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The Day The World Changed: Sandy’s View


I could not believe how easy this was.  All my scheming and plotting were totally unnecessary.  All I had to do is say chastity device and he had fallen all over himself to crawl in his own casket.


And now while he was in the shower, I was laying my little surprises out on the bed.  Most of them would not be used for a while, but I wanted him to see them and think about what they might be used for.


It didn’t take him long to reemerge from the bathroom.  It was obvious that he had been in a hurry to get back to me because his hair both on his head and other areas of his body was still wet.  I thought some about making him go back in and shave his pubic hair but I really did not want to wait any longer to see him locked in his cage.  I figured that would be his first task when I decided to let him out for a short reprieve some place down the road.  But for that to happen, he was going to have to be a very good boy.


“Ok, Don, come over here and see what I have got for you.  This little device is what you have been dreaming about.” And I handed him the chastity device.  “It may take you a little effort to get it on and I know it won’t fit with your weenie all stiff like that.  I guess I could help you get it to deflate but I really want your balls full when we put you in it.  So do you have any ideas of how to get it to go down without getting off?


“I don’t know,” he replied.  “Maybe if I could think of something really gross, it would go down on its own.”


“Yeah, I really don’t want to wait that long.”  And with that, I picked up a pair of handcuffs off the bed and told him to put his hands behind his back.  When he had complied and I had locked his hands together, I reached between his legs, grabbed his balls and squeezed them together hard.  He let out a groan and tried to pull away from me but I just squeezed harder.  In less than a minute he was as flagellant as a eunuch.  And then before he could regain an erection I fed his cock into the metal tube, pulled the straps tight behind his aching balls and secured it in place with the padlock.


“Now, husband,” I announced.  “You can put your clothes back on, and come down to the den.  We are going to have a little chat about what is going to happen from now on.”


When he came into the den, I could see by the look on his face that this was not exactly what he had planned.  I doubt that he had really considered what having his cock inside a metal tube that he could not escape from was going to feel like.  And for one terrifying minute, I was afraid that he was going to back out of the deal.  Of course, I had the keys but if he really wanted he could take them away from me.  Until I had managed to hide those keys away from him, this deal was not consummated.


“It looks like you are having second thoughts,” dearest.  “Are you ready to admit defeat and beg me to take it off all ready?”  I said it with confidence but my insides were shaking and I was afraid that he would be able to smell my fear.  For right now I wanted this far more than he did.  If he knew that everything might be lost.


“No, I think we should play this out a little longer.  Why don’t you tell me what the rules of this game are?”


“I have taken the liberty to write up a little contract.  Within it are the rules.  I want you to read it carefully and then you can decide whether you want to sign it or not.  If you do sign it I will consider it binding on all parties, if you do not I will give you the keys and this will end the experiment.  But be warned, if you back out now, we will never play any more dom-sub games.  Then we can go back to how things were before last night.  Think about it carefully.


I almost held my breath as he took the paper from me and started to read.  It outlined exactly what I expected as far as obedience if not what I was going to ask him to obey. His initial period of confinement was to be one week.  If he failed to perform any task, I assigned, to my satisfaction he would be given one demerit. Each demerit would add one day to his sentence.  Because he might have a bad day and good possibly rack up unlimited demerits I had put in a caveat that the most demerits assigned on any one-day would be maxed out at five.


When he had finished reading, he hesitated.  He looked me directly in the eyes and asked, “So what are these tasks that you are going to ask me to do?”


“In short they will be anything that I desire to have you do.  Some of them may be simple household chores, doing the laundry, doing the dishes, doing the vacuuming, etc.  Some of them may be personal in nature.  I am thinking you are going to spend a lot of time giving me full body massages.  And of course, you will spend quite a lot of time on your knees giving me foot massages.  And just because you aren’t going to be getting any doesn’t mean I should go without sexual release so get your tongue in shape.  In fact, as soon as you sign that paper you can get down on your knees, pull up my skirt, take off my panties and dip your tongue in my cunt.  And I am quite horny so I imagine you will be down there for an hour or so.”


He reached for the pen, and I knew I had him.

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