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The Party:  Sandy’s View


I know that Donna has already filled you in on her tale of woe, so I am not going to bore you with my recap.  In fact, except for her initial meltdown when her boss fired her, I paid little attention to her distress, I do want you to know, however, that her being fired by her boss was all staged.  I had called him earlier in the day filled him in on what I wanted and he had readily agreed.  You see I wanted Donna to be completely emotionally destroyed.  I wanted him to reach such a depth of despair that if a room full of people did not surround him he would wish for death.


In fact, I had called every last one of tonight’s guests and had asked them to treat Donna as abusively as possible.  And amazingly not one of them voiced an objection, not even his mother.  That surprised me a little bit but she told me she applauded me for taking control of my marriage.  She even said she wished she had had the courage to do something similar to his father.  In fact, she said, she was looking forward to humiliating her youngest son.


But, as I said I spent most of my time dancing with as many men as I could.  I even let the vast majority of them squeeze my ass through my leather skirt.  And the one that Jenny had brought as a potential date, Bill, I allowed to put his hand under my skirt and play with my bare ass all he wanted.  When we were dancing I kept pushing my pelvis into him and if we had not been fully clothed I would have fucked him right there on the dance floor.  I was really considering asking him to come into the back room with me when Mary came over and explained that Donna was having a difficult time complying with all the requests for her to lick the guest’s boots because his mouth was so dry and wanted to know what I would allow him to drink.


Well, I thought it would be worth a respite to see what kind of a mess Donna had gotten herself into, so I followed Mary back to where my stupid slave was kneeling in front of a woman.  I asked him to open his mouth and show me his tongue and I discovered that it was fairly clean but very dry.  So I asked him what he wanted me to get for him to drink and like a damned fool he said, anything would be fine.  Well, if he had asked for water, I would have given him water and maybe even if he had asked for a soda, I might have given him a soda, but when he said anything, I knew exactly what he was going to drink.  I asked for a glass, went to the ladies’ room, went into a stall took down my panties and filled that glass to the brim with my piss.


I carefully carried the glass back and handed it to Donna and told her to drink.  She didn’t even look at what it was.  She just lifted it to her lips and took a huge gulp.  The glass was half empty before she discovered what she was drinking.  I thought she might actually upchuck at that moment and so I sternly warned her to keep it down, which she managed to do.  When I could see she had steadied her stomach, I ordered her to drink the rest of that glass of urine.  And then I announced to the surrounding crowd that I would appreciate if someone would keep her glass full so that anytime she needed something to drink she would have another full glass of piss.  And then I went back and rejoined Bill on the dance floor.


He led me over to a table and had me sit on his lap.  He then gave me a passionate kiss on the lips as he stroked the inside of my thigh.  “How about you and I go back to my place and spend the night making love?” he asked.


“I have been thinking the same thing, but I think I better stick around and make sure my slave gets home safely.  Right now, I am a little apprehensive that he might take his own life if he is left alone.”


“So, what if the loser, offs himself?” Bill asked.  “You don’t give a shit about him anyway.  You would be better off if he killed himself.”


“Well, that pissed me off.  “You don’t know me well enough to decide what or whom I like.  You have no idea why I treat Donna the way I do, but I can tell you right now I am not going home with you or anyone else tonight until I know that Donna is tucked safely in bed.”


I noticed that most of the guests had started to clear out and so I made an announcement that I was taking my slave home with me and that the catering crew would be starting to clean up and clear away.


I made my way over to where Donna was still kneeling, although there was no longer anyone in front of her.  Even Mary had given up and left her alone.  I motioned for Jenny to come give me a hand and between the two of us, we managed to get Donna into the back seat of my car.  She asked if I would need help getting Donna into bed and I told her no that I would manage.  I then thanked her for all her help and got into the car and started the engine.  Apparently Donna had ingested so much piss that I could smell her breath all the way up in the driver’s seat.  Without looking in the mirror, I announced, “Jesus Christ, Donna, you smell like a god damned urinal.  I hope you enjoyed all that piss you drank.  I am thinking of making it your main liquid diet.”


When I finally got Donna home and upstairs I helped her into the guest bathroom.  I knew her bladder must be full and so I helped her remove her clothing and let her sit down on the stool.  Almost immediately a loud stream of piss escaped through her tube.    I also warned her not to try and brush her teeth, as I wanted her to retain the taste in her mouth for as long as possible.


I knew that she would never be able to go through the night without having to empty her bladder again, but I did not want to have to get up in the middle of the night to untie her.  Fortunately, Mary had warned me of just such a scenario and so I had purchased the thickest adult diapers I could find.  I told her to put them on and then handed her a pair of plastic pants as well. I also inserted a rubber hose under the protective pants and shoved it up as far to her crotch as I could get it.  And just in case, I did go in and put a set of rubber sheets on her bed.  I figured that with the combination she should be able to survive until morning.


And all these thoughts of urine reminded me that I had not urinated in a while and so I thought what the hell.  I told Donna to lean back and open her mouth.  I then got up on my toes so my slit was directly in line with her mouth and allowed my flow to start.  I had to admire her; she spilled very little of my nectar.  And the knowledge that her belly was full of my piss made me truly happy.


I helped her off the toilet and guided her into her bedroom. I left her corset on and had her lie on top of the rubber sheet and tied her spread eagle to the bed.  I put several pillows under her ass so that her hips were higher than her head.  I then took the hose that was protruding from her diaper and ran it up to her mouth and inserted it between her lips and teeth.  I took a piece of tape and secured it in place.  Now if she wet herself to the point of overflowing it would just flow back up the tube and she could enjoy it all over again.  I did wonder how many times that cycle would repeat itself.  But the thought made me extremely joyful.


I then turned out the lights and left her there for the night.  Even though she had a rubber tube taped inside her mouth I heard her gut wrenching sobs all the way into my room and I went to sleep with a huge smile on my face. And just think I still had two full days before I had to let her out of my sight.  I wondered if I should let her rinse her mouth out before she took me to the club the following night.


The next morning I was glad that I had added the rubber sheet because even with all the other protections I had put in place a small amount of urine was pooled under her hips. I untied her and told her to get up and clean herself up and then she needed to wash her bedding and her corset.  She didn’t even reply just crawled out of that wet nasty bed and began her duties that I had outlined.  I left her alone for a good two hours and when I went to check on her I found her curled in a ball in the corner of her room.


I knew I had to snap her out of it or I would have to have her committed to an asylum.  She was obviously completely broken.  So I went into my closet and found the multi-tailed whip I had bought and brought it back with me.  Without a word, I swung that whip with all my might across Donna’s shoulders.  She did not immediately respond and I swung it again striking flesh just below the first strike.  This time, she, at least, tried to move so I hit her again and again until she finally got to her feet and tried to cover herself.  “Now, goddamn you,” I swore.  “Get your ass into that bathroom and take a long shower, then get this room cleaned up and come downstairs.  I have had all of your moping about I can stand.  If you are not up and ready to work, in 15 minutes I am calling Mary and having her bring her ankle spreaders over.  Do you understand me, bitch?”


Donna looked up at me and I could see a small spark in her eyes as she said, “Yes, goddess, I understand.”


“And for Christ’s sake, brush your teeth, your breath smells like a urinal.”


In just under 15 minutes he made his appearance in the kitchen.  He had managed to find a skirt and blouse to put on and I was pleased to note that he had put his garters, hose and heels on as well.


“Now, that is more like it,” I stated.  “You look nice although a little lipstick and makeup would be an improvement.  I have decided you deserve to look like a real woman instead of a homely man in drag.  I am going to take you to the mall for a complete makeover and while we are there you can buy me some pretty lingerie for my date tonight.  You would like that wouldn’t you?”


I could tell he was torn, but finally, he looked me in the eye and said, “Yes, goddess, I would really like to look like a real woman.  If I have to wear women’s clothing then I want the full treatment.”


“Good, then I will call my beautician on the way.  Would you like to try driving in your heels?”  And I saw Donna smile for the first time in two days.


We made it a regular girls day out.  We stopped and got something to eat at a semi-nice restaurant and then went to the mall.  I took Donna in and introduced her to my stylist and asked her to do everything she could to make her appear female.


“Well, I can shape his eyebrows and apply some makeup to brighten his face, but there isn’t much I can do with his hair since it is cut that short.  I guess I could make him look like a dyke with a butchdo.”


“How about if I went to the wig shop down the aisle and got him a wig and brought it back for you to style?”


“Yes, that might work,” she said.  “But you better stick with brown, not blonde because of his skin tone.”


“I will be right back, see what you can do for her while I am gone.”


“I got a cheap wig and returned to the salon.  I was actually quite shocked to see Donna starting to look feminine.  I was sure that by the time he had the wig styled and on his head that he could pass for female, although not a gorgeous one.  And truthfully I did not want him to look too good anyway.  I didn’t need the competition.  I would be the one that was humiliated if he got laid before I did.


When Beverly had finished with Donna, she could actually pass for female.  She had gone all out on her makeover; even applying fake long nails which were painted a bright red to match her lipstick.  When Donna looked in the mirror I saw a huge smile light up her face and I knew we were going to be fine.


We walked out of the salon holding hands and laughing like any two girlfriends would do.  I reached over and put my arm around his waist and gave him a little squeeze.  “I am so glad to have you back,” I whispered.


And he looked at me and said, “I am really happy to be back.  I will try not to disappoint you again.  Did you want to go to Fredericks of Hollywood so I can pick out your lingerie?  Do you have something special in mind?”


“I want you to buy me something that will make me so sexy that no man could ever resist me.  When you are looking through the panties and bra sets, pick out something that if I wore it for you, you would want to fuck my brains out.  And then find me the sexiest garters and hose you can find.  And then top it all off with a nightgown that I can wear to bed and have a man want to take it off of me.  In short make me fuckable.”


I was so pleased to see her, going through all the different sets, trying to choose just the right thing.  I knew that she realized that this outfit was not for her benefit but she had come to terms with the fact that her happiness only mattered as it related to mine.  And from this day forward she would sacrifice herself, her feeling and her pride to make me happy.  And that knowledge made me ecstatic.


We arrived home in the middle of the afternoon.  Donna fixed me a light lunch and then asked me if I would like him to draw me a nice bubble bath.  I told him, yes, and I would like him to stay, and help me wash my back and shave my legs.  After a long soak in the tub and my legs were silky smooth, I instructed him to shave my pussy.  That was something I had never done before and so I thought it would be the ultimate debasement for him to know he was shaving my cunt for another man to use.


I expected him to frown or pout but he seemed thrilled to be able to touch me in that area.  He was as gentle as he could be as he got the shears and trimmed my hair really close and then slathered it with shaving cream and carefully removed every strand of hair.  When he was done he helped me from the tub, patted me dry with a soft towel and told me to go lie on the bed and he would get the body lotion.  He said I deserved to feel soft all over and he would be honored if he could make it so.


He spent the next hour rubbing crème into every exposed area of skin on my body.  I felt so relaxed that I told him I was going to take a short nap and for him to get ready for the evening.  We had bought him another corset and panty girdle, but I knew he could not manage those by himself.  But I directed him to take is own bath and make sure he was closely shaved.  If when he was done he wanted to take a nap of his own, I would not mind, just to make sure and set the alarm for no later than 7 p.m. so we would have time for both of us to get dressed in our sexy clothes.


I had the most wonderful dreams about hard bodies and big cocks and I was terribly disappointed when I heard the alarm sound in the other room.  I stretched and climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve myself and to freshen my makeup.


When I came out of the bathroom Donna was standing, waiting to help me dress.  She put my garter belt on, helped me with my bra and then got down on her knees, rolled my stockings like a pro and put them on first one leg then another.  She then fastened the garters and reached for my panties.  I looked at her and said; “I doubt that I will need panties tonight.”


Donna smiled, patted my thigh, lovingly and said, “You may not need them, but they make the outfit work.  Most men like a bare pussy, but they like to be the ones to take the panties off of it.  Of course you know best, but personally, if it was me that this was for, I would like the panties on.”


I reached down and stroked her face, gently and said, “You really do love me, don’t you?  Even though I think you realize that you will never fuck me again, you still worship me.”


“Yes, goddess, until after I came to my senses this morning I did not realize how much.  Now let’s finish dressing you so you can go find your big cock man.”


“Well, first we need to get you dressed.  Maybe you will find a cock of your own.”


“That is not on my shopping list, goddess,” He said.

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