Free book giveaway day eleven two chapters

Saturday Night: Don’s View


The first week had passed and I was actually shocked that Sandy had not assigned me demerits.  I knew that many of the things she had assigned me had not been done to her specifications but she seemed perfectly happy just to encourage me to do better in the future as she lovingly pointed out what I had missed.


But as the time for possible release rapidly approached I still had a sinking feeling in my stomach that told me she still could all of a sudden present me with a long list of my failings and tell me that it would be a year and a half before I could gain release.


So it was a great shock when as soon as dinner was over and the dishes washed, dried and put away that she approached me with a proposition.


“Don, you have done exceedingly well this past week.  I am so proud of you and I want to make sure that you get a proper reward.  Are you looking forward to me presenting you the key to your cage?”


Well, you could have blown me over with a feather.  “Wow, this is all I have been able to dream of and now that it is here, I am not sure exactly what I want.  I guess just being allowed to masturbate would be ok, but is there any possibility that there could be a little something more intimate involved?”


“I am glad you asked,” Sandy said with a big smile on her face.  “Do you like choices?”


“You mean like on “Let’s make a Deal”?  Would you rather have what is behind door number two or the box in the middle of the stage?”


“Yes, something like that.  So what do you say, would you like to play let’s make a deal?”


“Sure why not, I will take the door leading to our bedroom.”


“Well, regardless of which eventuality you pick you can definitely open the door to our bedroom.  But come over here and get down on your knees in front of me and I will give you your choices for this evening.”


I wasted no time in following her instructions and was soon in position on my knees as instructed.


“Ok,” she started.  “Behind door number 1, I hand you the key, allow you to unlock it and go into the shower.  You can spend as much time as you like and do anything you like as long as the water is running.  Behind door number 2, I help you take off all your clothes, tie you to the bed, unlock your cage and stimulate you until you are rock hard.  Then I keep you in that condition for at least an hour before I allow you to cum.  And I may actually allow you to enter me to gain relief.  Which door do you choose?”


“Wow, there isn’t even a choice to be made.  Door number 1 would be a pleasant experience, but door number 2 would be like being in heaven.  I choose door number 2.”


Sandy got a kind of an evil look in her eyes and said, “Remember, there are always as few surprises on “Let’s make a Deal?”


“I will take my chances, let’s head for door number 2.”


She told me to rise, and go to our bedroom and wait for her.  As I entered the room I was surprised to see that there were short lengths of rope already tied to each corner of the bed.  It seemed that she had already known which door I would choose.  She had not told me to undress so I sat on the end of the bed and waited.


When Sandy entered she carried a brown paper bag.  She came to me and motioned for me to stand up.  She then started to seductively remove my clothes.  She seemed to take real delight in unbuttoning each button.  I know that if my cock was not inside a metal tube that it would have already been rock hard well before the last article of clothing was removed.


Sandy then instructed me to lie on my back in the middle of the bed.  When I had complied with her request she slowly tied each of my wrists to the corners of the headboard and then made her way to my feet and tied them in a similar manner to the corners of the footboard.  She did not stretch me out in any way and I was in no manner of discomfort.  In fact, it was downright sexy being totally at the mercy of my hot wife.


Then she reached for the bag and removed two metal rings.  One was about 2 and a half inches in diameter and the other looked to be less than one inch in diameter.


I had an idea what they were for but I had not realized that Sandy would know.  So I asked her what the rings were for.


“Why, Don, I know you have heard of cock rings.  In fact, there are a few pictures of them on those websites you used to visit.  And remember I told you I was going to keep you rock hard for at least an hour.  Well, these little toys are designed to help me do exactly that.  The trick is to be able to get them on you before you are fully erect.  But with a little speed and a little pain, I think I can manage.”


Sandy then produced the keys to my padlock and unlocked me.  But she only removed the straps from behind my testicle sack.  She did not pull my penis out of the tube.  When my balls were free she took the larger ring and began pulling my testicles through it one at a time.  She would get the skin of the first ball completely through the ring and then with her thumb she would push the ball itself through into the loose skin on the other side of the ring.  The first one went pretty easily and without much pain but the second took considerable more effort on her part and a lot of pain on mine.  I felt my cock begin to shrivel up inside the tube and I knew she was going to accomplish her goal.


She then pulled my cock out of the tube and quickly bent it in half and inserted my foreskin through the ring that encased my testicle sack.  Then with just a little effort she pulled the entire length of my cock through until the ring nestled snuggly against the base of my cock.  Before I had a chance to relax she grabbed the smaller ring and inserted my cock into it and pushed it firmly down to the base of my cock.


Then she stood up and began to do a slow seductive strip tease for me.  I felt my cock leap to attention all most immediately.  And the harder I got the more the rings began to bite into my tender flesh.  My cock was soon completely engorged with blood but I knew that blood could not escape back out until some of the swelling had gone down.  And even the ring around my testicles was biting into the cords of my balls and I was beginning to be in excruciating pain.


When Sandy was satisfied that I was as hard as I could get she bent over and whispered in my ear, “There, as I promised you are rock hard.  In fact, you have never had your cock that swollen in the fifteen years we have been married.  And I also promised that I would keep you that way for at least an hour.”


She then picked up her panties from the floor, wiped them several times against her obviously wet pussy and slipped them over my head with the crotch against my nose and mouth.


“Ok, enjoy yourself.  And whatever you do stay hard.  I would not want to go back on my word.  I have set the alarm for one hour and when that goes off I will return.


I had no effective way of telling time and as the pain grew I began to be afraid.  How long could blood be trapped in a cock until some type of permanent damage was done?  Oh, I had heard the warnings for viagra and other drugs to treat erectile dysfunction say that if you have an erection for more than 4 hours call a doctor.  But does that apply to having rings around your cock and balls?  What happens when Sandy comes back if my cock has fallen off?


I was about ready to start yelling and screaming for help when like a prayer being answered I heard the alarm go off and soon thereafter the bedroom door open.


“My, that is a lovely sight,” Sandy said.  “I don’t know if I have ever seen a better shade of dark purple.  Here let me get those panties off of your head.”


When I could again see, I noticed that Sandy was still naked and that caused me to get even harder.  She came to me and reached down and slowly began to stroke me, gently running her fingers from the base of my cock and up over its head.  Although she was barely touching my skin; just that little bit of friction was painful but I did not want her to stop.


“Oh, you are so cold.  Would you like me to put that into something that is very wet and warm?”


“Yes, please, I don’t think I can stand this much longer.”


“You know what I have been doing while you were in here enjoying your hard on?  I have been surfing the Internet for more wonderful ways to enslave my husband.  Would you like to talk about them now, or would you rather I just used your pop sickle to fuck my brains out?”


“Please, put it into your cunt and use me as long as you want.  I just need to cum so badly.”


She then got on her knees on the bed, positioned herself directly above my hips and guided me to her entrance.  I was amazed at exactly how wet she was.  It was obvious that she had spent the last hour looking at something that really excited her.  And then without any further delay pushed herself down until I was buried in her hot wet sheath.  I know that it should have felt good but instead, it was exceedingly painful and I began to moan.  I don’t know if she took it as a sign of pleasure but she began grinding her hips against my pelvis bone and moving back and forth.  I had never before felt her this excited or this slippery and I was torn between being happy for her and being sad for myself.  The more I moaned the harder she would grind.  I felt her start to tense up and I knew that she was, in the beginning, stage of an orgasm.  I felt such relief when I felt the spasms start in her pussy.  This agony would soon be over.  But I had not counted on the fact that a woman can have as many orgasms as she wants.  And so after a brief rest period she again began to move slowly up and down using my shaft as an anchored dildo one, which would never, decrease in diameter.







Saturday Night: Sandy’s View


I had really enjoyed the week with Don and I wanted to make tonight something that he would always remember.  I knew that just letting him masturbate would be a mistake.  Sure he would get the release he had been promised but I doubt that he would really look forward to being re-encased in his metal sheath if that was all we did.  And so I had thought back to why he had wanted to be put in a chastity device in the first place.  It was because he wanted me to control his orgasms.  I was sure that what he really wanted was to be teased to arousal and then kept in that fully erect state for a period of time.


I had spent quite a lot of time reading some of the comments on sites that touted chastity and I was intrigued by a two-ring system of forcing a man to keep his erection.  And again, fortunately, I had already purchased the rings although when I bought them I did not know exactly how to use them.


And so I had made a deal with Don offering him a choice.  He could either have me unlock him and let him masturbate or I could tie him to the bed, get him hard and keep him that way for a period of time and then maybe I would even let him fuck me.  Why he jumped at the second option not even asking me exactly how I was going to accomplish the feat.


It did not take too long before I had him naked and tied spread eagle to the bed.  Then with a little speed on my part and considerable pain on his, I had his cage off and those double rings on.  One went completely around his cock and balls and the other just around his cock.  Once the blood started to flow into his organs, it could not escape and he just kept getting harder and harder until the skin was pulled so tight that no more blood could enter.  It was the most magnificent sight that I had seen.  Within minutes, his cock had turned from a gentle pink to a dark purple.  I knew that it must be terribly painful for him but I really wanted him to experience what it was he had thought he wanted.


I set the alarm for one hour and left Don there on the bed.  But just in case he managed to find a way for his cock to deflate, I took a pair of my used panties, wiped them against my already wet cunt and put them over his head with the wettest spot directly over his nose.  If that didn’t keep his tent pole standing, I figured I was wasting my time.


I then left the room, found some porn on the Internet and began to slowly masturbate myself to get me ready for Don when his hour was up.


As I re-entered the bedroom I was pleased to see that if possible he was even harder than he was when I left.  I removed the panties from his face and made him beg me to fuck him.  I felt his cock and was actually shocked to find that it was ice cold.  I did not really know at that point if I really wanted that thing inside me but I was pretty sure I did.  So I positioned my pussy directly over his rod, guided it to my opening and impaled myself on his shaft.  Dear God, did that feel good?  That icy cold piece of meat merging with the hot, wet sheath of my cunt was like heaven.  I could not stop myself, even though I knew from the sounds he was making that it was causing him pain, it was causing me so much pleasure that I refused to stop.  The more he moaned and groaned the harder I ground myself against him.  It was a terrifying feeling, knowing that I was enjoying causing him pain.  Even when it caused me discomfort when my pelvic bone ground against him I just drove myself harder and faster.  Because of the increased size of his cock it was reaching areas inside me that he had never reached before.  And my orgasms started in those new depths and spread out throughout my body.  Never in my life had I experienced such deep sexual pleasure.  And I knew at that moment that I would never be satisfied with a little shriveled up cock again.


I was completely exhausted by the time I finally raised myself up off of his swollen shaft.  It amazed me that with all the grinding and sliding up and down that I had done, not a drop of cum had leaked out of his cock and it was still rock hard.  God, I thought just let me relax for a minute or so and we can have a repeat performance.


As I lay beside my husband another nasty thought came into my mind.  I have no idea why I wanted to do hurtful things to him.  I never had in the past, but the thought of having him completely helpless and at my mercy just made my cunt spasm.  I could do things to him and he would not be able to do anything to resist them.  But, I really wanted him to willingly submit to my ideas of depravity.  And so I asked him, “If I take off your ring, and let you fuck me to completion, what will you do for me?”


“Anything,” he declared.  “I will do absolutely anything you ask.”


“Anything, you say.  That encompasses a lot of territory.  Would you clean my pussy with your tongue after you have filled it with cum?”


“Why would you ask me to do something like that?  I am not a goddamned queer.”


“Ok, I guess you didn’t really want to cum in my pussy.  Sorry, I mentioned it.  I will just remove your rings and let you go take your shower.”  And with that, I reached for his cock, grabbed the smaller ring and pretended to start to remove it.


“Wait,” he begged.  “Why do you want me to eat my own cum?”


“Why, so you will know what it tastes like.  You have always wanted me to suck you off and swallow, haven’t you?  Don’t you think it is only fair that you know something about what you are asking from your wife?  And besides, I bet you have already tasted your own cum or, at least, your pre-cum.  Come on be honest.  When you first started to learn to masturbate weren’t you fascinated by that long string of pre-cum that formed on the head of your cock?  Didn’t you catch a little of it on your finger and put it in your mouth?”


He stared at me with a sheepish expression and then answered.  “Yes I have tasted my pre-cum but I never had any desire to eat the whole load.  But if that is what you really want me to do, I will just this once, but please hurry and take that ring off before my cock falls off.”


“Heavens, I hope that doesn’t happen.  This is the first time I have ever gotten any pleasure out of it.  It would be a shame if I never got a chance to do this again.”


And with that, I grabbed the small ring firmly and began to tug it up his sheath.  It was almost impossible to get it to start moving and I knew that it was causing Don great pain but as soon as it slid a fraction of an inch it came off quickly.  Almost immediately I could see the color of his cock beginning to change and I quickly remounted him in an attempt to get one more good orgasm out of him before it disappeared.


The ring around his balls was still performing admirably though and I found that he could reach almost the same depths as before.  It didn’t take me only a few minutes and my cunt walls were spasming and pleasure was reaching all the areas of my body.  I gave one last deep push and felt his cock pulsate and his juices begin to mingle with my own.  And that caused even one more orgasm to rock my world.


I really wanted to pull myself off him at that point but then I knew that his cum would seep out of me onto the bed and that was not where I wanted it.  So, I just allowed myself to rest for a short while with his cock still encased inside me.  You have no idea how good it felt to have him all wet and going limp but still in my cunt.  And then I felt my arousal start a new.


So, I lifted myself off of his cock and immediately repositioned my legs on either side of his head and before he could even start to object, I lowered my wet, slimy, nasty slash onto his mouth.  He didn’t start licking right away so I ground my cunt even harder against his mouth enough so that even his nose was closed off.


“Lick it, damn you, or I swear to God, I will smother you.  You agreed to do it and you are not going to back out now.”  And I felt his mouth open and his tongue tentatively start to lick my slit.  “Oh, that is such a good boy,” I said.  “Clean me out good.  Get every drop of that delicious mixture of your cum and my juices.  Do a good job and see if you can make me cum one more time.”  And surprisingly he managed to fulfill my request.


When it was over, I raised myself off his face and lay down beside him.  For what seemed like hours I just cradled his head against my breast and stroked the back of his head.  I think that was the first time that I ever actually enjoyed sex with him.


I know that sounds strange.  How could a woman be married to a man for 15 years, have sex with him two or three times a week and yet not really enjoy it?  The answer is quite simple.  I thought that was what sex with a man was supposed to be.  I thought that as long as I had an orgasm or a semi-orgasm that was good enough.  But now I knew differently.  I now knew that with the right cock inside me I could have multiple orgasms that would rock my world.  And I also knew that I would never again go a long period of time without the right cock in my pussy.


After Don’s cock had deflated I released his hands and feet and asked him if he wanted me to take the ring from around his balls or if he would like to do that himself.  He told me he would give it a go and so I stood back and watched him try to get that ring off.  It was almost comical, how much pain he was causing himself by trying not to cause himself pain.  He was trying to push his first testicle through but he was doing it so daintily that he wasn’t accomplishing anything other than pushing the side of his ball into the iron ring.


Finally, he just gave up and said, “I guess it is just going to have to stay on.  The ring is too small for me to get my balls through it.”


“Don’t be such a baby,” I said.  “If they went through it one way they will go through it another.  Now do I have to re-tie you and pull it off or are you going to stop babying yourself and push your ball through?”


“You do it for me.  But please try not to castrate me in the process.” He whined.


And so I grabbed his cock, bent it double and from the base began to push his cock out of the ring until I could get one of my fingers between the ring and his cock and then forced the rest of the meat through.  Now there was plenty of room for his balls to be pushed through one at a time.


“Shit, why didn’t I think of that?  There was no way my balls could fit through there until my cock was removed from the ring.  Didn’t you think it might be helpful to mention that to me?” he asked.


I just laughed at him.  “It might have been helpful but it would not have been anywhere near as entertaining.  I so enjoyed the look on your face while you were struggling to get your ball through a hole that was clearly too small for it.  Now, go take a shower and clean yourself up.  And if you really want to, I don’t mind if you bring yourself off again with your hand.”


“Thanks,” he said.  “But I think that I drained every bit of cum from my balls already.  And besides my cock feels like someone dipped it in acid.  It will be a long time before I feel like stroking it.”


I waited patiently for him to take his shower.  I hoped that he would leave me a little hot water because after the workout I had just endured I needed to get some sweat and other bodily fluids washed off as well.

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