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The Party: Don’s View


As Madelyn left I knew I had made the biggest mistake of my life.  Up until I had signed those papers, I could have walked away with something even if it was not my pride.  Now, I was completely at the mercy of my wife and from Madelyn’s comment as she left that was exactly where Sandy wanted me.


And now I was climbing into our car in full view of anyone that wanted to see, dressed like a damned fool I did not know how far away this hall was but I did know that I was riding to my doom.


Sandy pulled into a parking lot and got out of the car.  For some reason, she had picked a space as far from the door as she could find.  And that wasn’t hard since there were only about three cars and a caterer’s truck in the lot.  She started out for the door at a fast pace causing me to teeter on my heels trying to keep up.  I had been worrying more about how I looked but as I followed Sandy I was struck by how good she looked in her short black leather skirt and high-heeled black boots.  And although she wore a short black leather coat as well, I found myself desiring to get a look at what was underneath it.  Regardless of how she treated me she was still by far the most beautiful and sexually desirable women alive.  If I wasn’t caged the way I was I know I would be rock hard just looking at her.


We entered the building and I noticed that there were four long tables set up and that they were loaded with food.  Chairs had been set up around the perimeter and in the back, a stage looked to be ready for live music and dancing.  We walked through a narrow entry in order to get to the main area of the hall.  And as I stepped through Sandy instructed me to stand off to the side where I could greet all the guests as they entered.


“When someone comes in, just bow and say welcome and then curtsey and let them pass.  If they address you at all make sure that you are 100% polite.  It would not be good for you to show any type of offense to anyone.  Are we clear?”


“Yes, goddess, I understand.”


It wasn’t long before I saw Jenny coming towards me accompanied by two men.  I tried to do as I was instructed; I bowed at the waist and said welcome to our party.  And then I tried to curtsey as Sandy had shown me.  Jenny then turned to one of the men she was with and said, “This is Sandy’s slave slash husband.  I told you what a pansy he was, now do you believe it?”


“I sure do,” said the man she had addressed.  “It is no wonder she is looking for a real man.”


Jenny then turned to me and said, “Donna, this is Bill.  I brought him here tonight to introduce him to Sandy.  She has been telling me that she needs someone in her bed that isn’t queer.  I hope they hit it off, don’t you?”


I didn’t know quite how to react to that question, so I simply said,
”Nice to meet you, Bill, I hope you enjoy yourself, tonight.”


Jenny turned back around to me, “And Donna this is Tom.  He is my date for the evening but I know he wants to get better acquainted with Sandy as well.”


I bowed respectfully and said, “I am glad you could join us tonight.”


Then they turned and started to walk away but I heard Tom remark, “God what a candy ass he is.  Bill, I hope you fuck his wife until she squeals.  If that is what she has been sleeping with she will be over the moon with a real man inside her pussy.”


I wanted to go after him and beat him to a pulp for disrespecting my wife.  But I knew that would only cause me more misery.


I stood there like a damned fool as everyone of my friends trooped in.  They all threw snide remarks my way and called me names.  I took it all in stride, bowing and curtsying and wishing them welcome.  And then my world came completely crashing down as I was forced to greet, my mother, my sister, and my older brother.


My mother took one look at me and said, “Well, Sandy warned me but I still don’t believe that my youngest son has turned out to be a queer.”


“Oh I don’t know, I always thought there was a little something strange about him.  I used to think that he was sniffing my panties out of the laundry basket.  What do you think of your little brother George?”


“Well, he is one ugly broad, but if he let his hair grow and had the right make up he might look good enough to give me a blowjob.  Those heels certainly give his legs a nice shape.”


I bowed to the three of them and they ushered past me just in time for my boss and three of my co-workers to take their place.


As I bowed and started to curtsy my boss just pushed me out of the way so hard that I fell against the wall and turned my ankle.  “Get out of my way you damned pansy,” he spit.  “And don’t bother showing up for work on Monday.  I didn’t know I hired a damned queer, but now I do, your fired.”


Tears were running down my cheeks as they walked away.  I had no idea what I was going to do for a living now.  I am sure that the word would be all over town by Monday afternoon and I would have zero prospects of finding another job.  Apparently someone had spoken to Sandy for in just a few seconds she was by my side.


“Jesus Christ,” she exclaimed.  “Quit your bawling.  You are ruining your mascara.  Come on follow me, I will get you fixed up.”


She led me into the ladies room and sat me down on a stool.  She got a cold cloth and began wiping my face.  Are you through with your hysterics now, so I can fix your make-up?”


“You don’t understand,” I said.  “Mr. Jenkins just fired me.  I have no job and no prospects of getting another one.  What am I going to do?”


“First off, Mr. Jenkins can’t fire you.  I have already talked to him and explained that it would be sexual discrimination for him to fire you.  He said that maybe he had over reacted and if you come into the office Monday morning and get down on your hands and knees, kiss his feet and beg; he will give your job back.  So you see you have nothing to worry about.  And besides I have been talking with some of the other women and we are talking about setting you up to clean house for some of the wealthier men in town.  I am sure that if you are especially nice to them that you will make as much in tips as you do now.”


She then reapplied mascara to my lashes and put some eyeliner on me as well.  She handed me a lipstick and told me to touch up my lips.  I did and started to hand it back to her but she told me to keep it, as she was sure I would need it many times before the night was over.


She then motioned for me to follow her.  When we go out into the main hall she had me step up on the stage and handed me a microphone.  She took one as well.  She then made and announcement.  “I want to welcome all of you here tonight for Donna’s coming out party.  I doubt that many of you suspected that she has always been a closet transvestite, but now you can see it clearly for yourselves.  I want you all to feel free to ask her any questions you might have and I know she will answer you honestly and completely, So with that said, who would like to go first?”


“I would,” said my mother.  “Donna how long have you been doing this?”


“I just discovered the desire about two weeks ago,” I replied.


“Oh, I don’t buy that for a minute.  A man does not just suddenly decide to wear women’s clothes.  I bet you were sneaking around with my underwear when you were a teenager.”


“No, mom, really I wasn’t.”


She then addressed my wife, “Sandy what are you going to do now that he has turned into a queer?  I know divorce might seem difficult for you with all the community property, but I don’t see how you can continue to live with a queer.”


“You don’t have to worry about me, mom, Donna insisted on turning over all the assets into my name.  I could throw him out in the street without even clothes on his back and he would be helpless to resist.  But, truthfully I kind of like the idea of having a full-time maid.  My only real problem is finding a real man to share my bed.  Does anyone have a suggestion?”


“I do,” my brother declared.  “I would be more than happy to show you what a real man can do between the sheets.”


“I will give that some thought, but unless you have a lot bigger cock than little Donna here, I would not be interested.  I hear small things run in families.  Mom, is that true?”


My mother again stood up laughing.  “Well, I wouldn’t know about George here.  I haven’t inspected his penis since he was old enough to wash himself.  I can tell you for a fact that his father wasn’t worth a damn in bed.  And I know that both of these boys had a nasty habit of masturbation.  Their sheets were always stained yellow.  I hope you have found a way to stop that habit.’


“It is funny you mentioned that Donna, asked me to help her quit playing with herself.  And I found the nicest little cage to lock her up in.  If she wasn’t snuggled so nicely into her panty girdle, I would have her show it to you.”


And then a cheer went up and they all started chanting, “Show us, show us, show us.”


“Well, alright,” Sandy announced if that is what everyone wants.  I will give you five minutes for anyone that would be offended to go outside.  After that I will have Donna, pull up her dress and pull down her panties so you can all inspect her cage.  It seems to do the trick but I would welcome any ideas if you know of something better.”


She then looked at her watch and we just stood there and waited.  When it became obvious that no one was going to leave she ordered me to pull my panties down and stand still with my dress raised so that anyone that wanted could come forward and inspect my cage.  I nearly died as absolutely every single person came up and poked and prodded me.”


When the last one had passed me, my wife announced that the band would begin shortly.  She told them to help themselves to the buffet and get whatever they wanted to drink.  “When you are finished with your plates just set them on the floor beside you and Donna will come by and clean up.  And if you want more to eat or drink just tell her and she will be glad to serve you.  And don’t forget, this is her night and she has requested to be allowed to service you in any and all ways.  So if there is something that you would like her to do, just let her know.  If for any reason she does not feel like she can comply then come and let me, Jenny or Mary know and we will rectify the situation.  You may have to talk to the others as I plan to get to know a couple of the male friends that are here.  I am looking forward to dancing with as many of you as may wish to do so.  And so, strike up the band.”


I was kept busy carrying food and drink all night long.  One thing I found to be exceedingly difficult was retrieving the plates, cups, and silverware from the floor.  Most of the guests soon discovered if they set their utensils under their chairs that I would have to get down on my knees to retrieve them and soon everyone was doing it.  They seemed to take delight in seeing how far back they could push the stuff so I would have to get even closer to the floor.  And then a new game began they would deliberately sit in their seats and call me over to pick up their discards.  Of course, I would have to get down with my face almost touching their shoes in order to accomplish the task.  And when I was stretched out to the fullest they would lift their feet solidly against my mouth.  And then they would loudly complain that I had got lipstick on their shoes.


Jenny heard one man make that complaint and she came over while I was still kneeling, pushed my head down and said, “Dear god, girl can’t you do anything right.  See the smudge on his shoes.  Lick it off, now.”


I tentatively reached my tongue out and with some effort managed to clean away the lipstick.  Then I started to get up but Jenny was having none of that.  “Take another look, slave.  You got the lipstick but now there is one clean spot, which makes the rest of the shoe look dirty.  I guess you will have to completely lick both his shoes clean so they will even out.”  I had no choice but to obey although it made me almost sick to my stomach to do it.  Fortunately, he was more interested in humiliating me than in having his shoes cleaned because I know I moved more dirt around than I swallowed.


Jenny then grabbed the microphone and announced.  “Donna apparently has been careless in her duties tonight.  She got lipstick on Tom’s shoes so I had to make her lick them clean.  You might want to check your own footwear to make sure she hasn’t made the same mistake with your shoes or boots.  Does anyone else need a clean up?”


Several people raised their hands and Jenny said, “Ok, why don’t you each come up one at a time and let Donna clean your shoes or boots.  I am going to set a chair right here in the middle of the floor so she doesn’t have to keep getting up or down.  And, Mary, would you do me a favor and supervise?  I don’t think she did a very good job on Tom’s shoes.  I know you have trained your own bootlicker, so you should be able to point out Donna’s flaws.”


“I would be happy to assist,” declared Mary.  “Would someone mind getting me one of the used kitchen rags?  Normally I would just let her clean her tongue on her teeth but with the amount of filth she needs to lick up tonight, in just a little while her tongue will be so black that she would be worthless as a cleaner.  So every few strokes she is going to need to wipe it off with a rag.  On second thought why not bring two rags, one loaded with detergent and the other wet with water.  And don’t bother getting clean rags, just whatever you find on the counter will do.”


So one at a time they all took advantage of my tongue.  Even those who I had not been in contact with decided they needed me to lick their boots.  I have no idea of how much filth I ingested, but by the time the second one left I could hardly swallow, my mouth was so dry.  I begged Mary for something to drink and she stood up and walked towards the stage saying that she would ask Sandy what I was allowed.  In just a few minutes Sandy came back with Mary.  “Show me your tongue, slave,” She demanded.  I opened my mouth and she inspected it.  “Well, it looks like the rags are doing their job, but I can see she does need something to wet her tongue with.  What would you like to drink slave?”


I replied, “Anything, goddess, as long as it is wet.”


“Hmmm,” she said, “That leaves quite a lot open for interpretation.  I have always wanted to see you drink something special.  Someone hand me an empty cup, please.  I will be right back.”


She was gone for several minutes and I wondered what was taking her so long when she returned.  She handed me the cup and without hesitation, I took a huge gulp.  I had drunk about half the glass before the taste finally hit me and I knew I was drinking urine.  I put my hand to my mouth as if I was going to gag but Sandy warned me in a loud voice to keep it down.  “Now, finish the glass,” She told me.


I did as she asked and set the glass down on the floor.  As she turned to walk away Sandy spoke to the crowd.  “You all know what she likes to drink.  I can’t produce enough piss to satisfy her I am sure so would you folks mind keeping a full glass in front of her? That way any time she gets thirsty she will be satisfied.”


And I heard her laugh all the way to the stage?


I wanted to die, and if Mary had not been standing guard with her pointed toed boots aimed at my balls I would have just laid down, curled up in a ball and cried myself to sleep.  But I knew the physical punishment would be swiftly meted out and I valued my testicles, even though I doubt I would ever get to use them again.

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