Saturday’s Chapter

My Evil Stepsister Returns

My Evil Stepsister Returns

Chapter Twenty-Four – Another Day, Another Agony
I was cold cramped and heartbroken by the time that the lid was finally opened to allow me out of my torture box. It was my stepmother who had come to my rescue and she gave me a big hug when I could finally stand. “Sandy and Pam are still snuggled up to their men so I figured that I would let you get up and stretch a little before you have to start work.
“Thanks a lot, Mom. Did anyone tell you what I am expected to wear today?”
Well, since you can’t get into your bedroom I guess you will have to put on what you wore yesterday. We need to figure out a better system for your clothes and hygiene. I guess you can use the downstairs bathroom and clean up in the sink but you need to put your clothes somewhere outside of that bedroom so that you don’t disturb your wife in the mornings.
I straightened my dress as much as possible and slid it on after I had put on my lingerie. I walked into the bathroom and did my necessities and then looked in the mirror. The bruises were perhaps even uglier than they were the night before and I wished I had some makeup to cover them up with.
Feeling very self-conscious I went into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee and started the machine. I asked Mom what I could get her for breakfast but she declined “I will get something for myself in a little while. Why don’t you start your chores? As I got to the top of the stairs and started passing my wife’s bedroom I looked down and saw a pair of man’s boots sitting just outside the door. I saw a piece of paper sticking out of the top of one boot and I bent down and pulled it out.
“Before you do anything else, clean and polish Norm’s boots. And I think you know how I want them cleaned. I left your shoeshine kit on the shelf in the ironing room. Get it, bring it back and do your work on your knees right in the hallway where I can see what you are doing should I come out of the room. And I will be inspecting your tongue to make sure you did a proper job of cleaning.”
I had almost finished licking both of those boots clean when I heard a moaning sound coming from inside the room. And then I could hear what sounded like the bed banging up against the wall. This went on for a long time and finally I heard my wife scream out in what I figured was ecstasy rather than agony. “Oh god, that was so fucking good.” Pamela cooed. “I have never cum so hard in my life. Of course, since I have been married to pencil dick I haven’t cum at all.”
Speaking of that he should be cleaning your boots outside the door. Would you like to check and make sure he is doing it properly? I did not hear an answer but shortly the door was pulled open and Norm stood over me. He was completely naked and his cock still shown with the moisture from his recent fucking of my wife. “Show me what you have done so far wimp.”
I help up the boots for his inspection and then he ordered me to stick out my tongue. “Did you lick the soles clean as well?” He asked with a sneer for an expression.
“No Sir, not yet at least.”
Pamela was now standing behind him with her arms around his waist. Well actually one of them was a little lower than his waist and her fingers were slowly stroking his naked cock.
“Have you forgotten how to address a real man already wimp?” she asked.
I thought a little and then I remembered that Norm had insisted on me calling him Master. “No Mistress, I should have called him master. Please forgive me, Master.” I said as I looked at Norm.
“Just make sure you lick those soles clean before you polish the boots. Right now your wife has got me hard again and I am going to take her back to your bed and fuck her until she screams.”
It took me, at least, an hour to finish those boots and for that entire time, I could hear that headboard hitting the wall. And just as I was setting the finished boots by the door and starting to leave she fulfilled his prophecy and screamed at the top of her lungs.
I retrieved the dirty towels and washcloths from the guest bathroom along with some more of my stepmother and stepsister’s clothes that they had just dropped on the floor. There was enough to start a load of laundry and so I did before returning to clean the stool, sink, and shower. Finally, I went downstairs to see what I could accomplish in the kitchen only to find all five of my houseguests along with my wife sitting around the kitchen table drinking coffee.
“There you are slave,” Pamela greeted me. Sandy tells me that she has put you on a dog food and water diet. While I am sure it will be good for your girlish figure, I notice that your water bowl still had water in it. I do not want you to get dehydrated so get over there and lap up everything in that bowl and then refill it and lap that up as well.”
As I settled to my knees and bent my head towards the water I noticed that there was a dead fly floating on the surface. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do. Could I rinse out the bowl and refill it.”
“What are you waiting for?” Sandy asked. “Are you so fucking stupid that you don’t even know how to drink water?”
“No Mistress, but there is a fly in my water.”
“So what, a dog wouldn’t mind a little meat in his water. Lap him up.”
I did so but I gagged as I felt it go over my tongue.
“You damned well better not throw up you fucking pig.” Pamela declared. “Now refill that bowl and let this be a lesson to you. If the bowl, is empty flies won’t be landing in it.”
All three men were roaring with laughter. “He is such a fucking wimp.” Norm declared. “Pam what did you ever see in this loser?”
“I am not sure myself after last night. It sure wasn’t because of his sexual prowess. Speaking of that will you be coming by again this evening?”
“No, I am afraid that I have a wife that expects me to pay her some attention. I hope my being married doesn’t spoil our relationship?”
“I didn’t even consider that you might be married. Does your wife know about your extracurricular activities?”
“I see no reason to tell her. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her and frankly having sex with other women behind her back is far more exciting.”
“I don’t know how I feel about that,” Pamela began. “I know I must sound like a hypocrite since I am married and you just gave me the best sex I have had in five years, but I really never thought of myself as the other woman.”
“I really don’t blame you but if you change your mind, I programmed my number into your phone. Give me a call anytime and I will be glad to come over. In any event, when my boots get really dirty again can I drop them off for your slave to lick and polish?”
“Oh God, yes and more than likely while you are here I won’t be able to resist that huge cock of yours. Are you sure you don’t have time for one more quickie before you go?”
“Sorry doll, I have to run. Call me.” And he walked out the door.
“It sounds like you had a wonderful time Pamela.” My stepmother observed.
“Oh, my did I ever. That man has the biggest cock and he really knows how to use it. He is nothing like the mini-dick I am married to. God, I wish he were available. I would love to have him in my bed every night.”
“Don’t worry dear. There are a lot of men with big cocks that are available. You will meet two of them this weekend. By the way, what have you planned for today?”
“Well, Sandy got about all the clothes that we need for our trip. I thought I might go into town and have a spa treatment. I really want to look my very best for the guys. Maybe I will even get a bikini wax. How do you think I would look with a shaped and trimmed pussy, slave?”
“You will look absolutely gorgeous,” I told her.
“Mom how about you and Sandy joining me, my treat?”
“It sounds like a good idea to me, what about you Sandra?”
“Sure why not. Have you got enough work to keep shitface busy while we are gone?”
“Sure there is always work to do. For starters, he can strip both beds and launder the sheets and pillowcases. I know mine are full of body fluids. Norm wouldn’t let me get out of bed after he fucked me so all his cum dribbled out onto the lower sheet. And my God can that man cum.”
“Yeah well his friend wasn’t too bad in that department either. While you are doing washing I have a whole weeks worth of soiled panties. I want you to hand wash them like I taught you before you ran away from home. I won’t be here to stop you from sniffing the crotches so I imagine you will enjoy yourself. How about you mom? Did you save your soiled panties for him like we discussed?”
“Yes, but I feel a little self-conscious about Jane washing my dirty underwear.”
“No need to worry about that. Tell her how you used to pick her panties out of the hamper and sniff the crotches, Jane. And don’t you dare lie.”
I hung my head but I managed to tell the truth.
“My God, is there no end to your perversions you fucking loser?” My wife spit. “Well, what the hell, as long as you are going on a panty sniffing expedition you might as well include mine. In fact, the pair I am wearing right now is probably covered with Norm’s cum so before you wash it I want you to lick the crotch clean. You might as well get used to the taste of cum because you are going to be eating a lot of it.” And she slid her panties down her legs and tossed them to me.
I could not help myself I had to spread the nylon out and look at the crotch and sure enough, it was crusted with white material.
“Do you like what you see?” Pam asked me. “Hold them up to your nose and take a good whiff.”
When I obeyed and actually let out a little sigh she ordered me to lick them clean and then hold them up for her to inspect.
“Now get the fuck out of my face loser. You better not be slacking off while we are gone or you will get 25 strokes of the cane Dr. Marks loaned me.”
As I was walking out of the room, I heard Sandy ask my wife if she knew where a pet shop might be located nearby. “There is something I want to pick up as a special surprise for our slave.”
I figured it was probably a chew toy or some other dog item that she could humiliate me with but I found out later it was much worse.
I slaved away for the entire day only taking a short break to drink another bowl of water and to relieve myself in the bathroom. I finally finished with laundering and replacing all the bedding, cleaning all three bathrooms and vacuuming all the carpets upstairs and down. It was past eight o’clock in the evening when I heard the front door open and three very exuberant women enter the house. I made my way downstairs and asked them if they wanted me to fix something for them to eat.
“No, we stopped off at the most expensive restaurant in town and gorged ourselves,” Pam stated. “Have you eaten yet.”
I had completely forgotten that I was supposed to eat a can of dog food. I wanted to lie and tell them I had but I knew that Sandy would count the cans. If I were going to go on a hunger strike I would have to be sneakier than that. I would have to empty the can while she was gone and leave the opened can in the garbage.
“No ma’am I got busy and forgot all about eating.”
“Good because I want to watch you eat your dog food. That picture that Sandy showed us last night was hilarious, don’t you think so mom?”
“It was funny alright dear but poor Jane looked so forlorn with that dog food all over her face.”
“Poor Jane is lucky she gets anything to eat,” Sandy says. “Aren’t you grateful I was so thoughtful and got good dog food for you Fido? Come on and give me a little woof to show how happy you are.”
I figured I might as well play along so I let out a couple of woof, woofs as I got the can of dog food out of the cupboard and filled my bowl. I then filled my water dish as well and settled down to my meal. I was getting a little better at keeping my face out of the food as I picked out the larger junks with my teeth. Only when I was down to just the broth in the bottom did I have to get my face into it in order to lick the bowl clean.
Once again Sandy insisted in taking pictures not only when I was finished but as I was licking the bowl as well. “By the way, I posted the ones from last night to your Facebook page and I will be sending these as well. I am so happy I made you give me your username and password.”
I thought about all the people who I had befriended including most of my high school class and I wanted to die at that moment.
When the women finished laughing they went into the living room. “After you finish washing your face you can come in and give us all a foot massage. We have been walking all day long and I don’t know about Sandy or Mom but my feet really need attention.”
I finally walked into the living room and Pam and Linda were sitting side-side on the sofa and sharing the footstool. They had removed their nylons so their feet were bare and waiting for me to start to work. I saw Sandy over by my trunk and I wondered what she was doing but I was sure it was something sinister and later I was proved right.
“Do Mom’s first slave,” Pam ordered,
So I settled to my knees and reached out with both hands and took my stepmothers left in them both. I began massaging at the heel and was immediately rewarded by hearing a low moan escape her lips. “How does that feel mom?” I asked her.
“Wonderful but my foot is so dry it pulls a little. Do we have any lotion you could use?”
“Don’t worry about lotion,” Pam said. “Slave lick the bottom of her feet with your tongue and get them nice and wet with your saliva. And keep repeating it until you have covered every inch of her feet and toes.”
I looked at the sole of the foot I held and knew that at some point she had been walking barefoot as it was dark as mud. Regardless I bent my head and started licking her foot trying to get as much dirt and grime off of it as I could. When it was wet I began massaging it and I could feel dirt begin rolling into little balls beneath my thumbs. So I again licked the full length of her foot and repeated the massaging motion. It took a long time but eventually her feet were as pink as they could be and I am sure my tongue was as black as mud. She thanked me and I moved on to my wife’s feet.
Once again I found that they were also extremely dirty and I wondered where they had been walking that would have gotten that much grime onto them. Pam saw me staring at her soles and she chuckled. “You are wondering why our feet are so filthy aren’t you? I should really gross you out and tell you we visited a horse farm and walked through the stable barefoot but actually, we just took a walk in the park. Of course, there is a possibility we might have stepped in something really gross there as well. But it is too late now, get to licking and pay particular attention to the areas between my toes.”
Sandy finally quit fiddling with my trunk and came over and sat down. When I finished with Pam’s feet I asked Sandy if she wanted me to do hers as well.
“No, not tonight, I am going to go upstairs and take a nice hot bath as soon as I get you settled in for the night. So get out of your clothes and get into your trunk. As I neared the trunk I heard Sandy slap a stick against the metal real loud and I could not figure out why she did that. I looked inside the trunk and saw that she had installed a raised platform and that in various places the points of nails stuck through and I knew they would be very painful as I lay on top of them.
“Before you get into the trunk I need to tie your hands behind your back tonight. I don’t want anything to get hurt with your hands-free.”
I had no idea what that meant but I put my hands behind my back and allowed her to tie them together. Then she helped me into the trunk and held my elbow so that I could get down on my knees and then onto my side. Once again I curled up into a ball so that I could fit inside and she closed the lid. I heard her close the hasp and I thought I heard something else but I could not quite make out what it was.
“I know you get lonely in there so I got something to keep you company tonight. I hope you aren’t afraid of snakes.” And I could hear all three women roaring with laughter. When that died down I could clearly hear a hissing noise coming from somewhere inside the trunk and then I began screaming as I could feel several snakes begin crawling on various parts of my body. When one curled up on my cheek I fainted from fright. That might have been the only thing that kept me from dying of a heart attack that night.


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