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How my Wife Became Julie’s Slave

A First Encounter

I remember the day that they moved in.  The big moving van pulled right next door to our house.  I thought at the time that I hoped they would be able to empty it and be on their way in a hurry as they were clearly blocking part of our driveway.  And then I noticed the woman that was directing the unloading.  She was about 5 foot 6 inches tall and weighed maybe 120 pounds.  But every ounce of that weight was in the right locations.  Her long blonde hair was tied back with a ribbon but I could imagine what it would look like down and framing her face.  If there is such a thing as a goddess I was looking at her.

I must have been ogling her for an exorbitant amount of time for I heard my wife Jill call out my name.  “Martin where in the world have you gone off to?  I thought you were going to help me in the kitchen.”

“Sorry Jill, I was just checking out the new neighbors that are moving in next door.  I knew the house was sold from the sign in the yard but I hadn’t expected anyone this soon.”

Jill then must have got curious for she showed up next to me and pushed me out of the way so she could get a look for herself.  She had barely looked out the window when she turned to give me the evil eye.  Now, I see what is taking you so long.  I can see I am going to have to keep you busy from now on or you are going to be wandering next door.

“Ah, Jill, you know I only have eyes for you.”

“Well, then push them back in your head and come give me a hand.  I want to move the refrigerator and stove out away from the wall so I can clean behind them.

So we spent the rest of the day on mundane activities.

It was a couple of days later when Jill announced that she was going to go next door and introduce herself.  She told me she would be back in a few minutes and left me to my own devices.  Well, the few minutes turned into a couple hours before she returned.

“Wow, you will never in a million years guess what I just learned about our new neighbors.” My wife gushed.

“Let me think,” I began.  “They are secretly vampires and you went in and found them sleeping in their coffins.”

She looked at me as if I had two heads and I started to break out laughing.  She reached out and slapped me hard across the face.

“Ouch, that hurt.  Can’t you take a joke anymore?”

“Pay attention when I am trying to tell you something.”

“Wow, when did you become a dominatrix?” I asked.

“Just shut up and listen to my story or I will show you what else I can do to cause you pain.”  But at least, she said that with a smile.

“Ok, here goes.  I went over to introduce myself to our new neighbors.  I knocked at the door and it seemed it took quite a while for Julie to answer it.  When she finally came she only had a big towel wrapped around her.  I thought that was strange because her hair was not damp and she did not look like she had just stepped from the shower or bath.  And so I started to excuse myself by saying that I apparently had dropped by at the wrong time and that I could come back later.  But she assured me that everything was fine and that I should come in and have a cup of coffee with her and her husband.  His name is Peter by the way.  So I went in and she led me to the kitchen and she poured me a cup of coffee and then we went out on the back patio.  Her husband was there also wrapped in a towel.  I have to tell you I was a little uncomfortable at that point.  True he had his genitals covered but not much else.  And he is built for a man as well as Julie is for a woman.  I guess I must have been staring at him the way a person might stare at a Greek sculpture for I heard Julie clear her throat to get my attention.  She didn’t seem upset mind you, she just introduced me to her husband and then offered me a seat.”

“It sounds like they take things pretty casually,”  I said.

“Maybe more casually than you think,” She stated.  “I told them that I just wanted to stop by to welcome them to the neighborhood and that I hoped we could all get together soon, perhaps for a barbecue and drinks.  Julie told me that sounded like a wonderful idea and then she told me something that almost made me fall off the chair I was sitting on.  She said she hoped that I wouldn’t be offended but that she and Peter are nudists and they seldom wear clothes when they are at home.  She said that was why it took her so long to answer the door since her and Peter were lounging around naked and had not brought their towels out with them.  She had to rush upstairs to get them and toss one to Peter before opening the door.  I guess my mouth must have fallen open at that point.  What is one supposed to say when told her new neighbors like to lounge around in their backyard without any clothes on?  And especially when their backyard is right next to ours.”

“Wow, maybe I better go check this out.” I declared.  And then I made a mock attempt at getting up from my seat.

“You ain’t checking anything out Buster.” My wife told me.  “In fact, I am going to call the local builders association and see what I have to do to have a 10-foot privacy fence installed.”

“Come on, Jill,” I said.  “Surely you have seen naked people before.”

“Yes, in my college days I saw a few.  And of course, I see you naked once in a blue moon.  But I haven’t seen any that looked like they just jumped out of a centerfold in a pornographic magazine.  Just looking at Peter with a towel wrapped around his middle made my panties start to get wet.  And if you ever saw Julie naked I bet you would stay hard for a week.”

I didn’t say anything right away as I was trying to picture my wife drooling over another man.  That had never been one of my fantasies but I have to say that it did cause me a slight rise in a certain muscle.

“I didn’t know that you harbored sexual thoughts about other men,”  I stated.  “If your panties are indeed moist perhaps we should go upstairs.  I wouldn’t mind a little morning sex for a change.”

Jill looked at me and smiled.  “And I suppose you don’t mind if the reason we had sex is because I was fantasizing about Peter?”

“Would you mind if I was picturing myself with Julie?” I asked.

“This conversation is getting too weird,” Jill announced.  “I have things to do not the least of which is to check out fencing.  And you promised to clean out the garage as I remember.

“What happened to the idea of morning sex?” I complained.

“If you really want sex, go upstairs and into the bathroom where you can have some privacy.  But don’t take all day about it.  The garage is not going to clean itself.”

“How about if I do a little gardening in the back yard instead?” I joked.  And then she did slap my face.

The weekend passed without any further conversation about nude neighbors.  Of course, I did try to sneak a peek a couple of times but unfortunately, no one was in the back yard next door.

It was Sunday afternoon before either of us mentioned our new neighbors.  And that came about because normally we had some type of barbecue on Sundays.  I told Jill that I was going to start the grill and if she wanted she could make a salad to go with the steaks.  She got a funny look on her face as I started to open the back door.

“Don’t be spending a lot of time looking into our neighbors’ yard.  I don’t want to wait until midnight to eat our dinner.”

Well of course after lighting the grill I had to take a peek next door.  But to my consternation, it was not Julie that was in the backyard naked.  I have to hand it to him, though, Peter is indeed built like a Greek God.  Going back inside, I announced to my wife that I thought it would be a good idea if we ate inside tonight.

“Really,” she said.  “We always eat on the back patio this time of year.  Is there a storm brewing that I don’t know about?”

“I don’t know about a storm,” I began.  “But you might have trouble chewing your food with your mouth hanging open. And I guess Peter must be a fireman?”

“Why do you say that?” Jill asked.

“Well, he has a huge hose,” I stated tongue in cheek.

“Really, I think maybe I will take a couple extra steaks out and see if our neighbors would like to join us for dinner.”

“Yeah, I think maybe you are too late with that idea.  I saw smoke coming from his grill.  I couldn’t tell what he was cooking but it was something that smelled pretty good.  But if you don’t mind the scenery I guess we can eat out back.”

I went back out and put the steaks on the grill.  I took a few looks next door but the smoke from Peter’s grill had died down and it appeared that they had decided to eat indoors.  I really was disappointed as I wanted to get a look at Julie sans clothes.

Our meal passed uneventfully but several times I caught Jill glancing towards the neighbors.  I really did not know how I felt about her new found interest in the nudity culture.  On one hand I guess I was a little jealous.  She certainly had not shown this much interest in seeing my body in a long time, but on the other hand, it was possible that a little sexual excitement might turn out to be for my benefit.

After cleaning up the dishes and leftover food I made my way into the living room grabbing a beer from the refrigerator on the way.  I sat down and turned on the television and was soon disappointed.  It never fails to amaze me how someone can have over 100 channels and still be able to find nothing worthwhile to watch.

I had been switching channels for a while before I noticed that Jill had not come in to join me.  I became curious and decided to go investigate to see what she was up to.  My first thought was she might be neighbor watching but she would have had to pass me to get to the backyard.  I turned off the TV and started upstairs.  I tried to be quiet just in case I might catch her in some compromising position.  I knew that was wishful thinking but one must take his excitement wherever he can get it.

So I was shocked when I entered our bedroom and there was Jill in just her birthday suit spread out on the top of the covers.  I stood there admiring what she was showing and she finally noticed me in the doorway.

Her faced turned a gentle pink color and I knew she was embarrassed to be found in that position although she certainly had taken no precautions against being discovered. We had been married for 20 years but I still found her to be absolutely gorgeous.  True her breasts had started to sag a little and I suppose she had a few extra pounds around her middle but overall she was one hot momma.

She smiled at me and crooked her finger in invitation for me to join her on the bed.  I did not hesitate for any longer than it took for me to shed the clothes that I wore.  I was fully erect and ready for action by the time I had crossed the room.  I did not immediately jump her bones as I might have but rather stood close to her and ran my fingers across her exposed breasts.  I am not really a breast man but hers are extra sensitive and she loves to have them caressed.

She gave out a low moan as I took one of her nipples between my fingers and began to squeeze and twist it gently.  I stopped for a minute and crossed the room to her dressing table and came back with a jar of body lotion.  I began to rub some of it between my hands to warm it up knowing she does not like the shock of cold lotion being applied to her body.  Then I started to massage beginning with her shoulders.  As I moved downward I spent a long time on her breasts and by the time I had reached her rib cage she was moaning in pleasure.  She had even allowed one of her hands to sneak down between her legs and was openly fingering her slit.  This was something I had never seen her do in all the years we had been married and the sight made my cock stand to full attention.

I moved past that location and started working the cream into her upper legs and thighs.  I used tiny swirls with my fingers just lightly brushing her skin and I saw her hips rise in anticipation.  She was definitely more turned on than I had seen her in years and I had to force myself not to slide between her thighs and push my rod into her channel.  I spent a long time on her lower legs and feet looking up occasionally to see what she was doing with her fingers.  I was actually shocked to see two of her fingers pushed up deep inside her and her thumb busily rubbing her clit.  Her moans were getting deeper and louder and then her hips started to buck and I knew she had brought herself to orgasm.

I waited for her spasms to subside and then patted her ass cheek gently as an indication that I wanted her to roll over.  Then I started my massage all over again from the top down.  Not one word passed between us but the message to both of us was clear.  This was one of those special moments that does not happen too often when you have been married for a long time.  When I finally had reached all of the areas that I could without moving her fingers, I closed the top on the jar of cream and mounted the bed.  I moved my head between her legs and gently nudged her fingers away from her slit with my nose and then began lapping up the juice that wet her thighs.  When she began to buck her hips again, I let up from that area and raised up to kiss both cheeks of her luscious ass.  She really started to move when I spread her ass cheeks and dipped my tongue between them.  This was not something that I normally enjoyed but tonight I wanted to give her the full treatment and I allowed my tongue to enter her small puckered hole and go as deeply as it could.

And for the first time she uttered actual words.  “God, yes, Martin ream my asshole.  Stick your tongue in there and clean it out good.”

And I did my best to obey her dirty command.  It did not take long and I heard her scream out and I knew she was in the middle of orgasm number two.  Only when she was completely sated did I finally climb between her thighs and began rubbing the tip of my cock against her slit.  I made sure that with each pass I bore down on her clit and I could feel the moisture from her cunt covering the head of my cock.  I then positioned it and in one thrust buried myself to the hilt.  I had never felt her this hot or this wet and it drove me wild.  It took every ounce of willpower I had not to immediately shoot my load but I wanted to give her something I never had before, a third orgasm.

“Please Martin,” I heard her start.  “Let me roll over and get on top.  I want to ride you like a bucking bronco.”

And ride she did.  As soon as I was on my back she was on her knees above me and she positioned my cock at the entrance to her tunnel and settled all the way until my pubic hair was matted against hers.  She ground herself back and forth and sideways and I knew I was deeper inside her body than I had ever been before.  I reached up and started to manipulate her nipples and for some reason gave them harder pinches and twists that I would normally.  But it did not lessen her passion.  Her moans and grinds told me all I needed to know and I massaged even harder.

And finally I could hold back no more and I tensed my buttocks and with one upward thrust I released a months’ worth of cum deep inside my wife.  And she accepted it with clenched cunt muscles and she cried out one last time and her whole body began to shake.  Only when she finally had come down completely from that sexual high did she allow her whole body to lay firmly on top of me.  I looked into her eyes and saw that there were some tears welling up in them and I was afraid that I had done something to spoil the occasion.  But then she looked at me and started to speak to me.

“Thank you so much for that.  That was the most amazing session of lovemaking we have ever had.  I thought I was going to explode when I felt you start to ream my asshole.  In all the years we have been together you have never done that before.  But I certainly hope this is not the last time.  And then she lowered her lips to mine and showed me that it did not matter where they had been a few minutes before.  Her tongue snaked into my mouth and if I had not been so thoroughly spent I would have tried to give her a fourth.


Julies Slave Cover (495x640)


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