Monday’s Free Erotic chapter


Cuckolded by a StrangerCuckolded by a Stranger

An Erotic Novel

Chapter One – The Altercation and the Aftermath


It had started out as a mild disagreement between them.  Susan had decided to try a different recipe for meatloaf and Charles had found it a little too spicy for his taste.  Of course, he could have told a little white lie and said that it was delicious.  If he had done that there would have been no argument and he would still be at home where the fire was burning.  But if he had done that then she might have served him that meatloaf every time the whim hit her.  But looking back there might have been a far more diplomatic way of handling it than to rant.  “What in the hell did you do to this meatloaf?”

That had started Susan crying and Charles had never been one to put up with a sobbing damn woman.  So he had got up and stormed out of the house without even bothering to put on his coat.  That was a decision that he immediately regretted as he saw the large flakes of snow starting to fall.  If he had been wise he would have turned around and retrieved his coat and galoshes but no one ever accused him of being wise when he had his dander up.

So he started down the street, not having a good idea of where he was going or what he would do when he got there.  He just knew that he had to get away from Susan and her waterworks.

He had walked for perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes.  By that time his feet were wet and he was shivering.  He was about to give up and admit defeat when he saw the blinking neon sign in the shape of a beer bottle.  He had driven this stretch many times on his way to work but had not noticed that there was a bar this close to his house.  Charlie was not a drinking man although on special occasions when he was out of sight of his teetotaling wife he sometimes indulged.

Well, tonight was a special occasion he figured since the bar most probably would be warm and so he headed across the street and slipped inside.  He stood in the entranceway for a short period of time to allow his eyes to adjust to the relative darkness listening to the sounds of country music.  Patsy Cline was one of his favorites and her rendition of “Crazy” he found to be quite apropos.

As soon as he could navigate again he headed for the long wooden bar and found a seat on one of the tall stools.  He looked around him and wondered where the bartender might be.  He figured that he must have gone into the back for something. There were not a lot of people in the establishment although four men were busy playing pool in the back.

Charlie looked around to see where the music was coming from and soon discovered that there was no live band but rather an old fashioned jukebox on the far wall.  He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, thankful that he had a couple twenties tucked away there.  He pulled them out and set them down on the bar just as a decidedly feminine voice brought him back to the present.

“What can I get you?” She asked him.

He thought about ordering a beer but he was still chilled from his walk here and decided that something to warm his soul might be more appropriate.  “What would you recommend to take the chill off?” He asked her.

“I think I can conjure up something that will warm your gullet,”  She said with a smile.

As she walked away Charlie admired her rear view.  She was wearing Jeans that must have been painted on her and her bottom stuck out prominently.  Charlie could just imagine how those globes might feel in his hands as he drew her between his legs.  He could feel his cock starting to rise and he was glad that he was wearing briefs so that he would not make a tent in his slacks.

“She does have a nice ass, doesn’t she?”  The voice came from slightly behind and to his right.  Charlie turned to see a man standing there also watching the woman from behind.

“My name is Henry Thomson,” He announced as he held out his hand in an invitation for Charlie to shake it.  As Charlie reached out and took the offered hand the man continued.  “I am one of the dry Thomson’s.”

Charlie let go of his hand and shook his head telling the man that he did not understand what a dry Thompson might be.

The man laughed and said, “No pee.”

It took Charlie just a second and then it came to him.  He gave a slight guffaw. “I guess that means you spell your last name Thomson instead of Thompson.”

“Yes, I guess it is somewhat of a time joke.  You know you laugh when you get time.  By the way, you never did tell me what your name was.”

“Oh, right.  My name is Charlie Williams.  Won’t you join me?”

Just then the barmaid returned and sat a glass of amber colored liquid in front of Charlie.  “Do you want to start a tab or should I take it out of the twenties in front of you?” She asked.

Charlie pointed to one of the twenties and then said and take whatever my new friend here is drinking out of it as well.

She looked at Henry quizzically and he told her that he would have whatever Charlie was drinking.  She smiled and turned around to get him his drink.  Both men noticed that her ass wiggled a little more this time than the last.

Henry removed his coat before sitting down and draped it over the stool to his left.  He looked Charlie over before sitting down.  “You must have got caught unprepared for the weather,” He stated.

“Yes, I guess I did.  I left the house a little unexpectedly.”

“Ah, I think I understand.” Henry mused.  “Perhaps you had a little spat with the little woman?”

Charlie was not sure that he really wanted to discuss his marital problems with a total stranger but then the man was only trying to make conversation.  “Why don’t we talk about something else?” He said as he lifted his glass to his lips and took a sip of his drink.  He allowed the liquor to sit on his tongue and relished the feeling of the alcohol as it warmed his mouth.  It warmed him even more as he allowed it to slide down his throat.

“What would you like to talk about then?” Henry asked.

“I guess I should not be quite so sensitive,” Charlie replied.  “It is just that Susan and I rarely argue and tonight started over something absolutely stupid.”

“I thought you didn’t want to talk about the argument you had with your wife?  Susan, you say her name is?”

Charlie took another swig from the glass before answering.  This one he allowed to go down his throat much faster and was rewarded by a warm glow spreading throughout his body.  He turned to his new friend and noticed that the man had not even tasted his drink yet and Charlie wondered why.

“Yes, I guess I did give that impression.  But truthfully I do need to get my frustrations out in the open.  If you don’t mind listening that is?”

“Sure, I would be glad to be your sounding board.  How did the row start?”

“It was nothing really.  Susan had made a new meatloaf recipe and I found it to be too spicy for my taste.  I know that I should have lied and told her that I loved it but then she would have wanted to make it that way all the time.”

“So naturally you said that you preferred her old recipe better, right?”

Charlie looked at Henry and shook his head.  “If only I had been so diplomatic.  No, I blurted out something I will probably regret for a long time.”

“And what might that have been?” Henry asked with a friendly smile on his face.

“I said, what in the hell did you do to this meatloaf?”

Henry gave a little chuckle.  “Yes, I can see where that might not have been the correct tone to use with a wife that was only trying to get you to broaden your tastes.”

This was said in such a tone of voice that Charlie did not even notice the reproach hidden in the statement.

“So why when you realized that you had been an ass didn’t you just apologize and be done with it?” The man asked him.

“Now wait just a minute.  I think you are being a little judgmental, calling me an ass.”

“Perhaps I am.  What word would you find more apropos?”

Charlie looked at the man and again saw that friendly smile on his face.  He could not stay angry with someone that was merely trying to help him.  “You might be right.  I guess ass does fit the situation.  I might have apologized but she started crying and I never could stand to see a woman cry so I just got up and left the house.”

“Ah, that explains the lack of a coat and the shoes that are soaked through from the snow.  Let me buy you another drink to help get the chill out of your bones.”

They had a few more drinks and then Henry started sharing his ideas of what was really going on with Charlie’s marriage.  “You know many times when a woman introduces a new food into the family meals it isn’t so much that she wants a change in diet.  More than likely she is trying to tell you that she would like a change in your sexual habits.”

“Why that is just pure nonsense!” Charlie exclaimed.  “Susan is a good old Southern Baptist and anything other than the missionary position is against her religion.”

“Really have you shown her the joys that cunnilingus can bring?”

“Are you asking me if I eat my wife?”  Charlie was flabbergasted.

“Of course, you show me a man that does not eat his wife and I’ll show you a woman I can take away from him.”

Much later Charlie would regret his answer.  “By God, no I don’t eat my wife.  That would be disgusting.” He railed.

They had several more drinks and Charlie was telling his new acquaintance everything about Susan.  He ever brought out his pictures from his wallet and let the man spend several minutes looking through them.  He did not even notice that Henry had slipped his license out and palmed it up his sleeve.  It would be days later that he noticed that it was gone and He never gave it a thought that Henry might have taken it.


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