Democrats attack the first amendment

Even those of you that have always voted democratic should be a little bit afraid of taking a bite of this piece of the pie.  The democratic party has been trying to revoke the second amendment to the constitution for years but in my wildest nightmares I did not think they would get around to the first amendment as well.

I suggest that you read the article in its entirety (although I realize that most of you will not).  So I will try to in as few words as possible let you know the gist of the idea.  It seems that the democrats are going to insert into their platform an agreement to make it illegal for any energy company to assert that burning of fossil fuels is not causing man made global warming.  They insist this is not an affront on the first amendment, since the first amendment does not protect someone from committing fraud.  And therein lies the rub.  Since they believe that there is no doubt that man made global warming exists then it would be fraud for someone to disagree with that idea.

Even if you happen to agree with the assumption of man made global warming, do you really want to criminalize those who do not?  Of course you might argue that this only applies to those vile, evil oil companies.  How much of a stretch would it be to expand it to encompass everyone arguing against the idea of man made global warming.   Where does it end?  Will you next make it against the law for someone to argue that life begins at conception because that violates your argument that abortion should be legal?  Or perhaps you would like to outlaw those that do not believe in evolution.  Or how about jailing everyone that thinks that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone?

Once you decide to take away someone’s, anyone’s freedoms, how safe are those beliefs that you yourself hold dear.  Think very carefully when you go into that voting booth, this fall.  Ask yourself, do I really want to vote for a candidate that has signed off on the idea of taking away part of the first amendment to the constitution.


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