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The First Week In The Cage: Sandy’s View


After Don had finished massaging my body and my feet I was in a complete mellow mood.  All I wanted to do was snuggle up to him and feel his body next to mine.  Of course, it didn’t hurt that he had given me several orgasms with his tongue earlier.


And so when we got ready for bed I thought I would reward him a little bit for all the pleasure he had given me.  I told him that I wanted him to take off all his clothes and to get into the bed completely naked.  And then I followed suit by removing all my clothing as well.  I knew he would be surprised and I hoped he would be happy with the change.  I told him to turn and face me so that I could mash my breasts against his chest and so I could lay my head into the crook of his arm.  It felt so good, so right and so pleasant that I had hardly got comfortable before I fell into a deep sleep where all my dreams were of magical princesses with many servants.


The next morning I was surprised to see that Don looked like he had been rode hard and put away wet.  There were deep wrinkles under his eyes as if he had not been sleeping for the last 8 hours.  I tried talking to him but for some reason, he kept ignoring any of my questions about his night’s sleep.  In any event both of us were pretty busy, trying to get ready for work so the conversation got put on the back burner; hopefully to be revived at some later time.


Well, everything was pretty uneventful for the rest of the week.  I really enjoyed spending time with Don as I tried to instruct him into the proper way of doing house cleaning.  And several times I got the feeling that he was enjoying himself as well.


I am sure you can imagine he did not do everything perfectly and I could have found cause to give him demerits but that really was not the goal that I set out to accomplish.  Locking him up in his cage was not meant to be a punishment so much as it was meant to help him to change his behavior.  So as long as I could see that he was giving honest effort I did not want to discourage him by nit picking.  And I actually began to look forward to Saturday night when I could release him from his cage and allow him to get some relief.  So I guess not assigning demerits also had a selfish motive for me.

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