Cruel Wife Sample

Breaking in Her Husband


His Orientation

Marcus Johnson might have shaken his head at his predicament but it is hard to shake your head when it is locked between the vise-like thighs of your wife.  He might have waved off any criticism of his choices but it is hard to wave when your hands are tied firmly behind your back.  He might have run away from his responsibility in the matter but it is difficult to run when you are on your knees with your booted feet tied together and lashed with a separate lead up to your hands.  In reality, the only moves that Janine was going to allow him to make was the wagging of his tongue against her clit and slit.  Well, he was also allowed to slide his nose up and down her nether lips as well.  In fact, she loved the feel of his nose pressed inside of her.

As Janine looked down at her thoroughly bound husband she smiled with pleasure.  She loved the idea of him being submissive to her but he resisted that notion at every turn.  It was only because he lost the bet that he had agreed to this one weekend as her slave.  As she exploded with her second orgasm of the night she reached out and rubbed the back of his head to let him know that he had done a good job.  And then as an afterthought she said. “You know slave I think I may take me a lover.”

This caused him to try to pull back from her still quivering cunt.  Just to show him she was still in charge she gave him a hard lash across his shoulders with her riding crop.  “No one told you to move, slave.  It was just a thought; we can talk about it when your mouth has finished cleaning the juices from my pussy and thighs.  And she pulled him firmly back into place and urged his tongue to start anew.

An hour later he was still tied and on his knees but his head was no longer between his wife’s legs.  Instead, she sat back in her easy chair, well it used to be his easy chair, and stretched her high-heeled boots out and brushed the toes across his lips.  She studied his reaction and was pleased that he was playing his part well enough not to pull his head away but rather even stuck his tongue out so that she could wipe some of the dusty leather across his wet tongue.

Then she got up and walked a circle around him.  She inspected to make sure that the line keeping his hands in place was still tight.  She checked the knots around his high heel boots that she had insisted he put on before forcing him to his knees.  She admired the nylon panties that she had made him wear.  “You are almost the perfect slut,” She said.

Breaking in Her Husband Cover - Copy


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