If you are checking this blog this morning you are probably expecting one of my giveaway posts.  You know the ones, a free chapter or a free sample or a free story.  And don’t give up.  Those types of posts will return.

But this morning is one of my I need to vent, posts.  You see almost daily now someone on my Facebook page will post something that starts with, “I want to see who is reading my posts, not just skimming them”.  And then they go on to tell me that I must read every word and then comment and copy and paste it to my timeline.  Some of them even threaten to unfriend me if I don’t follow their instructions.

Well, hell, I too would like people to read my posts.  That is after all why I take the time to post them.  But if I threatened to unfriend people that did not read or comment on my posts I would not have any friends or followers on Facebook or Twitter.  Of course I have no idea how many followers I have on twitter because I have no idea how to use the service.  I have an account but if it were not linked to this blog I would never send a tweet.  So If you actually got this far in this post and know how to use Twitter please feel free to clue me in on exactly how to use it.

What might be a better idea for those that want people to read their posts, might be to actually post something that people might like to read.  Right now politics is the “in” thing.  Of course if you choose to comment on politics be prepared for some type of fire storm in return.

The other types of posts that really tick me off are the ones where someone tells me how bad they are feeling.  Some of them sound almost suicidal.  But for some reason they never tell me what is so wrong with their life that they are on the brink of ending it all.  Now if it is because they or someone dear to them has cancer or some other deadly disease,  let us know that.  Those of us who are religious in nature could then at least offer prayers and those that are not could at least commiserate with them.  But don’t stand on the bridge staring at the water below and not at lease let me know why you are there.

If you are an author and you aren’t making any money from your efforts, I will definitely commiserate with you.  I know exactly how you feel.  Of course I won’t be able to tell you how to right the ship since mine is already on the rocks.  What I can tell you is to figure out why you are writing in the first place.  My first book was written for my own pleasure and to get an idea out of my head.  But low and behold people started telling me how good the book was and so I got another idea in m head that I could make money off of it.  Now some 30 books later I discover that was only a fantasy.  So I have gone back to writing for my own enjoyment and hopefully for the enjoyment of a few of you folks.  I give away a little of my books hoping to hear a few kind words from the people that read them.  And I am starting to write short stories that I can post completely on line free of charge.  If anyone is interested let me know.

My email address is wandapeters1@yahoo.com.


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