Erotic Novel giveaway day 5

Carter Continued


When Carter was finally able to catch his breath and uncurl from his fetal position on the floor he tried to figure out what had just happened.  For some reason, Susan had become angry with him and then had kicked him in the balls and walked out of the room.  But for the life of him, he could not figure out why.  He thought that he should go look for her and apologize but then he remembered that he still needed to finish reorganizing the pantry.  It seems like too much effort to get up on his feet so he started crawling in the direction of the kitchen.


It didn’t take him too long to finish with the pantry but then he noticed that one of the cereal boxes had spilled some of its contents on the floor.  Of course, he could not leave the floor in that shape so he went to the garage to get the broom.  Then he noticed that he had not finished cleaning out the garage.  In just a few short minutes she was so confused that all he could do was sit down next to the garage door and shake his head.


Then shortly he heard high-heels clicking on the kitchen tile behind him.  “So this is where you have been while I have been waiting for you to service me?  Obviously, you are not the man I thought you were.  Hell, you aren’t any kind of a man.  Go up to your wife’s bedroom and put on a pair of her panties.”


To Carter, that sounded like an order from a woman and he felt compelled to obey.  He got to his feet and headed up the stairs towards his wife’s room.  The further away from Susan the less her demand worked on his mind.  If she had not followed and repeated the order he might not have followed through but as it was he was soon standing in the middle of his bedroom wearing nothing but a pair of his wife’s black panties.  And all the time Susan was snapping pictures of him.


“I think you need a bra to go with the panties,”  Susan said.  And although it was not in the form of an order Carter took the suggestion to heart.  Soon he had one of his wife’s black bras and was trying to put it on although he had no idea how to do that.  “Here let me loosen those straps for you,” Susan said.  And soon she had the bra fastened although she did have to stretch it out somewhat to get it to fit.  Then she grabbed two rolls of toilet tissue from under the bathroom sink and forced them into the cups of the bra.  And of course, she had to take pictures of that ridiculous getup as well.  “It is too bad your wife’s high-heeled shoes would not fit you.  I have a great idea, why don’t you go online and order a couple pairs of heels for yourself.  I imagine a size 11 in a woman’s shoe should fit.  Get your computer and your credit card.


Within just a few minutes he was sitting in front of his computer as Susan directed him to site after site dedicated to the sale of expensive women’s shoes.  As long as she was going to be spending his money she might as well spend a lot of it.  She selected two pairs of heels for him, one in black leather and one in red leather.  Both of them had 6-inch spike heels and she became wet just thinking of him wobbling on them.  The total order came to just over 350 dollars and she hoped that his wife was the one that took care of the credit card bill.  And then as an afterthought she decided he could buy her a pair of boots as well.  She found the perfect pair in soft black leather in a thigh-high style.  The heels were five inches and the toes came to a sharp point.  So what if they cost $550 dollars?  She was sure he could afford it and even if he couldn’t, she did not care.  And so using his credit card she placed the order sending the boots to her address and the shoes to his.


Carter seemed more docile in his own bedroom and so she figured it was worth a try one more time to get him to service her.  She sat on the edge of the bed and ordered him to get on his knees and put his head between her legs.  She was pleased when he obeyed her without any questions.  She told him exactly how she wanted him to service her and he obeyed immediately.  First she ordered him to stick his nose as far inside of her as he could get it and make sure that he coated it with her juices.  Then she told him to use his tongue on her slash and his nose on her clit.  Like a robot, he complied and soon she was rocking her hips with a gigantic orgasm and still he was licking up her juices and dutifully swallowing them.  As she pushed his head away from her she snapped a couple more pictures of his juice-covered face.


She figured she had used Carter as much as was possible and so she decided it was time to leave.  She was still wearing his wife’s lingerie although she had removed the negligee.  She saw no reason she should not take the lingerie and boots with her.  She was sure that Georgia would not want to wear them again once she saw the pictures she had sent her.  But she did need something to wear over the garments and she did not want to put on her own clothes.  So she went back to the closet and found a wonderful full-length leather coat.  “This will do just fine.”  She thought as she slipped her arms into the sleeves.  “Be a good little girl and climb under the covers and go to sleep.  And you are not allowed to brush your teeth until you have kissed your wife when she returns.”  And with an evil laugh she left the bedroom and the house.


Carter was somewhat confused as he watched Susan walk away from him.  But she had ordered him to get into bed and go to sleep so that is exactly what he did.

A Little Devil in Georgia Cover


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