An Interview with an Erotic Writer – The complete story

An Interview with an Erotic Writer

My name is Phil Wilder. I write mostly erotica, but I have a few stories that are published that are milder fare. But what attracts most people to my work is the kinky sex and sometimes-brutal violence that is displayed in my works. Most writers seem to want to give their readers a happy ending, but I just don’t find that realistic. That is not the way life works. Oh, sure occasionally a fireman will arrive in time to save a child or an adult from a burning building or automobile, but I believe those are the exceptions not the rules.

And so today, the local book critic, Angela Hayward, is interviewing me. I am not sure why I agreed to the interview. I am quite sure that she is going to try to paint me as a monster and to discredit my work. But, there is an old saying that bad publicity is better than no publicity. So I figured even if I came off looking bad in the interview, my name would still get out to more people.

I guess we are getting ready to start as her assistant is heading my way. “Mr. Wilder,” she starts. “Please follow me and we will get you miked up and a little make up to soften the glare. She seated me on a tall stool and shortly a technician came and clipped a microphone on my collar and had me test it. At the same time someone was applying powder to my cheeks and forehead.

When they were satisfied, I was led over to what appeared to be a living room on the set and seated in a plush leather chair. I did not have long to wait, before Angela came in offered her hand. I took it and shook it gently. I immediately noticed that she wore a wedding band. We exchanged pleasantries and then she sat down across from me. The chairs were arranged in an intimate setting so that there was just room enough between us at an angle so that if one or both of us crossed our legs we would not bump into the other person.

Angela then asked if there were any ground rules that I wanted to lay out.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, is there any subjects that you are uncomfortable discussing with me today? Is there anything that you want off limits?”

“Well, if I told you all the things I am uncomfortable discussing, this would be a very short interview. I have a feeling that you have a lot of questions that will disturb me. But, no, you can ask me anything and I will try to answer you to the best of my ability. Only if you get into some area that might get me into legal trouble will I decline.”

“Ok, then, this is not a live interview so if something comes up that you do not want to discuss, the tape can be altered later. So then let’s begin.”

The cameras were started and the microphones turned on and the action signal was given.

“Good evening, America, my name is Angela Hayward and I am here tonight with best selling erotic author, Phillip Wilder. He has graciously agreed to discuss some of his more controversial works.”

“Mr. Wilder, let me ask you why you write in the style that you do?”

“Could you be a little more specific, Angela? What style are you referring to?”

“Well, it seems to me that the main characters in your books do not fair too well. For instance in Addicted to High Heels or a Slave to My Wife’s Boots, you left us with the impression that the male lead was going to live a life of misery and again in Cruel Wife, Slave Husband there was little doubt that the husband was going to be totally destroyed.”

“Well, thank you for spoiling the suspense for my readers. But if you want happy endings perhaps you should be reading fairy tales and not my books. I don’t believe much in happy endings. I write dominant-submissive books for the most part and there are plenty of other authors that write about willing submissives without me joining in the ranks. Personally, I find nothing exciting about a man that willing submits to being abused by his wife. I don’t even believe that is realistic. Sure, there are probably some men that would not mind being a cuckold and some women that would do it just to please their husbands, but to me that is simply not exciting.”

“Let me understand you,” Angela breaks in. “Are you saying that you write to be realistic? If that is the case then perhaps I can take this interview in a different direction.”

“I don’t know how realistic some of the things, I write about are because I have never experienced the vast majority of them. Some of the milder things do come from my own experiences but even those have been spiced up. If all I wrote about was things that happened in my life, my readers would be bored to death and I would not be able to pay my mortgage.”

“Fair enough, but I doubt your life has been that sheltered. But let’s talk about realism. In Internet Sex Slaves and Cruel Wife you have whipping scenes. Have you ever whipped a woman or yourself been whipped?”

I smile at Angela and hesitate to form my reply. “No, I have not, but I would like to. Would you like to volunteer?”

“Lord, no and this interview is not about me, but about you.”

“Well, that seems hardly fair. Haven’t you ever wanted to know what it is like to be tied up and disciplined?”

“Frank, stop the tape. “Mr. Wilder, please refrain from asking me questions. This interview is about you and your books not about me and my life.”

“Look, you asked me a question about my real life. I understood that this interview was about my books and writing style, so if you are going to ask questions about my real life then I think it is only fair if I can do the same with you. And what is the big deal, you already told me that you can edit out what you want from the tape so why not be a little honest with me?”

“I can edit out what is on the tape, but you do realize there are real live people in the room. Such as the man who runs the camera, the sound people, makeup people and stage crew. Maybe I don’t want them knowing my private life.”

“So it is ok, if the entire world knows about my life, but yours has to remain private from a few?”

“I can see that this is not going to work out. I am sorry if we wasted your time but I think we might as well pack up our equipment and call it a day.”

“I am sorry you feel that way. I think we were just getting acquainted with one another. May I offer a suggestion?”

“Sure, go ahead,” Angela, replied.

“Why don’t you do the interview with just the two of us. You can have a recorder running and later you can edit out what you don’t like. That way I can get a better idea of what it is that you like or dislike about my books and you can paint me in any light that makes you happy.”

“That might work if this was radio, but it is television. No one wants to sit through a segment with me just talking about what we discussed. They want to see you and your reactions to the questions.”

“You mean they want to see me squirm, don’t you? Is there going to be a happy ending for me in this interview?”

She laughed and said, “Probably not. I really wish there was some way that we could complete this. I have a feeling that you are a very interesting man.”

“Well, why don’t you just start over where you left off? If, I ask you something you don’t like, just refuse to answer it or do what all women do, lie?”

“Wow, you do have a low opinion of women, don’t you?”

“I have a low opinion of humans in general,” I said.

“Ok, Frank go ahead and roll the tape from where we left off. Mr. Wilder to answer your question, no I have never had any desire to be tied up and whipped. But you say that you do have the desire to whip a woman, why?”

“Well, I think it would be interesting, no that is not the right word, stimulating is more like it, to be able to inflict pain on someone and to know that only I can grant them mercy. Not a good answer perhaps but it is an honest one.”

“Then would you like to be whipped, like some of the men in your books are whipped?”

“Oh, tough question. I don’t know if I would like it. Those women in my books are so dog gone cruel. I am not sure that I could survive what they do to their men. But, yes, I would like to have a woman tie me up, gag me so that I was helpless and whip me? Do you know anyone that would like to volunteer for that duty?”

“I am sure there are plenty of dominatrix that you could hire.”

“Ah, but see that is one of those legal areas we talked about earlier. I am sure that would be viewed as solicitation of prostitution services. And besides, that is just play-acting. If I was going to go through the pain and recovery, I would want it to be real.”

I could see her skin flush and I knew deep down that she was imagining what it would be like to mark a man’s back and buttocks with a whip. Even her breath was coming a little bit faster and I wondered if the audience could sense the change as well.

“I think we need to move on to another area. A lot of your books have the act of licking boots in them, why is that?”

“Ah, this should be truly humiliating for me. I guess that is my greatest fantasy. I have always been fascinated by women’s high-heels and boots.”

“You say always, how far back does that go?”

“Wow, another tough question. The first time I can remember being attracted in that way to a woman’s shoes was when I was about 5.”

“I don’t even want to go there, but do you actually lick women’s boots?”

“Yes, every chance I get, which is not nearly as often as I would like. When I was married, my wife indulged me in that perversity but after she left me, I haven’t found anyone that shares that interest.”

“I am amazed that you have not caught some deadly disease from that practice. Don’t you worry about where the woman has walked? Or do you only lick shoes that have not been worn outside?”

Let’s take your first assumption that I should have caught some type of deadly disease for ingesting something from a woman’s boots. I am not sure which comedian it was that said that his immune system was improved because he swam in the East River, which at the time was little more than a sewer. Well maybe my immune system has improved from the practice of licking boots.

And as far as sticking to boots that have not been worn outside: “Oh, heavens that would spoil the entire experience. Part of the excitement is not knowing where she has walked. What fun would it be to lick a pair of clean boots? For instance, the pair you are wearing are too highly polished for my taste. Of course the soles probably would be dirty enough to give me pleasure.”

Her face flushed a deep shade of red and I am sure if she had held a whip at that moment she would have used it on me.

“Well, another subject that went off in the wrong direction. Let’s talk about cuckolding.”

“All right then, another of my favorite subjects. Do you also find that to be fascinating?”

“Of course not but it is a theme in almost every book you write so I figured it held some special meaning for you. I don’t want to embarrass anyone else so I am going to refrain from asking about your personal experience, but why do you write about it in the way your do? Most other authors that broach the subject, it is always the male’s idea and the wife is reluctant. But in your books the wife always uses it as punishment, why?”

“Again, it goes back to the idea of happy endings. I suppose there may be a few isolated instances of a husband encouraging his wife to sleep with another man where it ends up happily for both of them. But, I doubt that happens very often. Some women have casual sex and form no other attachment than physical. But, I assume that for the majority if they had sex more than a couple times with another individual they would form some emotional attachment to him. She would then have to make a decision as to which man she liked better. And there is the other aspect, which is respect. I believe it would be very hard for a woman to respect a man that would willingly share her with another person, male for female.”

“So then you would not want a woman to cuckold you?”

“Absolutely not, I would hate it with every fiber of my being?”

“Then why do you write about it?”

“Because it is exciting. My readers get off on it. A lot of people are cruel by nature and they want to read about someone having their life torn apart. They want the guy to be destroyed. And truthfully that excites me as well.”

“Wow, you really do have a sadistic side, don’t you?”

“Of course, I do. One subject that you have not broached is that of betrayal. I absolutely love the idea of people betrayed and hurt by those they love most. In Tales of Betrayal you will notice I have included the very dearest of relationships to tear apart. A wife betraying her husband, a husband betraying his wife, a woman betrayed by her friend and mother-in-law and a man betrayed by his entire family led by his mother. I loved writing those stories because frankly it is almost impossible to be able to find stories like that.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, in Cruel Wife, Slave Husband you introduced the idea of chastity. Have you ever been subjected to that practice?”

“No, but I have done the two ring system for keeping an erection. It really works but it is extremely painful. I don’t recommend it to others but I found it to be wonderfully painful. My only problem was that I had the opportunity to take it off whenever I wanted and so I did not get the complete effect. Of course maybe that was better since I have no idea how long a man can keep an erection without having permanent damage done. As far as the chastity idea, I can see the fascination. I know being excited and not being able to touch myself is extremely pleasurable. I have never tried a chastity tube but that I think might be different. If you cannot fully attain erection it might not be as satisfying.”

“So are you working on any other books at this time?”

“I am kind of in between ideas right now. I am always swirling ideas around in my head and I imagine something will pop out eventually. There are so many topics that I would like to write about but seem to be off limits to society today.”

“Really, like what?”

“Oh, I never write about actual rape, although it fascinates me. I just don’t know how much of my audience would go along with my idea that the woman could never enjoy the act. I hate it when someone writes about a woman being attacked and her body always betrays her and she gets all wet and has multiple orgasms. Maybe I will write a story about a rape counselor so I can get to hear all the horror stories direct from the woman’s mouth and I might even throw in a twist where the counselor gets excited by making the woman believe she was to blame for the attack.

And then there is incest. I love that topic but it is pretty taboo with the mainline press. And of course women with animals would be a great subject but again hard to get published.”

“Dear god, you are truly disgusting. Aren’t you afraid that you will lose your readers from this interview?”

“No, quite the opposite. I think they will flock to see what added degradation I can dream up.”

The interview was over and I was escorted off the set. Angela did shake my hand but she did not have much enthusiasm in doing so. I could tell that she had not found our exchange of ideas to her liking. But as I left I did catch several of the female employees following me with their eyes. I did not know if that was because deep down they had some desires that related to my books, or if they just wanted to make sure they recognized me so if we ever met again they could avoid me.

I went back to writing and did not give much thought to what had transpired with Angela or her crew. I was somewhat anxious to see what the interview would do to my sales once it aired. What I did not consider is how others I knew would react.

I was informed about when the interview would air but I did not bother to watch it. I figured that Angela would paint me in the worst possible light and watching it would not change anything.

After the Interview

It wasn’t hard to tell exactly when the interviewed aired on television. First I received a call from my ex-wife complaining that I had aired our dirty laundry, or in this case dirty boots in front of the entire world.

“What in hell were you thinking telling the whole world that I let you lick my filthy boots? Do you have any idea how bad that makes me look in front of my friends?” she asked.

“Quite the contrary. I figure that since all you hang out with are feministas that you should be even more attractive to them. I am sure they love the idea of you forcing your former husband to his knees.”

“When I had you on your knees I should have used the opportunity to stomp your worthless balls into dust.”

“Oh, dear, it makes me hard just thinking of it.” And she slammed the phone down.

I decided to go out for the evening and get a few drinks to see what other reactions I might get. The bar is dark as I open the door. Most bars are poorly illuminated. I always figured that was because people preferred to do stupid things in low lighted areas but in actuality it is because someone scientist did a study on rats. Yes, I said rats. It seems that he found that rats would drink more in low light than in brightly lit areas. So owners of establishments that served alcohol figured that they could get their customers to follow the example of rodents and lowered the amount of light.

I studied the room carefully looking for a place to sit. It was a Friday evening and so the bar was quite crowded. I really preferred to sit at the bar as occupying a table all by myself seemed to be counter productive. I had almost given up when I noticed a young couple rise from their seats. As the man put a few bills on the bar and started to leave with his companion, I made my way to that location and took the seat he had vacated.

It took a few minutes for the bartender to get to my location and I spent the time surveying the room. There was a small dance floor, pretty much in the middle of the room, but only two couples were utilizing it. The pool tables in the far corner were all occupied. The jukebox was bellowing out something about friends in low places and I figured that I would fit right in.

When I got the opportunity I ordered a bourbon and ginger ale and took a small sip. I really did not want to get hammered but I definitely wanted to feel a little buzz. As I sipped my drink, I checked out the women, not so much in the hopes of finding someone to hook up with, but more because I just love to look at women. As my eyes scanned the room they came to rest on the most alluring pair of boots I have seen in a long time. I guess you could describe them as knee boots although they came slightly above the bend of the knee. They were made of black leather but they were not smooth. The leather had been tooled so that diamond designs covered the sides. And a wide leather strap came across the top of her insteps. But it was the heels that really grabbed my attention. They had to be at least six-inches tall and came to a pencil thin point. For some reason I could just imagine the pain that she could inflict upon my body if I was stupid enough to lie down in front of her.

I guess my eyes lingered a little too long for before I could look away she had caught me in the act of staring at her boots. I quickly turned back to my drink and tried to find something else to attract my attention when I heard the unmistakable sound of high-heels clicking on a wood floor. I tried to keep from turning her way but soon I felt the gently tap of a hand on my arm. I knew who it was even before I turned to face what I was sure was going to be an embarrassing situation.

Turning I found myself looking into a pair of very dark and very serious eyes. And those eyes belonged to an extremely beautiful woman. You are probably thinking that I should have already known how beautiful she was, but I had noticed very little about her other than her boots.

“Pardon, me,” she began. “But I could not help but notice that you were staring at my boots. I was just wondering if there was something wrong with them? Perhaps something has been spilled on them that I did not notice.”

“Ma-am I am truly sorry if I caused you any discomfort. I really did not mean to stare but those are perhaps the most exciting pair of boots I have seen. Please accept my apologies and I will take my leave so I don’t embarrass either one of us again tonight.”

“So you find my boots to be exciting? That seems like a strange way for someone to describe a pair of boots. You must be a very strange man. Tell me what exactly would you like to do with my boots that you find so exciting?”

By this time I noticed that she had attracted quite a crown all trying to get closer to see what she was going to do to the loser that had been caught staring at her boots.

I had no idea how I was going to extricate myself from this situation but I figured that flight would be better than fight. So I started to rise from my bar stool but she moved in to my space enough so that was not possible without brushing her out of the way.

I said, “Ma-am again I apologize for my crass behavior. But I think it would be best for everyone if I just take my leave. I really do not want any trouble.”

“There won’t be any trouble as long as you answer my question. Now once again, what is it that you find exciting about my boots?”

How do you explain that to a woman you have never met before? “They are just different than what I normally see. For one thing the heels are considerably higher than most. I think it takes a very special and very coordinated woman to walk in them. And the tooling on the uppers is quite exquisite. And the straps across the tops make the whole package most appealing to the eye.”

“It seems you are quite adept at describing my boots, but you still have not answered the question. If you had said that my boots were beautiful, what you just said would have been sufficient, but you said they were exciting. Are you talking sexually exciting? Are you going to leave here tonight and end up jacking off to the thought of my boots?”

And with that I swore I heard someone in the crowd gasp. I did not dare look around to see who it might have been as I knew that my antagonist would use the distraction to her advantage. I wanted to tell her that yes, I would probably end up masturbating to the thought of her boots but that would take me only deeper in the abyss of shit so I tried to ignore the question.

Just then the bartender came to my rescue. “I don’t know what is going on here,” he started. “But I really don’t want any trouble in here. How about everyone going back to their tables.” And then he turned his attention to me. “And I think it would be best if you settled up you tab and called it a night.”

I reached for my wallet and pulled out a 20-dollar bill and told him to keep the change. As carefully as I could I stood up and squeezed past the woman and started for the door. I breathed a sigh of relief when I was finally outside and headed towards my car. I could not believe how badly things had escalated from my fascination with a pair of women’s boots. And while I knew that I had escaped from a bad situation I also felt remorse that I had not been able to give her the answer that she wanted. Had there been less of a crowd maybe I could have let her enjoy humiliating me. I know that I would have enjoyed being humiliated by her if it involved sinking to my knees and worshipping those boots.

As I reached my car and hit the fob to unlock the door I noticed that I would not be going anywhere for sometime as the drivers front tire was flat as a pancake. I bent down and took a closer look and determined that someone had jabbed a sharp object into the side wall so even the fix-a-flat that I carried in the trunk would not do me any good. I was just pulling my cell phone out of my pocket to call my auto service when I heard that familiar female voice behind me.

“You really did not think that you were going to get away that easily did you?”

“Look, I admit to acting like a damn fool back there, but don’t you think you are carrying this a little too far. There are laws against vandalizing property.”

“Ok,” she said. “I will fess up. I know that you are Philip Wilder, the erotic writer. And I will admit that I came here tonight because I was told that you would be here. This whole thing has been something of a setup. And don’t worry about the tire. I have already called to have it fixed. I just wanted to make sure we had a chance to finish our conversation.”

“I don’t understand; why would you go to all this trouble just to try to humiliate someone you have never met?”

“I told you, you were setup. Someone wanted me to play with you a little bit. They even offered to pay me for my time, but when I found out who it was I volunteered for free. Now aren’t you at least curious as to what this is all about?”

“Oh, I am curious all right, but I am also a little apprehensive as to what I am getting myself into. You know who I am but I have no idea who you are or who is behind this little charade. I don’t even know your name.”

“Fair enough, you can call me Mistress Darla if you like. All things will be revealed in time but only if you throw caution to the wind and allow me to give you a ride to a little private party. Why don’t you take another look at my boots before you decide? In fact why don’t you take a much closer look at them? Perhaps if you were to get down on your knees, you could properly inspect them.”

I knew it was stupid. Who in their right mind would get down on his knees in the parking lot of a bar because a woman asked him to? Well, then whoever said I was in my right mind, but at least I was hesitating.

That is until she did something that I had not even considered. She kicked me square in the balls. I doubled up in pain and sunk to my knees, which is where she wanted me in the first place. “I told you to get on your knees and inspect my boots. I think I have been quite patient up to this point but it is time you learned to obey when I tell you to do something. Now, as much as I like the idea of you groveling in front of me right here, I really do not want to be disturbed with what I have in mind.”

She then dangled a pair of handcuffs in front of my face and demanded that I put my hands behind my back and fasten them in place. I hesitated and was rewarded for my dalliance with another kick this time to my buttocks.
“You may think that you have some chance of holding your own with a mere woman, but I can assure you that you do not. If you keep resisting, then I am going to have to severely punish you. So far I have aimed these boots into soft tissue, but if you do not behave, I am going to start aiming for harder areas. Maybe a broken rib or two would help you to understand.”

I reached behind me and fastened the cuffs onto my wrists. I tried to ratchet them down just enough so she would hear them close but not so much that with a little effort I could get my wrists free. She then put a cloth bag over my head and told me to stand up. I was just on my feet when I felt the cold steel of those cuffs closed tightly about my wrists and I realized that my ruse had failed.

She then guided me across the asphalt for an undeterminable distance. I heard a car door open and I was shoved roughly inside the vehicle.

“Now be a good little boy,” she said. “We only have a short distance to go and then you will understand everything.”

A Second Interview

She was telling the truth about the length of the drive. It seemed like only a very few minutes and the car came to a halt and the engine turned off. I heard my door open and then she said, “I am going to help you out of your seat. Please do not do anything that I might interpret as a hostile move. I don’t mind hurting you but it might be easier getting you inside if you are able to walk.” I then felt her hand on my elbow and she was guiding me out of the car.

I had no idea where we were going but I was grateful for her steady hand on my arm, guiding me to the destination. After we had traveled a little ways she pulled me to a stop and announced, “There are two steps directly in front of you, so please step up but be careful. Very carefully I raised my right foot and felt for the step. You would be surprised how difficult it is to take just two small steps when you cannot see. It gives you a whole new appreciation for what the blind go through.

I heard a loud click and then the scrape as a door was being opened. She not so gently pushed me through the opening and then closed the door behind us. Only then did she remove the bag so that I could again see.

I now realized that I was in what appeared to be some kind of a studio. In the center of a stage like area was a fake living room set up. A leather sofa adored on side and two leather chairs were set on angles facing the sofa. There was no coffee table in the center but two end tables were set between each chair and each end of the sofa. A walking space was left open between the two chairs. There were four video cameras positioned around the layout so that every possible angle could be taped. A large boom microphone hung over the entire layout making individual mics not necessary.
“I am sure that you have seen your interview with Angela,” my captor explained.

Before she could go on, I broke in and told her that no I had not seen the interview although I was there when it was taped.

“Well,” she started. “We are going to continue that interview tonight but this time we are going to give you a little more incentive to tell the truth.”

She then crossed the room to a door that when opened revealed a variety of what I could only describe as sadomasochistic toys. From my limited viewpoint I could clearly see a variety of whips, paddles and taws. What other delightful items were hidden from view I could not say. But I had a terrifying feeling that I would find out eventually.

When my jailor returned from the closet she held in her hand a small harness in her hands. I was not sure that I had ever seen one before but from its size and construction I had a feeling what part of the body it was designed to fit. She also carried what I knew for a fact was a butt plug, except that his one was not made of plastic but rather appeared to be made of copper or bronze.

She then steered me underneath a hanging hook in the center of the fake living area. She brought the hook down and fastened it to the chain of my handcuffs and made a motion to some invisible entity. And then the hook began to rise and I was pulled uncomfortably into a semi hanging position, bent over at the waist.

She then began to open the buckle of my belt and pulled it free from my jeans. Next came the top button and a yank on the tab and my zipper was lowered. She then pushed my jeans along with my shorts off and over my hips. She then told me to step out of my shoes, which I did with much trepidation. I was then ordered to remove my socks by taking the big toe of one foot and hooking it into the top of my sock on the opposite foot. This dear readers is much more difficult than it sounds. By the time I had successfully managed this feat, my shoulders felt as if they had been dislocated.

Darla then stood back and closely examined what she had so unceremoniously unwrapped. “Not much to look at there is it? I hope this harness can be drawn up small enough to encase those little tiny stones without them falling out. She then took a metal ring and forced my testicles through it one at a time. Then she bent my still flaccid penis in half and forced the foreskin through the ring as well. Then by pulling on my foreskin and shoving on the ring she soon had it nestled quite uncomfortably at the base of my testicles and against my pelvis bone at the top of my cock.

She then took the leather harness and inserted my cock through a hole in the center and fastened it securely behind my scrotum. Then with no lubrication she pushed the copper phallus into my rectum and rammed it home. It was so constructed that it flared out at the base so that it was held in place without any other means of support. This gave me great cause for concern as I was sure when it came time to take it out something would have to tear in the removal process.

Darla then went back to the closet and this time when she came back she had a series of wires attached to a small metal box. The box was then hung from somewhere on the bottom of the metal harness and the wires were attached in some fashion to the ring around my cock and balls and also to the metal butt plug.

“There now let’s just make sure this thing works before we continue.” She then produced an object from her pocket and depressed the little red button at the top with her thumb. Despite my best efforts to control my reaction I screamed as the voltage hit first my cock and balls and then traveled into my rectum. If I had not been suspended I know that I would have lost my balance and been forced to my knees from the intense pain.

“Hmm that seemed to work quite well. Do you think you can be a good little boy, if I take the hook off of your cuffs?”

“Yes,” I said. And then she depressed the button a second time and held it a little longer.

“Yes, what?” she spat.

“Yes, Mistress Darla.” I replied.

She then made a downward motion with her hand and the hook began to lower and the pressure on my arms and shoulders began to lessen. When all the pressure had been relieved she removed the hook from my cuffs and allowed me to stand upright. But that was not to last.

“On your knees worm. Let’s see how well you can crawl. Crawl to the sofa and sit facing it.”

I tried to wobble on just my knees but I was not making much progress. So I flopped down onto my side and began to try to push myself across the floor with my feet. I was grateful that the floor was made of hardwood and not carpeted as the smooth surface made the going a little easier.

“Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, what a pathetic little worm you are. Here let me see if I can help you along.” And with that she put the sole of her boot against my ass cheek and began pushing me across the floor. With the two of us pushing I eventually got to the area of the floor where she wanted me.

She then grabbed me by the hair of the head and began pulling me into a sitting position directly in front of the sofa. She then sat down in front of me and crossed her legs so that the toe of her right boot was only inches from my mouth. “Hmm, I really like you on your knees in front of me. How is it for you?”
“It is fine, Mistress Darla. But you know you did not have to go to all this trouble just to get me on my knees in front of you. I would have been more than willing to do that if you had just asked me.”

“Yes, but then what fun would that is? I think you yourself said that if the man is willing it takes all the pleasure out of it.”

“Maybe so,” I started. “But how are you going to make me unwilling when obviously I am exactly where I want to be?”

“Perhaps but as the evening progresses we will see how willing you are.” She then brought the toe of her boot and wiped it across my lips. “Would you like to stick out your tongue and lick my boot?”

“Yes, Mistress, Darla, may I please?”

“All right then, just a little around where the sole meets the upper.” And she shoved the boot firmly against my lips.

With as much grace as I could manage in that position I stuck my tongue out and began licking as much of her boot as I could reach. But I would only take a few swipes with my tongue and she would inch her foot back away from me so that I would have to strain further on the front of my knees to get back in contact with it. And then it happened; I lost my balance and fell clumsily onto my face on the floor. With no way to break my fall my nose and mouth were took the most of the punishment and I felt a trickle of blood began to seep from my nose.

Darla quickly got up from her seat and moved around to my side and delivered a sharp kick to my exposed side just below the ribs. “Look at what you have done you clumsy fool. Now you have got blood on this nice floor.” She then grabbed a rag from the end table and threw it in front of my face. “Pick it up in your mouth, worm. And clean that floor before it sets into the wood.”

I did the best I could but with my nose still bleeding I was not making a lot of progress until she finally took pity on me and jammed some Kleenex up my nose to stop the bleeding.

“You are truly pathetic. If I had known how uncoordinated you were I would never have taken this assignment. Now turn over onto you back.”

I did as she asked although it caused my hands to be trapped between my body and the hardwood floor with caused me great pain. She then took the sole of her boot and pushed it down hard against my bruised mouth and told me to get to licking. I stuck out my tongue but could not make much headway as the pressure of her boot was keeping my mouth from moving.

“You are not even any good at the one thing that you said you enjoyed. You cannot even lick my boots worth a damn. Here just hold your tongue out and I will help you.” And with that she roughly pulled the dry sole of her boot across my tongue. This caused it to stretch out from my mouth and I thought it would tear from its’ anchor at the back of my mouth. She then put a little more pressure onto my tongue and began to grind her foot from side to side. I couldn’t scream because my tongue was pinned under her boot but I would have otherwise.

“That is enough for now. I am bored with this activity. And besides, there are so many other wonderful things for you to experience tonight. I do want you to know, however, that there was a little accident in the ladies room earlier tonight. One of the toilets overflowed and the sole that you just licked got quite soiled with the filth. So not only did you get some of that in your mouth but that open sore on your lip probably got infected as well.”

I had no comment for that and so I just kept quiet and waited for whatever would occur next.

“As much as I like to have you at my feet, that position does not afford you the best view for the next segment of the show. So if you would not mind see if you can pull your hands down below your hips and pull your legs out so that you can move your hands in front of you body. I guess I could just unlock your cuffs but what fun would that be?”

With a little effort I found that it was fairly a simple maneuver to accomplish what she requested. She then instructed me to stand up and place the chain of my cuffs over the dangling hook. The with a wave of her hand upward the hook began to rise until i was stretched with my arms above me and just the tips of my toes on the hard wood floor.

“Now I seem to recall that you had expressed the desire to whip a woman or to be whipped by one. If you would keep your eyes on the screen to your left please. I think you will be very pleased with what you are going to witness.” Because of the way my body was hung, it was a fairly easy task to be able to rotate in any direction that I wished. And so I tiptoed around until I was directly in line with the screen she was talking about. When I had settled into that position, I saw the screen begin to rise and slowly ever so slowly the naked body of a young woman came into view. Like me, she was suspended from the ceiling, although a leather harness supported he body so that not so much of her weight was on her arms and legs.

She had a leather mask covering her face but there was something vaguely familiar about her. I reached into the depths of my memory to try and drag out what my eyes were not revealing, but I could not quite grasp who it might be.

As Darla walked towards the bound, helpless woman, I noticed that she carried a riding crop in her hand and was gently tapping it against the side of her skirt as she walked. When she was right next to her victim, for surely that was what this helpless waif must be, she began gently running the whip slowly against the bare skin of her buttocks. I could hear a small gasp coming from the bound girl’s lips but I was unsure if it was because of fear or anticipation.

“Now, worm, you had said you would like to whip a woman. Well, unfortunately we cannot allow you to be untied so all you can do is witness the rise and fall of the whip. But we did want you to feel a little of what this young lass is going through and so we found a way to make your harness respond to loud noises. The louder the noise the higher the voltage that will be dispensed. So the sound of the whip striking flesh may cause you some discomfort, if our toy here should feel the need to scream, then I imagine your harness will cause you considerable pain. So then shall we get started? Oh I almost forgot. I am sure you would like to know the identity of the person that is here because of you tonight.”

With that she stepped up and unbuckled the leather mask and pulled it from the woman’s head. And as the golden blonde tresses fell to the shoulders of the woman in front of me, I recognized the face of my younger sister, Andrea.

“God, no!” I screamed. “You cannot do this to her. Whip me instead. Please I am begging you, let her go.”

“Why you pathetic little hypocrite. You said you would like to whip a woman and so we thought you should get a chance to see what that entails. After all any other woman we chose would have been somebody’s wife, daughter, mother or sister. Why should it not be someone that you love?”

And with that she raised the whip and brought it down with all her force onto the right buttock of my sister. As the whip landed with a dull whap, I felt a slight discharge of electricity into my body but when Andrea screamed at the top of her lungs I felt the most intense pain I had ever had to endure before. Again the whip was raised over Darla’s head and again it was brought down only this time on the left buttock. I did not even have time to feel the small pain before the large one threatened to burn my insides into ashes.

Darla looked at me with a huge smile on her face and asked, “How do you like it so far? Is it living up to your greatest expectations?”

“You cruel heartless bitch,” I screamed. “I am going to kill you when I get loose from here.”

“And just why do you think you are ever going to get loose? Once I am finished with your pretty little sister, I may just decide to use the whip on you. It will be interesting to see which is worse, the pain of the whip or the pain of the electricity that you cause by your screams. But that last jolt to your balls almost caused you to pass out and I do not want that to happen until I have finished with Andrea so I am going to turn off the voltage to your harness. That way you can just hang there and enjoy the show.”

With that she walked over to me and reached down and disconnected the box from my harness. “There now you can really enjoy the show.”

She returned to my helpless sister and inspected the damage that her whip had done so far. “Wow, you are going to have some nice bruises there if you are still alive when I finish with you. I have been told that whipping a woman on her buttocks actually can be pleasurable. Is that the case my pet?” When she did not receive and answer she decided to inspect for herself.

She then reached between my sisters legs and began running her fingers up and down her slit. “My, my,” she exclaimed. “You are enjoying this.” And she pulled her fingers out and held them up towards me. Even from this distance I could see them glisten with moisture and I knew that the whip had indeed caused my sister to become excited.

“Well, we certainly cannot have you getting all wet and dripping. So I am going to concentrate my strokes somewhere other than you pretty little ass. I hear the tops of the legs can be excruciatingly painful when whipped.”

She then brought the whip down again with force but this time just below Andrea’s buttocks. Andrea not only screamed this time but also threw her entire body away from the blow. Because of that, her feet came off the floor and she began to swing back and forth. Before she could come to rest the whip again struck. This time the target was an inch or so lower than the one previous. The scream had barely left her mouth when the whip struck again, just a little lower yet.

I was begging and pleading and the tears were running down my face. But none of my pleas were answered. It was not until Andrea slumped fully into her harness that Darla set the whip aside.

“That was so much fun. I so love all the endorphins that a little whipping action brings out. I am so disappointed though that you did not enjoy it more. I was sure that your small excuse for a cock would have gotten hard watching your sister abused that way.
Perhaps the next act will bring out a better reaction.”

She approached me and removed the leather harness from my cock and balls but left the metal ring and the butt plug attached. She then produced a smaller ring and put it over my flaccid fore-skinned penis. Grabbing my shaft she began working the hard metal ring down until it nestled solidly against the base of my cock. “Now if we only had someway of getting you hard. I know perhaps you would like to lick my boots for real. Would that get you excited, worm? Just imagine the smell of the leather or how your tongue would feel snaking across all that dirt and grime. Imagine where those boots have walked today and all the other days since they were new.” And pulling on a pair of leather gloves she reached down and gave my awakening penis a gentle squeeze. “Yes I can see that idea does excite you. All that wonderful blood is beginning to seep into your tube, but the ring is going to keep it from flowing back out.”

And she was right. I was experiencing the beginning of an erection and I knew that from past experience there was no way that I would return to a flaccid state until someone decided to remove the smaller ring. And already I was beginning to experience some discomfort as my cock grew bigger and bigger.

“Oh, that is so lovely. What a nice shade of purple you are turning. I imagine shortly that it will turn black and then what? Do you think the blood will begin to clot in there and maybe you will have that woody until it finally falls off? And now are you ready for the next act?”

“I have no idea why you are doing this but please just end this now before someone dies. My sister needs medical attention. Do what you will with me but let her go, please.”

“Oh, your sister is fine. We administered a little ammonia under her nose and she came right around. In fact she is so well that we are going to use her in this segment as well. Keep your eyes on the screen.”

And once again the screen started to rise, but this time I did not see Andrea’s legs but instead the base of some kind of padded bench. When the screen had reached where Andrea’s hips would have been before I saw that she was there but this time strapped down to the bench face up and her legs spread and secured to a pole that ran between her ankles. Her hips were just off the end of the bench but because the spreader bar was suspended from the ceiling she did not drop below the padding. And then a very large naked man stepped into view. He was obviously excited as his giant member stood straight up away from his body. It was so long that if he bent his head only slightly downward he would be able to give himself fallatio. It was also so thick that I was sure it could not possible enter any normal woman’s vagina no less my small innocent sisters.

I wanted to yell and scream but by now I realized that it would be pointless to do so. So I just closed my eyes and tried to avoid what I knew was inevitability. And then I heard Darla say, “Open your eyes damn you and watch what is going to happen. If you try to avoid it I swear I will make this much harder on Andrea. And it is obvious from your condition that you find it to be exciting in any regard. Andrea, look at the screen over your head and notice how much your big brother really hates this.”

And then my eyes were drawn to the huge screen that was hung above the bench where my sister was tied. And of course you guessed it the main attraction was my fully erect black penis. I could have explained that it was not because of her situation but it would have fallen on deaf ears at that juncture.

And then with a shaky voice, Andrea spoke. “I did not believe it when these people told me what a perverted man you had become. But, now I can see for myself. What a magnificent hard on you have achieved and all because someone is about to rape me. I suppose when this is over you will write a book about how excited you got watching a giant pole being rammed into my cunt.”

“Andrea, please believe me this has nothing to do with you. I can’t lose my erection because the blood is trapped in my shaft by two metal rings that are cutting off the blood flow.”

“Phillip, shut the fuck up. Nobody here is ready to believe your lies. You might just as well enjoy the show. Do you think he will tear me asunder with that huge cock of his?”

The man then stepped up between her legs and began rubbing the tip of his gigantic cock up and down her slit. Even though I am sure she hated what was happening to her I could hear a gentle moan escape her lips when it brushed against her clit. And then something absolutely terrifying happened. I actually began to be stimulated by the sight and my already engorged cock strained even harder against the ring holding the blood in. What Andrea said really was true. I was excited by the fact that she was about to be impaled by something much larger than had ever been inside her before.

While that thought was still burning a hole in my conscience he began to place the head of his cock against her vaginal opening and began to push with his hips. Because I was directly behind him my view was blocked somewhat but then I changed my vantage point to the screen above the action. I was actually pleased to note that the camera angle was perfect to allow me to see every inch of that magnificent tool. He had only managed to insert the head and already I could see that she was being stretched much farther than anyone should be able to endure. But she was not screaming out in pain but rather the microphone was clearly picking up the sounds of coming passion. Inch by what must have been painful inch he forced himself inside of my sister. When he was only about a fourth of the way to his goal he stopped and allowed himself to recover. Apparently the tightness of that pussy was causing so much friction against his sensitive member that he was in danger of discharging his load.

And then he started again. I watched from the back as those powerful muscles in his buttocks clenched and shoved and then I watched from above to see the progress his cock was making. He was now half way there and still she did not cry out. And then I heard her voice, “Please, dear lord, I can’t take anymore. You are going to split me wide open.”

And then Darla spoke, “Don’t listen to the slut, fuck her. Shove that rod of yours all the way to the hilt. She will stretch a mile before she tears an inch.”

And he clenched his ass and pushed with all his might. I watched on the overhead screen as he started steadily sliding towards her pubic hairs and then he was all the way inside. He stopped fully imbedded and let out a sign of contentment. “God, she is tight.” And then he pulled almost all the way out and drove in one motion back in. I saw her hips rise up and I did not know if that was to give her some relief or if she was trying to draw him even deeper inside of her. Again he withdrew and this time held himself quiet with just his head still inside and then again drove his cock to the hilt.

“Oh, dear God, fuck me,” Andrea begged. “I have never felt anything like this in my life. Drive that magnificent piece of meat in deeper.”
And he obliged. He picked up the pace and I could see her hips matching his rhythm. And with each stroke I could hear her moan and beg for more. It seemed like hours passed as I watched him piston in and out before, I saw his ass clench and he drove deep and held it as spasm after spasm passed through his body. And then finally he withdrew completely walked around to her head and placed his dripping wet cock to her lips. I was stunned when she willingly opened her mouth and took as much of him in as possible. She sucked for only a little while when he pulled out and wiped his cock with her hair and then walked off the stage.

Only then did I return my attention to my own problem. I had been trapped in those rings for so long that I felt like my cock was an ice cycle. And then I heard a familiar voice call out from somewhere back stage. “Darla, let him down and put him on the bench.”

And as she obeyed and was leading me towards the bench, I saw my ex-wife emerge and head my way. “My, Phillip,” she said. “I don’t believe that I have ever seen your wienie that engorged. I do think this may be the first time that I ever might be able to use that thing and actually orgasm. Lie down like a good little boy and let Darla fasten you in. This may well be the ride of your life.”

I did not even argue. I gladly got up on that bench and lay down face up. I did not however leave my ass hanging over the edge. It was a good thing too, as my ex-wife climbed on top of me and unceremoniously lowered her dripping cunt onto my frozen shaft. “God, that feels so good.” she said as she fully impaled herself on it. “I wish I had know about this sooner. Maybe, I would have kept you around for an occasional fuck when Donald was out of town.” And then she began to grind her hips from side to side more than up and down. And while the heat of her body should have been warming me up, the friction against my painfully stretched skin was an agony that no one would ever associate with the act of fucking.

She rode me like a bucking bronco for the longest time. She had no reason to worry about me ejaculating as nothing could escape the confinement of those rings. As she got more and more pleasure, I got more and more pain. And I could see from the look in her eyes she knew how much she was hurting me and she was enjoying every second of it.

When she was finally done, she rose off of my cock and repositioned her hips above my face. And then she reached down and spread her cunt lips and slowly lowered herself to my mouth. “It is too bad that you could not orgasm as it would have been more pleasurable to have you eat your own cum. But never the less I am sure you can give me one more orgasm before we are through.” And she began to grind her wet slit against my mouth. And despite my better judgment, I stuck out my tongue and allowed her to ride it to orgasm.

When she was through, I thought they would just let me lay there until my cock petrified and fell off. But that was not to be. Darla approached me and with her still gloved hand reached out and grasped the small ring that encircled my cock. With a not so gentle tug she managed to get it moving towards the tip and it soon slid all the way off. What should have been a huge relief actually was a cause for more pain. As the blood started to flow anew all of my nerve endings came back to life. Darla then removed my restraints and allowed me to get to my feet. I was so light headed at that point that I thought I might pass out and had to reach out and steady myself against the bench.

“Ok, you have been such a great sport that you can now have a little reward. Come on over and get on your knees in front of the sofa. I am going to let you finish licking my boots and you can spend as much time at it as you like.” I settled down on my knees and willingly lowered my head towards her boots only to feel her hand grip me under the chin and pull my head away. “I said you could lick my boots but there is something I want you to do first.”

“Anything you want,” Mistress Darla.

“Good boy. Now I want you to jack off and spurt all that spent up cum onto my boots and then you can lick them clean. I am sure that your wife and sister will enjoy the show.”

That may have been the single most embarrassing thing I had ever done but I followed her instructions to the letter. And after all of the pent of sexual tension I had went through I spurted a lot of cum. She instructed me to rub it all over the uppers of her boots and then to make sure I got every bit with my tongue.

I both hated and loved every stroke of my tongue on her boots. I even lovingly cleaned the filthy soles of her boots and then thanked her for the privilege.

When I was finally through and asked for permission to rise I heard a loud round of applause from somewhere off stage. And then my sister, my mother, my ex-wife and
Angela Hayward emerged from the shadows. They were all high fiving each other and laughing and clapping there hands.

Andrea was the first to reach me. She pulled me into her arms and gave me a big hug. “Well big brother did you enjoy this day as much as we did?”

“You mean you were in on this whole thing?” I asked.

“In on it,” she laughed. “I orchestrated it. Do you not even realize what day this is?”

I tried to think but it was not coming to me and then the light bulb went on. ” Do you mean?” I started only to be interrupted.

And then they all shouted in unison “Happy Birthday, Phillip.”

The End.


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