A free short story

Betrayed by My Best Friend

Alice and I had been best friends since grade school.  Oh we had our disagreements but for the most part we got along extremely well. That is until we competed for the same man and I won.  Alice fell madly in love with Bill and did everything in her power to land him, but I did even more.  And to be honest I did not fight fair.  Any chance I got I found some way to make her look bad.  So when Bill and I finally got married, Alice stopped talking to me altogether

Well, that was 20 years ago.  Bill and I have two wonderful children, both of which are pretty well grown up, and a wonderful life together.  I never expected to see Alice again but quite by accident we ran into each other at a charity function.  After an awkward silence we finally shook hands and agreed to meet for lunch and catch up on what had transpired during the last 20 years.

So a week later we sat across from each other at a small out of the way restaurant.  We exchange small talk for a while and I discovered that Alice had gotten married five years ago and was extremely happy with her new life.  We talked about what we were doing now and I discovered that Alice and I had something in common and that was wanting to try and protect animals.  In fact she mentioned that she was having an auction soon, to raise money for a new animal shelter in her neighborhood.

I asked her what kind of an auction and wondered if there was something that I might be able to donate.  Well, she just started laughing.  She told me that she did not think that my husband would want me donating to this particular event and then she explained that it was a slave auction.

Well, I guess my mouth hung open for a few seconds.  “A slave, auction?” I asked.  “I have no idea what that is?”

“It is quite simple, actually, I get volunteers from unmarried men and women and they agree to auction off their services for a weekend.  It does not have to involve sex but sometimes it does if the new owner and slave hit it off.  Most of the time the slave just spends the weekend cleaning house in the nude or giving cream rubs or foot massages.  Sometimes it gets much more intense, involving bondage and discipline.  The kinkier the activity requested the more the bid becomes.  We actually raise a lot of money for the animals.  I think the last auction raised upwards of $10,000 dollars.”

“Wow, that is amazing, how did you get involved in something like that?”

“I was approached by a woman I knew and she asked me to help her out in raising some money for animals and of course I couldn’t refuse her.  I readily agreed before I really understood what was happening.  But I guess you know that I have never been a prude and so when I ended up on the auction block and realized exactly what they were bidding on I couldn’t bring myself to back out.  I was surprised when the closing bid for my services was $500 and I saw the very handsome man that had purchased me.  I spent the weekend, totally naked and at his beck and call.  It was so demeaning but so sexually stimulating at the same time that just before the weekend ended, I volunteered for some extra duty.  He accepted and apparently liked what he got because a few weeks later he asked me to marry him and I accepted.  I hope sometime that you and Bill can meet him.”

“I would love to and I am sure that Bill will as well.  So I see why you don’t think I can be apart of the auction, but is there anything else I might be able to do to help out?”

“I don’t think so, at least not for this auction.  I do need servers from time to time but I am pretty well, supplied with volunteers right now.  Maybe next time around you could help out.”

We parted company that day and I felt that we had almost washed away the past.  She seemed genuinely happy with her life and seemed glad that everything had worked out so well for Bill and me.

I settled in to my normal routine of taking care of my family.  I did have a full time job as a legal aide and so during the week I was kept extremely busy.  But on the weekends, Bill and I found time to please one another.  And then his schedule changed and I found myself more and more alone for long stretches of time on the weekends.  For the most part the kids had their own friends and except for coming home to sleep I never saw them.  I was becoming rather bored and quite lonely so I was happy when I got a call from Alice telling me that one of her servers had taken ill and she could use my help if I was still willing.  I asked her what I needed to do and she said I just needed to look my sexiest and to serve food and drinks when the guests requested it.  And to make sure that I indeed looked sexy, she would provide me with a French maid’s uniform.  All I needed to do was provide the undergarments that went under it and a pair of black pumps with at least a 6-inch heel.

I told her that I did not own such a pair of shoes, but since it was for charity I would go out and purchase a pair.  She then told me that all of the servers dressed identically and so I needed to make sure that I wore garters and black hose and that panty hose was not allowed.  Something in the back of my mind caused me to hesitate for a second but then I thought; it is for charity.

It had been a long time since I had worn garters so while I was out shopping for my new heels, I stopped by a lingerie store as well.  I found myself getting turned on just thinking about wearing some of this stuff and so I ended up spending far more money than I had intended.  But when I thought how happy Bill was going to be when he got an opportunity to see me model it, I knew the money was well spent.

When I arrived home from work on Friday night, I saw a package waiting for me on my door stoop.  I immediately knew that this must be my uniform for the party and so I took it inside and quickly opened it.  I was flabbergasted to see not only how beautiful that uniform was but also how short it was.  I knew that if I sat down or if I bent over, not only would my garters be visible but my panties would be as well.  And that necessitated that I trim some hair that I normally would not.  I spent the next hour bathing myself and preparing my hair and make up.  By the time I was ready to dress the hour was getting late.  So I quickly got dressed and made my way out the door.  I had never been to Alice’s but it was only a short drive away.  When I pulled into the drive, I was amazed at all the high-end automobiles that were parked around the premises.  And I was also amazed at the size of Alice’s house.  She must have done exceedingly well in her marriage.

I found a place to park and hurried to the front door only to find a burly doorman waiting for me, who informed me that servers were to enter the rear of the house.  And he pointed to a walk that led around the side.  Being already late, I moved as quickly as one can in 6-inch heels.  I knocked at the back door and Alice herself opened it immediately.  She had a frown on her face and she pulled me roughly into the house.

“Karen, for god’s sake, you had me worried that you were not going to make it tonight.  I have a full complement of guests and I need every server I can get.  Let’s get you started but first there is one more piece of your uniform that you will need.”  She went to a cupboard and pulled out what looked like a dog collar.  She told me to hold my hair out of place and then fastened it around my neck.  It seemed strange enough wearing a dog collar but this one was particularly so as I could feel little metal strips that were placed across my throat and the sides of my neck and there was a small metal box that hung down in front

I started to object asking her why I needed to wear a dog collar.  She got a little exasperated with me and said, “I told you this was a slave auction.  And even though you are just a server you still have to look the part.  All the girls are wearing the same thing.  Now grab a tray of appetizers and get out there and circulate.  When your tray starts to get low, come back and get another one.  And if any of the guests asks you to bring them anything, do so as quickly as possible

Well, I was kept busy running back and forth to the kitchen all night long. As I made my rounds I was amazed at how many people were there that I knew.  I saw my boss, who shook his head in wonder at me.  I saw several acquaintances that I had met at various functions and the biggest shock was when I handed a drink to my mother-in-law.  “Why, Karen,” she said.  “You are just full of surprises. Does Bill know that you are here, with a slave collar around your neck?”

“He knows I am helping out a friend at a charity event.  He obviously has not seen the collar.  I did not know it was part of the uniform when I agreed to help out.”

“Well, dear, you look lovely.  I can’t wait for the opportunity to have a longer chat with you but I am sure you have to get back to work.  Call me soon.”

I had not even had time to take a short break and my feet were killing me.  So, when Alice finally announced that the auction was going to begin and for all the guests were to find seats in the large auditorium I was relieved almost to the point of crying.  And as the guests took their seats one of the other servers came over and led me to an area along one wall where there was only one chair.  I looked at her a little confused and she said that Alice had requested that I stay and help clean up, but that I could sit and rest here until I was needed.  The rest of the servers then left.

I was completely confused by this turn of events.  Why would I, the least experienced server be asked to stay while the others went home?

And then the auction started.  The first item up for bid was a beautiful girl with long dark hair.  She wore nothing on her body except for a white bra and panty set and white high heels.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this ravishing young thing has agreed to be someone’s slave for the rest of the weekend.  She has agreed to do anything requested of her with the exception of intercourse.  I am sure that you can see a lot of room for interpretation as to exactly what that means, so I am going to start the bidding at $1,000 dollars.  I saw someone’s hand immediately shoot up and then an actual auctioneer took over driving the bidding higher and higher until she was sold for $2200

“The next slave up for bid is Marc Taylor.  As you can see he is in very good shape.  Look at that six-pack!  And don’t you just wonder what else he has in those tiny little shorts he is wearing?  Oh wait, I think I can see it trying to peak out of the edges.  And incidentally he has agreed to absolutely anything for the entire weekend.  Who wants to start the bidding at say $5,000?

I was amazed as I watched them troop up to the platform one after another to agree to be sold to the highest bidder.  I wondered what it would be like to be forced to serve a stranger for an entire evening, but the thought was not one that caused me to become excited.  It was the complete opposite and I cringed thinking what they would be forced to do.  I must have drifted off, because the next time I looked up the stage was empty except for Alice.  I figured the auction must be over so I stood and started to leave.

“Not so fast, slave,” I heard Alice say into the microphone.

I had no idea she was talking to me and so I kept walking a few more steps when a powerful shock hit my throat and the sides of my neck, stopping me in my tracks.

“Would a couple of you please retrieve our errant guest and bring her to the platform?”

I was still confused when I felt two sets of strong hands gripping my arms on either side and beginning to lead me back toward Alice.  An icy fear started to form in my stomach and I tried to pull away but their hold was like being in a vise.

“Let me go,” I screamed.  “I am not one of your sick volunteers.  Let me go or I will have you all arrested.”

And then I felt another shock hit my neck and this one was sustained to the point where I almost passed out.  I tried to cry out but my vocal chords were frozen and I could not utter even a mild protest.

I was forced onto the platform and dragged between two metal posts.  The men holding me produced two sets of metal restraints but before they could put them on me, Alice again spoke.

“Ok, slut, you have felt the zap of your collar.  That was on a mild setting, would you like to feel it turned all the way up?”

“God, no, please don’t hurt me anymore,” I begged.

“Then you better put the best smile you can find onto your face, look directly into the camera and read what is written on the card I am holding up.  If you so much as hesitate I will shock you hard enough to drive you to your knees.  Then when you have recovered we will start over.  And we will keep following that same cycle until I am satisfied that anyone watching this tape will believe that you are making the statement of your own volition.  Now, I want you to study the card and read it through in your mind.  When you are sure you can make a convincing tape, nod your head and we will get started.”

Well, I read the card and was completely shocked.  I knew that if I did as she asked that anyone that saw that tape would believe that I was a whore out to make money for myself.  It would be extremely hard for me to go to the police and convince them that I was anything but a prostitute that allowed things to go a little too far and was now trying to cry rape.  I steeled myself the best I could and nodded my head.

I looked directly into the camera and began reading in my most convincing voice, “I Karen Anderson would like to thank everyone here for your generous donations to the Animal Rescue Fund.  I know that many of you have dipped deep into your wallets and purses but now it is time to ask you for donations for another purpose.  I am in need of a little extra cash, myself.  And so I offer myself to you, for your enjoyment.  And in return maybe you will help me by being generous with your money.  I have posted a price schedule on the bulletin board, so if you are interested you can find me before you leave.  I am sure you will find my fees to be extremely low for what I offer.  For instance oral sex, giving or receiving is just $10.  And I always swallow.  A bare back fuck will cost you $40.  I thank you in advance.”

The camera was then turned off so that the tape could be locked safely away to be used later in case I did not follow instructions.  And then Alice addressed the group

“Before you hook her up, please take off the Maid’s dress.  That belongs to me and I see no reason to have it ruined by being cut off from her.  Here let me help you with that.”

She came over and pulled the dress up over my head and had the men release one of my arms so that she could pull it out of the sleeve.  Then that hand was again gripped and the other released.  I was soon standing in just my black bra, black garter, black thong and hose and heels.  My arms were then stretched upwards and secured to metal rings in each post.  They had pulled me high enough so that the only thing touching the ground was just my tiptoes. While my feet had been suffering before, I had not experienced pain until my toes started to cramp and soon my entire legs were on fire.

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, here is the last item up for bids.  I am sure you can see that she isn’t in as good shape as any that has gone before her so I don’t expect to get too much for her.  But, as an added bonus, she has not agreed to do anything and I know for a fact that she is a complete prude, so it should be entertaining to see what wonderful degrading things you can force upon her for the rest of the weekend.  Does anyone want to bid for the privilege of cutting off her bra?”

“I will bid $50 dollars,” a male voice announced.

“That is more than generous.  $50 is a lot of money just for the privilege of baring this skanks breasts.  Come on up.”

And I almost died when I discovered that the bidder was Mr. Winters, my boss.

He took a pair of sheers and proceeded to cut the straps off of my shoulders and then cut the center of my bra down the middle so that he could pull it off of my breasts.  He then grabbed my left breast in his big hand and began squeezing and twisting it until the tears streamed down my face.

“Please, Alice, why are you doing this to me?”

“You know why, slut.  I have waited for this moment for 20 years and I am going to enjoy watching you suffer all weekend.  Oh I see your mother-in-law is about to leave, say goodbye.”

When I didn’t answer, Alice again pushed the button that activated my collar and I screamed silently.  And I heard her say,  “Don’t worry Norma, I will make sure you get the full tape of Karen’s performance.  Maybe, you would like to share it with your son some evening.”

“Now, who wants to bid on cutting her panties off?”

That item brought $25 and my garters brought another $20 and my nylons went for $5.  Someone even bought my shoes for $10.  So shortly I was standing completely nude.  The outfit that I had spent well over $200 dollars for was for the most part laying in a pile completely ruined.

“Now that she is ready to be used and abused, does anyone want to bid for the pleasure of whipping this bitch?  I’ll tell you what, in order to speed things along, why don’t all who are interested in this activity please line up to my left.  I will set the price at 1 dollar per stroke.  That way you can whip her all you want and it won’t cause your wallets or purses to suffer.  I have in my hand two whips.  These were specially made for me with six heavy strands instead of two.  I assure you that when you strike her with one of these she will begin to sway.  There is room for two of you, one in front of her and one in back.  Let’s have a competition to see who can make her sway the farthest without touching her with any thing but the whips.  So now release her arms from the side poles and tie them together and use the winch to pull her up off her toes so her body can swing freely.  Let’s start with two women.  And so she doesn’t know when the blows will come here is a blindfold, please make sure she can see nothing.

I was already raised off the floor and my arms were painfully stretched to the limit.  I was having trouble breathing as the pressure was causing my rib cage to constrict.  I had heard that people could actually suffocate this way and I was beginning to panic even before the blindfold was put over my eyes and secured in place.

Very soon I heard a loud swoosh and then whap and pain exploded across my entire ass.  I felt myself sway slightly away from the blow and then another swoosh, whap and even worse pain erupted across my stomach and the front of my hips.  I screamed and I heard Alice say, “again, harder.  Make the cunt swing.  And they did.  Blow after horrible blow landed and I was soon swinging to the rhythm of the whips

“Harder, mark the bitch.”

And then I passed out.  I don’t know if they continued to beat me while I hung there unconscious or not but when I woke up to the smell of ammonia being held under my nose, I was no longer hanging, but instead I was encased in an old fashioned pillory.  I was bent at the waste and my head and arms were captured in the wooden structure.  But this device also had something added.  A beam protruded out under my belly so that I had no choice but to hold my ass out at an inviting angle.  And I knew that I was low enough so that a man of normal height would have no problem fucking me standing up.  The only redeeming factor was that my head was held in such a position that my mouth was pointed down at the ground and I figured that it would be difficult for them to get at my lips.  I soon found out that was a mistake on my part.

“She is awake so please step up and fuck the bitch.  Don’t bother to lubricate her. I want her to be dry-fucked in whichever hole you choose to use.  It may be uncomfortable for you for a little while but the added friction will make it worth the effort.

And then someone stepped up behind me grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart and inserted the head of his cock into the entrance of my pussy.  With no preliminaries, what so ever, he shoved with all his might and the full length of his cock tore into my canal.  The pain was excruciating and I screamed and screamed.   My distress seemed to drive him to greater efforts and he was soon slamming himself, in and out, driving even deeper until I could feel his balls slapping my ass.  And as I opened my mouth to scream even louder my hair roughly pulled my head back and a giant cock was pushed into my mouth.  He did not even hesitate to let me get adjusted before he slammed the tip of his cock down my throat.  I started to gag but nothing could come up past that thick piece of meat blocking the entrance to my esophagus.  He held his hips still against my lips and allowed me to stop panicking and I began to be able to breathe through my nose.  And then he began to stroke slowly in an out, fucking my mouth as he would if he was in my cunt.

And by now, my cunt was actually lubricated, but with what I did not know.  I certainly had not achieved any level of excitement, so it may have been his precum or perhaps blood from my torn insides but in any event he was sliding in and out.  And I knew very soon that I would be lubricated with his jism.  Neither man seemed to want to take time and really enjoy what they were doing so within a few minutes I felt cum shoot out of each of them.  While I was almost grateful for the load in my cunt as it would lubricate me for who ever came after but the one in my mouth was vile tasting and although I knew I did not want to anger anyone by not swallowing, it was the most disgusting thing I had ever done.

But I did not have time to think about it, as they had no sooner pulled out than another cock was pushed between my lips.  And although Alice had told them not to lubricate themselves the one behind me did wipe his cock across the wet lips of my pussy to get some juice onto his cock head before he inserted it into my ass.  I had never been penetrated in that hole before, although my husband had tried to get me to let him a few times.  And I soon learned why I had refused him.  The pain was incredible as my sphincter muscle was roughly stretched to allow more and more of his cock to enter me.  I know that I would have screamed but with a cock pushed deep down your throat not much sound comes out.  I could feel fluid in my rectum and this time I had no doubt that my own blood caused it as small veins and capillaries had ruptured when that huge cock was shoved into my ass with no mercy

I don’t know how many cocks entered my various holes before my mind finally shut down.  I do know that my stomach was full of cum as were my cunt and asshole.  Finally most of the men must have been sated as I was left alone for a few minutes to regain some composure.

I felt the stocks being lifted off of my hands and neck and hoped that my ordeal was finally over, but I did not realize that the men were not the only ones that wanted to use me.  I was dragged roughly upright and forced a little ways across the room where a padded bench was set up.  I was forced to lie down with my head just protruding off the end of the bench.  I was almost grateful for being able to stretch out onto something when I realized that the bench was covered with sharp protruding objects that I could only assume were the tips of nails or tacks of some kind.  And as I was secured with tight straps across my chest and hips I could do nothing but suffer their intrusion into my skin.

And then I felt legs brushing the sides of my cheeks and I smelled the unmistakable odor of excited pussy.  I had never been with a woman but I knew that was going to be rectified.  And then I felt her lower her cunt down onto my mouth.  Without even being told I began to lick her wet smelly slit.

“Wow,” I heard someone say.  “This whore really likes eating beaver.  I did not even have to tell her and she dove right in. You ladies are in for a real treat she is a great cunt lapper.  And she ground her hips even harder against my mouth.

By this time I had made up my mind that I would do everything I could to make my tormentors happy.  And perhaps if I did a good enough job that they would show a little bit of mercy.  So as each woman took her place I drove my tongue as deep into their slits as I could and worked my tongue as much as possible against their clits.  For the next hour or so my motto became slits and clits.  And not one woman left my mouth until she had her body wracked by at least one huge orgasm.

Finally Alice announced that it was time to clean me up.  I was untied and allowed to get off the bench.  I suppose I should have tried to escape once I was free, but where was I going to go.  I was naked, my legs were weak and I was bleeding from my back and rectum.  And the idea of trying to fight anyone to get to a door leading outside just did not have an appeal.

Alice led me over to an area with a concrete floor with a drain in the center. There was another hook hanging down from a beam that crossed the section and once again my hands were tied and connected to the hook.

“Pull her up far enough so that she can stand with her toes on the floor.  I don’t want her to be able to hurt herself when I start to disinfect her wounds.  You folks did a marvelous job with the taws.  Her back and front are cut up pretty well.  I am sure she will have scars for a long time.  But I think we should make sure that her bowels are taken care of.  Would one of you bring that enema bottle and someone else get a quart of tequila to put in it.  I am sure that should work wonders to seal any wounds in her rectal tract.”

Shortly after that I felt a small hose being inserted into my anal opening.  “I am going to release the flow now and you better clench your ass muscles and hold all of it in.”

Liquid fire erupted inside my rectum and as hard as I tried I could not stop some from leaking out.  But as soon as the hose was removed, a huge plug was shoved into my ass and secured with some type of harness and then I was left to hang with my inside screaming with burning pain.

“We will just leave her there until that has time to fully work.”

I must have passed out from the pain because the next thing I knew I came violently awake with the smell of ammonia under my nose.

“No fair bitch,” Alice said.  “You don’t get to nap until you have absorbed all that wonderful alcohol into your system.  And then we will use some more as a douche to clean out your cunt as well.  She doesn’t seem to be trashing around too much so maybe the pain as gone down enough so she can feel something in another area.  Bring me another bottle and a sponge.  She then covered the sponge with tequila and used it to bathe my back and hips.  The alcohol immediately started to burn in all the tender areas where the whip had landed and I screamed and screamed and screamed.  And as soon as that fire had died down, she repeated the process with my tits and belly.  She made sure that the sponge was wet enough so that a small amount of the fiery liquid ran down my front and made contact with the lips of my pussy.  That was just a hint of the pain that area was to suffer.  For soon the enema bag was refilled with another quart and the hose inserted into my vagina and pushed as far as it could go.  When it was obvious that it was almost inside my womb, she again released the flow so that I could scream as the tenderest area of my body was subjected to the acid like burns of the liquor.

This time when I passed out they did not bother to revive me.  But apparently they did not leave me hanging there either for when I awoke that time I was in a large dog crate all by myself in the middle of the concrete floor.  I was still in considerable pain, especially inside of my cunt and ass but at least it was tolerable.  I had no way of telling what time of day it was as there were no clocks in the room and the room had no windows.  It was impossible for me to lie down fully so I was curled into a fetal position and unable to move from it.  My arms and legs were cramped and I cried out for someone to come and release me so that I could stretch.  No one came and the hours passed in agony.

And then the worst indignity struck.  I began to realize that I needed to relieve my bladder.  I had suffered so much pain that only when I was totally distended did I recognize the signs that I had to urinate and that there was no way I was going to be able to hold it in.  So I relaxed the best I could and released a steady stream of piss.  It had nowhere to go except under my body and I lay in my own liquid waste until Alice finally decided to come for me.

“Oh, my God,” she exclaimed.  “The little bitch pissed herself.  I always knew that she was a disgusting slut, but this takes the cake.  Ralph, grab the hose from the wall. I need to spray her off before I touch her.”

And spray she did.  The water was ice cold and I tried to curl up more to avoid it but Alice just kept moving around the cage until she was satisfied that the urine had been washed from the cage and my body.

She then opened the cage door and left.  She did not even try to help me out and it took me a long time with my muscles cramped the way they were to pull myself out of the cage and onto the cold cement floor.  Shortly I felt a huge fan start up and the cold air attacking my wet body.  I had never been so cold in my life.  It did not take long for me to air dry and as soon as I felt the last of the water dissipate the fan stopped.

I noticed that there was nothing stopping me from moving around so I started looking for some way out of that basement.  I came to a set of stairs and started climbing.  At the top was a door that I assumed would be locked but I tried the knob and to my surprise it opened.  No one stopped me as I entered the living area of the house.  I smelled coffee coming from somewhere to my right and I gravitated that way.  I did not know how long it had been since I had eaten and my stomach was cramping in anticipation.  In addition I now recognized that I was extremely thirsty.  As I entered a hallway, I noticed a tall grandfather clock.  It told me that it was 2 o’clock but I did not know if that was 2 p.m. or 2 a.m.  But from the light in the upper house, it must have been 2p.m. and I began to panic realizing that I had been gone for nearly 24 hours and my husband would be frantic by this time.

I found Alice sitting at a breakfast bar in a large dining area.  She looked up as I entered and said, “Well, I see you have found your way upstairs.  How have you enjoyed your stay here so far?”

“What do you mean so far.” I asked.  “Surely there isn’t anything more that you can do to me.  I have been raped in every hole possible, whipped until I have scars front and back and have had liqueur injected into my bowels and cunt.  And much of it in front of people I know.  Let’s see, rape, pain and humiliation.  No I think that covers the gamut.”

“Oh, Karen, it is plain you do not understand my hatred for you.  There is so much more to do, before you are completely broken.  But you are free to leave, if you want.  I just want to show you a few pictures before you go.”

“I don’t want to see any pictures.  I am sure you took a lot of them last night and you plan to try and blackmail me with them, but that is not going to work.  Every picture you could have taken would show that I was an unwilling participant.  And even with the tape that made it look like I was a prostitute, those other pictures would show how I was coerced.  You are going to spend a very long time in prison for what you have done to me.”

“Karen, Karen, Karen,” she started.  “The pictures I want to show you are not of you.  They are of your daughter, Chelsea.  And by the way your husband has been calling nonstop on your cell phone.  Of course I did not answer it.  But I did read one or two of his texts.  It seems he is really worried that no one knows where Chelsea is.”

She then shoved a glossy 8×10 picture in front of my face.  It showed my daughter in a dog cage just like the one I was kept in last night.  And I could clearly see tears running down her face.

“You cruel, heartless, bitch,” I spit.  “I am going to kill you with my bare hands.  Where is my daughter and what have you done to her?”

“Your daughter will be released in due time.  That is if you do exactly what you are told.  If on the other hand you decide not to cooperate or you decide to involve the authorities, what you went through last night will seem like a walk in the park to Chelsea.  Do you get the picture?

“I understand what you are saying but even if I wanted to obey your instructions, there is no way I could pull it off.  I am sure Bill has already called the police.  There is nothing I could do to stop that.”

“Oh, I think there is.  I had a text message sent to your phone from Chelsea’s.  It says that she is going to go out of town with a man she met at a party.  She asked you to understand and to not try to reach her as her phone will be turned off and the gps deactivated.  She is safe and is just looking to have some fun for a change.  On second thought I am just going to have that same text sent to his phone.  If he has called the police I am sure he will show it to them.

“And you think that Bill is just going to accept that?  And what am I supposed to tell him about where I have been for the last 24 hours, or how I got whip marks covering my entire body, or how I ended up totally naked with my clothes cut to ribbons?”

“You are going to call Bill and tell him that you are extremely sorry, but you have been seeing another man for the past six months and you have finally decided to move in with him.  You are going to tell him that this man is much better endowed than he is and that you could never go back to fucking a man with such a small dick.  And you will tell him in those exact words.”

I broke down and started bawling.  I was so depressed that I wanted to die.  I could see no way out of the situation and I knew that I was about to lose everything.

“Why are you doing this to us?  I know you think you were wronged when I took Bill from you, but that was 20 years ago.  You are married to a very wealthy man and apparently one that loves you enough to join you in your sadistic games.  Why isn’t that enough.  And why do you want to hurt the rest of my family?”

“You are right about my husband, he is more than willing to help me out with you.  In fact he was one of those who whipped your ass until it was raw.  But he also pointed out that it was not just you that wronged me.  I had never given much thought to Bill’s roll in this whole thing until he pointed it out to me.  Taking Chelsea and having you leave Bill was his idea.  So are you going to make that phone call to Bill, or am I going to make one to the location where Chelsea is being held?”

“I will make the call,” I said.

“Bill, this is Karen.  I just wanted you to know that I am all right.  I got a text from Chelsea saying she was going away with some man she met.  Do you know anything about that?”

“I just got the same text myself.  I was worried sick about her but I guess she is Ok.  But where in hell have you been?”

“I am sorry Bill.  I should have told you a long time ago but I have been having an affair for the last 6 months.  I just could not stand living without a decent sized cock in my cunt.  I won’t be coming home again.  There is no point.  I have everything I want with my new man.  Goodbye Bill.”

And I hung up before he could reply.  As my phone started to ring again, I took the back off the phone and removed the battery.

“You are such a good little slut.  You did well.  Would you like to have a little something to eat, now?  You need to keep up your energy you know.”

“I am hungry.” I said.

“Okay, then, get down on your knees and crawl over to the dog bowl in the corner.  I will get you a nice can of Alpo.”

“You must be out of your mind, I can’t eat dog food.”

“Oh, but you will because everything you refuse to do for me, Chelsea will be forced to do.”  And she reached for her phone.

“No, please wait,” I said as I sank you my knees.  I began crawling to the dish.  Alice brought a can of dog food to me and spooned it out into the bowl.  As soon as it was full she forced my face down into it and said, “Now, lap it up like a good little dog.  And remember, dogs don’t use their hands.  I hope you don’t mind the crusty texture on the outside of the bowl.  My dog never seems to lick it quite clean enough.  I hope you do better.”

I started to gag and I knew that I was going to throw up at that point but she rushed to me and shoved a rag in my mouth and pulled my head back.  You better learn to keep it down Bitch otherwise it is not going to be pretty.  Breath through your nose until it settles and then swallow it back down.”

I managed to get control of myself and she again shoved my head into the bowl and I continued eating until the bowl was empty.  She then instructed me to lick the sides and bottom until she was satisfied that I had softened and removed all the dried crusts that her dog had left behind.  She then refilled the bowl and called her dog into the room for his breakfast.  She forced me to stay on my hands and knees and watch as her dog finished and left.  She then told me to again lick the sides and bottom clean.

I was just finishing up when her husband walked into the room.  “I see you are training your new dog.  Did she eat all of her food?

“Yes and licked the bowl clean both after she ate and after Rusty ate.  Do you think she deserves something to drink, now?”

“Yes, and I have just the thing.  We will need to get another dish for Rusty’s water.  I don’t want him drinking after her.”  He then walked over to where the water bowl sat, picked it up and emptied it into the sink.  He then took his cock out of his sweat pants and aimed it at the bowl.  With a sigh he emptied his bladder into the bowl, wiped his cock dry on my hair and sat the bowl down in front of me.  “Now stick your mouth into that bowl and suck up every drop of my piss.  And you better learn to like the taste because that is all you will ever get to drink again.”

I did as he directed.  It was all I could do to keep from bringing it back up.  I looked up from my knees to Alice to find out what she wanted from me next.  She addressed me, “Okay I think you have a small idea of where you stand in this household.  You are lower than shit on the bottom of a boot.  You will do what you are told and when you are told.  If someone wants to use you in any way, you will oblige them.  Am I crystal clear?”

“Yes, Alice, I understand.”

“From now on you will address me as Mistress and you will address my husband as Master.  Any other female you come in contact with you will address as Madam or Ma-am and any other male as Sir.  Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress, that is clear.”

“Ok, I am done with you for the day.  Go out the back door and you will find a small cottage.  It hasn’t been used for some time so you may want to open all the windows and the door to air it out.  It has it’s own running water and toilet and shower, so you will not have to enter this house again for anything. Oh, I almost forgot to mention it but there is no hot water tank so you need to get used to taking cold showers.

I will set a case of dog food out on the back porch along with your bowl.  Every morning and every evening you will feed one can to Rusty and wait until her finishes eating.  If he leaves anything uneaten in the bowl you will lick that clean and then open a can of dog food for yourself.  Make sure that the bowl is empty and licked clean.  You will not be allowed to eat any other food.  And just in case you get the idea of dumping out your food or disposing of it in some way, there are cameras installed all over the property.  You will be under constant surveillance.  Any infractions of the rules will cause Chelsea to be severely punished.  And of course we will supply you with a fresh jug of piss.  You can drink as much as you like, but you are required to drink two full bowls each day.  Don’t even think of trying to get water in your mouth when you take a shower.  Now, go get your hut in order so that you can get some sleep.  You are going to need your strength.

I went out back and found the cottage she mentioned.  True to her word, when I opened the door I was assaulted by a moldy disgusting smell.  I left the door open and went and opened the two small windows on either side of the main room.  I noticed that there were no light fixtures of any kind so anything that I was going to do in that cabin would have to be done during the day.

I looked around and found a small closet.  Inside there was an old fashioned broom and a mop pail.  Taking the broom I began sweeping the cobwebs that seemed to hang from every corner of the room.  When I was reasonably sure that the main room was clear of spiders, I opened the door to what I figured was the bedroom.

It was a room that could be used to sleep I guess.  It had an old thin mattress in the corner on the dirt floor.  There were no sheets or pillows so I knew that I would not be getting any comfortable sleep for as long as I was here.  I looked for the shower that she said was part of the deal but I did not find one.  Only when I went out the door and around back did I see a pipe with a shower head attached out in the open.  If I used that as a shower I would be in plain sight of anyone that passed by.  I had no watch or any other way of telling time but I could tell from the way the light was fading that it was late in the evening.

Not wanting to miss my assignment, I found the dog food, opened a can and called Rusty.  He came wagging his tail and rubbing up against my leg as he started to eat.  He cleaned the dish quite thoroughly but I got down on my knees and licked it clean regardless.  I then opened the second can and put it in the bowl and began eating.

“Well, look at that, Mel.  The Mistress has got herself another dog.  Doesn’t she look good eating out of that bowl?  And look they left her a jug of tea.  Isn’t that nice of them.  Maybe I’ll have a little drink of that myself.”

He walked over and picked up the jug, lifted the lid and started to pour a little into his mouth, when he abruptly spit it out and gagged.  “Jesus Christ, Mel, that ain’t no tea.  That is piss.”

“Really, is that for you to drink Miss?”

“Yes, sir, I am allowed two cans of dog food a day and all the piss I can drink. But I would be happy to share with you if you would like?”

The man walked over to me and backhanded me across the face.  I fell to the floor and he kicked me in the stomach with his rubber boot.

“No fucking piss drinking slut is going to speak to me like that.  Now get up on your knees and open your mouth.”  I did as I was told and he unbuttoned his fly and took out his cock.  He aimed it straight at my mouth and began to unleash his flow.  He must not have urinated for some time because my stomach was full and sloshing by the time he stopped.

“What do you think, Mel, should we give the little whore a good fucking before we retire?”

“Sure why not,” Mel said.  “Get down on your hands and knees and spread your legs, cunt.”

I did as he said and he quickly got on his knees behind me and speared his cock into my pussy with no lubrication.  The pain was incredible as I was stretched and torn by being dry-fucked.  Fortunately he did not have a lot of stamina and soon shot his load deep inside me.  He pulled out, walked around in front of me and shoved his wet slimy cock into my face and told me to clean it.  I opened my mouth and began licking starting from the base to the head.  The smell was disgusting and I soon learned that these guys did not spend a lot of time on hygiene.  I was not even finished with him when his friend positioned himself behind me and rammed his cock into my asshole.  I felt it tear and blood begin to flow as he pounded in and out.

I was crying profusely and a small scream escaped my mouth when all of a sudden the attack stopped.  I couldn’t quite believe that these two would cease before they had emptied their balls but then I heard the low growl coming from behind me.  I turned my head and saw the most wonderful sight.  Rusty was approaching the men with his teeth bared and a snarl coming out of his throat.  Well those guys took off without even fastening their flies.  Rusty followed for just a few feet and then turned and came back to me.  He put his big head against my shoulder.  I just grabbed his head and held him tight against me for the longest time feeling happy that I had finally found a friend in this hostile place.

I crawled into the hut and flopped down on the old mattress and fell almost immediately asleep.  I was so exhausted that even though I was cold and miserable I did not wake up until I felt a rubber boot kick me in the ass.  Just a small amount of light was coming in through the window so I figured it was early morning.  Sleep did not want to leave me so I tried to curl up in a ball and close my eyes.  Then the boot kicked me even harder.  And a big hand grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to my feet.

“It is time to go to work cunt.  There is a lot of horseshit to shovel and I am told that you are the one assigned to shovel it.  I will give you 15 minutes to eat your dog food and drink a bowl of piss and then you better be ready for work.”

I hadn’t been told anything about my work assignment but I had been told that I was to obey anyone that ordered me to do something.  So I dished a bowl of food for Rusty and gave him a call.  When he did not show up, I got down on my knees and ate it myself and licked the bowl clean.  I then poured a full bowl of piss and lapped it up.

I made my way to the stables and found two wheelbarrows waiting beside a large pile of horse dung.  A pitchfork stood against the wall.  I did not have to be a genius to figure out what I was supposed to do so I picked up the fork and started filling the wheelbarrows with dung.  As soon as one of the barrows was filled one of the men would come and wheel it out of the stables and I would begin working on filling the second.  Before the second was filled the first had returned.  This went on for the entire course of the day and I was filthy and exhausted when they finally told me I could quit.

I limped back to my shack, with every muscle in my body screaming for me to stop and lay down.  I did not even have the energy to wash or eat.  I just flopped down on the old mattress and closed my eyes.

When I awoke the next morning to the kick of a rubber-toed boot, I noticed that about half of the dog food was missing.  Apparently Alice and her husband had decided that I was not competent enough to feed their dog.  Or perhaps the novelty had worn off.  I stumbled outside and got under the shower and turned the ice-cold water onto my aching body.  It did not work as well as a nice hot bath would have but it did revive me enough so that I could stretch and move.

I thought about eating a bowl of dog food but my stomach just would not allow me to nor could I bring myself to drink any more piss.  As sorry as I was for any pain I might cause Chelsea, my mind and body were telling me that enough was enough.

I went back into the shack and lay back down on the mattress.  If they wanted me to work today, they would have to physically drag me out to that stable.  But no one came and I was allowed to rest.  I lay there all day and all night and no one bothered with me.  When I finally got up off that mattress, I again went outside, turned on the water and allowed it to run over my skin.  In an outright act of rebellion, I turned my face up and allowed the cold water to run into my mouth.  I drank until I was sated.

Late that afternoon, Alice came out and told me that she was almost finished with me.  I just had one more party to attend and then I could go home, if I had a home to go to.  She led me into the house and took me into a guest bathroom where a hot bubble bath was already prepared.  She helped me in and allowed me to soak until the water was just about cold.  She then told me to wash and dry my hair and even gave me an electric toothbrush and told me to use as much toothpaste as I needed to get my mouth cleaned out.

I figured that the worst was now over and I looked forward to being released.  I did not know if Bill would accept me back or not, but just being able to leave this place would be a blessing.  In the worst-case scenario, I knew where there was a woman’s shelter that I could sleep at for a few nights.  And, they would even provide me with clean food and water.

When I was finally cleaned and dried and several days of scum removed from my teeth, I went out into the main room.  There on the bed was another French Maid’s uniform including the normal skimpy undergarments.  Without hesitation I started to get dressed.  After spending several days totally naked and wallowing in horse dung putting on nylon and satin garments was like a trip to the pearly gates.  Only when I saw the shoes did I have second thoughts.  The heels were a good 6 inches and came down to a pencil thin point.  I knew that walking in them was going to be difficult and I suspected I would be required to serve wearing them as well.  But the thought that this was my last night in hell brought me some consolation and so I slipped my feet into the shoes and inspected myself in the long mirror on the closet door.   I was shocked to see how gaunt and wrinkled my face was and I noticed that I had lost so much weight that the skin on my arms was sagging.  I knew that my recovery time was going to be long once I was free.

Alice came in and gave me a once over and smiled.  God, you look like hell.  I doubt that anyone is going to want to fuck you tonight, or anytime soon for that matter.  She attached my collar and instructed me that I was going to be serving the guests tonight much as I had the first night that I arrived here.  She then led me out into the large hall that she used for parties and pointed me to the serving trays.  As I made my way around the room, I heard many comments about how bad I looked and how Alice had obviously worked me over.

It was late in the evening and my feet were killing me when Alice stepped to the microphone and asked if there was anyone here that wanted to fuck my worthless cunt.  One man actually stood up and said, “I don’t know, her cunt was nice and tight the other night when I fucked her, but she looks so old and used that I don’t think I could get it up.  Maybe if you threw a flag over her head I could fuck for old glory.

“Well, her cunt won’t be tight when I get through with it tonight.  When I am finished not even a stallion’s cock would brush her sides.  Get over here and lay down in the middle of the concrete floor, bitch.”

I was terrified of what she was going to do, but I knew I had little option at refusal.  If I tried to move away she would just hit the button on my shocking collar and bring me to my knees.  And as I looked around the room I did not see one sympathetic face that my come to my aid.  In fact most of them, particularly the women, had a look of lust as if they could not wait for the entertainment to begin.  So I walked to the center of the concrete floor, but before, I laid down, Alice removed my dress and panties and bra.  She left the garters, stockings and heels on me.  She then pointed to the hard concrete and I got down carefully and spread out on my back.

She took a long length of rope and tied my wrists together and pulled them out away from my head and secured them to a ring in the floor.  I could not see what she was doing as she temporarily raised my legs and hips from the floor, but from the oohs and aahs of the crowd I figured it could not be good.

She then lowered my legs and tied another length of rope to my left ankle and stretched it as far as she could and tied it off.  She repeated the process with my right ankle so I was spread so far that I thought my pelvis would split in two.

Then I heard a woman ask.  “What are those huge fish hooks for?”

“Why to separate her cunt lips with.  Who wants the privilege of shoving them through her cunt lips for me?  Perhaps one of the gentlemen would volunteer.  I hear it takes a lot of pressure to force even a sharp needle through that tough skin.”

Several men volunteered and so Alice chose four of them and told each one to attach the hooks to my lips.  She was right; it did take a lot of muscle to get those hooks completely through but after a few agonizing minutes they succeeded.  Alice then told them to take the other end of the line and pull as hard as they could until my cunt lips were pulled as far open as they could get.

I was screaming by the time they finally tied off the other ends of the fishing line to rings in the floor.  I was stretched so tight that even if she had released my hands and feet I would not have been able to move from that spot without tearing the hooks from my body.
”Oh, doesn’t she look so nice and helpless like that.  Let’s leave her to relax for a few minutes and then I will perform a feat that even I am not sure can be done.

She was gone for quite a while and then I heard her returning laughing and joking with her friends, but something was not quite the same as it was when she left for as she stepped onto the cement I heard the unmistakable sound of extremely high heels clicking on the concrete.  When she reached me she stood directly by my face and lifted on foot over my eyes.

“How do you like my nice pointed toed boots?” she asked me.  “I put them on just for you so I hope you are appreciative of that fact.  She lowered her foot to my mouth and told me to lick her soles to show my gratitude.

Well, I had no idea what I had to be grateful for but I had little choice in the matter, so I stuck out my tongue and let her drag the sole of her boots across it.  She seemed to tire of that game quickly and she walked down along the side of my body and positioned herself between my legs facing me

“Now, for the challenge,” she announced.  “I have always wanted to see if I could push my booted foot all the way inside a cunt until the pussy lips nestle up against my heel.”

I then knew what she had in mind and I started begging, “For the love of God, please don’t do this.  You will tear my insides out.  Please, dear God, please have mercy.”

“There will be no mercy tonight.  I don’t know if it will tear your inside out but if so, so be it.  I have heard though that a cunt will stretch a mile before it tears and inch so let’s get started and find out.

She pressed the sharp toe of her boot against the stretched opening of my vagina and began to push.  It was tough going, as there was little or no lubricant to work with.  But she just kept pushing and soon a little of the toe was inside me.  And then no matter how hard she tried she could not gain any traction.

“I am going to need a little help here.  Maybe someone could help me push.”

“I have a better idea,” a male voice spoke up.  How hard is the back of your boots”

“Fairly hard right where they meet the sole.  What do you have in mind?”

“I thought if it would not hurt you I could kick the back of your boot.  That might force it inside her.”

“Go ahead and give it a try but not too hard the first time.”

And then I felt a terrible jolt to my pelvic area and I felt the boot slide a good inch or two inside me.

“Oh, wonderful that is working.  My boot slid a good two inches, do it again harder.”

I felt another jolt and then another and then another as he just kept kicking the back of her boot.  I felt my pussy lips being compressed and I knew she had reached the point she sought.

“Oh, this is such a wonderful feeling,” Alice declared.  “It is like stepping on sponge rubber.  Watch me put all my weight down.  Now see me grind from side to side.  Oh, I so love this.”

I was screaming so hard that even Alice got tired of hearing me and had someone stuff an old rag in my mouth.  And then I heard another woman ask Alice if she could have a turn.

Alice replied, “I don’t see why not, let me pull my boot out and you get ready to insert yours.  I do notice your foot is quite a lot wider than mine but I am sure she will stretch that far.

Alice stepped down with all her weight and then began sliding her boot back out.  She took her time, knowing that she was doing almost as much damage to me on the way out as she did on the way in.

And just when she had removed her boot completely and stepped back another boot replaced it and with considerable effort and more kicking soon was nestled fully inside me.  I knew that I was bleeding profusely and was hoping that perhaps I would bleed to death.  And then that boot was pulled from my channel.

“She is bleeding really badly, Alice,” someone said.  “I am afraid she might bleed out if we don’t do something.”

“I have it covered.” She said.  “I mixed a bottle of rubbing alcohol with powdered alum.  The alcohol will disinfect the wound and the alum will cauterize it.  Tip her up so I can fill her with the mixture.  My look at that hole, I will not even need a funnel.  And then she started pouring and I screamed into the gag until I passed out.

I have no idea how long they left me unconscious but eventually someone apparently held a swab of ammonia under my nose to revive me.

“How are you feeling, cunt?  I hope you enjoyed having your cunt stretched wide open.  I doubt that any man will want to use you for quite some time.  And now I am going to make sure that you will never again enjoy intercourse.”

I heard a woman’s voice ask, “How are you going to do that, Alice?”

“Well, it is hard for a woman to have an orgasm if she does not have a clit.  So I am going to remove hers.  Now before I get started I have a small branding iron being heated by a butane torch.  When it is red-hot let me know and with the help of my husband we will trim this whores clit off tight to her body.”

“It is red-hot,” someone yelled.  “I am bringing it to you now.”

“Now, dear if you would take those needle nosed pliers and grab on to her clit and pull it out as far as you can from her slit.  That is it, nice and tight.  Now I am going to take this old pair of diagonal cutters and snip it nice and close.  Notice everyone how I have put the jaws on either side of her clit.  Now I am going to close them but not until they start to bite into flesh.  I am now going to push them down as hard as I can so that I get every little bit of her button.  There that is it, now I just need to squeeze really hard.  I am taking my time so that she gets to feel it slowly cutting through her flesh.  I want her to really enjoy the sensation because she will never again feel anything when that area is massaged.  What nerves aren’t destroyed when I cut the flap off will be when I cauterize the wound.  There finally, look at how close I cropped that thing.  Does anyone want it for a souvenir?”

I did not hear the answer because when she put that hot iron to my bleeding flesh I passed out.

I did not wake up until mid morning the following day.  And only then because Alice had used her ammonia to revive me.

“Ok, slut, time to rise and shine.  Your mother-in-law is going to come pick you up today, but you might as well make yourself useful in the meantime.  I want you out to the stables shoveling horseshit when she comes. I want her to see you at your very best.

I still wore my collar and she pressed the button to make me jump to her command.  I could hardly walk because of the intense pain both inside my vaginal cavity and where she had cauterized my clit.  But I managed to get to the pile of manure and with every ounce of strength I had begun to shovel it onto a wheelbarrow.

I had not been working long when I heard Alice greet my mother-in-law and then heard Norma say, “Dear lord, you warned me what a mess she is but I really didn’t believe she could fall this far.  Look at your mother Chelsea.  What are we ever going to do with her?”

I stared to where the voices were coming from and saw my daughter approaching along side my mother-in-law.  I said. Chelsea when did they release you?”

“Release me, what are you talking about mother?  I have been home ever since you left.”

“But I saw the pictures of you in that dog crate and Alice told me she was holding you prisoner.”

“The crate was Grandma’s idea.  She said she wanted to use it to show people what it was like for their pets.  She even had a slogan.  “What if your dog treated you like this?”

And then I knew, how badly I had been set-up and that more than Alice was involved in making it happen.  Alice came over and patted me on the cheek and said, “Karen where did you ever get the idea that I would harm Chelsea.  Why you must think I am a monster.

And then she stepped back and gave me a huge smile.  Nothing has ever felt better in my life than the feel of driving that pitchfork into her body.  It entered just below her sternum and went all the way through so that the tines were sticking out her back.  I held her there not allowing her to fall to the ground until I had watched ever last flicker of light leave her eyes.  That shocked look of disbelief she had on her face just before she took her last breath was priceless.

The end

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