Erotic Novel Giveaway Day 18

Wednesday Morning


Georgia was just starting to awake and stretch when Carter came into the main bedroom to use the master bath for his morning ablutions.  She had thrown the coverlet off of her still nude body and he felt a moment of arousal as he viewed her naked breasts.  She looked at him with a smile on her face.  “Do you like what you see, slave?”  She asked.


Carter did his best to ignore the question not wanting to recall anything that had taken place the night before but he was totally helpless not to respond when Georgia spoke to him or asked him a question.  “You know I adore you, Mistress.  And yes you are the hottest woman on the planet, perhaps in the universe.”


“Then come here and give me a kiss,”  She demanded.


Carter walked to the bed and bent down in an effort to bring his lips together with those of his wife.  “I see you don’t understand instructions.  You no longer get to kiss my lips.  Only real men have that privilege. I meant for you to kiss my well-fucked cunt.  Now get your face between my thighs and clean me out with your tongue.  You do want to be my cunt licker don’t you?”


“Yes, Mistress,”  He said as he moved towards her crotch.  As he approached her cunt with his mouth he breathed in an odor that was unfamiliar to him.  He was sure he knew what it was and his stomach began to roll just thinking about what he was about to do.


“Get control of yourself, slave.  You will regret it if you upchuck on me.  You have eaten that pussy many times in the past.  It just has a little more flavor now.  You need to get used to the taste because you are going to be eating a lot after some man has filled me with his cum.  At least, most of last nights has drained out.  All you need to do is lick up the dried crusts.  Now get busy.”


“I don’t know why you are doing this to me,”  He complained.


“You don’t need to understand, you just need to obey.  This evening when you get home from work we will have a little chat and I will outline the rules for you.  Right now the rule you need to follow is I want you to clean my well-used cunt with your tongue.  Is that clear?”


“Yes, mistress.”  And he began to lap vigorously at the dried cum on her pussy lips before thrusting his tongue as far inside her as it would go.  The taste was unbelievably bad and it was all he could do to keep from allowing his stomach to revolt.  Fortunately, Georgia was not in the mood to keep him at the task to the point of orgasm.  She was still completely satisfied from the night before.  Her only motive was to cause Carter some discomfort and to make him think about what he was doing for the rest of the day.  When he came home in the evening she would cause him much more agony.


When she released him she allowed him to go into the bathroom but she gave him a firm command not to brush his teeth or wash his face.  She told him she wanted him to have a constant reminder of his new position in the household and so if he was concerned about anything that might be left on his lips he should lick it off with his tongue.


Georgia waited until her new slave had finished in the bathroom and was ready to leave for work before climbing out of the bed and heading into the bathroom for a long hot shower.  It seemed to her that every muscle in her body had been stretched far beyond the normal elasticity.  And the inside of her cunt was sorer than she ever remembered it in the past.


Carter was in a total funk as he left the house and got into his car for the drive to the office.  But the further he drove the less depressed he felt.  It was as if he was leaving all his troubles behind him.  By the time he reached his place of employment he was actually in a fairly good mood.


Georgia, on the other hand, was having trouble reconciling what she had done to her husband with the way she had always felt.  As she sipped her first cup of coffee she thought about what she had done the night before.  The worst thing was she did not feel ashamed of having fucked another man in front of Carter.  In fact, she felt good about it and that was what was troubling her.  It was almost as if she was becoming a sadist.  And then she thought back to hearing him sobbing and the one thing that came to mind was that she regretted not being able to see the tears streaming down his face.  “What have to turned me into, Luther?”  She thought to herself.  And of course, there he was sitting across the table from her.


“Why Georgia, my girl.  Whatever do you mean?  I haven’t done anything to you.  You were a little harsh on poor Carter, but I am sure you had your reasons.  Could it be that you are still a little pissed off about the bimbo he brought home on Saturday?  By the way, I think there is a package on your front stoop.  UPS didn’t even bother to ring the bell.  Perhaps you should chastise the driver, the next time you see him.”


“Come on Luther, I never did any of this stuff until I met you.”


“Perhaps not but deep down you wanted to.  It is just a coincidence that you let the venom out near the same time I got involved with Amara.  You know she really wants all of us to get together again soon.  She said being tied down and fucked while her sister watched was the hottest thing she has ever done.  Why don’t you go bring in your package?  I bet you will be in a much better mood when you see what is inside of it.”


With a shake of her head, Georgia made her way to the front door.  Just as Luther said there was a large package on the stoop.  She checked the shipping label and saw that it was from an expensive shoe retailer that she had seen on the Internet a time or two.  She was positive that she would never have ordered anything from them since their prices were out of this world.  But then she remembered something that Carter had said to her when she returned from Amara’s house. And as she carried the box inside her dander began to rise once more.


Luther was all smiles as she brought the box inside.  He could see the look of anger on her face and reveled in the depth of her emotions.  “Let’s see what is inside the box.  I bet it is really something special.”


Grabbing a pair of scissors off the end table, Georgia set about destroying the packing tape on the box.  She was careful that she did not allow her temper to get away from her so badly that she damaged the contents of the box as she already had a good idea how expensive they were.  She peeled back the top and then removed some packaging material and finally pulled out two very nice shoeboxes. She could not believe her eyes as she pulled the top off of the first box.  Inside was a pair of the most delectable red satin shoes with a gold-embossed metal six-inch heel.  She could immediately see that they were much too big for her feet but she suspected they would fit Carter just fine.  How he would walk in them would be a completely different matter.


The second pair was made of black soft leather.  They too had, at least, a six-inch heel.  The toes were enclosed and came to a sharp point making them look even larger than they were.  “He said he ordered some heels but I did not realize that they were in his size or that they would be this expensive as she pulled out the statement that was inside the box.  And then she noticed that there were not two orders but in fact, there were three.  A pair of boots costing $550 was nowhere to be found.


“You might want to call your credit card company and find out where that pair of boots were shipped,”  Luther stated matter of factly.


“And then beat the living shit out of the bitch that has them.”  She declared.  “But I am not going to get what I need from the credit card company.  But Decadent Shoes, on the other hand, should be a little more helpful.”


“But aren’t you going to put in a claim for fraud?”  Asked Luther.


“Don’t you think that would be a little difficult since half the order was shipped to my home?”


“I think you can convince anyone to do anything you want.”


“Really then why don’t you come over here and kiss my ass.”


“I meant anyone with the exception of me.  But even so if you bare it I will be happy to kiss it.  You have a truly desirable ass.”


Georgia gave him a little smile as she picked up her phone and started to dial the number on the bottom of the invoice.  Within just a few minutes she had the name and address of the person the boots were shipped to.

A Little Devil in Georgia Cover


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