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Free Book January 12, 2018

Free Book January 12, 2018
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My New Book

I just published a new book at  I know it has been a while since I have written much but I am back in the swing of things and I hope you enjoy my efforts.  Here is the direct link:

This is the story of a wife who out of the blue decides to take control of her life and her marriage.

Embracing My Inner Bitch

The Cruel Wife Returns Next Segment

The Cruel Wife Returns


A New Start

I had no money, no job and nowhere to live.  So I scrounged what I could get off of the streets.  I was arrested twice for vagrancy but when the judge heard my tale, he let me off both times.  And then one day a kind old woman saw me begging, wearing my tattered and dirty French Maid’s uniform and offered me a place to stay in exchange for me doing some of her housework for her.  She even loaned me some of her dead husband’s clothes to wear.  It was a joy to get out of those dirty clothes and into fresh and clean ones, but I have to tell you it felt strange to be in denim and flannel instead of satin and lace.

Mrs. Morris was a very kind soul.  She did expect me to cook and clean in exchange for my meals and lodging but she was not demanding and in no way was she cruel.  We spent many evenings after dinner sitting out on her back patio, sipping a glass of wine.  She urged me to tell her my story and became so fascinated by it that she suggested that I begin writing it down, first as a diary and then as a book.  Of course I changed the names, which probably did no good as everyone I had ever met had already seen my cuckold videos or had seen me in action as I waited on them while they were in bed with Ruth.

It took me a long time to finish the story and an even longer time finding someone willing to publish it.  It started out small but soon it caught on and before I knew it I was making enough in royalties so that I could actually afford my own place to live.  And that was just in time as one day when I went to serve Mrs. Morris her breakfast I found her still in her bed.  She had passed peacefully in the night.  So once again I was on my own.

I found a nice cozy little apartment not far from the downtown district.  It was nice to be able to walk most places I needed to go, as my driver’s license had run out long ago and I did not have a vehicle to use to take the test to get it reinstated.   And as my book continued to sell I found that if I needed to go some place beyond walking distance, I could afford to take a cab.

My biggest problem was loneliness.  I had no friends and my family was not on speaking terms with me, so most nights it was just 100 channels of cable television and me.

So I started taking walks down to the local pub.  I made friends easily enough until one of them would come across my videos that were still circulating on the Internet and then although I was in the middle of a crowded bar I was once again alone.

Fortunately, my publisher arranged a book tour and I was kept busy for the vast majority of my days autographing copies of my book in various bookstores and libraries.  It was hard for me to believe that people actually wanted my signature on their book but those same people would shun me in a social setting.

During the course of these events, I did start to meet a few women who were willing to go out with me to dinner or for cocktails.  It didn’t take long for me to discover that they were not really interested in my conversation but in what my money could buy for them.  I had one bad experience after another and so I finally gave up.

The Cruel Wife Returns Cover (495x640)

Cruel Wife Book Day 2

The Cruel Wife Returns


I Try to Rebel

The next day when I got up I noticed that the two new lovers were still in Ruth’s room.  I went down and made a pot of coffee.  All of my clothes were in the master bedroom and so I had retrieved my dirty clothes from the day before and had put them on.  I had made up my mind to leave as soon as I could get into the room to collect a few things.  Let the whole world know that I was a bootlicker for all I cared.  This little cuckold experiment was the last straw.

I sat down and started to drink my coffee when my wife and Howard came into the kitchen.  Pour us a cup slave.”  Ruth said with a huge grin on her face.

“Pour your own slut.”  I spit back at her.  I didn’t even look up to acknowledge her presence.  I didn’t see it coming.  Howard had always been a talker and not a fighter but I was lying on my ass with spilled coffee surrounding me before I hardly had the words out of my mouth.

“You will not speak that way to Ruth or I will cut the damned tongue out of your mouth.  Crawl to her and apologize.”

“Fuck you, Howard.  I am not taking any more shit from either of you.”  I started to get to my feet when Ruth’s booted foot caught me squarely in the solar plexus.  I rolled over to protect my stomach from her and Howard kicked me in the ass.  They kept taking turns as if my body was a soccer ball being passed around the field of play.

When I was finally nearly unconscious and was curled up in the fetal position they finally decided to give themselves a rest.  “Wow, that was quite a workout,”  Ruth exclaimed.

As they sat down, I decided I would try to get up and get out.  I had attained my knees but was having trouble rising to my feet when Ruth spoke up again.

“Don’t even think about getting any further than your knees, slave.  You made quite a mess of my floor.  Lick it clean.”  And by that time Howard was up and standing close enough to start the kicking process over again.

“You heard her pussy boy.  I want every last drop of coffee licked up off that floor and then you will crawl to Ruth and beg her forgiveness.”

I figured that this was not the time to make a stand.  I was no match for the two of them and truthfully I might not have been a match for just Howard.  So with disgust, I lowered my head and began sucking up as much coffee as I could before actually beginning to lick the rest from the tile.  Besides, I had done far more disgusting things recently.

When I was sure that I had cleaned the floor to my wife’s specifications, I did crawl to her and began groveling at her feet asking for her forgiveness.

“While you are down there show Howard what a good boot licker you have become.”  And she stuck the boot against my mouth and ground the sole against my lips.  Normally I would have loved doing that for her but with Howard sitting there and smirking at me it was not nearly as pleasant.  But I did my best to make Ruth happy.

When they finished their coffee and had their fill of humiliating me, they dragged me into the living room and sat me down on my knees in front of our big-screen.  Ruth put in a disc and hit play.  The first part was what I expected, me on my knees begging her to let me lick her boots.  Even I could not believe how much dirt and grime I had ingested and I really did not desire anyone else close to me to see those tapes.  But that was not nearly as bad as what came later.  The shots of me guiding Howard’s cock into Ruth and then cleaning an obvious creampie out of her cunt afterward was more than I could bare to have get into the wrong hands.  And the sad part was that the look on my face was not one of duress, but rather one of intense pleasure.  There would be no spinning of the fact that I was not being forced.

“You do realize that you have an especially hard whipping coming your way, do you not, slave?”

“Yes, mistress,” I said with fear in my voice.

“We will save that for later.  Today you are going be spending quality time in several of my favorite salons.  By the end of the day, you will be free of all that nasty body hair, you will be fitted for a nice feminine wig, your nails lengthened and polished and you will have a complete new feminine wardrobe, including several French Maid’s uniforms.  Your appointments have been perfectly timed out, so make sure that you are on time for each of them.  If you are more than five minutes late getting back here and wearing the correct apparel, I will begin sending out video files, starting with your sister, then your mother, then your father, each of your friends.  Well, I think you get the idea.  If you are too late then every person you know, are related to or work with will see you as the cuckold you are.

My first stop was a salon specializing in body waxing.  This is by far the most painful experience that I have ever endured.  Even Ruth’s hardest whipping did not compare to having yards of hair ripped out by the roots.

With each progressive appointment, I became less manly and more feminine in appearance.  Of course no amount of makeup, lipstick, eyeshadow or bra form could really make me look like a woman.  But by the time they were through with me, I did look somewhat like a homely man in drag.  It took a little longer to properly fit me with my new corset and lace it until the last bit of air was pushed out of my lungs, so I was 7 minutes late getting back to the house, dressed in full maid’s regalia.  I hoped that Ruth was only trying to scare me but I knew she wasn’t when my phone rang and I saw my sisters number come up on the caller ID.  I answered it and the first words out of my sister’s mouth were:  “Jesus Christ, Herb, when did you become such a pansy?  I hope to hell, no one else sees these pictures.  It would kill your mother to see you like that.  For Christ’s sake get some professional help.”  And she hung up before I could tell her professional help was what got me into this mess.

I walked into the house crestfallen.  “Herb, it is too bad you weren’t three minutes later.  I was just preparing to send the next set out to dear old mom.  But, I guess I will just have to wait until you fail in another task.”

I am sure that most of you know the rest of the story.  Ruth kept heaping more and more work onto me until I was only allowed three hours of sleep a night.  She tired of fucking Howard and moved on to Bill, my best friend.  Of course Bill told every single person I knew or was acquainted with about my status as a cuckold.

It took Ruth nearly another year to completely break me to the point that I agreed to sign everything I owned over into her name.  And then she finally allowed me to move out.  She even let me keep my feminine garments before she kicked me to the curb

The Cruel Wife Returns Cover

Cruel Wife Book Day 2

The Cruel Wife Returns

History continued.

Things progressed fairly well for a while.  Ruth took great pains in instructing me in the proper way of doing things.  And truthfully once I realized how important my obedience was to her, I began to enjoy my new role as househusband.  She insisted that I spend a lot of time in foreplay before I was allowed to have sex with her and for a while that seemed to satisfy those urges as well.  And then she stopped allowing me to penetrate her with my penis.  She did insist with me giving her oral ministrations.  This started out with her having one orgasm and then two orgasms and finally three.  I was spending so much time on my knees that I swear my kneecaps were growing calluses.

For my part, she went from giving me a hand job when I was through to allowing me to give myself a hand job when I had done my duty and then to orgasm denial altogether.  Of course that didn’t stop me.  I just had to suffer until she was out of sight and then I took care of my own problem.  What she didn’t know couldn’t hurt me.

I was sure that Ruth had no knowledge of my extracurricular activities until one night she announced that she was tired of me playing with my little worm and that she had found the perfect solution to the problem on the Internet.  And she handed me my very own chastity device and informed me that I would no longer be allowed to masturbate unless under her supervision.  If I ever wanted to be unlocked again I had better become exceptionally obedient to her needs and my duties.

So we had progressed from a normal loving marriage, or at least, what I considered being normal, to one where Ruth called all the shots and where my cock was locked in a cage.  Even then I was not terribly unhappy.  But then she progressed from monthly discipline sessions to weekly discipline sessions and her instrument of punishment changed from my belt to a riding crop.

By that time, I was doing almost all of the cooking, cleaning and yard work while she lounged in what used to be my easy chair with her laptop on her knees.  If the television was on it was tuned to a channel of her choosing and, of course, I had work to perform anyway so that didn’t matter.

Only when she produced a heavy taws that she had purchased on the Internet and announced that she was going to start daily whipping sessions did I finally rebel.  I had enough and I wanted a divorce.

Ruth did not even try to talk me out of it, which I found to be strange.  It seemed to me she was getting about everything that a woman could want and she should have tried to hold on to it.

We had a family lawyer and so I approached her and asked her to file the proper paperwork.  She agreed but informed me that the courts would not process it unless we could show that we had tried to work things out.  She then recommended that we go through counseling and recommended we see a Dr. Loretta Marks.

In our first joint session, Dr. Marks put me totally at ease.  She seemed so dedicated and caring that I was soon spilling my guts out to her about how badly I was being treated.  And then she separated us so that we could feel more comfortable with telling her what was going on.    And for about a month of sessions, she just listened to me and allowed me to get it all out in the open.

You would have thought that Ruth would have eased up with the whip during that time but if anything she became more brutal.  So one day I walked into Dr. Mark’s office and showed her the scars from the previous night’s beating.  I was sure she would now see how cruel my wife was and announce that she was satisfied that I should be granted a divorce.  But once again, I was wrong.

I realize now that I was being manipulated but not at that time.  I did, however, find it strange that Dr. Marks was wearing tall high-heeled leather boots.  That threw me for a loop because I have always had a fetish for women in boots.

“You must have done something to deserve Ruth’s wrath.  What was it?”

I couldn’t believe it.  How could she think that anyone could possibly deserve to be beaten this severely?  So I tried to explain that it was a minor infraction of Ruth’s cleaning code.  All I had done was once the bathroom was clean, I discovered I needed to urinate and some of my flow had missed the bowl and splattered on the floor.  Before I noticed it, Ruth had come in, seen it and went ballistic.  “It was not my fault, Doctor.”  I insisted.

“Then who’s fault was it Herb?  Did Ruth come in and grab your penis and deliberately aim it to miss the bowl?”

“No of course not, but it is such a minor thing?”

“Do you really believe that it was minor?  Has Ruth lovingly taken the time to show you what she expects from you as far as cleaning goes?”

“Well, yes,” I admitted.  “But do you know how hard it is for a man to always hit his target when he is urinating?  Of course you don’t because you are not a man.  All your parts fit inside the bowl when you urinate.”

Dr. Marks looked at me and then smiled.  “Herb I think perhaps you just discovered the answer to your dilemma.”

I was taken back a little and then agreed.  “You mean that I should not try to urinate standing up?”

“Exactly, now are you ready to admit that Ruth was justified in correcting a behavior that she had trained you to avoid.”

“Yes, Doctor,”  I said with my head down.  Of course it wasn’t just that I was hanging my head in shame, I was sneaking a good long look at those boots.

“Then I don’t want to hear any more talk about divorce.  It is clear to me that your wife loves you very much and is only doing what is in your best interest.  I think you should get down on your knees, kiss her feet and thank her for being so kind as to correct your behavior.  How do you feel about that Herb?”

Well truthfully I was thinking of getting on my knees anyway but not in front of Ruth, so I agreed to do as she asked.

She called Ruth in and told her we had made a breakthrough and told me to do what I had agreed.  I started to just tell Ruth that I was grateful but Dr. Marks insisted that I do it right and shortly I was on my knees kissing the toes of my wife’s shoes as I begged her to forgive me and promised I would become a better servant to her.

Dr. Marks told me to go wait for my wife in the outer office.  Ruth was in there for what I thought was an exceptionally long session, but when she came out she was all smiles, as was Dr. Marks.  I should have suspected that they were up to something but at that time, all I could think about was those damned boots.

On the way home Ruth insisted on stopping at a discount shoe store and told me to wait in the car for her.  She was gone a long time but when she came out she was wearing a pair of boots that was eerily similar to the ones Dr. Marks had been wearing.  I knew then I was being set up but as Ruth drove towards our home I was excited by the possibility of just what I might be set up to do.

Ruth did not say anything about why she had bought those boots.  She just outlined my days work and went in sat in what was now her easy chair and propped her booted feet up on the ottoman.  That evening she made her rounds with her notebook, checking on my tasks and making notes as she usually did.  And while she did find some faults she was mostly pleased and announced that I should come into the living room for a special treat.  When she was again seated and her feet propped up she told me to get down on my knees.  “Herb I really liked how you got down on your knees and begged my forgiveness in the Doctor’s office today.  I especially liked the part when you kissed the toes of my shoes.  Did you enjoy that as well?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I admitted.

“I think it is time you called me mistress, don’t you?”

“Yes, mistress,”  I said reverently.

“You did your work well, for the most part, today.  Would you like to kiss my new boots as a reward?”

I was almost drooling at that point.  I not only wanted to kiss her boots I wanted to lick every single inch of leather.

“Yes, mistress, may I?”

“Make sure you use your tongue like you do on my pussy.”

So from that time forward I became her bootlicker as well as her servant.  She took to this new development with a gusto that she had not shown for anything other than the whip.  I could tell she was deliberately getting those boots dirty as it wasn’t even the rainy season and yet she managed to find mud to walk in.  And no matter how dirty they were I was not allowed to use any type of rag.  Everything had to be licked clean and then swallowed.  I didn’t realize that she was videotaping these sessions but it would become obvious later.

After our next session with Dr. Marks, Ruth announced that she would no longer be disciplining me for each separate violation of her code.  She would be giving me a weekly maintenance whipping.  This would be especially harsh as it had to make up for all the small infractions that she was allowing to go unpunished.  And this would take place the night prior to our scheduled appointment with Dr. Marks.

One of those whippings was so severe that when I went for my counseling appointment I could not sit down in her office.  Of course she insisted that I take my pants down and show what Ruth had done to me.  After remarking on how grateful I should be to have a wife that cared enough about me to properly discipline me, she asked if I thought that my tiny penis might play a role in Ruth’s frustrations.  And she made it a point to let me know that it was the smallest penis she had ever seen.  “Why I have seen babies with larger members than that,” She announced.

So I had to admit that yes, Ruth did find my lack of size frustrating and that she had not allowed me to enter her for over a year now.  I even told her that I was normally locked in a chastity device and was surprised that she had taken the cage off before we left for our appointment.

“Well, Herb, I am sure you can understand how frustrating it is for a woman not to have a decent size cock for her use.  I feel so bad for Ruth that I suggested that she should take a lover but she said that you would not allow that to happen.  Are you really that selfish, Herb?”

“I don’t think it is selfish to expect my wife to live up to her wedding vows.  We vowed to keep ourselves only to each other.”

“You also vowed to love your wife, more than yourself, did you not?”

“Yes, I guess.  I don’t know if those were the exact words but something to that effect.”

“If you really love Ruth, shouldn’t you want her to be happy and sexually fulfilled?”

“I do everything she asks of me.  I spend hours on my knees with my head between her thighs.”

“And as well you should, but that doesn’t take the place of a real cock.  A woman needs something deep inside where your tongue can’t reach.  You know Ruth could have just taken a lover behind your back but she loves and respects you too much for that.  Don’t you think it is time you repaid that love?”

I was so confused and she was still wearing those damned boots.  I could hardly think straight.  Feeling about as submissive as a man could feel I asked her what she wanted me to do.

“I want you to invite Ruth in here, get down on your knees, kiss her feet and tell her you are sorry you have such a small little piece of meat and that it would be all right with you if she took a lover.  Can you do that?”

“Yes, Doctor.”

Dr. Marks keyed her intercom and had Ruth sent in.  I met her in front of the door on my knees.  I bent my head and kissed her boots and begged her forgiveness for my lack of size and told her I wanted her to take a lover.  I had never seen her smile as broadly before and she almost jumped up and down for joy.  I was then told to leave but as I turned back to close the door behind me, I saw Ruth give the Doctor a high five.

It did not take Ruth long to follow through on my agreement to become her cuckold.  I was busy doing my normal chores when I heard the front doorbell ring.  I hurried down the stairs not wanting my wife to exert herself by having to get out of her chair.  I could not believe it when I opened the door and there stood my former best friend Howard.  The reason it was such a shock was that Howard and I had not spoken in five years.  In fact, we hated each other, but that is another story altogether.

“What do you want Howard?”  I asked with venom in my voice.

“Ruth invited me over.  She said that you had finally agreed to let her have a real man in her life.  Now, why don’t you be a good little cuckold and show me where she is.”

I tried to get my anger under control and so I just pointed in the direction of the living room and let him pass.  And then to calm down, I decided to take a walk around the block.  I must have been gone about 15 minutes when curiosity finally got the better of me and I went back to the house.  I could hear the two of them talking and laughing so I closed the door loudly enough so that they would hear and stop whatever they were doing.

“Herb!”  I heard my wife yell.  “Get in here before I get the taws.”

With my head bowed in shame, I walked into the living room.  Howard was sitting on the sofa with his arm around my wife.  It was plain from how puffy her lips were that he had been kissing and sucking on her lips.  Her blouse was undone and her bra had been removed.  I just stood there and stared open mouthed.

“Herb, apologize to Howard for your rude behavior.  You agreed that I could take a lover and then you turn around and treat him like a leper.”

“I didn’t know that you would choose him,”  I replied.  “And I didn’t expect that you would bring a man into our own home and rub my nose in it.”

“So you would rather I took up with some stranger off the street and went sneaking around behind your back.  I thought you talked that out with Dr. Marks?”

“Yes, well I am beginning to think that you and Dr. Marks cooked this whole scheme up together.”

“I don’t give a damn what you think.  Unless you want the video’s I have been taking of you licking my filthy boots to find their way to your parent’s inbox, you better do everything I tell you from now on.  And I am telling you to beg Howard’s forgiveness for being an asshole.”

I had not seen her taping anything but I had no reason to believe that she had not done so.  Until I could be sure of what I was dealing with I decided that discretion was the better part of valor.

“Howard I am sorry for my rude behavior.  Please make yourself at home.  I will leave and give your two some privacy.”

“To hell, you will, sissy.  Get your ass over here and help me get undressed.  You can start by getting on your knees and taking off my shoes and socks.”

I looked at Ruth with disbelief but she just merely pointed to the floor in front of them.  I obeyed and when I pulled off his socks, Ruth insisted that I kiss both of his feet and then help him off with his trousers.  I kept removing his clothes until he sat there completely naked.  His cock was standing straight up in the air and I was sorry to see that it was plainly much larger than mine.  I wondered which one of us was illegitimate.   Ruth even made me undress her.

When she finally allowed me to rise, I was told to take off my clothes as well and then to put on her used panties.  “A cuckold should wear panties, don’t you think Howard?”

“Hell looking at that tiny thing in a cage, I would think he should be completely feminized.  His peter isn’t any bigger than a good sized clit.”

Ruth laughed so hard I thought she was going to topple over.  When she could finally get her breath she said.  “You are right of course.  I will send him out to buy some lingerie for himself tomorrow.  And, I think a nice pair of high-heels would be appropriate as well.”

“But now my little sissy, I think you should go fix dinner for me and my new lover.  But first bring us some wine.”

I did as she asked and I stood in the corner while they ate.  Both of them made as many disparaging remarks about me as they could and, of course, I was not allowed to say anything in my own defense.  Nor was I allowed to eat anything myself.

When they were finished they announced that they would be going up into our bedroom.  I was to clean up the kitchen and then fix them drinks and serve them.

I took as much time as I could puttering around a job that I had learned to do in 15 minutes.  I was hoping that Howard would jump her bones and get it over with before I had to witness anything.  But of course, Ruth had other ideas.  When I walked into the bedroom carrying the tray with their drinks on it, they were both naked and on top of the covers.  She had her lips wrapped around the head of his cock and was trying to take the entire length down her throat.  She had always hated giving head so I was even more humiliated than I might be.

I sat the tray down on the nightstand and started to leave the room.  Only then did Ruth take her mouth off of his cock.  “Where do you think you are going?”

“I am sorry mistress.  I thought you would like some privacy.”

“On the contrary.  I want you to stay and watch a real man fuck your wife.  In fact, I not only want you to watch, I want you to participate.  Come over here and lick my cunt and get it nice and slippery.  I am sure you can see that Howard’s cock is so much bigger than yours that he will need all the lubrication he can get in order to get that monster all the way inside me.  I can see you hesitating.  Remember I still have those videos.”

So I went to the bed and while she went back to her ministrations on his cock, I proceeded to lick her pussy in preparation from my hated former friend to stick his cock into her.  I knew that this would be the last straw.  I would find a way to leave Ruth and Dr. Marks be damned.

I had only taken a few swipes with my tongue when Ruth shoved me away from her with her foot.  “That is enough, my cunt is sopping wet with the anticipation of a real cock being put in it.  You stay right there while Howard gets on top of me between my legs.  Then when he is ready you can guide his cock to my entrance.

At that point, something unreal happened to me.  I knew that if I was not enclosed in a cock cage I would have become hard.  Ruth’s constant attempts at humiliating me were finally doing what they were not intended to do.  She was turning me on.

Howard wasted no time in repositioning himself.  He settled between her thighs and told me to do my thing.  I bent down and took his cock in my hand and put the tip directly against her very wet cunt.  I swiped it up and down the slit a few times and then inserted the head inside her.  Howard didn’t need any more help as he drove himself to the hilt with one thrust.  Ruth cried out.  I still am not convinced whether it was a cry of pain or of joy but there was no doubt about the feelings when he started a slow back and forth motion.  She matched him stroke for stroke and she was moaning and begging him to fuck her harder.  She raised her hips up off the bed trying to get even more meat inside her.  And then her hips began rocking violently and she was almost screaming as a huge orgasm rocked her world.  Howard was not far behind her as he drove all the way to the hilt and held it there as I watched his ass muscles contract and then expand.

“Oh God, that feels so good.  You must have shot a quart of cum into me.  Herb squeeze his cock from the base to the tip and make sure every little bit of his cum is inside me.”  And with no other choice I did as she said.

Being completely sated, Howard rolled off of my wife and lay beside her with a shit-eating grin on his face.  “Wow, that was one great ride.  Did you enjoy seeing your wife taking my big cock in her cunt?”

I just ignored him as I started once again to back out of the room.

“Answer him, slave.  Tell him how grateful you are that he gave me that much pleasure.”

“Thank you, Howard.  I am so grateful that you gave pleasure to Ruth.”

“That didn’t sound very sincere, slave.  However, I will still give you a reward.  I know you didn’t get any dinner tonight, but I have a whole cunt load of protein for you.  Get between my legs and eat Howard’s cum out of me.”

I had never tasted anything as nasty and disgusting in my life.  Even her boots on their worst day tasted better than Ruth’s juices mixed with his cum.  But she assured me that I was going to get used to it because if I was not there each time he came inside her, she would save the ejaculate in a bottle for me to ingest later.

She then told me to get the hell out of her bedroom.  I could move in down the hall or sleep on the sofa but Howard was now sleeping in her room.

The Cruel Wife Returns Cover

Free Dominant Wife Book Day one

The Cruel Wife Returns

A story of female domination

Prologue Some Past History

There was no doubt that Ruth had done a number on me.  I doubt that any man had ever loved a woman more than I had loved Ruth.  And we had such a wonderful marriage for a great number of years.  And then she had started reading female dominant blogs on the Internet.  She was particularly fond of those dealing with domestic discipline, the ones with the wife giving and the husbands receiving.  I, of course, knew nothing about this until one night after supper when she started enumerating my various flaws as a husband and announced that some things were going to have to change.

I asked her what the hell she was going on about and she told me that she had decided to take control of our marriage and that she would be taking corrective measures to make sure that I became a more attentive and obedient husband.

Of course I looked at her as if she had two heads.  “In our marriage vows, I believe that it was you that promised to love, honor and obey, not the other way around.”

“You don’t have a very good memory then.”  Ruth declared.  “I only promised to love, not the other two words you just inserted after the fact.  But unless you decide you want to obey me, we are headed for the nearest divorce court.  I am tired of doing all the work in this house and I am tired of having my needs ignored.”

“I guess you are going to have to be a little more specific about what you are asking.  I thought that I have been doing my fair share of the housework and I have no idea what needs I have been ignoring.”

“Let’s take it one thing at a time then.”  Ruth started.  “Who does most of the cooking?”

“Well, you do but that is because you are the better cook.  I can and do barbecue on the weekends to give you a break, but if I was to take over the regular cooking we would both die of ptomaine poisoning.”

“And you never thought to spend some of your Internet time on learning to be a better cook instead of on pornography?”

“I will have you know that I don’t spend a lot of time searching for pornography,”  I said with a straight face.

“You forget we share a home computer and I am not as stupid as you are.  I know how to check the history.”

Well, I decided to let that one, drop for a little while.  “Ok, so please go on with your list of my faults.”

“Who spends more time cleaning up after meals, you or I?”

“I think it is about equal.”  I defended myself.

“Really, when was the last time you scoured out a cooking pan or cleaned the stove top?  And I know you have never cleaned out the refrigerator or the oven in your life.  And who does all the laundry and cleans the bathrooms and vacuums the carpets?”

“Ok, so maybe I have not been the perfect maid.  But why are you bringing this up now?  It didn’t seem to bother you in the past.”

“I am bringing it up now.  Other women have found a way to train their lazy worthless husbands and so will I.”

“What other women are you talking about?  Has Lois been filling your head with her feminazi bullshit?”

“This has nothing to do with Lois, although you could take a lesson from her husband.  I have noticed how attentive he is to her needs, unlike someone I could mention.”

“You keep throwing out this attentive to needs line.  What needs do you have that I am ignoring?”

“When was the last time you brought flowers home for me or when was the last time you bought me some sexy underwear, or when was the last time you washed my back or gave me a foot massage, or a cream rub.  And when was the last time you spent more than five minutes trying to get me ready for sex before climbing aboard and sticking little Willy Winkie into me?”

“Wow, we have gone from housework to small penis humiliation in one easy leap.”

“Well, you asked me, so I am telling you.  Surely you didn’t think that I was really getting off with a two-minute drill with a four-inch cock?”

I had taken enough of her abuse for one night and so I got up and walked towards the door.  I had no idea where I was going but I knew I was going away from Ruth.

“You walk out that door and I swear to God, you will regret it,” She yelled at my departing back.

And of course, I was not smart enough to listen.  So I walked out the door and down the street to a neighborhood pub, where I proceeded to use a few shots of bourbon to numb the humiliation of her words.  Well, to be honest it was more than a few shots and I stayed until the bar had closed.  I have no idea how I got home that night but thank God I wasn’t driving.

I woke up the next morning, with three elephants doing a hat dance inside my head.  I quickly realized that I was not in my own bed, or any bed for that matter as my body ached from lying on something much harder than I was used to.  I tried to get to my feet but for some reason, I could not move them and when I tried to push with my arms I found they were not working either.  Then another realization hit me.  I was totally naked and laying on the tile or our entryway.

“I told you that you would regret walking out that door.”  My wife announced as she tapped a booted toe against the tile in front of me.

Now I was becoming more aware of my surroundings.  Through the agony of the worst headache, I had ever experienced I slowly realized that I could not get up because my hands and feet were bound probably with a clothesline.

“I bet you would really like a nice hot shower, some strong hot coffee and a half a bottle of aspirin.  But all of that is going to have to wait until I administer your punishment.”

“Don’t you think, I have punished myself enough?”  I begged.

“I am going to untie your ankles so that I can help you get to your feet.  And then we are going into the living room where I am going to administer a little domestic discipline.  If you try to avoid it in any way it will be much harder on you.  Do you understand what I am telling you?”

“I don’t understand any of this except that you think you have become a dominatrix all of a sudden.”

“It will all become clear in just a few minutes.”  She then untied my ankles and put her hand under my arm and helped me to my feet.  I could not move for a few seconds as the pain in my head made me start to swoon and if Ruth had not been helping to support me I would have ended up back on the floor.  She seemed to realize that I was unsteady and so she allowed me to just stand there until I got my bearings.  Then she led me into the living room where she had placed one of the straight-backed kitchen chairs.  She sat down in it and pulled me over her nylon-clad knees.  If it had not been for the hangover, it probably would have been a pleasant experience.  In any case, I could feel my cock start to harden and I know that Ruth felt it too.

“You are a God damned pervert,” She announced.  “I bring you in for punishment and you turn it into a sexual episode.  Well, we will see how excited you are after I am through with you.”  And she brought her hand down firmly on my ass.  It really was not painful, but I didn’t want her to know that so I allowed myself to yell ouch and that did hurt, as my head was ready to explode.  She swung, again and again, I faked discomfort.  I might have got away with it if my cock had not given me away.  The harder she hit my ass, the harder my dick became.  Soon it was poking between her nylon legs and I could feel droplets of precum starting to form on the tip.  She felt it too and forced me off of her lap.

“This obviously is not going to work,” She announced.  She left me standing there for a few minutes as she went to retrieve something from the bedroom.  When she came back she was brandishing one of my belts that she had doubled in half.

“Now, worm, bend over the back of that chair and we will see how excited you are.”  She wailed away at my ass with that belt for about five minutes and let me tell you I did lose my erection.  Once she was satisfied that I was flaccid and that my ass was bright red, she released my hands and told me to go get cleaned up, take some aspirin and then I could cook breakfast for the two of us.

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The Party:  Sandy’s View


I know that Donna has already filled you in on her tale of woe, so I am not going to bore you with my recap.  In fact, except for her initial meltdown when her boss fired her, I paid little attention to her distress, I do want you to know, however, that her being fired by her boss was all staged.  I had called him earlier in the day filled him in on what I wanted and he had readily agreed.  You see I wanted Donna to be completely emotionally destroyed.  I wanted him to reach such a depth of despair that if a room full of people did not surround him he would wish for death.


In fact, I had called every last one of tonight’s guests and had asked them to treat Donna as abusively as possible.  And amazingly not one of them voiced an objection, not even his mother.  That surprised me a little bit but she told me she applauded me for taking control of my marriage.  She even said she wished she had had the courage to do something similar to his father.  In fact, she said, she was looking forward to humiliating her youngest son.


But, as I said I spent most of my time dancing with as many men as I could.  I even let the vast majority of them squeeze my ass through my leather skirt.  And the one that Jenny had brought as a potential date, Bill, I allowed to put his hand under my skirt and play with my bare ass all he wanted.  When we were dancing I kept pushing my pelvis into him and if we had not been fully clothed I would have fucked him right there on the dance floor.  I was really considering asking him to come into the back room with me when Mary came over and explained that Donna was having a difficult time complying with all the requests for her to lick the guest’s boots because his mouth was so dry and wanted to know what I would allow him to drink.


Well, I thought it would be worth a respite to see what kind of a mess Donna had gotten herself into, so I followed Mary back to where my stupid slave was kneeling in front of a woman.  I asked him to open his mouth and show me his tongue and I discovered that it was fairly clean but very dry.  So I asked him what he wanted me to get for him to drink and like a damned fool he said, anything would be fine.  Well, if he had asked for water, I would have given him water and maybe even if he had asked for a soda, I might have given him a soda, but when he said anything, I knew exactly what he was going to drink.  I asked for a glass, went to the ladies’ room, went into a stall took down my panties and filled that glass to the brim with my piss.


I carefully carried the glass back and handed it to Donna and told her to drink.  She didn’t even look at what it was.  She just lifted it to her lips and took a huge gulp.  The glass was half empty before she discovered what she was drinking.  I thought she might actually upchuck at that moment and so I sternly warned her to keep it down, which she managed to do.  When I could see she had steadied her stomach, I ordered her to drink the rest of that glass of urine.  And then I announced to the surrounding crowd that I would appreciate if someone would keep her glass full so that anytime she needed something to drink she would have another full glass of piss.  And then I went back and rejoined Bill on the dance floor.


He led me over to a table and had me sit on his lap.  He then gave me a passionate kiss on the lips as he stroked the inside of my thigh.  “How about you and I go back to my place and spend the night making love?” he asked.


“I have been thinking the same thing, but I think I better stick around and make sure my slave gets home safely.  Right now, I am a little apprehensive that he might take his own life if he is left alone.”


“So, what if the loser, offs himself?” Bill asked.  “You don’t give a shit about him anyway.  You would be better off if he killed himself.”


“Well, that pissed me off.  “You don’t know me well enough to decide what or whom I like.  You have no idea why I treat Donna the way I do, but I can tell you right now I am not going home with you or anyone else tonight until I know that Donna is tucked safely in bed.”


I noticed that most of the guests had started to clear out and so I made an announcement that I was taking my slave home with me and that the catering crew would be starting to clean up and clear away.


I made my way over to where Donna was still kneeling, although there was no longer anyone in front of her.  Even Mary had given up and left her alone.  I motioned for Jenny to come give me a hand and between the two of us, we managed to get Donna into the back seat of my car.  She asked if I would need help getting Donna into bed and I told her no that I would manage.  I then thanked her for all her help and got into the car and started the engine.  Apparently Donna had ingested so much piss that I could smell her breath all the way up in the driver’s seat.  Without looking in the mirror, I announced, “Jesus Christ, Donna, you smell like a god damned urinal.  I hope you enjoyed all that piss you drank.  I am thinking of making it your main liquid diet.”


When I finally got Donna home and upstairs I helped her into the guest bathroom.  I knew her bladder must be full and so I helped her remove her clothing and let her sit down on the stool.  Almost immediately a loud stream of piss escaped through her tube.    I also warned her not to try and brush her teeth, as I wanted her to retain the taste in her mouth for as long as possible.


I knew that she would never be able to go through the night without having to empty her bladder again, but I did not want to have to get up in the middle of the night to untie her.  Fortunately, Mary had warned me of just such a scenario and so I had purchased the thickest adult diapers I could find.  I told her to put them on and then handed her a pair of plastic pants as well. I also inserted a rubber hose under the protective pants and shoved it up as far to her crotch as I could get it.  And just in case, I did go in and put a set of rubber sheets on her bed.  I figured that with the combination she should be able to survive until morning.


And all these thoughts of urine reminded me that I had not urinated in a while and so I thought what the hell.  I told Donna to lean back and open her mouth.  I then got up on my toes so my slit was directly in line with her mouth and allowed my flow to start.  I had to admire her; she spilled very little of my nectar.  And the knowledge that her belly was full of my piss made me truly happy.


I helped her off the toilet and guided her into her bedroom. I left her corset on and had her lie on top of the rubber sheet and tied her spread eagle to the bed.  I put several pillows under her ass so that her hips were higher than her head.  I then took the hose that was protruding from her diaper and ran it up to her mouth and inserted it between her lips and teeth.  I took a piece of tape and secured it in place.  Now if she wet herself to the point of overflowing it would just flow back up the tube and she could enjoy it all over again.  I did wonder how many times that cycle would repeat itself.  But the thought made me extremely joyful.


I then turned out the lights and left her there for the night.  Even though she had a rubber tube taped inside her mouth I heard her gut wrenching sobs all the way into my room and I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face. And just think I still had two full days before I had to let her out of my sight.  I wondered if I should let her rinse her mouth out before she took me to the club the following night.


The next morning I was glad that I had added the rubber sheet because even with all the other protections I had put in place a small amount of urine was pooled under her hips. I untied her and told her to get up and clean herself up and then she needed to wash her bedding and her corset.  She didn’t even reply just crawled out of that wet nasty bed and began her duties that I had outlined.  I left her alone for a good two hours and when I went to check on her I found her curled in a ball in the corner of her room.


I knew I had to snap her out of it or I would have to have her committed to an asylum.  She was obviously completely broken.  So I went into my closet and found the multi-tailed whip I had bought and brought it back with me.  Without a word, I swung that whip with all my might across Donna’s shoulders.  She did not immediately respond and I swung it again striking flesh just below the first strike.  This time, she, at least, tried to move so I hit her again and again until she finally got to her feet and tried to cover herself.  “Now, goddamn you,” I swore.  “Get your ass into that bathroom and take a long shower, then get this room cleaned up and come downstairs.  I have had all of your moping about I can stand.  If you are not up and ready to work, in 15 minutes I am calling Mary and having her bring her ankle spreaders over.  Do you understand me, bitch?”


Donna looked up at me and I could see a small spark in her eyes as she said, “Yes, goddess, I understand.”


“And for Christ’s sake, brush your teeth, your breath smells like a urinal.”


In just under 15 minutes he made his appearance in the kitchen.  He had managed to find a skirt and blouse to put on and I was pleased to note that he had put his garters, hose and heels on as well.


“Now, that is more like it,” I stated.  “You look nice although a little lipstick and makeup would be an improvement.  I have decided you deserve to look like a real woman instead of a homely man in drag.  I am going to take you to the mall for a complete makeover and while we are there you can buy me some pretty lingerie for my date tonight.  You would like that wouldn’t you?”


I could tell he was torn, but finally, he looked me in the eye and said, “Yes, goddess, I would really like to look like a real woman.  If I have to wear women’s clothing then I want the full treatment.”


“Good, then I will call my beautician on the way.  Would you like to try driving in your heels?”  And I saw Donna smile for the first time in two days.


We made it a regular girls day out.  We stopped and got something to eat at a semi-nice restaurant and then went to the mall.  I took Donna in and introduced her to my stylist and asked her to do everything she could to make her appear female.


“Well, I can shape his eyebrows and apply some makeup to brighten his face, but there isn’t much I can do with his hair since it is cut that short.  I guess I could make him look like a dyke with a butchdo.”


“How about if I went to the wig shop down the aisle and got him a wig and brought it back for you to style?”


“Yes, that might work,” she said.  “But you better stick with brown, not blonde because of his skin tone.”


“I will be right back, see what you can do for her while I am gone.”


“I got a cheap wig and returned to the salon.  I was actually quite shocked to see Donna starting to look feminine.  I was sure that by the time he had the wig styled and on his head that he could pass for female, although not a gorgeous one.  And truthfully I did not want him to look too good anyway.  I didn’t need the competition.  I would be the one that was humiliated if he got laid before I did.


When Beverly had finished with Donna, she could actually pass for female.  She had gone all out on her makeover; even applying fake long nails which were painted a bright red to match her lipstick.  When Donna looked in the mirror I saw a huge smile light up her face and I knew we were going to be fine.


We walked out of the salon holding hands and laughing like any two girlfriends would do.  I reached over and put my arm around his waist and gave him a little squeeze.  “I am so glad to have you back,” I whispered.


And he looked at me and said, “I am really happy to be back.  I will try not to disappoint you again.  Did you want to go to Fredericks of Hollywood so I can pick out your lingerie?  Do you have something special in mind?”


“I want you to buy me something that will make me so sexy that no man could ever resist me.  When you are looking through the panties and bra sets, pick out something that if I wore it for you, you would want to fuck my brains out.  And then find me the sexiest garters and hose you can find.  And then top it all off with a nightgown that I can wear to bed and have a man want to take it off of me.  In short make me fuckable.”


I was so pleased to see her, going through all the different sets, trying to choose just the right thing.  I knew that she realized that this outfit was not for her benefit but she had come to terms with the fact that her happiness only mattered as it related to mine.  And from this day forward she would sacrifice herself, her feeling and her pride to make me happy.  And that knowledge made me ecstatic.


We arrived home in the middle of the afternoon.  Donna fixed me a light lunch and then asked me if I would like him to draw me a nice bubble bath.  I told him, yes, and I would like him to stay, and help me wash my back and shave my legs.  After a long soak in the tub and my legs were silky smooth, I instructed him to shave my pussy.  That was something I had never done before and so I thought it would be the ultimate debasement for him to know he was shaving my cunt for another man to use.


I expected him to frown or pout but he seemed thrilled to be able to touch me in that area.  He was as gentle as he could be as he got the shears and trimmed my hair really close and then slathered it with shaving cream and carefully removed every strand of hair.  When he was done he helped me from the tub, patted me dry with a soft towel and told me to go lie on the bed and he would get the body lotion.  He said I deserved to feel soft all over and he would be honored if he could make it so.


He spent the next hour rubbing crème into every exposed area of skin on my body.  I felt so relaxed that I told him I was going to take a short nap and for him to get ready for the evening.  We had bought him another corset and panty girdle, but I knew he could not manage those by himself.  But I directed him to take is own bath and make sure he was closely shaved.  If when he was done he wanted to take a nap of his own, I would not mind, just to make sure and set the alarm for no later than 7 p.m. so we would have time for both of us to get dressed in our sexy clothes.


I had the most wonderful dreams about hard bodies and big cocks and I was terribly disappointed when I heard the alarm sound in the other room.  I stretched and climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve myself and to freshen my makeup.


When I came out of the bathroom Donna was standing, waiting to help me dress.  She put my garter belt on, helped me with my bra and then got down on her knees, rolled my stockings like a pro and put them on first one leg then another.  She then fastened the garters and reached for my panties.  I looked at her and said; “I doubt that I will need panties tonight.”


Donna smiled, patted my thigh, lovingly and said, “You may not need them, but they make the outfit work.  Most men like a bare pussy, but they like to be the ones to take the panties off of it.  Of course you know best, but personally, if it was me that this was for, I would like the panties on.”


I reached down and stroked her face, gently and said, “You really do love me, don’t you?  Even though I think you realize that you will never fuck me again, you still worship me.”


“Yes, goddess, until after I came to my senses this morning I did not realize how much.  Now let’s finish dressing you so you can go find your big cock man.”


“Well, first we need to get you dressed.  Maybe you will find a cock of your own.”


“That is not on my shopping list, goddess,” He said.

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The Party: Don’s View


As Madelyn left I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life.  Up until I had signed those papers, I could have walked away with something even if it was not my pride.  Now, I was completely at the mercy of my wife and from Madelyn’s comment as she left that was exactly where Sandy wanted me.


And now I was climbing into our car in full view of anyone that wanted to see, dressed like a damned fool I did not know how far away this hall was but I did know that I was riding to my doom.


Sandy pulled into a parking lot and got out of the car.  For some reason, she had picked a space as far from the door as she could find.  And that wasn’t hard since there were only about three cars and a caterer’s truck in the lot.  She started out for the door at a fast pace causing me to teeter on my heels trying to keep up.  I had been worrying more about how I looked but as I followed Sandy I was struck by how good she looked in her short black leather skirt and high-heeled black boots.  And although she wore a short black leather coat as well, I found myself desiring to get a look at what was underneath it.  Regardless of how she treated me she was still by far the most beautiful and sexually desirable women alive.  If I wasn’t caged the way I was I know I would be rock hard just looking at her.


We entered the building and I noticed that there were four long tables set up and that they were loaded with food.  Chairs had been set up around the perimeter and in the back, a stage looked to be ready for live music and dancing.  We walked through a narrow entry in order to get to the main area of the hall.  And as I stepped through Sandy instructed me to stand off to the side where I could greet all the guests as they entered.


“When someone comes in, just bow and say welcome and then curtsey and let them pass.  If they address you at all make sure that you are 100% polite.  It would not be good for you to show any type of offense to anyone.  Are we clear?”


“Yes, goddess, I understand.”


It wasn’t long before I saw Jenny coming towards me accompanied by two men.  I tried to do as I was instructed; I bowed at the waist and said welcome to our party.  And then I tried to curtsey as Sandy had shown me.  Jenny then turned to one of the men she was with and said, “This is Sandy’s slave slash husband.  I told you what a pansy he was, now do you believe it?”


“I sure do,” said the man she had addressed.  “It is no wonder she is looking for a real man.”


Jenny then turned to me and said, “Donna, this is Bill.  I brought him here tonight to introduce him to Sandy.  She has been telling me that she needs someone in her bed that isn’t queer.  I hope they hit it off, don’t you?”


I didn’t know quite how to react to that question, so I simply said,
”Nice to meet you, Bill, I hope you enjoy yourself, tonight.”


Jenny turned back around to me, “And Donna this is Tom.  He is my date for the evening but I know he wants to get better acquainted with Sandy as well.”


I bowed respectfully and said, “I am glad you could join us tonight.”


Then they turned and started to walk away but I heard Tom remark, “God what a candy ass he is.  Bill, I hope you fuck his wife until she squeals.  If that is what she has been sleeping with she will be over the moon with a real man inside her pussy.”


I wanted to go after him and beat him to a pulp for disrespecting my wife.  But I knew that would only cause me more misery.


I stood there like a damned fool as everyone of my friends trooped in.  They all threw snide remarks my way and called me names.  I took it all in stride, bowing and curtsying and wishing them welcome.  And then my world came completely crashing down as I was forced to greet, my mother, my sister, and my older brother.


My mother took one look at me and said, “Well, Sandy warned me but I still don’t believe that my youngest son has turned out to be a queer.”


“Oh I don’t know, I always thought there was a little something strange about him.  I used to think that he was sniffing my panties out of the laundry basket.  What do you think of your little brother George?”


“Well, he is one ugly broad, but if he let his hair grow and had the right make up he might look good enough to give me a blowjob.  Those heels certainly give his legs a nice shape.”


I bowed to the three of them and they ushered past me just in time for my boss and three of my co-workers to take their place.


As I bowed and started to curtsy my boss just pushed me out of the way so hard that I fell against the wall and turned my ankle.  “Get out of my way you damned pansy,” he spit.  “And don’t bother showing up for work on Monday.  I didn’t know I hired a damned queer, but now I do, your fired.”


Tears were running down my cheeks as they walked away.  I had no idea what I was going to do for a living now.  I am sure that the word would be all over town by Monday afternoon and I would have zero prospects of finding another job.  Apparently someone had spoken to Sandy for in just a few seconds she was by my side.


“Jesus Christ,” she exclaimed.  “Quit your bawling.  You are ruining your mascara.  Come on follow me, I will get you fixed up.”


She led me into the ladies room and sat me down on a stool.  She got a cold cloth and began wiping my face.  Are you through with your hysterics now, so I can fix your make-up?”


“You don’t understand,” I said.  “Mr. Jenkins just fired me.  I have no job and no prospects of getting another one.  What am I going to do?”


“First off, Mr. Jenkins can’t fire you.  I have already talked to him and explained that it would be sexual discrimination for him to fire you.  He said that maybe he had over reacted and if you come into the office Monday morning and get down on your hands and knees, kiss his feet and beg; he will give your job back.  So you see you have nothing to worry about.  And besides I have been talking with some of the other women and we are talking about setting you up to clean house for some of the wealthier men in town.  I am sure that if you are especially nice to them that you will make as much in tips as you do now.”


She then reapplied mascara to my lashes and put some eyeliner on me as well.  She handed me a lipstick and told me to touch up my lips.  I did and started to hand it back to her but she told me to keep it, as she was sure I would need it many times before the night was over.


She then motioned for me to follow her.  When we go out into the main hall she had me step up on the stage and handed me a microphone.  She took one as well.  She then made and announcement.  “I want to welcome all of you here tonight for Donna’s coming out party.  I doubt that many of you suspected that she has always been a closet transvestite, but now you can see it clearly for yourselves.  I want you all to feel free to ask her any questions you might have and I know she will answer you honestly and completely, So with that said, who would like to go first?”


“I would,” said my mother.  “Donna how long have you been doing this?”


“I just discovered the desire about two weeks ago,” I replied.


“Oh, I don’t buy that for a minute.  A man does not just suddenly decide to wear women’s clothes.  I bet you were sneaking around with my underwear when you were a teenager.”


“No, mom, really I wasn’t.”


She then addressed my wife, “Sandy what are you going to do now that he has turned into a queer?  I know divorce might seem difficult for you with all the community property, but I don’t see how you can continue to live with a queer.”


“You don’t have to worry about me, mom, Donna insisted on turning over all the assets into my name.  I could throw him out in the street without even clothes on his back and he would be helpless to resist.  But, truthfully I kind of like the idea of having a full-time maid.  My only real problem is finding a real man to share my bed.  Does anyone have a suggestion?”


“I do,” my brother declared.  “I would be more than happy to show you what a real man can do between the sheets.”


“I will give that some thought, but unless you have a lot bigger cock than little Donna here, I would not be interested.  I hear small things run in families.  Mom, is that true?”


My mother again stood up laughing.  “Well, I wouldn’t know about George here.  I haven’t inspected his penis since he was old enough to wash himself.  I can tell you for a fact that his father wasn’t worth a damn in bed.  And I know that both of these boys had a nasty habit of masturbation.  Their sheets were always stained yellow.  I hope you have found a way to stop that habit.’


“It is funny you mentioned that Donna, asked me to help her quit playing with herself.  And I found the nicest little cage to lock her up in.  If she wasn’t snuggled so nicely into her panty girdle, I would have her show it to you.”


And then a cheer went up and they all started chanting, “Show us, show us, show us.”


“Well, alright,” Sandy announced if that is what everyone wants.  I will give you five minutes for anyone that would be offended to go outside.  After that I will have Donna, pull up her dress and pull down her panties so you can all inspect her cage.  It seems to do the trick but I would welcome any ideas if you know of something better.”


She then looked at her watch and we just stood there and waited.  When it became obvious that no one was going to leave she ordered me to pull my panties down and stand still with my dress raised so that anyone that wanted could come forward and inspect my cage.  I nearly died as absolutely every single person came up and poked and prodded me.”


When the last one had passed me, my wife announced that the band would begin shortly.  She told them to help themselves to the buffet and get whatever they wanted to drink.  “When you are finished with your plates just set them on the floor beside you and Donna will come by and clean up.  And if you want more to eat or drink just tell her and she will be glad to serve you.  And don’t forget, this is her night and she has requested to be allowed to service you in any and all ways.  So if there is something that you would like her to do, just let her know.  If for any reason she does not feel like she can comply then come and let me, Jenny or Mary know and we will rectify the situation.  You may have to talk to the others as I plan to get to know a couple of the male friends that are here.  I am looking forward to dancing with as many of you as may wish to do so.  And so, strike up the band.”


I was kept busy carrying food and drink all night long.  One thing I found to be exceedingly difficult was retrieving the plates, cups, and silverware from the floor.  Most of the guests soon discovered if they set their utensils under their chairs that I would have to get down on my knees to retrieve them and soon everyone was doing it.  They seemed to take delight in seeing how far back they could push the stuff so I would have to get even closer to the floor.  And then a new game began they would deliberately sit in their seats and call me over to pick up their discards.  Of course, I would have to get down with my face almost touching their shoes in order to accomplish the task.  And when I was stretched out to the fullest they would lift their feet solidly against my mouth.  And then they would loudly complain that I had got lipstick on their shoes.


Jenny heard one man make that complaint and she came over while I was still kneeling, pushed my head down and said, “Dear god, girl can’t you do anything right.  See the smudge on his shoes.  Lick it off, now.”


I tentatively reached my tongue out and with some effort managed to clean away the lipstick.  Then I started to get up but Jenny was having none of that.  “Take another look, slave.  You got the lipstick but now there is one clean spot, which makes the rest of the shoe look dirty.  I guess you will have to completely lick both his shoes clean so they will even out.”  I had no choice but to obey although it made me almost sick to my stomach to do it.  Fortunately, he was more interested in humiliating me than in having his shoes cleaned because I know I moved more dirt around than I swallowed.


Jenny then grabbed the microphone and announced.  “Donna apparently has been careless in her duties tonight.  She got lipstick on Tom’s shoes so I had to make her lick them clean.  You might want to check your own footwear to make sure she hasn’t made the same mistake with your shoes or boots.  Does anyone else need a clean up?”


Several people raised their hands and Jenny said, “Ok, why don’t you each come up one at a time and let Donna clean your shoes or boots.  I am going to set a chair right here in the middle of the floor so she doesn’t have to keep getting up or down.  And, Mary, would you do me a favor and supervise?  I don’t think she did a very good job on Tom’s shoes.  I know you have trained your own bootlicker, so you should be able to point out Donna’s flaws.”


“I would be happy to assist,” declared Mary.  “Would someone mind getting me one of the used kitchen rags?  Normally I would just let her clean her tongue on her teeth but with the amount of filth she needs to lick up tonight, in just a little while her tongue will be so black that she would be worthless as a cleaner.  So every few strokes she is going to need to wipe it off with a rag.  On second thought why not bring two rags, one loaded with detergent and the other wet with water.  And don’t bother getting clean rags, just whatever you find on the counter will do.”


So one at a time they all took advantage of my tongue.  Even those who I had not been in contact with decided they needed me to lick their boots.  I have no idea of how much filth I ingested, but by the time the second one left I could hardly swallow, my mouth was so dry.  I begged Mary for something to drink and she stood up and walked towards the stage saying that she would ask Sandy what I was allowed.  In just a few minutes Sandy came back with Mary.  “Show me your tongue, slave,” She demanded.  I opened my mouth and she inspected it.  “Well, it looks like the rags are doing their job, but I can see she does need something to wet her tongue with.  What would you like to drink slave?”


I replied, “Anything, goddess, as long as it is wet.”


“Hmmm,” she said, “That leaves quite a lot open for interpretation.  I have always wanted to see you drink something special.  Someone hand me an empty cup, please.  I will be right back.”


She was gone for several minutes and I wondered what was taking her so long when she returned.  She handed me the cup and without hesitation, I took a huge gulp.  I had drunk about half the glass before the taste finally hit me and I knew I was drinking urine.  I put my hand to my mouth as if I was going to gag but Sandy warned me in a loud voice to keep it down.  “Now, finish the glass,” She told me.


I did as she asked and set the glass down on the floor.  As she turned to walk away Sandy spoke to the crowd.  “You all know what she likes to drink.  I can’t produce enough piss to satisfy her I am sure so would you folks mind keeping a full glass in front of her? That way any time she gets thirsty she will be satisfied.”


And I heard her laugh all the way to the stage?


I wanted to die, and if Mary had not been standing guard with her pointed toed boots aimed at my balls I would have just laid down, curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep.  But I knew the physical punishment would be swiftly meted out and I valued my testicles, even though I doubt I would ever get to use them again.

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The Shopping Trip: Sandy’s View


When we were taking Don out of the bath and preparing to get him ready to go, he started to rebel.  He was so vehement that he was not going out of the house with his lips painted red and wearing pantyhose that clearly showed below his pants, that I thought I had pushed him too far.  As much as I loved watching Mary kick him in the balls, I was now afraid that brief moment of pleasure was going to rob me of the greater goal of a slave for life.  I could not afford to lose him now.  I had just learned how enjoyable it was to make his life miserable.  And I still had so much more to test about my dominant personality.  Of course, I was always sure I could find someone else to abuse.  From surfing the Internet, I had discovered there were whole chat rooms of men just dying to bow down and kiss a woman’s ass.  But developing another relationship would take time and I did not want to wait.  I already had a perfectly good slave and I was going to keep him.


I also knew that if I backed down now, all would be lost later.  Every time he found something a little uncomfortable he would start a fuss and refuse to obey me.  So I played the only card I had left in my hand.  I threatened him that if he didn’t obey I would send some pictures and videos of him to his friends, family, and place of employment.  I told him one of the videos was of him eating his own cum out of my cunt.


Now, the fact that those pictures and videos did not exist was totally unimportant.  He did not know that.  And having put those doubts in his mind, he became more docile and able to be controlled.


In fact, as we headed for the mall, I thought I had won and was happily chatting with my friend Jenny.


And then we parked and got out of the car when he rebelled again.  He just sat there and refused to exit the vehicle.  “Damn it,” I thought.  “When is he going to learn that I am the boss in this relationship?”  Okay, what to do?  I didn’t think that threatening him again would work, so I decided I would play on his sense of duty.


And so I went to his door, opened it, leaned in and with my sexiest voice spoke into his ear.  “Now, come on, quit being a stick in the mud.  We are going to have fun today.  I know you think things have been a little intense, and perhaps they have been, but we had fun yesterday and we can still have fun today.  Besides, we are going to get something to eat at the food court.  I know how you always enjoy that and frankly you must be starving.  How bad could this be?  And besides, there is practically no chance that you will run into anyone you know. Come on, pretty please.”


He got out of the car but before he would go into the mall, he made me promise him that I would not hurt him anymore.  Well, I refused to lie to him so I told him I would not hurt him anymore that day, physically.  And I emphasized physically.  He caught on right away to my subterfuge and asked what I meant by physically.  So I told him that I would not hit, slap, kick or burn him.  But I made sure he understood that I was going to humiliate him as much as possible.  Oh, I know what you are thinking, why bring that up before he had agreed?  Well, I had seen some of the websites he visited and one of them was called “The humiliated Husband.” And I knew that he really liked the idea of humiliation.  So I figured that instead of a deal breaker, it might well be a deal maker.  And I was right.  He got out of the car and willingly walked to his doom.


When we got inside, the first place I led him was to the food court.  I knew that this time of day, on a Sunday that it would be packed with people and many opportunities to humiliate Don would present themselves.  Sure enough, after we had acquired our food I noticed one open table right in the middle of the eating area.  I headed there and secured it before someone else took it.  I wanted to make sure that Don, his lipstick, and his nylons were plainly visible to as many people as possible.


I watched as Don sat down on his chair and was pleased to see that his pants leg rode even higher on his nylon-clad leg.  Now, a good 6 inches of nylon was in plain sight.  But I was disappointed that no one seemed to be noticing.  “What the hell is wrong with these people?” I asked myself.  “Surely you must be able to see a man with brightly painted lips and wearing nylons?”  And so I leaned over and whispered in Jenny’s ear that we needed to attract some attention.  She caught on immediately and began joking with me in a loud voice.  And I joked right back at her.  It wasn’t long before a couple of men across the food court were openly staring at us.  And soon, after saying something to his companion one of them approached out table.  He leaned in and asked, “Is he wearing nylons?”


I got a big smile on my face and said, “Why yes, he is.  Stand up slave and put your foot up here on the chair. Then pull up your pants leg and show him your hose.  Come on, you know you do not want to displease me.”


I know that Don must have wanted to crawl under the table, but he was a good sport and did as he was told.  And then the man did something that pleased me to no end.  He actually yelled across the food court to his companion and told him that Don was indeed wearing nylons.  And of course now, everyone was looking and trying to get a better view of my humiliated husband.  And then the man asked if Don was a queer.  Well, Jenny almost split her sides trying to stop from laughing out loud.  And of course, I was enjoying myself immensely as well.


I looked him directly in the eyes and said, “queer; you say?  I am not sure about that.  I know he is a little strange, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call him a queer.  But then for a man to want to paint his lips a bright shade of red, put on pantyhose and wear a pair of pants that he knows are clearly too small for him.  And then top it off by insisting on wearing a pair of low-cut shoes without any socks, I guess you could say he was queer.’  And of course, I carried on the conversation loudly enough so anyone within 25 feet could hear.  By now, Don’s face was as red as his lipstick.


When the crowd started to thin out I figured that I needed a new place to humiliate my husband so I led him directly to Fredericks of Hollywood. But before we entered there was something else I needed to do.  My panties were soaking wet from the excitement of humiliating Don in the food court, so I told him I needed to go to the ladies room and take them off.  So Jenny and I left Don standing in the middle of the mall while we went into the ladies room.  We were gone for several minutes and when I came out I noticed that Don looked a little pale.  Clearly something had happened to him while we were gone but I did not want to take the time to find out at that juncture.


Instead, I led him into Fredericks of Hollywood.  Jenny and I made sure that we removed ourselves quickly from Don’s sight.  I found a sales clerk that looked bored and asked her if she would like to have some fun and earn a large commission at the same time.  She was more than willing to cooperate when I told her what I needed.


“What do I have to do?” she asked.


I told her how I was forcing my husband, to buy himself some lingerie and I wanted to make him as uncomfortable as possible in the process.  And so after she knew exactly what I wanted she went to find Don.  Jenny and I found a spot where we were out of the line of fire but where we still could hear what was going on.


She really played it up not allowing Don any leeway when he tried to tell her that this was really my idea.  She said, “If your wife did tell you to buy lingerie, it is because you were always messing around with hers.  You probably were stretching out her best panties and she got fed up with it.  I don’t know how many men like you that come in because their wives are pissed off with having their undergarments all stretched out.  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Did she know about your perversities before she married you?”


Don was clearly over his humiliation limit.  He was staring down at his feet and his face had changed from bright red to a sheet white color and I was actually afraid he was going to have a stroke or a heart attack.


And so, I went to intervene.  I figured I could give him some type of a respite and let him recompose himself before I heaped a little more shame upon him.


I went up and distracted the sales girl and led her away to thank her for her service.  When I saw that Don’s color had returned to normal, I figured it was time to start anew.  And so I told the girl in front of Don exactly what I wanted including having him purchase two bras and a new see-through blouse as well as panties, garter belt, and hose.  And I made sure he heard me tell her that I wanted him to wear his new bright red bra, with form inserts under his new see through blouse out of the store.


If you have never had the opportunity to humiliate a man, you really should at some point.  And if that male happens to be your husband, that is even better.  It is the most delicious feeling you can have with the exception of being filled with a large cock.  And I was hoping in the near future to combine the two.


Our next stop was the shoe store.  I chose Pay Less because they have a decent selection of heels and lower than average prices.  I did not want to spend more than I needed on Don because I still had a pair of sharp-toed boots to buy for myself. I made sure that Don was humiliated as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.  Making sure that everyone in the place could hear me, I told the clerk that my slave wanted to buy his first pair of high heels and that he needed to be measured.


She led him to a stool in the middle of the store and took out a device for measuring feet.  She apparently enjoyed a good joke as the next person and she commented about how small his feet were.  She then asked me if size did really matter.  And I told her God yes if I had it to do over, I would never have married a man with such small hands and feet.


I gave her an idea of what we were looking for and she brought out about six pairs of shoes with a five-inch heel.  Of course, I made Don try on each pair and do a walk around the store.  I told him it was to make sure they fit properly although I really did not care if they hurt his feet.  In fact, I was hoping that he chose a pair that would become extremely painful on his feet after he had worn them for a while.


But, I allowed him to make his own selection and then asked him, tongue in cheek of course, if he wanted to wear them home.  He chose not to and I did not press the point.  Nothing I could do would further humiliate him and I knew it.  I was tired and hungry and just wanted to get home.  And Jenny also told me she needed to get going so she could get ready for work tomorrow.


We stopped and got something to eat at McDonalds on the way and chose to go through the drive through to save time.  We ate as I drove and so there was a relative quiet in the car for most of the trip.  I was pleased with that as it gave me time to reflect on the day’s activities and a little time to plot and plan of where I could take this from here.


That evening when we got home, I made Don put on his new heels and do some chores in them.  I wanted him to get used to wearing them because I knew he was going to spend a lot of time teetering before he really learned how to walk.  The one task that I forced him to do was to vacuum all the carpets.  If you have never seen a man, trying to push a vacuum while he wears high-heels, well it is a hoot.  Even if you do not plan on completely feminizing your husband you should make him wear heels so he will know what you go through to make yourself attractive to him.


It was getting close to 10 p.m. when I finally allowed him to stop.  I told him to come into the living room and asked him if he wanted to sit beside me or kneel at my feet.  I was actually surprised with he chose the latter.  I really thought that after everything he had been through he would not be in the mood to be subservient.


When he was in his position of submission, I held one of my shoes up to his lips.  Without hesitation, he took it in his hands and kissed first the nylon-clad foot and then the shoe itself.  I then gave him a gently pat of approval on the back of his head and he reached for my other foot and repeated the process.  I was filled with joy and not a small amount of hope.


I said, “Don, I am going to make you an offer.  Before I do I want you to know that I sincerely hope you do not take it.  I know today was hard on you, but you should also realize that today was one of the most enjoyable days of our marriage for me.  With that in mind here goes.  You said earlier that you wanted out of our agreement.  I took that to mean that you no longer desired to be my slave.  If that is still the case you need to tell me now.  And I held out the key to his chastity belt.  If you take this key and unlock yourself, I will take that to mean that you are declaring your independence.  But, before you decide, I must tell you that I will immediately file for divorce.  I have no desire to return to the way things were.  I love owning a slave and if that slave is not you, I will someone else to dominate.  So now, do you want to take the key or do you want to get undressed and go to bed with me?”


You could have heard a pin drop for the next several seconds.  I had just thrown a huge decision in front of Don and I knew he was torn about which way to go.  And then he spoke, “Can I ask you something before I decide?”


“Of course, I know it is a big decision and you have the right to have as much information as I am willing to share with you.  What is your question?”


“If I decide to stay on as your slave, are you going to allow other people to cause me pain?”


I reached down and tilted his head up so that he was looking directly into my eyes.  “I am not going to lie to you, Don.  If you want me to promise not to include other people in our arrangement, I will not do that.  If you are going to be my slave, as you asked me to accept you as such, then you are my property.  I will own you body and soul.  If it amuses me to loan you out to other people, I will do that.  If you do something that displeases me and I want to see you punished severely, I may well ask someone else to administer the punishment.  If you cannot live with that say so now.”


“I don’t want you to leave me.  But I really do not like pain and Mary kicking me in the testicles was way past anything I had ever felt before.”


I again addressed my kneeling husband.  “Don, I want you to think back on today.  I want you to take the entire day as a whole, not just pieces here and pieces there.  Knowing that I enjoyed everything we did and you claim to worship me so much that you are willing to endure anything for my pleasure, would you go through another day exactly like this one again if I ordered you to?  I need an answer because I am tired and need to go to bed.  I would prefer having you lying by my side but that is up to you.  Make your decision now.”


“Yes, goddess,” he announced.  “I want to be your slave.  And I do worship you enough to endure anything you ask.”


“Good, then.” Let’s go upstairs and get undressed and get into bed.  We have both got a busy week ahead of us.”


I was up before Don the following morning.  Of course, I had tried my hardest to make sure that he was as sexually frustrated as a man in a tube could be so I guess he did not sleep exceedingly well.  I took a quick shower and then went to his dresser and emptied out all his underwear and socks. I replaced them with his new panties and hose. I then went down to get a cup of coffee.


I heard drawers being opened and shut from upstairs and I knew that Don was looking for his socks.  He was obviously not comfortable with wearing nylons under his pants without socks to cover them up.  When he came down, I inspected his dress.  I could see immediately that he had decided on a way around the dilemma.  He had just not put on the nylons and he had put his bare feet into his shoes.


“You know I am not going to let you get away with that,” I stated.  “Go up and put on your garter belt and nylons right this minute.”


“But everyone will see that I am wearing them,” he complained.


“I suggest you make sure you have on a pair of pants that come down to your shoe tops then.  And perhaps it would be best if you do not sit down outside of your office today. Now this is not up for further debate, I told you to do something and I expect you to do it.  Is this perfectly clear to you, slave?”


“Yes, goddess,” he said sadly.  He then left the room to follow my instructions.


When he came back down I made him remove his trousers so I could inspect what he wore underneath.  He did have his garters, nylons, and panties on as he was told.  I smiled to myself though when I saw that he had made the classic mistake of putting his panties on underneath the garter straps.  I knew that was going to cause him all kinds of trouble every time he had to use the restroom but I was more than happy to let him discover that mistake on his own.


That evening when he came home, I asked him how he liked his day.


“I was on edge, every minute worrying about whether someone was noticing my stockings.”


“Well, did anyone comment on them?” I asked.


“No, but I was scared to death that they were going to.  And then when I had to go into the men’s room I discovered how difficult it is to take a piss wearing garters and nylons.  I don’t know how you women put up with that.”


“For the most part, we women are smart enough to put our garters on and hook them to our stockings before we put our panties on.  That way we just go into the stall pull the panties down and sit on the seat.”


“Really and you didn’t think I should know that little piece of wisdom?”


I laughed out loud and then replied, “Some things you just need to learn for yourself.  Now make dinner and I will make a list of chores for you to do.  I am thinking of having a small party Friday evening and I want the house to look especially nice.”


“And may I ask what I am going to be doing at this party?”


“I think you already know the answer to that question, but in case, you don’t I am not going to spoil the surprise.  Now, enough with the questions get busy.”


While he prepared dinner I made an extensive list of things I wanted to be accomplished before Friday night.  I broke down the tasks by the day and I noticed that there was enough work to keep him busy every night of the week until well after midnight.  I thought about whether I should perhaps help him with some of it but I decided that sleep deprivation would not hurt him.  In fact, I wanted to see if I could cause him to break down a little bit.  I wanted him to be particularly vulnerable for the upcoming weekend.  The Friday night party was going to be the least of his worries.


After we had eaten, I handed him the list and had him read it.  “Wow,” he said.  “I don’t know as I will have enough hours in the evening to get all this done.”


“Well, you will just have to extend your bedtime until you finish with each day’s task.  And since it is not fair that I should have to be disturbed when you come to bed late, I suggest you go upstairs now and make up the guest room for yourself.  And do I need to remind you to put on your heels?  From now on, unless I tell you differently when you are not at work you will be wearing nylons and heels.  I know that will slow you down a little bit but it is necessary for what I have planned for you.  Now, fix me a glass of wine, I want to relax before bed.”


The week seemed to fly by for me.  I am not sure if it went quickly for Don or if it dragged with the extra waking hours.  I did notice that every morning he looked a little more ragged.  A few crows’ feet could be seen under his eyes and a few deep wrinkles started to show on his cheeks.  I know I should have felt sorry for him but for some perverse reason, it gave me pleasure to see him in such misery.


I had a party planned on Friday night and had invited all of Don’s friends, co-workers, and even his immediate family.  It was to be Don’s coming out party but I had to make sure that he did not find out until I had the coop-de-tat in place.  So when he came home from work on Friday night I had our lawyer waiting with me.  This seemed to shock him and he asked, “What is going on?”


“Well, I have decided that it is time to cement this relationship.  You still want to be my slave don’t you?”


He looked sheepishly at Madelyn not really wanting to admit his servitude in front of her.  I began tapping my foot loudly and he finally broke down and admitted that he did want to continue as my slave.

I then handed him a set of papers and told him to read them.  It was an ironclad contract turning over all our assets into my name only.  He was relinquishing all rights to property and monies that he held solely or we held jointly.


After he had finished reading through the contract, he hesitated and then asked Madelyn what happens if for some reason our marriage was dissolved.


“If you sign these papers, then you are divested of any monetary interests that you now have or that you will earn during the course of your marriage.  If you decide to leave, you will leave with nothing.  Now, I have no idea why you have decided that this is something you want to do.  It seems like a completely ludicrous thing to me but Sandy tells me this is your wish so I drew up the papers.  Once they are signed I will then become your wife’s attorney and will look out for her interests.”


Don then looked at me and asked, “Could I have a word with you alone, please?”


“I was under the impression that we had discussed and decided this.  If that is not the case then Madelyn has another document that you should read.  Then you can decide which one you want to sign.”


And then she handed him the petition for divorce.


He had tears in his eyes as he read it but it only took him a few minutes to make his decision.  He picked up the pen and signed everything over into my name.


Madelyn picked up the signed papers, put them into her briefcase and said, “Congratulations Sandy.  I am glad everything went according to your plans.  I will post these documents and then I guess I will see you around 8 o’clock if the party is still on that is.”


“Absolutely, I look forward to seeing you then.”


“When she left, I turned to my now penniless slave and announced.  “I am glad that is finalized aren’t you?’


“I don’t know.  I think maybe, I just made the biggest mistake of my life.”


“Well, it doesn’t matter now, does it?  What is done is done and you cannot change it.  Now go upstairs, and take a nice hot shower.  Make sure you shave your legs and armpits really close.  I don’t want you embarrassing me tonight.  I will be up to help you dress in about 30 minutes.  Do try to be ready by that time.”


I poured myself a glass of wine and went in and sat down on the sofa.  I closed my eyes and happily reflected on the fact that I could now do anything I wanted to Donna and if she put up any type of a fuss, I could throw her out naked into the cold world.  It was such a wonderful comforting feeling that I almost drifted off to sleep.


The 30 minutes passed quickly and before I knew it, it was time for me to join my slave in my bedroom.  He was just coming out of the bathroom when I entered the room and it pleased me to notice that he had shaved off all of his body hair.  He was as smooth as a baby’s behind.


“Well, done, slave.  Now let me show you what I have purchased for you to wear tonight.  I then went to the closet and took down a hangar with a dark red corset attached.  I had it custom made to Donna’s measurements and with gel forms sewn into the bra cups.  I am sure you are going to love wearing this.  It will give you the girlish shape that you have always wanted.  I handed it to him and told him to slide it up his body.  When he was holding it in position I told him to turn around and I would help him with the laces.  I started to lace it up but quickly discovered that I needed a little more leverage to pull the laces as tight as I wanted.  So, I had him lay down on the floor.  I put one foot in against his ass and started pulling the laces as tight as possible.  He could hardly breath when I was through so I knew I had done it right.


I then told him to get up and go get a pair of red hose and put them on.  He discovered that he did not need a garter belt because the corset already had garters attached.  When he was done with that, I handed him a matching pair of red panties, told him to pull his disgusting cage between his legs and pull the panties tight trapping his caged cock between his legs.  I could see right away that was not going to work so I told him to take off the panties and handed him a panty girdle that would be very restrictive.  That held him in place.


Next, I produced a complete French maid’s uniform made of black satin and with delicate white lace around the arms.  A white lace apron added the finishing touches.  “And now for your shoes,” I announced.  “You have no idea how difficult it is to find shoes with a 6-inch heel.  And don’t you just love the shade of red?  I think it will match your lipstick perfectly.”


I then made him sit down at the vanity and I applied the brightest shade of lipstick I had to his lips.  And then I took my mascara and lengthened his eyelashes I finished off by tweezing his eyebrows to a narrow slit and applied dark mascara to those as well.


I checked his appearance and was quite satisfied with the spectacle I had created.  I told him to look in the mirror and asked him what he thought.


“You could not have made me more hideous if you tried,” he sighed.


“I will take that as a compliment.  I have rented a hall for tonight’s festivities so we need to get going.  I am sure you don’t want to be late to greet our guests.”

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