Erotic Novel Giveaway Day 13

The Start of Another Week


After working through the issue of Carter’s cleaning compulsion on Monday morning, everything went fairly smooth for them.  It was a little tricky for Georgia since she did not want to lose a good house cleaner, but on the other hand, she needed Carter to do his normal morning routine so that he could get up and get ready to go to work.  And it was not as simple as saying to him to quit cleaning.  If she did that then he would not bother to clean his teeth, hands, or take a shower.  It reminded her of an old comedy routine she had heard about children taking a bath.  You have to tell them everything the comic had said or else they just wander around in the tub.  That first morning she found that was what she had to do.  She had to tell Carter each specific thing he was to do in order for her to get him out the door and ready for his workday.


She knew that was going to be hassle she did not want every day for the rest of her life and so at lunch, on Monday she sat down and began making a list of routine morning activities.  As she started going through the list she realized that she would need Carter’s input since she did not follow him into the bathroom to observe every single thing he did and in what order.  The answer came to her however that she needed to give the list to Carter and order him to fill out any missing gaps she might have.


The day went quickly and soon it was time to go home, but as she was walking past her bosses’ office he stepped out and stopped her.  “Georgia would you step into my office for a moment?” He asked.


“Sure Mr. Waverly, what can I do for you?”


“Step over behind my desk and take a look at the attachments to an email I received today.”


Having no idea what he was getting at Georgia followed his instructions.  What she saw on his computer was a full-screen shot of her as she was dressed Saturday evening.


“It is a nice shot, wouldn’t you say?”  He asked.


“Where in the hell did you get that picture?”  Georgia demanded.


“Oh, that is only one of a whole album.  I guess the question is why did you allow them to be taken in the first place?  You do realize that you have a morals clause in your contract, right?”


“And you realize that there are laws against blackmail?”  She shot back at him.


“Who said anything about blackmail.  I am just showing you some pictures that could be cause for your dismissal from your employment.”


“And?”  Georgia waited.


“Maybe if I knew more about these pictures I could let it slide.  Why don’t you tell me why an intelligent woman such as yourself would allow someone to tie her hands behind her back, wrap her breasts so that they look like they might burst and then take pictures of her?  I imagine that your breasts must have been badly bruised.  Perhaps if you were to show me how they look now, I would have a better understanding.”


“Are you asking to see my breasts?”  Georgia asked incredulously.


“Only to help me understand these pictures better,”  He said with a smile.


And then she felt his arms surround her as he pulled her back against his body.  Her arms were pinned tightly and so when his fingers started working on the buttons of her satin blouse she was unable to physically stop him.  He had three buttons undone before she started to seriously struggle but that only seemed to make him more intent on his target.  Instead of bothering with each of the last five buttons he grabbed bother sides of her blouse and forcefully pulled it apart sending buttons to all corners of the room.  And then his hands were on her breasts pulling them roughly out of their satin encasements.  No matter how hard Georgia struggled she was unable to break free and so she finally allowed her body to go completely limp.  Waverly took that as a sign of surrender and so he loosened his grip and started to spin her around so that he could get a better look at her magnificent globes.  His eyes were starting to light up with joy when her heel came down solidly on the top of his instep.  If she had been wearing the heels in the picture she surely would have broken several bones in his foot.  As it were he screamed in pain and began hopping about on his good foot while holding onto the damaged one with his hands.


Georgia used the opportunity to readjust her breasts back into her bra and pull her blouse back together the best she could as she backed towards the door.


Waverly had regained some of his composure by the time she was turning the knob to open the door.  “You fucking whore, you are going to regret this.”


Georgia did not wait for the rest of his tirade as she slipped out of the door and headed for the elevators.  It wasn’t until she had vacated the building and was seated behind the wheel of her car that small tears began to make their way down her face from the corners of her eyes.  She had two choices; she could either sit here and feel sorry for herself or she could find out who caused the problem and make them sorry.    As she sat there she tried to figure out how Waverly had received those pictures and why they were sent to him.  Her first thought was that Amara was somehow involved but although she had lured her into contact with Luther she still did not believe that Amara really wanted to cause her harm.  Luther, on the other hand, was a total enigma.  She could certainly see him do something to make her suffer but more than likely he would do it in person, not through someone like Waverly.  But as she reasoned on it those were the only two possibilities.  She had not even had any contact with anyone else at the club except for the driver and what would he have to gain?  Another possibility popped into her mind.  “What about the cop that had taken her to the police station or the detective that had interviewed her?  But again she had to ask herself what would their motives be?  Perhaps because she had disappeared from a locked room they would be seeking revenge, but surely having her arrested for escape would be more likely the course of action they would take.


She could feel the presence in her car.  It was like a slight draft coming from a very cold place.  She turned to inspect the windows but did not see any crack where one might be slightly down.  She had not started the engine and so she knew it could not be coming from the vents.  She turned so that she could check the backseat but that appeared to be empty as well.  “Okay, Luther, I know you are here.  You might as well show yourself.”  And there he was sitting in the front passenger’s seat.


“I thought you were never going to invite me to the party,”  He said.


“What party is that?”


“Why the pity party of course.  I thought you were just going to sit and feel sorry for yourself for the rest of the evening.”


“Give me a break Luther.  Why don’t you tell me about the pictures that were sent to Waverly?”


“And what makes you think that I know anything about any pictures being sent to your boss?”


“Well, for one thing, they were taken sometime Saturday night.  And since I had my hands bound behind my back at the time, I know that I didn’t take them.  And since Amara’s hands were also restrained at the time she could not have taken them either.  So that leaves you, the driver or the cops.”


“So you believe those are the only three possibilities?  There could not have been someone else at the club that might have taken the pictures or someone on the street when the policeman took you to the car or someone else with a camera phone in the police station?”


“Sure any of those things could have happened.  But what is the chance that random person also knew my bosses’ email address and had a reason to send those pictures to him?”


“I guess you would have to ask yourself, who did know his email address.  I assume there are not a lot of people including me.  I assume you know what it is.  Where do you store that information?  Is it just in your head or is it written down someplace?”


Georgia sat for a few seconds mulling his question over in her mind.  And then it dawned on her.  “His email address is stored in my phone.  So that again leads right back to you doesn’t it Luther?  You could have easily gained access to my phone once I was trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey.”


“You seem to be convinced that I might have sent some pictures to your boss.  I imagine that you would not believe me if I simply stated to you that I didn’t send them?  So I am not going to deny anything.  I would ask you though what my motive might be.”


“You made it quite plain that you wanted me to submit to you the same way that Amara had.  So perhaps you were thinking that if I lost my job I might have nowhere else to turn.”


“Oh, I have far more faith in you than that.  First of all, why would you lose your job?  Certainly you can deal with the likes of Waverly.”  And secondly, I am sure that if you did lose this job you would have another one before the week was out.  So why don’t you quit worrying about who sent the pictures and start figuring out what you are going to do about them?”


“I was thinking that the two things were connected.”


“Think about it,”  Luther said.  “Assume that I sent the pictures to Waverly, how does that help you?  Or assume that one of the cops sent the pictures to Waverly, how does that help you?  It seems to me that the problem is not who sent the pictures but the pictures themselves and of course what Waverly plans to do with them.”


“So, then what do you suggest I do?  I can’t just walk back in there and demand that Waverly delete the pictures from his email.”


“Why not?”


“Because he would just laugh at me that’s why.”


“You really have not been paying attention to the events of the last few days have you?  What do you think your husband is doing right about now?”


“I have no idea.  What does my husband have to do with any of this?”


“Think about it.  I think you know exactly what he is doing.  And then you need to think of why he is doing it.”


Georgia sat and contemplated what Luther was trying to tell her.  She thought back to the previous evening when she had arrived home to find her otherwise macho husband wearing a pair of her panties and cleaning her kitchen cupboards.


She knew that she had to figure out exactly why the change had taken place in her husband’s attitude so she turned the key in the ignition and put the car in drive.  Only then did she notice that the passenger’s seat was again empty.  “Jesus, I don’t know how he does that.”  She thought to herself.

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