Erotic Novel giveaway day 8

Making New Acquaintances


Because of their collars the two women had little choice but to sit looking straight ahead so they were unable to look out their windows to see who might be looking at them.  This only heightened their unease and every time the car stopped for a red light they were sure they were being watched.  But soon the vehicle came to a stop and the engine was turned off so that they realized they had arrived at their destination.  The driver took, even more, care in helping them out of the car since it was impossible for them to bend their heads to avoid hitting them on the doorframe.  Once they were both safely outside of the vehicle the driver produced two dog leashes and attached one to each of their collars.  He then began to lead them towards a large building, which looked like it might be some type of conference hall.  As they approached the entrance the sliding doors opened on their own much like doors at many retail establishments would do.  The strange thing was though there did not seem to be anything on the other side of the doors.  All the women could see was a shimmering light ahead of them.


“This is as far as I can go.”  The driver announced as he tossed the ends of their leashes toward the light.  Amara and Georgia were surprised when the leash ends did not fall back to the floor at their feet but instead the leashes became taut and they were pulled towards that light.  As they reached the shimmering barrier everything went completely dark for them for just a few seconds and then they emerged into a huge hall with hundreds of people present.  One of those people was a huge man who had both of their leashes in his hand.  He was completely naked and his cock stood firm and proud in front of him.  Both women gasped as they looked at that organ.  It must have been at a minimum 16 inches long and perhaps 10 inches around.


“Dear God,” Georgia exclaimed.  “I hope he isn’t planning on putting that thing inside me.  It would tear me apart.”


Then she heard a man chuckle from slightly behind her.  “Oh, I doubt that it would tear you apart.”  The familiar voice of Luther said.  “I hear that cunt will stretch a mile before it will tear an inch.”


“Well, I don’t want to find out if it is all the same with you,”  Georgia announced.


“Of course.  Everyone here has free will.  Nobody is going to force you to do anything against your will.”


“If that is the case why are we trussed up like Thanksgiving turkeys ready for the oven?  I didn’t agree to any of this.”


“Really, did someone force you to put on the clothing that was provided for you?  Did someone put a gun to your head and insist that you put your arms behind your back?  Were you forced to get into the limousine that drove you here?”


“Don’t give me that crap, Luther!” Georgia exclaimed.  “You know very well that you planted some type of spell in Amara’s house that took away our inhibitions.  Why even now, my sister is acting like a zombie.  She doesn’t have any free will.  And as for myself, if it were not for that spell you cast, I would never have agreed to any of this.”


The entire room was silent causing Georgia to look around.  It seemed that everyone was frozen in a slightly different dimension and the only people that were able to interact in this time were her and Luther.  Even Amara was just a hazy object just beyond Georgia’s eye line.


“You are right of course about Amara.  She belongs to me now.  She willingly gave up her free will to me when she signed the contract and agreed to bring you into my fold.  Of course, I will make sure she is handsomely rewarded for her treachery.  And you too, could have untold wealth and riches if you would just agree to become my servant.”


“Go to hell, Luther.  That is where you came from is it not?”


“There is no reason to be hostile.  If you want to leave be my guest.”


“And what about my sister?”  Georgia asked.


“She belongs to me and as my property, she will be staying here.  You, however, are free to stay and watch, stay and participate or leave by yourself.”


And at that point, the entire room came back to life.  The large man that had led them into the room had Amara’s leash and was leading her toward a padded leather bench.  Georgia stood helplessly and watched as her sister was laid face up and tied to the bench.  She took note that the bench was long enough to support Amara’s head but not long enough to support her entire ass.  Along spreader bar had been attached to Amara’s ankles and then raised up and above her head.  So now she was wide open for anyone that wanted to use her and it appeared that the large man was going to be first in line.  The bench was way to short for him but he grabbed a control that was hanging down from a pole beside the bench.  Pushing the button the bench began to raise up until Amara’s pussy was at just the right height for him to insert his cock into her.


Georgia felt a hand on her elbow and she looked to see Luther guiding her toward her sister.  “I wanted you to have a good view of the action.”  Georgia wanted to resist, but deep down she was mesmerized by the sight of that huge cock being positioned to invade her sister’s cunt.  There was nothing she could do to stop what was going to take place so she willing allowed Luther to lead her to a position of better vantage.  She was led up a short winding staircase to a viewing area directly above the action.  She was close enough so that she could tell that Amara was not adequately lubricated and she feared for her sister’s safety.  But then the big man took hold of the base of his cock and began squeezing it and drawing his hand towards the tip.  He brought up a huge dollop of precum and using his fingers began to work it into Amara’s tight slit.  Apparently the substance was quite slippery, as the giant had no trouble inserting first one and then two of his fingers deep inside her.  Her sister moaned and Georgia could tell she was trying to raise her hips to meet the thrust of his fingers.


Satisfied with his efforts the giant stepped forward and started rubbing the tip of his huge cock against Amara’s entrance.  As he swiped it up and against her clit Amara let out another moan of pleasure and now Georgia could see a small amount of moisture coming off onto the head of the monster cock.  The man applied a little more pressure and the very tip of his cock slipped inside the folds of her sister’s cunt bringing forth more moans of pleasure.  Georgia then noticed that her own sex was beginning to become wet and she chastised herself under her breath for the betrayal she felt.  But she was unable to take her eyes off the scene below her.  Now the entire head had disappeared inside of Amara and the man rested to allow her sister to adjust to the massive pole.  Soon Amara again tried to raise her hips to meet the thrust and caused a slight bit more of cock to enter her.


Now Georgia was beginning to feel a new emotion.  She was actually jealous of her sister and wished that she were the one tied to that bench.  Luther could sense the change in Georgia and began to gently rub his thumbs against the swollen nubs at the end of her breasts.  Despite the way her breasts were engorged she could feel her nipples begin to lengthen in response to the manipulation.  She fought to keep from showing the demon beside her that she was responding to his ministrations but her hardening nipples betrayed her and exposed her desire.  Now Luther was directly behind her with pulling her body roughly against him.  She felt his right hand leave her breast and move down between their bodies to position his cock between her legs.  Willingly she spread her legs apart to give him access and she heard a slurping sound as her cunt lips spread telling her and him that she was sopping wet.


“Usually, I do not want my women to enjoy this part.  I had your sister soundly whipped before I fucked her for the first time.  But for you, I am willing to make an exception if you beg me to put my cock inside your canal.”


Georgia refused to give in to her desire.  As much as she wanted his cock to enter her, she was not going to beg him or any man for that matter to fuck her.  But now his cock was brushing back and forth across her clit and she could not stop herself from moaning with pleasure.  In an effort to take her mind off of her own body she forced herself to look down at what was happening to Amara.  She was amazed that over half of that monster cock was now inside of her sister.  And there was no longer any doubt that the sounds coming from her sisters mouth were of pain, not pleasure.  And still the giant pushed his hips forward and another inch of meat slipped inside.  Georgia could see his ass cheeks constricting in an effort to get even more of his pole inside of her sister but apparently he had bottomed out with still a good four inches of cock to go.  With a sucking sound, he pulled himself almost all the way out and with one hard thrust pushed back in.  A scream issued forth from Amara’s mouth and that caused Georgia to start to lose her own ardor.  She began to close her legs making it difficult for Luther to move back and forth and she could tell by how hard he began to pinch her nipple that he was not happy with what was happening.


“Open your legs, slut,”  He demanded.  But Georgia refused to as much as answer him.  “I will have you whipped for this act of rebellion.”  He declared.


“I guess you lied when you said everyone has free will here.  I assume what you meant was, they have free will as long as they do what you tell them.”


“I will assume that you accept my will as long as you do not orally deny it.”  And with that, he forced her mouth open and inserted a large ball gag behind her teeth.  He then forced her to bend over the railing in front of her and used his knee to force her legs apart.  Georgia was now staring directly down at her sister with half of her body suspended in open air.  Terror struck her as she had the feeling that she was in imminent danger of falling.  And then she felt the tip of a large cock invading the entrance to her cunt.  Much of her moisture had dried up listening to Amara’s cries of pain and so there was a good deal of friction as Luther pushed his hips forward.  Despite her dryness, his cock was making progress and even though she was trying not to become aroused she felt herself becoming wet.  And then his hand was between their bodies playing with her wedding ring.  As he started to slowly spin it on her finger she knew that her body was going to betray her yet again.  For some reason, his playing with that ring was making her excited and then he said.  “Think about Carter.  Imagine him watching my cock go in and out of your cunt.  Tell him in your mind how much better my cock feels than his ever did.”


And Georgia’s entire body rocked with a gigantic orgasm.  If it had not been for that gag behind her teeth she would have been begging him to fuck her harder which he did with no words being spoken.  She felt her body starting to build towards a second orgasm but so did Luther.  Instead of moving faster to allow her to climax he immediately pulled out of her and spun her around.  She wanted to cry out or swear at him for his failure to allow her to cum but of course, the gag prevented that.  And then he reached behind her head and unclipped the straps.  With some difficulty, he managed to get the large ball past her teeth.  It took her a few seconds to waggle her tongue so that she could speak but in that brief respite, he pushed his slimy cock into her mouth and deep down her throat.  She had never before experienced being throat fucked and she began to gag.  Luther did not pull out but he did allow her to rest.


“Breathe through your nose, slut.  Allow your throat muscles to relax.  I will give you a little time to accept my cock in your throat but not much.”  And miraculously Georgia was able to quiet the gagging reflex and began to breathe normally through her nose.


Only then did Luther begin to rock his hips creating a steady motion in and out of her throat.  One hand was on the back of her head holding her from pulling off of him but the other was again playing with her wedding ring and without any stimulation to her cunt or clit, she again began to vibrate with a powerful orgasm.  And while her body was still spasming Luther pulled almost out of her mouth.  Just the tip of his cock was lying against the front of her tongue and a huge gush of cum shot out coating her entire mouth.  She tried to avoid swallowing the vile tasting liquid but it was hopeless as jet after jet of it entered her mouth.  It was swallow or drown and her self-preservation instinct made her choose the former.  He squeezed the last few drops into her mouth and then just turned and walked away.


Georgia managed to get back upright and turned to see what had happened to her sister.  The large man was gone but there was a line of more than 10 men standing and waiting their turn for her pussy.  “Dear God, I wish this night would end.”  Georgia uttered.  And as if by magic she found herself and Amara outside of the building and the sun was rising above the horizon.

A Little Devil in Georgia Cover


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