Erotic Novel giveaway day 9

Sunday Morning


Georgia had no more than discovered that she was outside of the building when she saw the long limousine pull up to the curb in front of her.  The same driver got out and helped the two women back to the vehicle and aided them to get inside.  He made no offer to release them from their bonds and they did not ask.  They were just grateful to be done with whatever Luther had in mind for them.  Nor did they concern themselves with whether anyone could see their nakedness.  After what they had gone through the previous night, it just did not seem important to them.  Both women were exhausted from the night before and Georgia dozed off during the short drive back to her sister’s house.  She was deep in slumber when rough hands began to shake her.


Georgia slowly opened her eyes and shook her head to clear it.  Because of the stiff collar around her neck, it was difficult to look left or right and she wondered where she was.


“I said, get out of the car, bitch.”  And again those rough hands began to tug at her harness.


“I don’t know who the fuck you are but you may notice that I do not have a lot of control over my motion.  If you will just help me turn my legs out of the door perhaps we will have more success in accomplishing what you want.”


As he turned her to face him she now realized that he was a police officer or, at least, was wearing the uniform.  The one small kindness he showed her was to make sure her head did not hit the top of the car as he roughly pulled her to her feet.  He then spun her around and shoved her against the car and began running his hands over her body as if he was frisking her for a weapon.


“I doubt that is necessary.  Surely you can see I don’t have any place to hide a weapon and with my hands trussed up behind my back I couldn’t use one if I had it.”


“You have the right to remain silent and I suggest you do so.  I am not going to take any lip from a whore that is exposing herself in public.  Now I am going to take you down to the station and book you on charges of public indecency and lewd and lascivious behavior.”  And then he continued with the Miranda warning before roughly inserting her into the backseat of his police cruiser.


“Don’t you think you ought to cover my breasts so that I don’t expose myself to any more of the public?”  Georgia asked.


“I guess you should have thought about that when you got into that getup.”  And he started the car and began to drive away from the parked limo.


It only took a few minutes until the car again stopped and Georgia was roughly pulled outside.  She could see an assortment of police vehicles so she figured they had arrived at the station.  She was dragged inside and past the booking desk and through the main bullpen where a dozen officers, both male, and female watched her with lust in their eyes.  Catcalls came from every section of the room and Georgia knew her cheeks were burning with humiliation.  Fortunately, soon she was seated in an interrogation room, which seemed to be out of the main line of sight although Georgia had watched enough television to know that the mirror was really an observation window.  But at least, she did not have to see the pervert’s eyes.


She had no way of telling time but it seemed like hours before the door opened and a female detective walked in and sat down across from her.  “So it looks like you are going to be charged with sexual deviant behavior.  Is there anything you would like to tell me before I send you down to be booked and processed?”


“Yes, I would like a lawyer before I make any kind of a statement.  And I would like to be released from these locks.”


“I really don’t see what I can do about the locks unless of course you can tell me where you are keeping the keys.  As for the lawyer, do you have one of your own or do you want a public defender?”


“I do not retain a lawyer and have no idea who I would call so I guess the public defender route is the way to go.  As for the keys to these locks, I never had them and I am sure you can tell that I could not have gotten into this outfit on my own.  However, I bet you do have bolt cutters somewhere on the premises.”


“Well, yes but from what you just told me, you don’t own these locks so you can’t really give permission for them to be destroyed.  So I guess until we can sort out the proper ownership of said locks you will have to stay as you are.”


“Isn’t it going to be a little hard to fingerprint me with my hands locked behind my back?”


“You may have a point.  I guess I need to talk with someone a little higher up the food chain.”  And with that, she got up and left Georgia sitting alone again.


Georgia closed her eyes.  She would have put her head down on the table but because of the corset and collar that was not possible.  Even so she did manage to doze off for a few minutes.  And again she was awakened by a hand on her shoulder.  “So I hear you need a lawyer.”  A familiar voice started.


“Well, well, Luther.  I guess I should have figured out that you were behind this farce.  So tell me what have you done with Amara and what do I have to do to get out of here?”


“Amara is fine.  In fact, I believe she is back home wondering what has become of you.  As for you getting out of this farce as you call it, I guess you could plead guilty to public obscenity.  You probably wouldn’t get more than a few months in county jail, a thousand hours of community service and have to register as a sex offender.  How does that sound to you?”


“How does my boot shoved up your ass sound to you, Luther?”


“Hmm, usually I am on the giving end of such treatment, not the receiving end.  No, I don’t think that I would like that?  I guess your other alternative would be to willingly sign your life over to me and I could just wave this whole thing away.  Do you agree?”


“I have just about had enough of this bullshit.  I want this outfit off of me immediately.”


And just like that Georgia was no longer restrained.  But she was now completely naked and still inside the interrogation room at the police station.  “You see how easy that was.  Your wish is my command.  Should I call the detective in?  I think she can figure out how to fingerprint you now.”


“Why don’t you conjure up some normal clothes for me to wear and then we can get to hell out of here?”


“As you wish my lady.”  And clothes did appear on the table in front of Georgia.


Georgia picked up the blouse and held it to the light.  It was so sheer that even in a semi-dark room her breasts would be totally visible to anyone looking her way.  Next she looked at the skirt and noticed that it was so short that her ass would hang out even if she were standing straight up.  And the shoes provided had six-inch thick soles and 12-inch heels.  “I said normal clothes, asshole!”


“Those are normal clothes for me.  At least, they are the kind of clothes that I want to see you in.  And there is no reason for you to be hostile.  I am just trying to be helpful.  Maybe you could do better.  Give it a try.”


Georgia looked at Luther like he had two heads and then she thought of what she wanted to wear and pictured it in her mind.  And just like that, the clothes were all laid out in front of her.  Since that worked so well she pictured herself dressed in the clothes and without using anything more than her mind she was dressed in a flannel shirt, blue jeans and boots with a three-inch heel.


“Boring!”  Luther exclaimed.


Georgia laughed to herself.  If all she had to do was think of what she wanted why not just think about her being back at Amara’s place, which she did.

A Little Devil in Georgia Cover



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