh sponge and some dish detergent would work so he opened the bottom cupboard under the sink to hunt for a sponge. But of course that meant that he had to organize that space as well. He got down on his knees and began pulling everything out and putting it on the kitchen floor. Just then he heard the loud knock at the door and he knew that Randy had arrived and he was not going to be a happy camper.

Carter pulled the door open and noticed the grimace on his friends face.

“What in hell are you doing?” Randy asked. “We are going to be late for our tee time.”

“Sorry I guess I got carried away with some things in the house. Come on in while I just straighten up a little and we can get going.”

Randy stepped into the house and took one look around and something strange came over him. Everywhere he looked things were in disarray and for some reason that bothered him immensely. “Here, let me give you a hand. With the two of us working together we should be able to put this place right in a jiffy. And while Carter went back to organizing the cupboard, Randy began swabbing out the refrigerator. With the two of them working side by side soon the kitchen was put back into some semblance of order.

“Now where is you mop?” Randy asked. “We can’t leave the floor this way.”

15 minutes later they were ready to walk out the door. “My clubs are in the garage.” Carter announced. “We might just as well go out that way.” Then he opened the connecting door and stepped out into the garage to get his clubs.

“It is a good thing I brought my truck.” Randy announced. “Look at all the junk in here. We can make a dump run on the way.” And the two of them started to organize everything into piles. Neither of them noticed the time until both of them realized that they were quite hungry. “Oh shit, we missed our tee time.” Randy announced.

“I have no idea what came over us.” Carter said. “For some reason I just have a compulsion for cleaning today. And the bug must have struck you as well.”

“Well, we are almost done in the garage, why don’t I back the truck up so we can put a load on. We can catch some fast food on the way to the dump. With that Randy walked out of the garage and got into his truck. He was shaking his head in an attempt to clear it as he began backing towards the garage door. He got out of the cab and stepped towards his friend’s garage when his mind became very clear and he realized just what had gone on. “Shit, we wasted the whole god damned morning.” He declared. “Come on, let’s get the hell out of here.”

“What about the dump run?” Carter asked.

“To hell with a dump run, this is Saturday. We should have been playing golf not fucking around in your garage. Come on.”

“I can’t leave the place in this disarray.” Carter declared.

“Well, I am not going to spend any more of my weekend on this project.” And with that Randy got back in his truck and began driving away.

“I guess I will just have to rent a truck to haul this stuff away. He checked his pockets to make sure he had his car keys and wallet and walked out of the garage, pushing the button for the door to close behind him. As he walked towards his car, his head began to clear. The further he walked away from the house, the more clarity he gained. And by the time he had got into his car and started the ignition he no longer felt compelled to clean.

A Little Devil in Georgia Cover (495x640)


Another Free Chapter

My Wife’s Revenge
Chapter one – An Evening Out
I was shooting pool one night in my favorite bar when my wife walked in. Oh don’t get the wrong idea; I knew she was coming. God, she looked good. From the cream colored blouse that could not quite conceal her ample breasts to the black leather skirt that came just above her knees and down to her black leather high-heeled boots that came just below the knees. The small amount of skin that was in between the two was covered with black nylon. I beamed with pride as I noticed that every male eye and quite a few female eyes followed her across the room to the bar.
I was just turning back to line up another shot when I heard a male voice close to me say, “Don’t you wish you could get into that?”
I turned towards the sound of the voice and I noticed a young man who I am sure many would describe as good-looking. He stood about 6 feet tall and weighed around 160 pounds. He was wearing a white t-shirt that did not hide his obvious muscled arms and chest. He was still looking directly at my wife and I could almost imagine drool starting to form around his mouth.
“Were you referring to the blond in the leather that just walked in?” I asked him.
“You know it man, she is the hottest thing that I have seen come through those doors.”
“Well, if you like her that much why not go over and ask her to dance. I bet she would love some company.”
“A woman like that can have all the company she wants. She is way out of my league.” He said.
“I think you are selling yourself short. By the way my name is Bill, what is yours?”
“Glad to meet you Bill, my name is Jack Sheridan. I hope I am not disturbing your game. If so just ignore me.”
“Nonsense, I’ll tell you what, when I finish this game, I will take you over and introduce you to the pretty lady. I guarantee you she will not shoot you down.”
I turned back to the table and saw that my victory was easily within my grasp. But then I had something else in mind and so I carefully lined up my next shot so that I knew exactly what would happen. I pulled back the cue and pushed forward. The cue ball just grazed the ball I was aiming at and caromed into the eight ball, which in turn found its way into the corner pocket. “Damn,” I said. “I did not see that happening. Good game though. I will catch you a little later for a rematch.”
I walked over to Jack and tapped him on the arm. “Come on, then. It is time I introduced you to your dream woman.” I then gently grabbed his elbow and led him across the room to where my wife was sitting.
She saw me coming across the room and she got a huge smile on her face. As I reached her she got up off the stool and gave me a small peck on the cheek. “Well, this is a surprise,” she said. “I thought you would be playing pool for the next couple of hours and I would have to sit here all by myself.”
“Mary I would like you to meet a good friend of mine. Mary this is Jack Sheridan. Jack this is my wife Mary.”
“Your wife? Wow, what a lucky man you are.”
“You got that right. No man was ever more fortunate than me. Mary, Jack was just telling me how lovely he thought you were. I suggested that he should ask you to dance with him but he is afraid that someone as beautiful and as sexy as you would turn him down. So I brought him over to introduce him. Maybe you two could entertain one another while I shoot a couple more games of pool.”
Mary held her hand out to Jack in invitation for him to shake it. Tentatively he reached out and gently took her fingers in his. He acted like there might be something sharp about them that might reach out and puncture him. Mary gave a gentle laugh and then said, “Come on Jack, I am not going to bite you. At least not until we get to know each other better. Perhaps you would like to sit with me for a spell and have a drink. If you are a friend of Bill’s then you and I should get along quite well.”
Jack turned a few shades of red. I am sure he was thinking about telling Mary the truth, that he had just met me and that we were never really friends, but then I could tell he was not that big a fool. He had the opportunity to be with by far the best looking woman in the place and he was not going to throw that away by being totally honest.
I made my way back over to the pool table and put some quarters on the rail cementing my position in line for a chance to win the table back. As the bar maid passed by I ordered another beer and then sat down to await my turn. I smiled as I saw Mary leading Jack onto the dance floor and settle into his arms. It was clear that he was nervous but within just a few steps he found his confidence and began swaying to the music. When the song ended I could see him look to Mary for instructions and she again reached for him and convinced him to stay on the floor with her.
Mary is a great tease and I am sure she was doing everything in her power to raise an erection from the young man. I smiled as I thought about what he was going to be thinking of later that evening as he took matters into his own hands. And if he did his job right when I got Mary home I would not have to resort to self-pleasure.
My turn came for the table and I made quick work of my first opponent. But then I had to keep an eye on what was happening across the room and the distraction caused me to lose the second game. I looked at my watch and noticed that it was nearing 11 p.m. Tomorrow was a workday and so I reluctantly made my way across the room where Mary and Jack sat resting from their last fast dance.
“I hate to break this up, folks, but we really need to get going. I have a full day’s work tomorrow.”
Mary thanked Jack for being such a good companion and told him that she hoped she would get a chance to see him again. And then she turned and walked out of the bar with me.
As I settled behind the wheel and started the engine, Mary turned towards me and asked, “Ok asshole what was that all about in there?”
“Why love of my life, whatever do you mean?”
“You know perfectly well what I mean. You bring a total stranger over and practically force me to entertain him. Don’t you think that if I wanted male company I could find someone on my own? I sure as hell don’t need you to pimp me out to the crowd.”
“He was so enamored by you that I just could not resist. Imagine him rushing home and unzip-ping his pants and taking care of a big problem thinking about you.”
“How do you know how big a problem he has?” she asked with a smile.
“Why don’t you tell me? He spent enough time rubbing his problem against you on the dance floor. How big was it? And don’t you try to tell me that you didn’t notice.”
“I noticed enough to know that he is considerably bigger than you. Maybe I should have gone home with him.”
“Don’t worry love I have something big enough to take care of any problem you might have when we get home.”
“You think so do you, well maybe when we get home I will take a horse whip to your ass. That might take care of your problem.”
“Wow, a horse whip, you say? Do we own one of those?”
Mary let out a sigh. “I am thinking of buying one, smart ass.”
We spent the entire drive home bantering back and forth. Mary tried her best to make me think that she was angry with me but I could tell by the flush of her cheeks that she was a little turned on. I wished that I could reach over and feel between her legs to see how moist her panties were but I figured I would have to wait until we got home for that.
As we entered the house, I asked Mary if I could get her something more to drink. She told me no that she had imbibed enough at the bar thanks to Jack’s generosity and that I should just go up and get ready for bed. She would be up in just a few moments.
I spent a few minutes preparing for bed doing my ablutions and then fully nude went in and lay on top of the comforter. I wanted Mary to notice right away that I had something prepared and waiting for her. And just for good measure I reached down and squeezed the base of my cock a couple of times to bring it to full attention.
Mary came in, looked at my erection and grinned just a little. She then made her way into the bathroom. It seemed like she took an inordinate amount of time before she finally emerged. She too was totally naked but she was hiding something behind her back. I had no idea what she had in mind but it made me harder just thinking about what she might do to surprise me.
“My you seem to be quite tense there dear.” She said. “Why don’t you roll over on your stomach and let me help you relax.”
“Why don’t I stay on my back and you can help me relax even better.” I answered.
“Now be a good boy and do as mommy tells you. You don’t want to spoil the surprise I have for you do you?”
I knew that she would have her way eventually so I just did as she directed. I rolled over onto my stomach and put my hand up against my pillow. I felt Mary climb onto my back with her knees up tight to my armpits. She then allowed her full weight to rest on my back and told me to put my hands together. I was beginning to get nervous at this point. I was rapidly becoming to a point where if things went a little wrong I might not be able to extricate myself. But I did as she instructed and felt her loop something over both of my wrists. Then with a quick pull my hands were pulled together and bound to the headboard of the bed.
I felt her weight leave me and I thought about pulling myself up and gaining some slack to the rope so that I could free myself. But before I could form a cohesive thought I felt her loop something around my right ankle and that was pulled tight to the foot of the bed and then the exercise was repeated on my left ankle. Now I was in deep trouble because I was not able to move in any direction.
“Now I think I have you where I want you. I think I am going to teach you a little lesson in prop-er bar etiquette.”
I had no idea what was about to happen but I did not have long to wait to find out. I heard a swooshing sound and something slapped hard against my ass cheeks. Pain exploded from nerves suddenly compressed by a leather strap.
“Ouch, Goddammit. That hurt.”
“Not as much as this one will.” And she brought the belt down even harder this time.
I began trying to move side-to-side hoping to get a little slack but all I seemed to accomplish was to further tighten my bonds.
“Have you learned your lesson yet?” She asked. “Or should I give you a few more strokes of the belt to make sure?”
“No ma-am, I have learned my lesson for sure. Please untie me and I will make everything up to you. I promise.”
“I am going to untie your feet so that you can roll over, but don’t even think about trying to get your hands loose. I made sure they were tied tight. But if you make any wrong moves we will start again with the belt and this time I will use it on that tiny little muscle that was standing upright when I came in. Are we clear?”
“Crystal ma-am.” I replied.
Mary untied my feet and allowed me to roll over before she tied my ankles together and secured them to the foot of the bed. She then mounted the bed and positioned herself so that I had a good view of her pussy directly above my mouth. “Now, I don’t have any use for that small insignificant piece of meat of yours. But I hope you can give me a couple orgasms with your tongue.” And she lowered herself fully against my mouth and told me to start licking.
I soon discovered that she was indeed wet and ready. There really isn’t much of anything that I enjoy more than eating from between my lovely wife’s legs but being bound and helpless and being forced to perform cunnilingus is a hundred times better. I made my tongue dance against her slit and clit as much as possible. I only wished that my hands were free so that I could further excite her with them. But the way she was grinding herself against my mouth and tongue, I could tell she was excited enough. It did not take long before I felt her tightening her pussy muscles and heard her allow a slight moan from between her lips. After the spasms lessoned she allowed herself to sink all the down and just sat there against my mouth and nose. I truly thought that I might smother and I began to swing my head a little bit side to side in an attempt to get some air into my nose.
Mary must have realized my predicament as she raised up slightly and allowed me to breathe. “God, that was good. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in some time. I bet it would have been even better if my cunt was full of Jack’s cum. You would like that wouldn’t you? It is making me hot just thinking about you eating some man’s cum out of me. I think I will use your mouth one more time before I release you.” And she lowered herself back down for round two.
When she was finished and had vacated the bed I expected that she would free me from my bonds and allow me some sexual relief as well. However, she had other ideas. “Bill that was fantastic. I imagine you are thinking how nice it would be if I was to free you and allow you access to my pussy with your little wiener or at least allow you to masturbate. While you have been a good sport after you got home tonight, you still have some paying to do for your earlier transgressions. So I think that I will just allow you to lie there and think about things for the rest of the night. And since I see that there is not going to be enough room for the both of us, I will retire to the guest room. Dear I do hope that you don’t need to use the bathroom during the night. Normally you could just call out for me but I really don’t want my sleep disturbed.”
And with that she picked up the panties she had worn all day and told me to open my mouth. I saw no sense in arguing the point and so I did as she told me and allowed the wadded up nylon to enter into my mouth. She simply walked to the door, turned out the light and left me lying there on top of the covers. I was to have a very uncomfortable and cold night.

My Wife's Revenge 2