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The Dance: Donna’s View


The day had started out so terribly that I was waiting for my first opportunity to commit suicide, but as we spent the day together, I not only got over my depression, I became almost giddy with my love for my wife.  I wanted to do everything in my power to make her feel like the true goddess she was.


When I was sitting in the salon chair and having my new wig styled and my nails done, I could hardly wait to accompany my wife to the lingerie store so I could pick out something that would truly make her happy.  Of course, I knew that she wanted the items to make her attractive for another man to make love to her, but that did not matter to me.  As long as she was happy, my life would have meaning.


And as we left the salon, she reached over and took my hand and we walked together like two girlfriends, my heart swelled up with love for her.


It took me a long time deciding on just the right pieces of lingerie to purchase for my wife.  Mind you there isn’t anything in that store that would not make a man’s cock stand on end if a beautiful woman was wearing it, but just throwing something together would not be showing the proper respect for my position of submission.  I not only wanted her to be drop dead gorgeous for the man she chose, but I wanted her to feel so beautiful that she would want to show off her gorgeous body to him.


It also took me a little while to decide on the right color.  For me, I know I would prefer red but this outfit was not for me.  But many people view red as a color for whores and I did not want anybody viewing my wife as a harlot.  I wanted them to see a beautiful, seductive woman that they would be extremely lucky to have.  And so I chose black as the main theme color.  I knew that with her alabaster skin and her flowing black hair that she would be stunning wearing nothing but black lingerie and stockings.


When I had finally made my selections and had them boxed and paid for, I announced that now we needed to get Sandy some new shoes and a new dress.  Sandy turned to me and said, “You know I have a closet full of dresses and more shoes than most women buy in a lifetime.  I am sure we can find something for me to wear at home.”


“Oh, lovely lady, there is no doubt that we could go home and pick out something that would be absolutely stunning on you and acceptable for any other occasion than tonight.  But you see; this is such a special occasion for you that I do not want one thing touching your skin that has ever touched it before.  Do you know what I am trying to say?”


Sandy looked at me for a long time and then reached out and gently touched my cheek.  Her eyes were beaming with happiness and she had a tender smile on her lips.  Her face absolutely glowed with happiness.  “I know exactly what you are trying to say, and I love you for it.  But I am afraid that you are going to change your mind when the actual time comes.”


“Dearest goddess, I think you know that I could not change my mind even if I wanted to.  I am sure that I am going to feel some degree of jealousy, but I am so tied to you that there is nothing I can do to change your mind.  I know that I am not man enough for you sexually.  And it would be selfish and cruel of me to try to stop you from gaining pleasure from someone that can make your womanhood blossom with passion.”


We made our way to Dillard’s figuring that we could find both her dress and her shoes in one location.  My wife insisted on holding my hand and I felt more like a king than a slave walking beside her with everyone knowing that we were together.  How, different from just a couple days before when Sandy did not want anyone to see us together.


We went to the shoe department first and I spent a lot of time looking at different styles of shoes until my eyes lighted upon a pair of black sandals with thin straps across the tops.  The heels were not as high as some that she owned but they were high enough to give her calves that firm shape that men find so attractive.  And they were more practical for a night of dancing than some of the others.  I showed them to her and was pleased that she found my selection to her liking.  So I took her over to the stool, had her sit down and got down on my knees and helped her into her new shoes.  It took me a while to fasten all the straps and knew that they would not be practical for everyday wear, but as long as she had a slave to put them on her feet, she would not mind.


Several shoppers spied me on my knees and came over and asked if I could assist them after I was done with Sandy.  I guess they thought I was the sales girl.  Sandy looked at me and laughed.  “You would make a good clerk in a shoe store,” she said.  “Imagine spending all day every day on your knees in front of men and women helping them with their footwear.”


I looked up and smiled.  “I think I spent enough time doing that last night, don’t you?”


“You know I hardly got a chance to see you in action last night.  I think maybe we should throw another party so that I can get a chance to watch you perform.  You would like that wouldn’t you?”


“If it would make you happy, goddess.  I am more than willing.”


Sandy liked the shoes and said we should go pay for them but I asked her, “Goddess, while we are here do you want to buy those sharp-toed boots that you said you desired?”


“Not today, I will let you go shopping in the near future and you can pick them out.  I am sure you know what they are for and will not disappoint me with your selection.”


I did not and my balls crept closer to my body in anticipation.  Do any of you know how humiliating it is to have to pick out your own punishment tool?  It is like when you hear about a young boy or young girl being sent to the woods to cut their own willow stick.  The anticipation is worse than the actual punishment.


Next we went to the women’s section and to the area where they had the party dresses.  Again it took some time to select just the right dress, but when we were done, Sandy was extremely pleased and was excited and in a hurry to get back home to try everything on.


We arrived home in the middle of the afternoon and I was grateful that we had enough time for me to pamper my wife before we had to go.  I wanted everything to be absolutely perfect for her big night.  So I asked her if I could draw her a bubble bath and help her prepare by assisting her.  She readily agreed and even had me do something she had never done before, shave her pussy.  I did that with mixed emotions knowing that I was being of service but also realizing that I was preparing that beautiful area of her body for another man to enjoy.


When we were finished I offered to give her a cream massage and she joyfully took me up on the offer.  Apparently it made her so relaxed that she announced she was going to take a short nap and after I had gotten myself cleaned up that I could take one as well.  She counseled me to make sure the alarm was set for no later than 7 p.m. as she wanted ample time to get dressed before we went out.


I did, in fact, take a short snooze as my ordeal from the night before was catching up with me and I wanted to make sure I had enough rest so I would be wide awake to please my wife later.  I knew that almost as much as she was looking forward to perhaps making love to another man, that she also wanted to mentally hurt me in the process.  I did not know exactly how she was going to accomplish that but I knew it would not be terribly difficult as even now I felt some anger, jealousy and resentment building in my stomach.


Much too soon, the alarm sounded and I reluctantly stretched and pulled myself out of bed.  After a brief trip to the bathroom, I made my way towards Sandy’s bedroom.  I still had a little trouble reconciling the fact that what was just a few days ago, had been our bedroom had now gravitated to hers alone.  And then I realized that the same could be said for her house, her car and her bank accounts.


She was awake when I entered and I immediately started to help her prepare for her evening.  I opened the shopping bag and pulled out the bra that she would wear.  It was not designed to cover her breasts, but rather to lift them, separate them and present them to be viewed.  When I had it fastened and looked at her I knew that any man she chose would be falling all over himself to get his hands on those lovely globes.  I then put on her garter belt, got down on my knees and helped her roll her silky black nylons up her beautiful firmly toned legs.  My heart dropped a little bit as I realized that all too soon those legs might be wrapped tightly around another man’s body holding him tightly inside of her vagina.


Next I went to hand help her into her panties but she resisted telling me that she did not feel she would need them for what she had planned.  I lovingly explained to her that while they might not be necessary that for many men the removal of that item of clothing was extremely enjoyable.  And so she agreed and I slid them onto her body.


The next item was her new black dress.  It was cut low in the back exposing most everything right down to the top of the hips and the front was cut in a v-shape so that her raised globes were accentuated even more than they seemed to be without being covered.  There was a slit up the right leg that extended almost to the top of the thigh and I knew that as she whirled around the dance floor that her nylon clad leg would attract the attention of anyone that was watching.  And I knew in my heart that no one could resist watching this ravishing beauty.


And finally, I got on my knees again and helped her into her new sandals.  Looking up at the stunning angel above me my heart both leaped with happiness and cried with sorrow.


Sandy then went to her vanity, sat down and began to do her makeup.  She was an expert and it took but a few minutes and her face matched the beauty of her ensemble.  She stepped back and took a long look and exclaimed; “Now that is one hot woman.  Thank you so much for being so thoughtful as to pick out the perfect outfit for me to wear on this momentous occasion.  And I will make sure that whoever I select to share my bed will thank you as well.  I want him to know how hard my slave worked to make his pleasure complete.


Now, let’s get you dressed and ready to go as my companion.  With the right makeup and lipstick maybe you can find a cock of your own.”


I told her that was not on my wish list.


All too soon it was time to leave.  Sandy said she hoped that I could drive in heels because I was the designated driver.  For that reason, I would not be allowed to drink any alcohol but if I was particularly good I could select my own beverage.  If however, I gave her even a slight cause to be displeased, I knew what beverage she would select for me.


I had never been further than the parking lot of the club she directed me to.  I had driven her there to pick up her car once before, however. I found a spot fairly close to the door and parked.  I then walked around and opened the door for Sandy and held my hand to steady her as she exited the car.  I know that might have looked strange to bystanders, one woman helping another out of her car.


As we entered the main door, I stopped for a few seconds to let my eyes adjust to the semi-darkness.  All establishments that make their money off of the sales of alcohol usually keep their interiors fairly dark.  That is because someone did a study of rats that showed that they drink more in low light that bright light.  I always thought it strange that humans would study rats to determine how they would live their own lives.  As my eyes adjusted, I could see that there were quite a few people already in attendance.  The dance floor was set up directly in the center of the room, I guess so that everyone would have easy access.  Tables were then placed around the perimeter of the dance floor.  Most of them had four chairs around them but a few had six and some even eight.  There was a long bar directly across the room from the entrance.  I asked Sandy where she wanted to sit and she said to begin with we would find a place as near the middle of the bar as possible.  That way it would be obvious to any of the men that we were available.


“Hopefully, I will be able to find a couple of men to choose from fairly quickly.  My pussy is tingling just thinking about finding a big cock.”


“How, are you going to know how big his cock is before you take him home?” I asked.


“Oh, I think I will get some idea as they dance with me.  Of course, you realize that unless they allow ten-year-old boys in here that every cock in the place would be considerably larger than yours.”


“Of course goddess, you are right, I just did not want you to be disappointed in any way.”


“Then, maybe you could find out how big his cock is for me.  Would you like to crawl, under the table, unzip his pants and measure it?”


“I have no desire to do that goddess, but if it would make you happy I will.”


“I will think about it, maybe I will even let you suck him off for a while to get it really hard before you measure it.  Just don’t be greedy and make him cum.  I want every drop of that for myself.”


We found seats near the middle of the bar and ordered my wife a whiskey sour and she told the bartender to bring me a Shirley Temple and to make sure he added one of those cute little umbrellas.


It was only a few minutes and men began trooping to our location and vying for Sandy’s attention.  Of course, no one paid any attention to me except to try to get me to move over so that they could be closer to Sandy.  I even heard one man remark to his companion that it never failed, the hot ones always had a homely scagg with them. Of course, I knew that I was not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination but I certainly wasn’t that bad.


Sandy was kind to everyone and even made an attempt to dance with as many men as she was able to.  But one by one she rejected them as not being her prince charming.  Some were too short, others too heavy and some just not good looking enough for her taste.  I could see she was getting frustrated when I noticed a man across the room that was drop dead gorgeous.  He stood about 6 foot 3 inches tall and I could see his muscles ripple underneath the cowboy shirt he wore from clear across the room.  His shoulders were broad and his waist was narrow.  And to look at his face caused even me to swoon.  If I were looking for a man to fuck me, he would be the first one I chose.


For just a few seconds I was glad that Sandy was busy fending off the advances of half a dozen other men and I hoped the cowboy would leave before she spotted him, but I knew I could not let that happen.  After all, I had not gone to all the work of selecting her fuck me outfit only to allow her to be disappointed.  And so I waved for the bartender to come over.  When he did I asked him what the cowboy was drinking and then told him to give me one of the same.  Sandy heard me order the drink and turned on me with vehemence in her eyes.  “I thought I told you that you were forbidden to drink alcohol tonight?”


“It is not for me, goddess, I am sure you will thank me in just a moment for me ordering this drink.”


With that, I did not wait for her reply I just took the drink and made my way across the room.  I could see that the cowboy was not thrilled to see me, but I approached him regardless.  I held out the drink to him and although he looked apprehensive in where this was going, he took it from me.  I said, “Don’t worry, I am not trying to hit on you.  But rather the drink is from the lady over there at the bar.  She asked me if I would bring it and asked if you would be a gentleman and come over and run some interference for her.”


He took a closer look at Sandy and I could almost hear him gasp.  “Oh, my,” I did not ever expect to find anyone that lovely here tonight.  If you had not brought this drink, I might have missed out on something really special.”


I took him by his elbow and gestured for him to accompany me.  “I guarantee you that you are in for a rare experience.  Come let me introduce you to the most beautiful woman here.”


When we had crossed most of the room, Sandy was already standing.  I good see by the look of lust in her eyes that I had done well.  And when we were finally standing face to face, neither of them spoke.  It seemed that they were going to stand there for the rest of the night just staring at one another.


So, I broke the ice, myself, “Sandy, I would like you to meet, ah, I did not even get your name.  I am so sorry.”


He chuckled, “Don’t be sorry, little lady.  My name is Jason Garrett and I am so grateful to you for introducing me to this stunning woman that I could kiss you.”


My wife then interjected “Oh, my, please don’t do that. I have a feeling that I am going to want those luscious lips of yours all to myself tonight.  Would you care to dance with me?  I have a deep desire to feel those strong arms of yours around me.”


The way she was throwing herself at him I was almost embarrassed for her.  But it was also apparent that Jason did not mind in the least bit.  As they walked towards the dance floor he already had one hand on her ass cheek and was using it to guide her between the tables.  I felt jealousy rising up in my stomach and I wanted to turn away but I could not do so.  It was as if I had to suffer the heartache and pain to validate my existence.


As they stepped onto the dance floor, Jason wasted no time in pulling Sandy into his arms in a close grip.  While his right hand held her left, his left hand settle down firmly on her ass and began to pull her hips solidly against his.  I wondered at that moment if she could indeed feel his cock through their clothes and if she was gaining an idea of its size.


It seemed to me that they were on that floor for hours.  They could not seem to get enough of each other’s bodies.  I watched them intently and I noticed that through the first dance they said very little to each other.  I guessed that they were so engrossed in the feel and smell of their bodies that they did not have a need to talk.


When that dance ended I had a hope that they would return, but that was not to be.  I saw Jason bend down and whisper in Sandy’s ear.  Her face beamed with pleasure and she pulled his face closer and said something in reply.  He then pulled her into another tight embrace as a fresh song started.


I was so engrossed in watching them that I did not even notice the man that had come to stand by my side.  He cleared his throat to get my attention and I turned slightly to see who had joined me.


“Hi, he began. “My name is Phil and yours?”


“Uh, Donna,” I muttered.


“Well, Uh Donna, I am a friend of Jason’s and I see he has latched on to your companion.  I imagine that they will be gone for a while so if you would like, I have a table across the way.  I would be honored if you would join me.  I could use the company while we both wait for our friends.  Can I buy you a drink to take with us?”


“I would like nothing better than something really strong to drink, but unfortunately, I am not allowed alcohol tonight,” I said.  I figured I might just as well get all the humiliation out in the open right from the start.  I knew Sandy would not let me get away with any subterfuge for long, regardless.


“I am sorry, did you say you were not allowed to drink alcohol?  Are you on probation or something/”


“No, you might as well know now because you are bound to find out sooner or later, anyways.  The woman your friend is dancing with is really my wife.  And she has forbidden me to drink alcohol tonight.  She just dressed me up like this so that I could help her find a real man.  And from the looks of it, I accomplished my mission.  So now you know the whole sordid story, you might as well go back to your table.  Maybe you will be able to find someone more to your liking.”


He took a step back but made no effort to leave.  He just studied me closely and then said.  “By the great horned ghost, I can see it now.  But believe me, if you had not told me I would never have realized that you were a man.”


“Yeah, that is the problem, isn’t it?  If I was a real man, I would not be sitting here in a dress watching my wife dry fuck your friend on the dance floor.”


“Don’t be so hard on yourself.  I would still like you to join me at our table.  I would bet dollars to donuts that I will not find anyone else, here that is as interesting as you are.”


He put his hand under my elbow and slowly lifted me to my feet.  He then offered his crooked arm in an invitation for me to put my hand on it.  I don’t know why but that simple gesture put my mind at ease and I gladly complied.  “Thank you, Phil,” I said.  I would be honored to join you.  I am afraid I am not a very good conversationalist tonight but I will try not to disappoint you too badly.”


As he led me across the room I snuck a peak at the back of his jeans.  I even imagined what it might be like to be a real woman and to squeeze those two firm buns.  “Dear God,” I thought. “Am I really turning into a flaming queen?”


When we reached the table I noticed that it had a bench seat in the back and two chairs in the front.  Phil gestured toward the bench and said, “Would you mind sharing the bench with me?  I know the other two will want to spend a little more time back and forth to the dance floor so if we leave them the chairs it will be easier for them to get in and out.”


I hesitated for a moment and turned to try and get a glimpse of my wife and her future conquest.  It was easy to spot them, as they were the only couple that was standing almost perfectly still on the floor.  He had her face in his hand and was drawing her lips towards his.  I could see the flush on my wife’s face and I could imagine how wet her panties were getting.  I wondered if Jason could smell her musk seeping down her legs.


Finally, I turned away and slid onto the padded bench.  As Phil slid in close beside me, I motioned towards the dance floor and said, “I doubt that it matters where we sit.  From the looks of those two, we will not be here very long.  Unless they allow intercourse on the dance floor, I think they will want to go somewhere a little more private.”


Phil put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close against him.  “Are you really alright with this arrangement?” He asked.


“No, it breaks my heart knowing that my beautiful wife is about to have sex with another man.”


“Then tell me why you are sitting here instead of rushing out there and pulling her off that floor?”


“My feelings are really irrelevant.  I have been going down this road for the last few weeks and nothing I do now is going to change things.”


“I am still confused,” Phil announced.


“I doubt that we have the time for me to explain my situation to you.  In fact, I notice my wife and your friend are coming this way now.  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.”


Sandy looked the situation over and immediately decided to make sure that everyone knew exactly where I stood.  “Well, slave why don’t you introduce me to your friend?”


“Sandy, this is Phil.  Phil this is my goddess, Sandy.  And I guess Phil you already know Jason?”


Jason stepped back and really stared at me from head to foot.  “I am amazed, Sandy told me that you were just a man in women’s clothes but I didn’t believe her.  I just thought you were a real ugly woman.  Are you really a bootlicker too, like she says?”


I tried to avoid the question by looking away, but Sandy would not allow me even that small amount of pride.  She stepped forward and as hard as she could muster delivered an open-handed blow to my cheek.  “Slave, you better remember, what your position is.  Jason asked you a question and I expect that you will answer him.”


“I am sorry, Jason.  I really don’t know how good a bootlicker I am, but I have licked a good many in the last week, so I assume I have learned a little along the way.”


“Really, I may have a use for your services later, but right now I was just going to ask your wife if she would like to share a bed with me for the night.  You don’t have any objections to that do you?”


“Of course not.  I knew full well that she would be having sex with someone other than me when I left the house with her.  And if you remember, I did introduce you to her.”


“Phil, Jason, I would like to have a word with my slave privately, if you don’t mind.  Would the two of you perhaps go get me a drink while I speak to Donna?”


“Well, slave, as you can see, I have found my real man.  I think I can forgo having you measure his cock; my leg did a good enough job of that while we were on the dance floor.  He is either downright huge or he has something stuffed down his pants leg. God, I can’t wait to have that thing inside of me.  So do you think I should have you drive us to his place and you can wait in the car, or would you rather I take him home to my bed and make you watch?”


“Whichever would make you happier,” I stated.


“Well, tell me little one which one would cause you less pain?”


“I am going to be devastated regardless of which you choose.  Being forced to sit in the car and wonder about what you are doing with him would be bad.  But being forced to watch you in the bed we have shared for 15 years would probably be worse.”


“Well, then that makes the decision easy for me.  Here they come with my drink, I want you to get down on your knees in front of Jason, kiss his boots and beg him to take me to our home and fuck me.  And you better make him believe that it is your idea.”


And so, as Jason and Phil rejoined us, I wasted no time in sinking to my knees.  I bent over and reverently kissed both of Jason’s boots, looked up at him and said, “Sir, I would be honored to be allowed to drive you and my goddess to our home so that you can have intercourse with her.”


“I like that, he called me sir.”


“Well, from now on, he will address you as master.  As long as we are together he will be just as much your slave as he is mine.  Do you understand what your station in life is, slave?”


“Yes goddess, yes master,” I said.


“Well, Phil, you see how things are.  Do you want to stay here, or do you want the bootlicker to drop you off somewhere on the way?”


“Actually, I thought perhaps I could go with you guys.  I kind of want to see how this is going to play out.  It isn’t every day I get to witness a man, debase himself this way.”


“Sandy, what do you think?” Jason asked.


“Hey, the more the merrier, but unless he wants to watch us, he will have to find something to do until we are done with Donna.”


“What do you think, Phil, do you want to watch?”


“Hell, I want to videotape it and watch it for years to come,” Phil said.


“Then it is settled, slave go bring the car to the front door and stand there until we come out.  You can hold the doors for me and our guests.”


I was dying inside as I made my way to the car.  I now knew that not only would I have to endure knowing my wife was fucking another man, but I would have a front row seat at the exhibition.  And then to allow another man to watch as well was almost more than I could abide.


Sandy and Jason took the back seat and I held the front door passenger seat for Phil while he got in.  I then got behind the wheel, checked my mirrors and began driving out of the parking area.  I had not gone only a few yards when I heard my wife moan and say, Yes, take that big monster out and let me feel it.  I have been dying all night to find out just how big you are.  Oh, sweet Jesus, that just might tear me apart, but please, slave hurry and get us home.  You are not going to believe the size of this man.  Of course after looking at yours, you would think six inches was huge.  But this is much bigger than six inches.”


Phil slid over next to me, took my right hand from the wheel and placed it in his lap.  “Here squeeze this while you drive.  It may help you take your mind off of what is happening in the back seat.”


In just a few minutes we arrived at the location of my execution and I pulled into Sandy’s driveway.  I got out and opened the passenger’s doors and offered my hand for them to exit the car.  I then unlocked the front door to her house and stood back as they all entered.


“Phil, do you want to come up and watch or would you rather entertain yourself down here.  There is cold beer in the refrigerator and we have cable with pay per view.  You could probably find a fuck flick to watch.”


“No, I think I would like to watch the real thing.”


“Well, then, follow me, I am so wet that if I wait much longer, I will drown in my own juice.”


When we got into the bedroom, Sandy told me to pull the vanity chair over against the wall so that Phil could be comfortable and then turned to Jason and asked him how he would most like to proceed.


“I want to spend a little time taking off some of your clothes.  It is almost a shame though because you look so downright hot in that outfit.  Slave, I sure have to thank you for picking these duds out for your wife.  And you did a remarkable job, even knowing that they were for the benefit of another man.  Or I guess I should say the benefit of a man.”


“On second thought, Sandy why don’t you just slide those straps off your shoulders and let your dress fall to the floor.  God, you are truly a gorgeous woman.  The anticipation is killing me, slave get down on your knees and help your wife off with her panties.”


I did as instructed and was amazed how wet they were.  She had obviously been creaming in them ever since she first went out on the floor with Jason or maybe even before that.


“Now, put them to your nose and tell me how they smell,” He ordered me.


“I did as he asked and told him that they smelled like heaven.”


He then told me to stay on my knees and he made his way to the bed and sat down in front of me.  You can now undress me so that I can fuck your wife.  Start with my boots.


I reached down and pulled each boot off and set them aside and then reached for his socks and repeated the motions.  When his feet were bare, Sandy ordered me to kiss each one top and soles, which I did with revulsion.  I then reached up and undid his belt, unfastened his jeans, and began tugging them down his legs.  When they were off I folded them neatly and set them beside his boots.  While I had been doing that he had removed his own shirt and tossed it to me to fold as well.  That left only his shorts and as I pulled them down, the biggest cock I had ever seen popped out and it actually swiped my lips on the way to full erection.


“Well, look at that, I think he wants to suck on the snake.  He couldn’t wait to feel it against his lips.”


“Well, slave,” Sandy, declared.  “Go ahead put it in your mouth and suck on him for a little bit.  You might as well, get used to it because I have decided to turn you into a cocksucker as well as a bootlicker.  But don’t take too long, I need him inside me now.”


I had only gotten the head into my mouth when Jason reached down and roughly shoved me away.  “That is enough cocksucker, maybe after I am finished with your mistress and am nice and slimy with our combined juices you can clean it off.  Right now I want you to guide my cock into your wife.  Sandy had positioned herself in the middle of the bed with her legs spread and her knees up.  Jason then crawled between her legs and raised himself off the bed so that I would have room to reach between their bodies.  Because of the size of the bed, I had to get to my feet and bend in, in order to reach my target.  I grabbed his shaft and placed it at the wet opening of my wife’s sex and rubbed gently against her clit.  I heard her moan loudly and I again swiped the head of his cock up and down between those soft lips.


“That is enough, damn you get it positioned and started and then Jason plunge it full tilt into me.  I want you to fuck me hard.”


“Are you sure, you don’t want me to be gentle at first?  I am afraid that it is going to hurt you.”


“Dear lord, I want it to hurt.” She moaned.  “I have not had a decent sized cock in fifteen years and I want yours now.  Please, please don’t make me wait any longer, fuck me.”


I stood back but I could not take my eyes away from what was going on.  I could not believe how difficult it was for him to force himself into her, but inch after painful inch he progressed.  And all the time she was pleading with him to go deeper and faster until he had plunged into her so far that his pubic hair was touching her shaved lips.  And only at that point did I realize that he had not bothered to put on a rubber.  He was riding my wife bareback and I feared for her safety.  How, did she agree to have unprotected sex with a complete stranger?


Jason then began to move slowly out of her cunt and when he was almost fully withdrawn he plunged back down until his pelvis actually slapped against hers.


“Slave, are you watching this?  He is so big and I have never had anything that has reached the depths his cock head is reaching.  Why did I waste 15 years on your tiny excuse for a cock when I could have been with a real man?  Kiss his ass and thank him for fucking me.


And so when he was buried again to the hilt I bent over and planted a kiss on his right cheek and said, “Thank you so much for giving my goddess pleasure.”


Sandy then asked, “I couldn’t see him, did he kiss your ass like I directed?”


“Yes, but it was a poor excuse for a kiss.  Just a little peck on one of my cheeks.”


“That definitely will not do,” she exclaimed.  “Slave get between our knees, spread the cheeks of his ass and tongue his asshole for as long it takes for him to fill my cunt with his spunk.”


Well, I did the best I could although I wanted to throw up.  The sweat between his ass cheeks was strong and when my tongue made contact with his shit hole I experienced a taste that was worse than even the soles of some of the boots I had been forced to lick.  And it is exceedingly difficult to maintain contact with a man’s asshole while he is fucking your wife.


They went on for what seemed to be an hour, all the time my wife was moaning with pleasure.  Several times I could feel her thrash around under him and I knew that she was being rocked by orgasm after orgasm.  Finally, I felt him tense his buttocks and drive in deep and hold himself perfectly still and I knew that he was delivering a huge load of cum into the very depths of my wife.  Several times he would pull out a little and then re-seat himself against her body.  Finally, he slumped down next to her but she would not allow him to pull all the way out.


“Just lie quietly and let me enjoy the feel of you inside me for as long as possible.  Your cum feels so good inside me, I wished I could keep it there forever.”


“Don’t worry, sweet lady, there is plenty more where that came from and I will be available to give you another dose anytime you want.”


She lay there curled up in his arms for some time and then finally said, “Slave lay down across the end of the bed with your head hanging over the edge.  I have a special treat for you that I know you have been dying to experience.”


When I was positioned as she asked, she allowed Jason to pull out of her.  She reached down between her legs and squeezed her cunt lips tightly together with her fingers. Then with some difficulty, she made her way around the bed and positioned her spread legs directly over my head.


“Open your mouth slave, I want every drop of this to go into your mouth.  But don’t you dare swallow or allow any to escape.  I want you to really enjoy his taste.”


As I opened my mouth she released her fingers and his juice immediately began to flow out of her entrance.  It had melted so that it was no longer a glob but rather a steady stream of thick slimy liquid.  With difficulty, I held my mouth in position and allowed the liquid to flow to the back of my mouth and fill me.  When she felt that the flow was almost finished she clenched her ass muscles and tried to expel the very last drops into my mouth.  Then she stepped back and ordered me to keep my mouth open as she went across the room and came back with her camera and took several pictures.


“Now, lift your head up, bend it back and gargle,” she instructed.  “And then you can swallow and get up on the bed and clean Jason’s cock for him.


She then turned to Phil and asked, “How did you enjoy the first part of our little show?”


“You have no idea how hard it has been to sit here and watch without bringing myself off with my hand.  I have never seen anything as hot in my life.  Are you through with your slave for a while?”


“Well, I don’t know how much more misery we can cause him tonight.  Slave; take your mouth off of Jason’s cock long enough for me to ask you a question.  Would you like to see round two or is the image etched onto your eyeballs?”


“Please, goddess,” I begged.  “Can I just be left alone?  I don’t want to live any longer.  I am sure you will be happier when I am dead anyways.”


“Oh, you are completely wrong about that.  I have huge plans for you and I have no intention of allowing you to hurt yourself.”


“Phil what did you have in mind for my slave tonight?”


“I want to take him into the next room and make a real woman out of him.  I want to spend the rest of the night fucking him up the ass and then forcing him to clean my cock after each round with his tongue.”


“Oh, that sounds lovely, be sure to start the video camera when you enter.  And when you are finished, make sure he is tied securely to the bed.  From now on anytime he is unsupervised, he is going to be bound.  He is to have no opportunity to commit suicide.  Jason, would you like to tell Donna what is in store for her?”


“Absolutely, Donna, you see I own the club you visited tonight.  And I have been thinking up new and better ways to attract a larger clientele.  And when Sandy told me about your situation, being homeless and penniless and all, I offered to take you in as an unpaid employee of sorts.  She readily agreed that if I moved in here with her and kept her pussy filled with cum that she would allow me to take you to the club and put you in a cage in the back room.  Then anytime a special client came in and wanted someone to torture or humiliate, I would allow him or her access to you.  And in the meantime Sandy is going to take out a two million dollar life insurance policy on you just in case you should catch aids or some other deadly disease from the filth you ingest in the exercise of your duties.  You would like her to be well taken care of, wouldn’t you?”


The end.

dominant women collage


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