Erotic Novel Giveaway Day 14

Monday Evening


Carter had arrived home at his usual time.  As he pulled into the yard he was a little surprised that Georgia’s car was not there before him.  Although they got off work at about the same time, Georgia had a shorter commute and so she was almost always home before he arrived.  Usually, enough so that she had dinner started and would be setting the table.  But something must have happened to slow her down.  This didn’t really bother Carter as he figured he would have time to fire up his computer and check out some of his favorite porn sites while Georgia was busy with dinner preparations.  But as he opened the door and stepped inside a strange feeling came over him and instead of heading for his computer he got out the vacuum and began to sweep the carpet in the den.  It didn’t look so much like it needed doing it was just a feeling he had.  He was just wrapping the cord neatly around the retaining hooks on the vacuum when he heard the car pull into the drive.


Satisfied that the cord was properly wrapped, he wheeled the machine to the hall closet and put it away just as the front door opened.  He made sure that it was neatly stowed and shut the door as he turned to greet his wife.


“And what have you been doing while you were waiting for me?” Georgia asked.


“I just finished vacuuming the living room carpet.”  And then he looked closely at his wife.  “Are you ok?  It looks like you might have been crying.”  And he moved forward and reached out and took her in his arms and just held her against his chest.


Georgia enjoyed the intimate gesture and snuggled into his embrace.  It felt so good and so right to be held and protected by the man she loved.  But then she pushed away from him and looked deep into his eyes.  “Follow me, we need to talk.” as she turned and headed into the living room.


Normally she would have sat on the sofa and asked Carter to sit beside her but for some reason tonight, she wanted a little separation.  She did not want Carter doing anything to interrupt the conversation that they needed to have.


Carter stood in front of his wife, unsure of exactly where he was supposed to sit.  Had she placed herself on the sofa the choice would have been obvious but that was not the case?  So he just stood and waited.


Georgia watched him for a few minutes trying to figure out what he was waiting for.  She had not told him that he was not allowed to sit and yet here he stood.  “Carter for heaven’s sakes, sit down.  You are making me nervous.”


“I was unsure where you wanted me, Mistress.”


Again Georgia was shocked.  Where the hell had that come from?  The last she knew Carter was not her submissive.  She had never played the dominant wife and she was not sure she wanted to although it did have some appeal.  And nothing in the many years of marriage had indicated that Carter had a submissive fantasy.  Of course, then she had never thought he had a desire to cross dress either and yet she had caught him wearing her panties.  So she simply pointed at the floor in front of her.  “Isn’t that where you want to be?  On your knees in front of me?”


“Yes, mistress.  I guess so Mistress.”


“Then stop stammering and get on your knees.”


To her amazement, Carter did as he was told.  He settled to his knees in front of her but he did not look up into her face.  Instead, he kept his eyes downward as a slave might do in front of his Mistress.  So Georgia reached out with one of her shoes and put the toe under Carter’s chin and lifted gently until he had no choice but to look her in the eye.  “Alright, we need to have a little talk,”  She told him.  I want to know what has caused the changes in you.”


“I am not sure what you mean, Mistress.”


“Well, that for one thing.  When did you start thinking of me as your Mistress?”


Carter looked totally confused.  “I don’t understand the question.  Have I not always been your slave?”


Now it was Georgia’s turn to be confused.  They had been married for 15 years and not once had either of them mentioned a dominant-submissive relationship.  Until now.  “How long have we been married, Carter?”


“Married Mistress?”


“Yes as in, do you take this woman to be your wedded wife?  When did you say I do to that question?”


“Are you playing with me, Mistress?  I have been happy as your slave husband for the past 15 years.”


“And yet it seems that I have been doing most of the housework for the best part of those 15 years.  How do you explain that?”  Georgia asked.


“You never told me you wanted me to do the housework until this last weekend.”


“Specifically what and when did I tell you that?”


“It must have been before you left on Friday because I remember waking up Saturday with a need to straighten things up and clean. Why else would I feel that way?”


Georgia thought about that for a few seconds.  She did not remember saying anything specifically about cleaning before she left.  At the very most she might have said something like I don’t want to come home to a mess but she did not even remember saying that.  She did remember thinking something along those lines when she got to Amara’s.  And then something else dawned on her.  “If I told you to clean the place up on Friday why did you wait until Saturday morning to start?”


Carter looked totally confused.  He shook his head two or three times as if he was trying to clear some cobwebs away.  “I really don’t know.”


“Precisely when was the first time you remember having that obsession to clean?”


Carter thought again long and hard.  She could see the wheels turning in his head trying to get the right answer.  And then she could see it in his eyes.


“It was when I got out of bed in the morning.  I looked at the bed and knew that I had to make it up.  I just could not leave it all messed up.”


Luther had said, ‘You know what he is doing and you better find out why he is doing it.’  There was a message in there somewhere but she wasn’t sure exactly what it was.  Apparently she should be able to figure it out if she tried.  And of course, she had been trying.  That was what all this conversation with Carter was about.  She was trying to figure out why he felt he had to obey her all of a sudden when he had never felt like that before.


“Why don’t you go and order us a pizza?”  She thought to herself.  She did not have long to wait as Carter got to his feet and went to pick up his phone off the kitchen table.


“This is interesting.” She thought.  “I will have to watch out what I am wishing for.

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