Sunday’s Free Chapter

Cuckolded and Bound For Punishment

Cuckolded and Bound For Punishment

I have no idea how long I have been in this same position. I have no way to tell time not even the growing or fading of the light in the room. The heavy leather hood that completely encloses my head makes it impossible for me to see even a small amount of light. I cannot hear any sounds that might give me a clue thanks to the thick earplugs that block all sound. I am unable to speak or cry out for help due to the soft, ball gag that is pushed behind my teeth and keeps my tongue from being used to create sound.
This is not to say that all of my senses are dulled. In fact, my sense of feel is greatly enhanced. I was naked when the hood went over my head. The air is cold and goose bumps are rising on my skin. I try to count out the seconds into minutes but I lose track when my muscles start to cramp. She has gotten so much better at binding me in painful ways. Tonight I am up on my toes but only on my right foot. My back is to a rough post. A rope is tied around my ankle holding me so that I cannot set my foot flat on the floor. Another length ties my leg just below the knee keeping my leg perfectly perpendicular to the post while still another length is tied likewise above the knee.
My other leg is pulled out to the side and up so that I am doing the split standing up. This puts, even more, pressure on my toes that are supporting one side of my body. My arms are bound above my head but not straight up. Rather they are pulled backward allowing the top part of my body to sag forward placing an unbelievable strain on my shoulder joints.
All the muscles in my body seems like they are on fire. I am stretched so that the maximum amount of pressure is exerted on each muscle and joint. There is no way to gain any type of relief and I would scream if it were not for the ball gag in my mouth.
The pain is now so severe that I have lost track of everything except for it. Even the cold no longer registers on my mind.
I tried for a while to count the seconds but as my muscles began to seize I could no longer concentrate. I have no idea how much time has passed since the hood was fastened over my head. I want to scream but the rubber ball wedged behind my teeth makes that impossible.
I can only imagine what she may be doing while I am suffering in this way. I cannot tell if he is present but my mind tells me that she is fondling his cock as they sit and laugh at my discomfort. Sometimes he will use a whip on me but I never know when that is going to happen. Sometimes he will slap my balls. Of course I cannot hear the laughter but my wife has told me how funny it is to see my muscles jump when he strikes my little glands.
I have no idea when any of these things will come into his mind. Sometimes I think my wife whispers in his ear and tells him to do things that will cause me pain.
I can feel something pressing against my sphincter ring and I tense up preparing for the terrible pain that I know is about to become my fate.


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