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Dominant Wife Cuckold Husband


Dominant Wife Cuckold Husband

Chapter One – Being Outed in Front of His Best Friend

Howard Richards lifted his glass of whiskey to his lips, taking just a small sip of the liquor and allowing it to sit on his tongue before letting it slip to the back of his throat. His friend Sam Waters had shown up unexpectedly just as they were finishing dinner and before Howard had a chance to pick up the evening dishes.
Howard’s wife Michelle was now busily getting ready for her night out with the girls and the two men were chatting about football and nursing their drinks although Sam wasn’t exactly nursing his. Howard, however, knew better than to have more than one so he took his time with it.
Michelle entered the room looking like a million dollars and Howard smiled in appreciation of the beauty he had married some fifteen years before. Howard snuck a look to his left and saw that his friend was not even trying to hide the lust he felt. His eyes were almost popping out of his head as he openly stared at his best friend’s wife.
And of course, Michelle didn’t act like she minded the attention in the least. She made a big show of crossing the room and turning her back to the two men as she bent over in a show of picking up something off of the floor and putting it on the sideboard. As she did this her short black skirt slid up her thighs revealing the garters that held her black silky nylons in place as well as some white milky flesh.
Howard caught Sam adjusting his cock in his jeans and he knew that his friend was thinking about that flesh that had been revealed.
Michelle turned to her husband as she opened the door to leave the house. “Don’t forget dear, you are only allowed one drink. I wouldn’t want to have to punish you for breaking the rules and just because you have company doesn’t excuse you from your chores either. Don’t wait up for me.” And with that, she blew him a kiss as she walked through the door.
Howard’s face was now beet red as his wife had not even bothered to try and conceal their relationship from a man that had been his friend since high school. Michelle ruled the Richard’s household and she didn’t mind that everyone knew about her dominance of her husband.
“You do realize that she is cheating on you, don’t you?” Sam asked when they were once again alone.
“And what gives you that idea?” Howard asked his friend.
“Well, the fuck-me pumps were a dead giveaway. My God if she fell off of those things she would break her neck.”
“So you think that any woman that wears high-heels is looking to get laid?” Howard asked. “Doesn’t your wife ever wear heels?”
“Of course she does, every Sunday when we go to church. But she seldom wears them when she is going out for an evening with her girlfriends. And she never wears a skirt so short that she shows her ass when she bends over to pick something up off the floor. But you know about your wife’s infidelity don’t you? And what was that bullshit about you only being allowed one drink and telling you to make sure you do your chores while she is gone? What kind of kinky relationship are you two into to?”
“Well, that is a very long story and if you want to hear it you are going to have to help me do the dishes while I tell it.”
Sam didn’t seem to mind drying the dishes and setting them on the counter as Howard washed them by hand but he did ask the question that Sam had been waiting for since they got to the sink.
“It appears that there is a perfectly good dishwasher under the counter, why are you washing dishes by hand.”
“Michelle insists on it and what Michelle wants, Michelle gets.”
Howard dried his hands on a dish towel before picking up a stack of dishes and putting them in the cupboard. When the dishes were put away, Howard retrieved a broom and began sweeping the tile although there was not much of anything to put in the dustpan.
“So tell me.” Sam began. “Why do you put up with Michelle lording it over you?”
Howard gave out with a little laugh as he looked at his friend. “You did see the woman that walked out of here tonight, did you not?”
“God, yes. Of course I saw her. She is hotter than a firecracker. But she wasn’t dressed that way for you. In fact, I have to wonder, do you ever get to fuck your own wife?”
That was one question that Howard had not expected to come out of his friend’s mouth. He wondered how Sam had come to the conclusion that Howard was not allowed access to his wife’s pussy from the short time he had interacted with her that evening.
“I notice that you are not answering the question,” Sam stated. “I guess that tells me that I am correct and you are just a pussy whipped house maid. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes you wear a French Maid’s uniform when you don’t have guests in the house.”
It wasn’t posed as a question so Howard did not feel obligated to confirm or deny the allegation. And he really didn’t have much opportunity to do so in any regard because his friend was walking out his front door shaking his head in dismay as he went.


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