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A Little Devil in Georgia Cover


A Little Devil in Georgia

Georgia’s Weekend Continued

The two men had left and Georgia and Amara lay side by side on the bed completely contented. It seemed like every nerve in their body had been given a relaxant. “I made up the guest room for you,” Amara told Georgia. “But I wouldn’t mind if we just crawled under the covers and slept together. I have a strange feeling that I would like to hold you in my arms tonight.”

Georgia turned to look her sister in the eye. She knew that the suggestion should cause her alarm but for some reason it did not. “I think I would like that.” Was all she said. And the two got up, pulled back the covers and settled into each other’s arms and went to sleep contented.

A few slivers of sunlight were doing its best to sneak in through the darkened curtains Saturday morning. As they came to rest on Georgia’s eyelids she shook her head and reached out with her hands to stretch. She was amazed when her hands brushed against the long flowing hair that she knew did not belong to her husband. And then thoughts of the previous night began to form inside of her head. Had she really fucked a complete stranger, not once but twice? She started to get up out of the warm, comfortable bed and she seen the woman that she was sleeping beside. Why in the world was she in a bed with her sister, Amara? And then Amara began to stretch and come to life as well. She rolled over and smiled at her sister. “Hi, sis, did you sleep well, I hope?”

Georgia quickly got out of bed and rushed into the bathroom, suddenly ashamed to be naked in front of her sister. She spent a few minutes doing her morning ritual although she did need to retrieve her toothbrush from her luggage. She jumped into the shower and took did a quick clean job on her body allowing the hot steam to clear her head. She knew that she had not drunk enough the night before to cause this much fogginess in her brain. There was something else at play in this weird scenario. Feeling somewhat better she turned off the water dried off with a towel she found folded on a shelf and then wrapped the center of her body inside of the terrycloth for a little show of modesty before opening the door and moving back into the bedroom.

Amara was just entering the room with Georgia’s two bags. “Your room is just down the hall. I figured you might need a few things from your luggage before breakfast. I am going to grab a quick shower and then perhaps we can go out to eat if that is alright with you.”

As her sister disappeared into the bathroom, Georgia grabbed her bags and headed down the hall to her room. It was a smaller version of the one she had shared the night before and without the connected bathroom. She had stayed here before and was very comfortable with the layout. She opened the smaller suitcase and took out her toiletries and took them into the hall bathroom where she finished her morning ritual with a good cleaning of her teeth and brushing of her hair.

Going back into her room she rummaged through her other suitcase and found a top and short set and her plain white panty and bra. She finished dressing by slipping her feet into a pair of low-heeled white sandals. Looking in the mirror, she was pleased to see that she did not show too much wear and tear from her torrid lovemaking sessions. And just thinking about the unnamed cowboy that had brought her to such heights of passion she felt just a little spark of pleasure beginning to form in her nether regions. “I will have to quit thinking about him or I may need to take another very cold shower,” she thought to herself.

She was just turning to leave the room when Amara entered. “Are you almost ready to leave, I am starving?”

“Lead the way.”

As they exited the house, for the first time a slight niggling of guilt came into Georgia’s mind. As she settled into the front seat of the sedan the feeling grew even worse and by the time they reached the family restaurant it was an almost overpowering feeling of remorse. “How could I have cheated on Carter like that with a man I had never even met before? And I don’t even know his name for Christ’s sake.”

Amara pulled a small flask out of her pocket, handed it to Georgia and suggested that she take a little drink. “This will help you settle your nerves and then we will talk about this over breakfast.”

Georgia took the top off the flask and held it under her nose. Taking a whiff of the contents brought an almost instant calming effect. She wondered what wonderful potion it contained as she lifted it to her lips and took a small sip of the liquid. Warmth began at the tip of her tongue and flowed down through her throat and into her stomach where it began to spread to all the extremities of her being. “God that is good stuff,” She remarked. “What was I saying a few minutes ago? I seem to remember being upset about something.”

“Amara gave a little sigh of relief and replied. “Oh, you were just remembering what a wonderful time we had last night with Jake and Blake.”

“Jake and Blake were their names? That sounds like a cartoon show.” And Georgia laughed as she opened her door to get out of the car.

Amara followed her sister into the restaurant wondering if she was really doing the right thing. She had been told that her sister needed to loosen up and she certainly seemed loose last night but now she was starting to question her own motives. Why had he insisted on involving Georgia?

That question was still swirling around in her head as they entered the restaurant and waited to be seated. Georgia, on the other hand, had seemed to forget all about her previous worries and was chatting about how good it was to spend some time with her sister. They only had a couple minute wait before a server grabbed two large menus and gestured for them to follow her. They were seated in a booth in the far back corner with Amara’s back to the wall and Georgia facing her. This allowed Amara to see anyone coming into the room. For some reason, her mind drifted to the idea of an old west gunfighter wanting his back to the wall so that he could not be taken by surprise. And then she spotted the man walking down the aisle and she realized that she had indeed been taken by surprise.

He walked straight to their location, leaned down and put both of his hands on the table. “Hello, Amara. Fancy meeting you here.”

It took her a few seconds to catch her breath and even then it was difficult for her to form words.

“And you must be Georgia.” The man remarked as he turned to study her sister. “You truly are as lovely as advertised.”

Georgia also seemed to be having trouble forming words to reply but finally managed to stutter. “You have me at a disadvantage. You seem to know me but I have no idea who you might be. Amara are you not going to introduce me to your friend?”

“His name is Luther but I am not sure I would call him my friend,” Amara replied.

“Why of course we are friends, dear one. Georgia would you mind sliding over so that I might join you?”

Georgia had no idea how to respond but since he was by far the handsomest man she had ever seen in her life, her inclination was to obey his suggestion. As she slid to her left he was sliding into the booth next to her with his leg resting against hers. Unbelievable heat passed through his denims and entered her bare leg and crawled upwards to rest solidly between her thighs. Her nipples became rock hard at the same time and she found it hard to catch her breath. She thought that she must feel a little like a female animal in heat and it took all her willpower to stop herself from reaching down and caressing the bulge in his jeans. Just then she was saved as a server stopped by and handed Luther a menu.

“Will the gentleman be joining you ladies?” She asked although it was obvious that she already knew the answer.

Georgia noticed that she was bending down with her uniform top slightly parted and that her hand was resting on top of Luther’s. This caused Georgia a pang of jealously and she could not figure out why. She had never laid eyes on this man before in her life but now she was becoming possessive of him. And why was her sister just sitting there with a struck dumb look on her face?

Georgia quickly reached for her glass of water and took a long drink as if the chilled liquid would put out the flames that were licking at the swollen lips of her cunt. Although her own breath was shallow she was sure that everyone within six booths of them could smell her pungent sex. Once again the server came to her rescue.

“Have you folks decided or do you need a few more minutes? And then directing her voice straight at Luther she said. “I am here to serve you in any way you would like. And I do mean in any way.”

Luther looked up at her and gave an order for all three diners. “When you come back with our orders please make sure that you unbutton your uniform all the way to the waist. And take off your bra before you come back as well.”

The woman did not look at all surprised at the request. “As you wish master.” She said and then turned to put in the orders.

As she walked away the spell seemed to break and Amara managed to gather her wits about her. “I suppose you are going to make her another one of your slaves?” This was directed towards Luther.

“Are you perhaps a little bit jealous, little one? I could have ordered you to disrobe instead of her. Would that have made you happy?”

“Of course, you don’t care that she will probably lose her job because of your little stunt?”

“If she has good enough tits she will be able to get a much better job than waiting tables. In fact, I may just hire her myself. Now, why don’t you lean over the table and give me a big kiss so that I know you understand your position.”

Georgia watched in shock as her sister obeyed. It was indeed a big kiss with her tongue dancing inside of Luther’s mouth. As Luther pulled back away from her sister’s mouth he turned and smiled at her. “Don’t worry your turn will come, Georgia. And he reached down and put his hand directly on the inside of her right thigh. Without waiting for a further invitation, he moved it up so that his fingers were at the very entrance to her shorts. Georgia could not help herself and allowed a moan to escape her lips. Luther’s fingers felt like they were tiny snakes as they snuck beneath her leg band and moved upward towards a spot that was now drenching wet. And Georgia was powerless to resist.

Luther had just removed his hand and placed it back on the table when the server came with their food. She had indeed followed instructions and as she bent over to place the plates in front of each person her tits spilled out of her completely open uniform top. Every eye in the place seemed to be watching her and Georgia heard several gasps from shocked patrons. Soon a tall man in slacks and white shirt was coming hurriedly down the aisle towards them.

“Beverly what in God’s name do you think you are doing. Button your uniform and go draw your pay. You are fired.” He then turned to the diners at the table. “I am so sorry about that. I am the restaurant manager and I apologize for Beverly’s behavior. What can I do to make this right for you folks?”

“Well, you could give us our meals for free and give Beverly a raise for being such a good sport and providing such excellent service,” Luther replied.

“As you wish sir.” The man said and turned and walked back towards the kitchen.

Luther turned his attention to the two women that were staring at him with open mouths. “Come on ladies, eat before your food gets cold. You will need all of your energy this evening.”

The amazing thing was that neither Amara nor Georgia questioned his statement.


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