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A Humiliating Sunday: Sandy’s View


I was so immensely pleased when I found out that my next door neighbor Mary had not only turned her husband into her personal maid but that she was available to come over and help me with Don.  I had been wrestling with my new found sadistic nature and was reluctant to even let it all the way out in front of Jenny, but then I discovered that Mary was far more sadistic than I.


After making preparations for Don’s hair removal on the back porch, we decided to move the process into the garage for the comfort of everyone, except Don.  I am sure had he envisioned what was going to happen to him, he would have begged us to allow him to stay out in the wind.


I had figured we would just clip off the majority of his hair and then take him up to the bathtub and shave what was left, but Mary had other and better ideas.  I almost gasped when she grabbed his hand, took a butane lighter and began burning the hair off of his fingers.  And then he jerked his hand back.  I could see that made Mary livid and she asked permission to punish him.  I had no idea what she had in mind but I knew that I wanted to find out and so I granted the request.


I was shocked when she ordered him to spread his legs and put his hands behind his back.  She then positioned herself squarely in front of him and kicked him directly in his balls with her pointed toed boot.  Now I have admired those boots in the past but I now knew that I needed to get a pair just like them.  They were the perfect testicle-crunching boots.  And I actually cheered when he sank to his knees and she moved behind him and delivered a second kick to his testicles.  God, I loved the tears that man shed.


Using both sets of clippers and the butane lighter, it only took us about a half-hour to get the majority of hair off his body.  Then Mary suggested that we take the garden hose, rinse him off and let him air dry.  I almost drew the line, at that.  Of course, there was no wind inside the garage but that air was cold none-the-less.  I thought that Don had suffered enough physical torment for one day and almost relented until he made the mistake of starting to beg.  I then knew that I could not back down or he might think I was weak.  So I simply took off my soiled panties, shoved them in his mouth to stop his begging and grabbed the garden hose and turned it on him full blast.


“Let’s go have another cup of coffee ladies.  No sense in us being out here in the cold just because my slave does not know enough to keep his mouth shut.”  And we walked into the house leaving him hanging.


As we sat chatting, Mary asked what I thought the next step should be.  “Well,” I said, “ Jenny and I are going to take Don shopping for lingerie and heels.  The reason I wanted his hair removed is so that he does not look ridiculous with hair peeking out of his pantyhose.  I would really like to at some point have him completely debilitated but I really don’t want to spend that time today.  Mary, don’t you find it a lot of work keeping Paula properly denuded?”


“Well, it was quite a chore at first.  Of course, I made her do her own shaving for the most part.  I only had to worry about her back and buttocks but even that became a bore after just a few weeks.  So I went to a doctor that I know and asked her advice.  And she wrote me a prescription for female hormones.  I started him on a heavy dose and within just a couple of weeks, his body hair began to lighten up.  Now, a year later it is almost non-existent.  Of course, there are some side effects that you may or may not want.”


“Really, what are the side effects?”


I loved the evil look on her face as she replied, “Well, his tits are growing and his cock is shrinking.  He never was very big, as I am sure you can tell from the size of his hands, but now it is just a nub.  It is really not much bigger than a large clit.  Would you like to see?”


“Yes, please,” Jenny and I blurted out at the same exact time.


Mary then took her feet off of her human footstool and demanded he stand and pull up his skirt and pull down his panties.  What I saw shocked me.  His cock was indeed shrunken to the point of being worthless for anything other than urination.  He had no need for a chastity device, as he no longer could attain an erection if he wanted to.  And then I looked at his testicle sack.  It too had diminished in size.  I was just wondering if it even could produce an ejaculate when Mary saw me staring at it.


“I see you have discovered the other side effect of the hormone treatment.  Yes, his balls have shriveled up as well.  He does still produce a little semen, however.  That is why I have not bothered to have him castrated.  There is still enough feeling in his balls so that he screams and cries when I kick him in his tiny sack.  But, soon I think I will have him undergo a complete sexual reconstruction.  There are enough other ways to cause him pain and his cock has always been worthless anyway.  What about you Sandy, are you going to continue to allow your slave access to your vagina?”


“I hadn’t given it much thought.  I did configure his cock and balls in a double ring confinement, yesterday.  And after he was fully engorged and his cock had turned purple and cold, I did get a wonderful ride.  I just don’t know how often that would work.  His cock has a nasty black and blue ring around the base.  And I really don’t want to wait two or three weeks between fucks.  Jenny suggested that I take a lover, or actually, she suggested I take two lovers, but I really don’t know if I am ready to take that step.  And besides, there are so many venereal diseases out there that I would be scared to death to let a stranger fuck me.”


“Yes, there is that,” Mary stated.  “But for a while, I made my lovers wear condoms, but after we became comfortable with one another we both agreed to have blood tests done so we feel safe riding bareback.  I really like the extra feeling that my lover gets when he cums inside me.  And of course, it is so much more humiliating for Paula when he cleans me out afterward.  How he hates the taste of cum.  And I love tormenting him by making him hold it in his mouth and gargle with it.”


“You are so wicked,” I said with what I know was a huge smile on my face.  “I don’t want to scare Don off until I am sure I have him completely hooked so I thought I would start slowly.  Jenny suggested that I have him take me to the club and while he sits at the bar, I dance with as many other men as possible and see how he reacts.”


“That is a pretty good idea since you want to keep him around,” Mary said.  “In my case, I didn’t give a damn whether Paula left me or not.  In fact, I did everything I could to drive him away.  I even threw a party and had him serve the guests in his French Maid’s uniform so he would be totally embarrassed.  I even invited his Mother and Sister.  I will have to introduce you to Liz at some point.  She is Paula’s sister and, believe it or not, she takes him off my hands every now and again.  She loves to have him lick her boots and shoes.  And since she has taken up horseback riding, they are quite flavorful.  He is so well behaved when she returns him to me.  But the deciding factor in our lives came when I went to my attorney and had her draw up papers for Paula to turn all her assets over to me.  Once that was done, she was stuck.  I really recommend that as soon as possible you take away his ability to survive without you.  Of course, that means making sure that you can get him fired from his job if he leaves.”


“How am I supposed to do that?” I asked.


“Simple, lots of pictures.  Take pictures of everything you make him do.  Start today with videos of him trying on lingerie and high heels.  Make sure that you get good facial shots so that he is easily recognized.  Then the next time you have him eat cum from your pussy take a close up so it is obvious what he has just done.  And at some point, I would force him to suck a cock or two and take pictures of that.  Then if he ever decides to leave, send the pictures to his boss.  And then you send them to all the other places that he might apply for work.  I don’t know about you but if he is not groveling at my feet, I want his life to be total hell.”


“Wow, I will have to give that some thought,” I said.  But I did notice that my cunt was sopping wet, so I must have taken a liking to some of what she said.


Enough time had now passed and I announced that we needed to finish our preparation and head out to go shopping.  I asked Mary if she would like to accompany us but she declined, saying she was going to enjoy the rest of the day having her slave give her a full body massage.  And then Paula was going to prepare and serve dinner to her new lover.  So she took her leave.


Jenny and I retrieved a very cold and very sore slave from the garage.  We had left him to hang for so long that his legs and lower back had cramped up and so I took quite a little effort to get him upstairs.  We even had to draw him a hot bath and help him into it so that his muscles could relax enough to continue with the day.


While he was reclining in the tub, I did take the time to shave his pubic area so that I would not have to unlock it again for at least a week.


When he was able, I reattached his cock cage and had him put on a pair of my pantyhose.  I was pleased to notice that no hair stuck through the nylon.  I chose a pair that was designed for support knowing that the constricting nylon would cause him discomfort.  “God, what a sadist, I am becoming,” I thought.

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