First Chapter to Cuckolded by his Boss

Cuckolded By His Boss
Chapter One Contemplation
Amanda and Charles Morris lay naked together in their large king sized bed. Their lack of clothing was a result of an on-going experiment to rekindle some of the passion that had been lost somewhere during their 15 years of marriage. As she looked down at his semi-erect penis she knew that this experiment was destined to failure as much as all the others they had tried.
About the closest they had come to adding excitement to their marriage was when they had decided to have “date night” on Friday evenings. Charles would take Amanda to some local bar, drop her off and come back a little later and try to seduce her. The first time they tried it, it wasn’t too bad. With enough imagination they ended up back home each with an imaginary stranger and the sex had been good. But Amanda had wanted more than imaginary sex that turned out to be far too familiar. And so the next time she deliberately had put herself in a position where an actual stranger could approach her and make advances that most people would have considered to be off limits to a married woman. But then the real problem had come about when Charles had entered the bar and found his wife being led around the dance floor held in a tight embrace. And worse still the man she was dancing with had his hand firmly pressed against her married ass cheek. Charles was sure that if they had not had clothes on they would have been fucking each other right there on the dance floor. His over-reaction put a stop to the fantasy and to that attempt at restoring their sexuality to what they had wanted it to become.
Next they had tried her being more dominant in the bedroom. With a few silk ties to bind him with and a play whip to make him obey she enjoyed the first encounter. But after about the third try she tired of having to do all the work herself. Some might find having a helpless male tied in their bed exciting but Amanda did not. The only way she could get any use out of him was to straddle him and use his poor excuse for a cock.
So now she pondered her choices. One, she could just give up on sex but the notion of becoming celibate at the age of 35 did not have a great deal of appeal. Two she could always take a lover but she was not sure that becoming an adulteress was what she wanted either. Or three she could continue to try to awaken some desire in the bosom of her husband.
She turned on her side facing Charley and allowed her hand to rest on the hair of his chest. Slowly she intertwined her fingers into the coarse curly mass. She gave a gentle pull to see if she could elicit some response and was rewarded by hearing a slight moan escape his lips. She released the hair and took his right nipple between her thumb and forefinger and began to squeeze slightly. Again he showed that he was enjoying the attention she was giving his body.
Charlie knew what was coming next. And as much as he desired it he knew that his body would not respond in the way he wished. He loved Amanda more than he could possibly ever show or tell her but at some point in his life he had lost the ability to attain and retain an erection. And so in stead of simply telling her what the problem was he knew that he would respond in a way to make sure she did not follow through on trying to get him to make love to her.
He thought back to the various ways they had tried to put intimacy back into their marriage. Date night had been the most promising but then his jealousy had reared its’ ugly head. He just could not stand to see any other man paying close attention to his wife.
She changed position slightly and took the nipple between her long sharp fingernails and began to squeeze. At first he seemed to enjoy it and she noticed that his cock was expanding and lengthening but not to the extent that it should. So she applied even more pressure until he tried to pull away.
“Ouch, damn it that hurts.” He exclaimed.
“I thought you wanted it rough in the bedroom. Isn’t that what you told me?”
“Not so rough that I am going to lose my nipples. A little pain is different from permanent damage.”
“You really are a wimp, aren’t you? What happened to the real man that thought he would like me to take a whip to his ass?”
“Like I said fantasies are not always the reality. Maybe we should just roll over and go to sleep.”
“Sure wimp let’s do that.” She said as she removed her hand from his body and turned away from him.”
She knew that she had hurt his feeling but for some reason the thought made her a little wet. Perhaps there was a way to put a spark back into her sex life.

Cuckolded by His Boss


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