Full Novel giveaway day 3

Carter’s Weekend Continued


As Carter drove away from his home, the memory of what had transpired that morning began to fade from his mind.  He now realized that he was very hungry so when he spied a fast food joint her immediately pulled in.  Rather than going through the drive through and eating in his car he decided to go inside to eat.  As he carried his order to a booth in the corner he noticed a young woman who seemed to be watching him.  Now Carter did fancy himself somewhat of a ladies man and so he was not surprised that someone of the opposite sex might be interested in him.  He put on his biggest smile and looked directly at her.  But he was surprised when she gestured to him letting him know that it would be all right if he joined her at her table.


Carter had no intention of passing up an offer such as that so he made his way over and sat his tray down directly opposite of the girls.  “Hi, my name is Carter.  How is it that a beautiful young woman such as yourself is sitting all by herself?”


“My name is Susan and as you can see I am no longer by myself.”  Then she took a good look at his left hand and noticed that he was wearing a single gold band.  “Should I be worried that a raving lunatic of a wife is going to come storming in with an ax and cut off my head?”


Carter laughed.  “No, my raving lunatic of a wife is out of town for the weekend, so I think you might be safe to sit with me and enjoy a meal.”


“And what if I wanted to enjoy more than just a meal with you?”  She replied with a slight smile and one raised an eyebrow.  And just then Carter felt the toe of a shoe begin moving up the inside of his leg.


“The question is where would you like to enjoy what you are looking for with the toe of your shoe?”


“Well, since your wife is out of town for the entire weekend, why don’t we go to your place?  I have always wanted to fuck a man in his wife’s bed.”


“Really, aren’t you the naughty one?  I think I better eat my meal before we go.  I have a feeling that I am going to need my energy.”


And then the toe of her shoe found exactly the right spot to motivate him to hurry with his eating.


As they exited the restaurant he asked her if she would like to ride with him but she declined to say that she wanted to have her car available just in case things didn’t go the way she planned.  That statement bothered him slightly but he could not argue the point.  After all, he was going to make sure that things went the way he planned and with any amount of luck for the entire weekend.


Carter pulled his car into the drive, moving as far left as possible so that Susan would have plenty of room to park beside him.  Turning off his ignition, he exited his vehicle and immediately went to where Susan waited inside her car.  He reached for the driver’s door latch and pulled it, reaching in and helping the shapely woman out of the car.  For the first time, he took a good look at her and thought it was strange that he would have invited a woman to his home without even so much as a cursory inspection.  But as she swung her legs from the vehicle her dress rode up revealing long shapely legs that he could not wait to have wrapped around his waist.  And even through her blouse, he could see the outline of young firm breasts that he wanted mashed against his chest.  He could envision the nipples standing straight, proud and hard and he thought of how wonderful it would be to put them in his mouth and stimulate them with his tongue.  His cock was by this time standing straight and proud straining against the material of his pants and he was sure that Susan could see how excited he was but he did not care.  He just wanted to get her inside so that he could get inside of her.


He offered her his arm, which she took as he walked towards the front door.  The closer he got to the house, however, the more something other than sex began to take over his mind.  And the closer that Susan got to the house the more something sinister began to invade her mind as well.  She had come here to get a little casual sex but now for some reason, she had the desire to get so much more than that.


Carter opened the door and stepped back to allow his guest to enter.  For some reason, he had totally forgotten why it was that he invited this woman to his home.  He thought perhaps that she might be a friend of his wife’s but if that was the case why bring her here when Georgia was away.


“Don’t just stand there, get me a drink and show me to the bedroom,”  Susan demanded.


Carter became rock hard hearing this woman boss him around.  “Yes, ma’am,”  He said.


He showed her into the bedroom and told her he would be right back with her drink.  She was removing her blouse as he walked out of the room and he figured that he better hurry back.  He walked into the kitchen with the intention to find something for his guest to drink but then he noticed that there was a dirty glass on the counter.  He just had to rinse that out and put it in the dishwasher.  He opened the door to the dishwasher and noticed that it was almost full so he figured that he might just as well run it.  So he put some detergent in the bin and started the machine.  He also noticed that there were some crumbs on the stovetop and so he felt compelled to wipe them off.  Taking the dishcloth from the sink he ran some hot water over it and then squeezed the excess water out and began to wipe off the stove.  He might just as well wipe the rest of the kitchen counter as well.  But first he needed to put away some boxes that had been left out on the counter.  He opened the hall closet where the cereal was kept and started to insert a box but the closet was in such disarray that he felt compelled to straighten it up.  As long as he was doing it he might just as well empty everything out so that he could properly reorganize it.


In the meantime Carter had been gone for quite some time and Susan was becoming bored lying on top of his bed in the nude.  So she figured she might as well do a little investigating as she waited.  The first thing that caught her eye was the bedroom closet.  “I wonder what wonderful things I might find in there?” she thought.


So still completely naked she got up and crossed the room and opened the wide double doors.  The first thing her eyes landed on was the wide array of footwear that his wife owned.  Particularly to her liking was a pair of knee-high boots with what she figured had to have at least 5-inch heels.  She pulled them from the shelf and took them across the room.  Sitting down on the edge of the bed she tried to put her foot in one of the boots and was pleasantly surprised that they were her size.  But it did not make sense to put on such sexy boots without the proper lingerie to go with them and so she decided to see what she could find in the dresser drawers across the room.  She opened the top left drawer and quickly discovered that this side of the dresser must belong to Carter as it was full of neatly folded men’s briefs and socks.  Trying the upper right drawer she was pleased to find that it contained a huge selection of women’s undergarments.  She rummaged around until towards the back she discovered a black corset with red trim.  “Now this is more like it.”  She mused.  She flipped the garment onto the bed and continued to explore until she found some black very sheer nylons that would look great with the corset and then a matching panty set in black and red.  She wondered how long it had been since Carter’s wife had dressed up for him.  It did not take her long to get into the things she had found even managing to pull the laces tight on the corset and attaching the nylons to the garters that hung down.  Then she pulled on the black boots and pulled the zippers up.  Walking to the full-length mirror on the closet door she surveyed her appearance and thought how wonderful she would look if she only had a sheer black nightgown to go over the top of the corset.  So naturally she began searching on the hangars until she found just what she was looking for.


Now for a little makeup.  She sat down at the vanity and began looking through Carter’s wife’s supply of cosmetics.  She reveled as she made her selections and began applying them to her own features.  When she was finally finished and satisfied that no man could possibly not find her irresistible she was pissed that Carter had not yet returned.  Pulling the robe tie around her and fastening it she made her way out of the room in search of her lost potential lover.


The hallway, stairs, and living room were all carpeted with lush thick material and so the heels of the boots she wore did not make a sound.  Only when she hit the tile of the kitchen floor did they begin to tap out a steady staccato causing Carter to look up from his position on the floor in front of the closet.


Susan could not believe what she saw before her.  Instead of bringing her the drink she had asked for, this asshole was organizing some boxes in front of a pantry.  “What in hell are you doing?”  She demanded.


Carter shook his head as he looked at the woman standing over him obviously wearing his wife’s clothes.  She was obviously angry with him as she was tapping the toe of the boots she wore on the tile.  He imagined what she would look like if she had a whip in her hand and he became hard just thinking about it.


“I am sorry.”  He started.  “I guess I lost track of time.  You see the pantry needed to be organized.  And exactly why are you wearing my wife’s clothes and boots?”


“I got tired of waiting for the drink that you were going to get me and so I figured I might as well see what I could find to amuse myself with while I waited.  Don’t you like the way I look?”


“Yes, very much so but I doubt that Georgia would like another woman wearing her things.”


“Why don’t we find out?  Give me your phone.”


Carter knew that there was something wrong with that order but he could not resist.  He reached into his pocket and withdrew his phone and still on his knees crawled to the strange woman and handed her his phone.


She looked at it for a few minutes and then handed it back to Carter and demanded that he take several pictures of her.  Again he knew that he should not be again he could not refuse and so he snapped several pictures of the beautiful woman in his wife’s clothes and then handed the phone back to her.


“Now what is your wife’s name?”  She asked.


“Georgia.  Why do you ask?”


“So I can find her in the contacts of your phone, of course.”  Then she quickly began typing on his keypad and with a slight chuckle she put the phone in the pocket of her robe.  “I guess we should know pretty quick what she thinks about me wearing her clothes.  Now, why don’t you be a good little boy and show me how much you like these boots.  Stay on your knees and follow me she demanded.”


“But what about the pantry?” He asked.


“Leave the shit where it is.  You can finish that chore after you take care of my needs.”  Then she turned back to him, reached down and grabbed him by the hair of his head and slapped him as hard as she could across his face.  “When I tell you to do something, you better do it and in a hurry.  Do I make myself clear?”


Carter could not remember a time when a woman had slapped him that hard but he felt so humble and so subservient because of it that he was compelled to do what the woman demanded.  He began crawling after her as she made her way into the living room and sat down in one of the armchairs.  She sat back and lifted her right foot and pointed the toe just below his mouth.  She took the phone back out of her pocket and took a couple more pictures of him kneeling in front of her with a boot almost touching his lips.  “Now lick this boot clean, slave.”


“Shouldn’t I perhaps clean it with a rag first?”  He asked.


“If I had wanted it cleaned with a rag, I would not have told you to lick it.”  And she pushed the toe of the boot hard against his lips.  As he began to tentatively lick the leather he heard the camera shutter going off repeatedly. She then tilted her foot so that the sole of the boot was in front of him and without being told he took a few swipes with his tongue against the rough dirty leather.


Susan seemed to lose interest in this game but not before she had snapped several more pictures.  Reaching down, she grabbed the hair on his head and began dragging his face towards her crotch.  Pulling the nylon of her panties to one side, she guided his lips to the correct spot and told him to start licking.  She had been so sexually stimulated by being sexually dominant that her cunt was flowing with juice.


Although he was enjoying the taste of her wet snatch something kept trying to sneak into the back of his mind.  And so in order to keep him in the position she had to wrap her fingers in his hair and keep pulling him hard between her thighs.  Soon the struggle was too much effort for what she was getting out of it so she released him and let him slide away from her.  But she was indeed pissed that this little wimp seemed more interested in domestic duties than he did in her body.  So when she stood up she teased the inside of his thighs with the toe of her boot until he started to open his legs for her.  She kept nudging him until he had spread his legs as far as possible in a kneeling position.  “Look up at my face,”  She demanded.  And when he complied she kicked him as hard as she could between his legs.


She left him curled up in a ball on the living room floor and made her way back to the bedroom where she began rifling through closets and dressers in search of something to use to entertain herself with.  It took her about a half hour before she found Georgia’s sex toys.  She selected the largest vibrating dildo she could find and prayed the batteries would last as she lay on the bed, spread her legs wide and began stimulating her clit.  “Not quite as good the real thing, but better than the little househusband downstairs.”  She thought.


A Little Devil in Georgia Cover


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