Chapter two of my free book give away

Sandy’s Point of View:  The Confrontation


Although Don did not know it I have been monitoring his computer habits for quite some time.  A long time ago I had discovered his password in his top desk drawer while I was looking for a bill that I had received notice was past due.  Call me nosy if you want but I just had to see what occupied so much of my husband’s time when he was on his computer.  I knew he did not need it for work so I figured he was either playing video games or he had some other interests.


Now, understand, he isn’t a bad husband; he has just developed the habit of ignoring his wife. Instead of doting on me, he now spent a good deal of his time with his male friends.  And all too frequently he would come home drunk.  So I figured maybe I could find something that might be used to shake up the status quo. So I began going through the history on his computer and I was shocked to see that many of the sights he visited on a regular schedule were sights about female domination.  Some of them were just picture sites of leather-clad females or of nude or semi-nude women.  But one theme ran through all of them.  The women all wore high-heeled shoes or boots.  Some of the other sites were about men that had been feminized by their wives.  That thought intrigued me.  Why would an otherwise macho male want to be forced to wear women’s undergarments?


And so I started doing some searches of my own, starting with the keywords, “how to train my husband”.  The first few sites that popped up were all commercial places that demanded a fee to join.  And even the previews of those web pages were laughable.  Surely no sane person would ever fall for that type of nonsense.


Then I found a few, discussion sites where the main theme was training your husband by making him wear female garments.  Each of these seemed to think that if you could just get your husband to wear a bra, all his aggression towards you would disappear.  “Well, that sounds easy enough”, I laughed to myself.  I will just walk right up to Don, hold out a bra, and tell him to put it on.  And in two shakes of a lamb’s tail, our marriage will be back on track.  How in hell was I supposed to get Don to put on a bra unless of course I could catch him doing something so shameful that I could blackmail him into it?


Still other sites urged the neglected wife to take back control by being more forceful in the bedroom.  They suggested that a wife should begin by getting her husband addicted to sex with her and then slowly taking it away from him.  When he started to complain about the lack of attention he was getting, she would then start asking him to do small things for her in return for sexual satisfaction.  This sounded like a good idea but it also sounded like it was something that should have started on our honeymoon, not something that would work well after 15 years of marriage. But I did file the thought away for later consideration.


One thing that I did figure out was that nothing was going to change unless I changed it.  Until I confronted Don about his bad habits, he would have no reason to do anything about them.


And so, I looked through my closet to find something at least remotely looking similar to the outfits these women wore on these dominant-submissive sites he has been visiting.  I did have one short leather skirt and a pair of matching high-heeled pumps that might get his attention. Just to add to the image, I took one of his old leather belts, doubled it over so it appeared to be a tool of discipline.  Then I fired up his computer, went into his favorites and found one of the picture sites, he seemed to visit often, struck my most seductive pose and waited for the sound of a disappointed Don wanting his dinner.


I really did not have a well thought out plan as to what I was going to do once he came into the den.  I guess it was like a dog chasing a car.  What the hell is he going to do once he catches it?  But I figured I would just let nature take its course.  When I heard Don yell that he wanted his dinner, I almost broke out laughing.  He was so damned used to having everything at his beck and call that it was predictable.  I called out to him and let him know where I was and what I was doing.  The house went deadly quiet for a few seconds.  I wished I had a nanny-cam so I could see the expression on his face.


After what seemed like an hour, he finally slunk into the den.  I could see by the look on his face that he was really apprehensive, but then as he looked me over I could see something else.  The front of his slacks was making quite a tent.  It was obvious that this new me was intriguing to at least his small head if not his big one. Yes, this was definitely something that I could build on.


Well, I asked him to explain the websites, like the one on the computer and he tried to laugh it off.  “Just a little fantasy,” he said.  “They don’t mean anything.


I told him that the tent in his pants said otherwise.  Obviously, they did mean something sexually to him.  I asked him if that is how he wanted me to act.  And I slapped the belt a couple of times against the top of the desk for emphasis.  “Don, is that what you want?  Do you want me to take a whip to your ass?  Would that be pleasurable to you?”


“No, I told you,” he said.  “It is just an amusement.  Hell, what are you doing looking through my computer anyway?  Don’t you have any fantasies of your own?”


“Well, of course, I do,” I thought to myself.  But I was afraid that if I told him I fantasized about being fucked by someone who had a decent sized cock it might cause him some anxiety.  And strangely enough, none of the websites I had looked through seemed to have an answer to how to increase your husband’s penis size.


Well, then I made a slight miscalculation.  I joked about asking his mother and sister for help in determining why he visited these types of websites.  The joking nature of the conversation took an ugly turn as he demanded his computer or he would take it from me.  I realized that this was the make it or break it moment.  If I backed down, I might just as well throw in the towel and accept a lazy, drunken husband or divorce him.  So when he came at me reaching for the computer I did the only thing I could think of, I used the belt to whip him hard across the forearm.  It must have hurt or, at least, surprised him because he jumped back as if a rattlesnake had just struck him.  I followed up with the best threat I could think of, I told him to back the hell off or he would never have sex with anything other than his hand for the rest of his like, in fact, the next time he went to sleep I would cut his cock off.


God, you have no idea how good it felt to see the look on his face.  For once his macho façade was wiped away and he was a little off balance.  I vowed right then that I would be seeing that look many more times or I would die trying.


As he backed slowly out of the room, I figured I had either won the first round of this battle or at the very least I had earned a draw.


But then I heard him on the phone with his friend Frank making plans to go out for the evening and I began to worry that perhaps I had carried this just a tad too far.  But there was no way I was going to go running after him at this point.  I knew for a fact that he was on his way to some bar to get stinking drunk and I only hoped he had enough sense not to try and drive home.


Rather than spending the entire evening sitting and worrying, I decided to spend some time with my girlfriend Jenny.  Now, Jenny is the sexiest woman I know and although she is not married she does have her pick of men.  I wasn’t sure this was the perfect place to go for marital advice, but I figured she would know quite a lot more about controlling men than I did and so I picked up the phone and called her.  It was a little embarrassing explaining to her what my problem was but once I got it all out in the open, boy did she have some ideas.


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