Erotic Novel Giveaway Day 19

Susan receives a visit


“Luther, do you still have that detective’s shield?’


“I guess I could conjure one up.  What do you have in mind?”


“How about conjuring one up for me as well.  Let’s go pay a visit to Susan Collins and play bad cop, bad cop.”


“Then we need to hurry, she leaves for work in about 20 minutes.”


“Then I guess you need to blink us there,” and immediately Georgia and Luther were standing outside of Susan’s apartment door.  Georgia looked down and found that she was wearing a tailored gray suit with a detective shield clipped to her belt.  She smiled as she felt the weight of the pistol in her shoulder holster and was happy that Luther apparently thought of every small detail.


Georgia stepped up and began pounding on the apartment door.  “Susan Collins, open up.  This is the police.”


The door opened a crack and Georgia held her shield up so that Susan could get a good look at it.  “Are you Susan Collins?”  She asked with an authoritative tone.


“Yes, what is this about?”


“We need to ask you some questions about credit card fraud.  Step back away from the door so that we can come in.”


Susan wanted to object.  She needed to tell them that she had rights and that if they did not have a warrant she was not obligated to let them enter her premises but for some reason the words refused to form on her tongue.  Instead, she meekly stepped back and allowed the two detectives to enter her apartment.  Georgia roughly pushed the shapely woman backward until she was all the way into her living area and then forced her to sit down in one of the plush chairs.  And there in plain sight in the middle of the floor was an opened box from Decadent Shoes and lying next to it was the most beautiful pair of boots that Georgia had ever seen.


“Have you put your smelly feet in those boots yet, slut?” Georgia demanded.


“No they just arrived but I plan on wearing them to work today.”


“You won’t be wearing them to work or anywhere else although you may be going to jail barefoot.”


The dark haired beauty looked totally shocked.  She had never imagined that she would ever be found out no less arrested for her little trick with Carter’s card.  It seemed impossible to her that Carter would have had time to report the charge as fraud no less that it could have been investigated and two detectives sent to her home for such a minor offense.  “Listen, detectives, what can I do to make this go away?  I would be willing to do anything you ask, but please don’t arrest me.”


“Well, for starters you can fork over $900.  No, make that a thousand.  The extra hundred is for pissing me off.”


“What I don’t have that kind of money.”


“You better find a way to get it and real quick.  Otherwise, you will be in a cell with a couple of 300-pound dikes that are looking for their next sex slave.”  Luther told her.  “Now get your bank book and let’s take a look at what you do have.”


“I don’t keep track of my money with a bank book.  Everything is automated nowadays.”


“Then log on to your bank account with your computer,”  Georgia demanded.


In a few clicks of the mouse and a little typing all three of them was able to see her bank balance.  “Well, look at that she has $300 in her checking account and $200 more in savings.  If I give her a $100 dollar credit and take the boots she still owes me $400.  Luther, you must have a whorehouse where she can work off the debt.  What do you think, $20 for a blowjob, $30 for a straight fuck and $30 if she takes it up the ass?  If she applies herself she might be able to come out ahead in a couple of nights.”


“Well, you heard the lady, grab your purse and let’s close out your bank accounts, then I will take you downtown and introduce you to my club manager.  You won’t have to worry about changing clothes; you won’t be wearing any for the next couple of days.”


“Before you go, however, I want my boots and lingerie back.  Not that I will ever wear them again but perhaps Carter would like the corset and nylons.  I’ll give the boots to Goodwill.”


An hour later Georgia was back in her home with $500 dollars tucked in her bra and smiling knowing that Susan was now in a dog cage in a whorehouse waiting for the place to open at 5 p.m.

A Little Devil in Georgia Cover


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