Erotic Novel Giveaway Day 11

The Drive Home


Georgia was soon on her way home.  As she pulled onto the Interstate highway she accelerated and set her cruise control to five miles over the speed limit.  No cop is going to bother anyone for going five over she reasoned.  The miles melted away and Georgia’s mind began to wander to what had taken place over the last two days.  She did have a little bit of guilt over the sexual activity she had participated in but then Carter had not been exactly chaste either so perhaps everything evened out.  And then she thought about the strange woman wearing her clothes in her own house.  That could not go unpunished and she thought of exactly what kind of retribution she would demand from her husband.


She was deep in thought and was not paying as close attention to her mirrors as she usually would.  And then she heard the chirp of the siren.  Looking in her mirror, she saw the flashing red and blue lights and silently swore under her breath.  Pulling over to the curb, she rolled down her window and watched the State Trooper make his way slowly up to the rear of her vehicle.  She noticed that he had removed the hammer strap from his handgun and she began to worry that perhaps this was another of Luther’s evil schemes.  As she waited for him to approach the window her nerves began to get the better of her.  With shaky fingers, she searched through her wallet for her license and registration.  She had just dug them out of the pockets when she heard his voice.


“License and registration,” he demanded.


Georgia handed them to him and waited for him to tell her what she had done wrong.  “Step out of the car, please.”  The officer insisted.


“Won’t you just tell me what it is that I have supposedly done wrong?  I know that I wasn’t speeding because I set my cruise control for the speed limit.”


“You were a little over the limit when I clocked you, but the reason I stopped you is because you crossed the center line several times in just the mile I was behind you.  Have you been drinking this afternoon?”


“No, in fact, I have not had anything to drink since Friday night.”


“Please step out of the vehicle, ma’am and we will get this sorted out.”


Georgia figured she had no choice.  Dressed the way she was she certainly wasn’t going to seduce her way out of a ticket.  “Damn now I wish that I had kept the short skirt and top that Luther tried to get me to wear,” she thought.   And then she looked down and, sure enough, she was wearing the outfit that Luther had produced in the interrogation room.  The look on the trooper’s face told her that she had his full attention.  But now she had a bigger problem because not only was she wearing the see through blouse and micro-mini skirt but also shoes that made her tower above the policeman.  And if he decided to give her a field sobriety test she would stand no chance of walking a straight line in those heels.


The trooper kept looking back towards his cruiser and all of a sudden Georgia understood why.  She had seen on the news that all State Police vehicles had been installed with dash cams and everything that happened during this traffic stop would be recorded.  That definitely did not bode well for her chances of using her charms to get out of a ticket.  “Listen I think you can see that I will have a little problem walking a straight line in these shoes.  I would be happy to blow on a tube for you if you know what I mean.”


The officer looked her up and down again and a small smile spread on his lips.  “Yes, I think I know exactly what you mean.  Would you walk back to the cruiser ma-am?”


Georgia nodded and the trooper allowed her to walk in front of him towards his vehicle.  She could feel his eyes devouring her ass and she deliberately allowed it to sway a little more than would be normal.  She hesitated when she got to the front passenger’s door and the officer urged her to keep going.  As she passed the rear door the cop stopped and opened it and helped her into the back seat.  He held his fingers to his lips in a sign that she should not speak as he moved in beside her.  She figured that the camera was not only for video but for audio as well.  He pulled out a plastic device and held it up to her lips.  Blow into this as hard as you can.”  He instructed.  He then took it back and looked at the reading and nodded to her to let her know that she had passed the test.  But again he held his finger to his lips.  Then reaching down he pulled his zipper downward.  He reached into the fold and pulled out a fully engorged cock from his pants.  “I am afraid you will have to blow one more time ma’am,”  He said with a smile.


Georgia knew that she could get out of the unpleasant task but she figured what the hell.  She had already consumed two different loads of cum over the past two days; she might as well make it three.  And besides the man was exceedingly well endowed.  So she lowered her head and began to lick his shaft from the bottom to the top.  Apparently the cop felt some degree of urgency in the matter, probably because he did not want a long time delay on the tape from when he got into the car to when he got out.  So he reached down, grabbed her by the back of her head and forced his cock between her lips.  Georgia did everything in her power to help him along as she used her tongue, teeth, and lips to stimulate him all she could.  Finally, she began to suck as she bobbed her head up and down over his lap as if she was using her mouth to jack the man off.  She wanted to moan a little to give him some audio stimulation as well but she knew that would not be appreciated.  So she just kept bobbing and sucking until she felt him begin to clench his muscles.  She took him as deep as possible so that when he began to spurt the nasty stuff would not land on her taste buds.  It would be better to go directly down her throat than to have it on her tongue.  Spurt after spurt and jet after jet went down her throat as she held her lips against the material of his pants.  Only when she was sure that the last of his cum had gone down her gullet did she lift her face away from him.


Smiling she patted his cheek, helped him zip back up and wiped her hand across her mouth to remove any cum that might have ended up on her lips.  The cop slid back out of the cruiser and helped her to do the same.  He walked her back to her car and handed her a slip of paper.  Georgia was shocked thinking that it was a ticket.  How in hell could he do that after what she had done for him?  And then she looked at it and smiled as she saw that it was just a phone number and a first name.


“Why thank you, Tom.  I will make sure to drive more carefully on my way home to my husband.”


It was two hours later when Georgia pulled her car into her driveway and shut off the engine.  She noticed that Carter’s vehicle was also there so unless he still had company she could have a little chat with him about inviting the wrong people into their home.  Of course, she was sure that the house would be a total disaster and she steeled herself for that eventuality as she pulled open her front door.  She was prepared for a mess but she was not prepared for what she saw.  For Carter stood in the middle of the kitchen floor wearing a pair of her panties and nothing else.  And it was obvious that he had been cleaning cupboards as she could smell scented furniture polish and her cabinets gleamed.  She did not know what surprised her more, Carter’s appearance or the cleanliness of her kitchen.


Carter seemed to be completely awash in his own thoughts so she cleared her throat to announce her presence.  Carter shook his head as if he was trying to clear away some cobwebs in his brain and looked to see his wife standing in the doorway.  Or at least, it appeared to be his wife although she was maybe a foot taller than he remembered.  And then he saw how she was dressed.  “What in the world, Georgia?  When did you start dressing like a two dollar whore?”


“Shit!” she thought to herself.  “I must be losing my goddamned mind.  I didn’t even think to change back into normal clothes after I did the cop.”


Georgia recovered quickly, however.  “Who are you to be commenting on what I am wearing.  When did you start wearing my panties?  And while we are on that subject where is the bimbo you allowed to wear my lingerie and boots?”


Again Carter looked confused.  He looked down and for the first time realized that he was naked except for his wife’s panties barely covering his cock.  In fact, it was not completely covered now that he was starting to react to the way Georgia looked.  His first instinct was to try and hide his erection and he dropped both hands down to try and cover his bulge.


“It is too late for that,” remarked Georgia.  “Put down the furniture polish and come over here and give me a hug and then we can go into the living room and start this conversation over.”


“Okay, but I still have a few cupboards to polish.  It wouldn’t be right to leave them.  Why don’t you fix yourself a drink and I will be in as soon as I finish.”


“Who the hell are you and what have you done with my husband?” Georgia exclaimed.

Dominant Wife Cuckold Husband


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