Erotic Novel giveaway day 10

Sunday Afternoon


Amara jumped as Georgia appeared beside her.  “Where in hell have you been all morning?  The last thing I remembered was getting into the limo with you and then I was here and you had disappeared.”


“Yeah, more of your friend Luther’s doings.  Do you know where I left my phone?  I need to call home and find out what Carter has been up to and let him know that I am on my way.”


“I think you left it in my bedroom when we were getting dressed to go out last night.”


Georgia nodded and turned and left the room.  Sure enough, the phone sat on the stand next to the bed.  As Georgia picked it up she noticed that she had several text and picture messages.  Pressing the message icon she scanned through the first few pictures not believing what she was seeing.  The first picture was of some strange woman that Georgia had never seen before and the bitch was wearing her lingerie and boots.  “I am going to kill that son-of-a-bitch,”  She screamed loud enough to bring her sister on the run.


“What now?”  Amara asked.


Georgia handed her the phone.  Amara started to scan through the messages.  “Wow, have you looked at all of these?”


“No, only the first few.  I could not get past the one with the bimbo wearing my clothes.”


“Yeah, well that isn’t the worst of it.  Take a look at this one.”


There in full color was Carter wearing his her panties and licking the toe of one of her boots.  And she was pretty sure whose foot was in the boot.


Georgia was ready to explode.  “That bastard is going to pay once I get home.  And I won’t be calling to warn him that I am coming either.”


Amara looked at her sister and shook her head.  “You might want to calm down a little before you leave.  Remember what you have been doing the last two nights before you decide to kill your husband for doing something similar.”


“Similar my ass.  I didn’t bring a man into our bedroom and let him rummage through Carter’s clothes.  And truthfully I didn’t go out looking for some piece of ass to bring home with me.  Don’t you start giving me lectures after what you have got me involved in.  How much did you get for selling me out anyway?”


“It wasn’t like that.”  Amara looked down at her feet, trying to give herself some time to figure out exactly what to tell her sister.


“So what was it like then?”  Georgia asked.  It was plain that she was not happy with Amara but she was trying to keep her anger in check.


“I was in a bad place after my divorce.  I was drinking too much and got into the wrong crowd.  I was trying to prove that I was still desirable so I dressed and acted like a slut.  I would end up at parties where everything and anything went.  That was where I met Luther.  You saw how persuasive he could be.  He introduced me to men that a woman like me could only dream of being with.  Well, you met a couple of them, Jake and Blake, so you know what I am talking about.”


“Ok, I can understand how that might have been an attraction, but where did I come into the game?”


“Well, once I was totally hooked on being fucked by men with gigantic cocks, Luther started demanding that I do things for him that I was not comfortable doing.”  And again she hesitated.


“What kind of things are you talking about?”  Georgia demanded.


“Once he insisted I accept a date from my married boss.  Another time he sent me into a church wearing a short skirt and no panties.  I was to sit in the front row and flash the preacher in the middle of his sermon.  When the service was over the preacher called me into his office.  Luther had already told me that would happen and when it did I was to seduce the preacher right there in the church.”


“And what would happen if you refused?”


“I don’t know, I never felt like I could refuse.  Disobeying him never even came into my mind until he told me that I had to serve you up for him.  I really tried to refuse that order but here you are.  I am so sorry, Georgia.”


“Don’t worry about it.  No harm has been done.  I know how to handle Luther.  Of course, he doesn’t have anything that I want badly enough to do the types of things you have done.”


Georgia then took her sister into her arms and gave her a big hug.  “Try to take care of yourself.  I really have to be going.  I have a long drive and a husband to severely beat about the head and shoulders.

Cuckolded by a Stranger


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