Never buy a Toshiba product

One Thursday I found myself in need of a new laptop.  I purchased a Toshiba Satellite and thought I had made a good purchase until I tried to stream Netflix with it.  I got an error message telling me that my audio and video drivers were out of date.  So I called Netflix and they told me it was a simple process to download the latest drivers and gave me Toshiba’s phone number for assistance in doing that.

So I called and waited on hold for what seemed like a long time.  Then I tried to navigate their automated system which was a nightmare.  I guess that is pretty standard nowadays.  Make the system hard enough and most people will hang up so they don’t have to deal with you.

Finally I got a live person on the line and told them what the problem was.  They then transferred me to the software division.  Another long wait on hold before I got to talk with someone that spoke with such a deep accent that I immediately knew that English was not their first or even their second language.

With much difficulty I explained my problem, all I needed was to download the latest audio driver for my computer.  They told me they would be glad to help me for the nominal cost of just $165 which would give me three trouble calls in the next years.  I told them I had no intention of paying to solve a problem they created by not updating the drivers on my laptop.  Okay she said here is option number two we can work with you one time for just $99.  Again I told her no way in hell!  I should not have to pay just to have someone assist me in selecting the proper driver for my laptop that was just over 24 hours old.

To make a long story short they refused to help me unless I submitted to their blackmail.  Needless to say I will never again buy a Toshiba product.

And incidentally my grandson helped me download and install the driver in about 10 minutes.  One would think it would have been worth that time to Toshiba to have a satisfied customer..


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