Kodi addons that are the best for tv and movies

If you have kodi installed on your fire tv, firestick, other android device, tablet or computer, you probably realize that there are a multitude of addons that allow you to watch just about anything that you desire.  From 1960’s television and movies to what is presently showing today, they are all available at the click of a button or your mouse.

And although most of these addons are identical in nature not all of them work as well as some others.  I am going to help you choose the ones that work the best.  To do that I am going to tell you the one that works the poorest for me.  That addon is Specto-Fork.  Although it has the same shows and movies as Exodus or Covenant, the links on Specto are almost all kaptcha links.  That means that to use them you have to pare your router to their service to show their advertisers how many viewers are using their service.  And while that may be perfectly safe, I do not feel comfortable opening my router up to total strangers just so they can make a few dollars off of their ads.

So I eliminate Specto-Fork from any consideration when I am looking to play content.

Until recently I thought that Exodus was my best option.  It seemed it had the most non-kaptcha links that worked fairly well.  But then every time that I wanted to play a show it would sit and buffer.  So I experimented with other addons.  I have Fantastic installed so I tried that and I worked okay for the newer Tv shows but not for some of the older ones.  Where Exodus might have had 7 or more links, Fantastic had maybe one or two and sometimes none.

I tried Poseidon but was not happy with the speed which it responded.  Neptune Rising was another option and when it was first installed it worked great, but as more and more people began using it, it slowed down to a crawl.  I had similar results with The Resistance, and Placenta.

So with all those eliminated that brings me to Covenant as my new favorite, old addon that works just wonderfully.  Before you use it however, go to tools and clear providers and then clear cache.  That will reset the provider list and you will find a wider array of links to choose from.

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