Erotic Novel giveaway day 23

Carter’s Regret


Not knowing what else to do, Carter decided to go home and confront Georgia.  It was dark by now and he was surprised to see that there were no lights shining through the windows of his house as he drove up.  Apparently his wife had not come home but where would she have gone?  He opened the front door and he could feel the cold emptiness surround him as he walked inside.  He flipped on the light expecting that the furniture would be gone as well, but everything seemed to be as he had left it.


He made his way up to the master bedroom and found that even his wife’s clothes still hung in the closet so he began to think that perhaps she had just stopped off at a friend’s house.  As he closed the closet door he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and saw the red handprint on the left side of his face.  It brought back the memories of his wife slapping him in front of the store owner and his face flushed red with the remembered humiliation.  But his cock also hardened at the memory.  He had not minded those slaps in the least.  In fact, he relished them as he did the feeling of humiliation that they had brought.  Why couldn’t he have told her that at the store?  Why couldn’t he have got on his knees and begged her for one more chance to let the man fit him with a chastity device?  “Oh Georgia, if you can hear my thoughts, please come back.  I will do anything you ask of me.”


“Georgia, can’t hear your thoughts any longer, but I can,” said a voice behind him.


Carter turned to see a tall thin man with extremely black eyes sitting on the end of the bed and smiling at him.  “Who are you and how did you get in here?” Carter demanded.


“I am a good friend of your wife’s and an even better friend to her sister, Amara.  I have been watching you fuck up your relationship with Georgia for some time and I thought perhaps you would like my help in getting her back?  You did just say that you would do anything to get back in her good graces, did you not?”


“You still have not told me how you got in here and how you know what I am thinking?”


“Are those things really as important as how I might be able to help you?”


“You said that Georgia could no longer read my thoughts, why not?”


“She decided that she did not want to force you to be her slave.  Don’t misunderstand me, she still wants you as her slave, she just wants you to willingly submit.  You had that choice today with the chastity device and you chose wrong, so now you will have to convince her that you have had a change of mind.”


“How am I going to do that if she is not here?”


“Think about the things that she really wants you to become.  She does not have to be here for you to submit to her will does she?”


“How will I know what she wants if she doesn’t tell me?”


“Now you are just making excuses,” Luther declared.  “You know she wants you in chastity and it just so happens that I brought the perfect cage for you.  But before you can put it on you need to get rid of all your body hair except what is on your head.”  And Luther held up the metal chastity device that Carter did not believe would actually fit him.  “Now are you going to keep bitching and moaning about Georgia not being here or are you going to do what you are told so that you can get her back?”


“Let’s say that I want your help, what is in this for you?”


“I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, I don’t give a flying fuck about you,” Luther told him.  “I do however love to fuck your wife.  She is so tight and so hot and so passionate.  If she has you as her slave to do all the mundane things she would normally have to do, she will have a lot more time for more interesting things.”


Carter’s temper began to rise.  “You filthy son of a bitch.  You come here pretending to want to help me get Georgia back and then tell me it is so she will have more time to fuck you.  Get the hell out of my house.”


“As you wish, but you won’t get you wife back by pretending to be a man.  She can get all the men she wants.  In fact, I imagine she has one between her legs right now.  Your only hope is to show her that you can be a good cuckold slave that is willing to keep the house clean and neat so that when she brings a real man home she will be proud of the place.”  And as quickly as he had appeared he was gone.


The emptiness was so all-consuming that all Carter could do was to slump down onto the floor, curl up into a ball and let the tears begin to flow.  And even that made him feel guilty as he remembered Georgia telling him how much she would enjoy seeing his tears and here he was crying his eyes out without her here to watch.

A Little Devil in Georgia Cover


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