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An Interview with an Erotic Writer

My name is Phil Wilder. I write mostly erotica, but I have a few stories that are published that are milder fare. But what attracts most people to my work is the kinky sex and sometimes-brutal violence that is displayed in my works. Most writers seem to want to give their readers a happy ending, but I just don’t find that realistic. That is not the way life works. Oh, sure occasionally a fireman will arrive in time to save a child or an adult from a burning building or automobile, but I believe those are the exceptions not the rules.

And so today, the local book critic, Angela Hayward, is interviewing me. I am not sure why I agreed to the interview. I am quite sure that she is going to try to paint me as a monster and to discredit my work. But, there is an old saying that bad publicity is better than no publicity. So I figured even if I came off looking bad in the interview, my name would still get out to more people.

I guess we are getting ready to start as her assistant is heading my way. “Mr. Wilder,” she starts. “Please follow me and we will get you miked up and a little make up to soften the glare. She seated me on a tall stool and shortly a technician came and clipped a microphone on my collar and had me test it. At the same time someone was applying powder to my cheeks and forehead.

When they were satisfied, I was led over to what appeared to be a living room on the set and seated in a plush leather chair. I did not have long to wait, before Angela came in offered her hand. I took it and shook it gently. I immediately noticed that she wore a wedding band. We exchanged pleasantries and then she sat down across from me. The chairs were arranged in an intimate setting so that there was just room enough between us at an angle so that if one or both of us crossed our legs we would not bump into the other person.

Angela then asked if there were any ground rules that I wanted to lay out.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Well, is there any subjects that you are uncomfortable discussing with me today? Is there anything that you want off limits?”

“Well, if I told you all the things I am uncomfortable discussing, this would be a very short interview. I have a feeling that you have a lot of questions that will disturb me. But, no, you can ask me anything and I will try to answer you to the best of my ability. Only if you get into some area that might get me into legal trouble will I decline.”

“Ok, then, this is not a live interview so if something comes up that you do not want to discuss, the tape can be altered later. So then let’s begin.”

The cameras were started and the microphones turned on and the action signal was given.

“Good evening, America, my name is Angela Hayward and I am here tonight with best selling erotic author, Phillip Wilder. He has graciously agreed to discuss some of his more controversial works.”

“Mr. Wilder, let me ask you why you write in the style that you do?”

“Could you be a little more specific, Angela? What style are you referring to?”

“Well, it seems to me that the main characters in your books do not fair too well. For instance in Addicted to High Heels or a Slave to My Wife’s Boots, you left us with the impression that the male lead was going to live a life of misery and again in Cruel Wife, Slave Husband there was little doubt that the husband was going to be totally destroyed.”

“Well, thank you for spoiling the suspense for my readers. But if you want happy endings perhaps you should be reading fairy tales and not my books. I don’t believe much in happy endings. I write dominant-submissive books for the most part and there are plenty of other authors that write about willing submissives without me joining in the ranks. Personally, I find nothing exciting about a man that willing submits to being abused by his wife. I don’t even believe that is realistic. Sure, there are probably some men that would not mind being a cuckold and some women that would do it just to please their husbands, but to me that is simply not exciting.”

“Let me understand you,” Angela breaks in. “Are you saying that you write to be realistic? If that is the case then perhaps I can take this interview in a different direction.”

“I don’t know how realistic some of the things, I write about are because I have never experienced the vast majority of them. Some of the milder things do come from my own experiences but even those have been spiced up. If all I wrote about was things that happened in my life, my readers would be bored to death and I would not be able to pay my mortgage.”

“Fair enough, but I doubt your life has been that sheltered. But let’s talk about realism. In Internet Sex Slaves and Cruel Wife you have whipping scenes. Have you ever whipped a woman or yourself been whipped?”

I smile at Angela and hesitate to form my reply. “No, I have not, but I would like to. Would you like to volunteer?”

“Lord, no and this interview is not about me, but about you.”

“Well, that seems hardly fair. Haven’t you ever wanted to know what it is like to be tied up and disciplined?”

“Frank, stop the tape. “Mr. Wilder, please refrain from asking me questions. This interview is about you and your books not about me and my life.”

“Look, you asked me a question about my real life. I understood that this interview was about my books and writing style, so if you are going to ask questions about my real life then I think it is only fair if I can do the same with you. And what is the big deal, you already told me that you can edit out what you want from the tape so why not be a little honest with me?”

“I can edit out what is on the tape, but you do realize there are real live people in the room. Such as the man who runs the camera, the sound people, makeup people and stage crew. Maybe I don’t want them knowing my private life.”

“So it is ok, if the entire world knows about my life, but yours has to remain private from a few?”

“I can see that this is not going to work out. I am sorry if we wasted your time but I think we might as well pack up our equipment and call it a day.”

“I am sorry you feel that way. I think we were just getting acquainted with one another. May I offer a suggestion?”

“Sure, go ahead,” Angela, replied.

“Why don’t you do the interview with just the two of us. You can have a recorder running and later you can edit out what you don’t like. That way I can get a better idea of what it is that you like or dislike about my books and you can paint me in any light that makes you happy.”

“That might work if this was radio, but it is television. No one wants to sit through a segment with me just talking about what we discussed. They want to see you and your reactions to the questions.”

“You mean they want to see me squirm, don’t you? Is there going to be a happy ending for me in this interview?”

She laughed and said, “Probably not. I really wish there was some way that we could complete this. I have a feeling that you are a very interesting man.”

“Well, why don’t you just start over where you left off? If, I ask you something you don’t like, just refuse to answer it or do what all women do, lie?”

“Wow, you do have a low opinion of women, don’t you?”

“I have a low opinion of humans in general,” I said.

“Ok, Frank go ahead and roll the tape from where we left off. Mr. Wilder to answer your question, no I have never had any desire to be tied up and whipped. But you say that you do have the desire to whip a woman, why?”

“Well, I think it would be interesting, no that is not the right word, stimulating is more like it, to be able to inflict pain on someone and to know that only I can grant them mercy. Not a good answer perhaps but it is an honest one.”

“Then would you like to be whipped, like some of the men in your books are whipped?”

“Oh, tough question. I don’t know if I would like it. Those women in my books are so dog gone cruel. I am not sure that I could survive what they do to their men. But, yes, I would like to have a woman tie me up, gag me so that I was helpless and whip me? Do you know anyone that would like to volunteer for that duty?”

“I am sure there are plenty of dominatrix that you could hire.”

“Ah, but see that is one of those legal areas we talked about earlier. I am sure that would be viewed as solicitation of prostitution services. And besides, that is just play-acting. If I was going to go through the pain and recovery, I would want it to be real.”

I could see her skin flush and I knew deep down that she was imagining what it would be like to mark a man’s back and buttocks with a whip. Even her breath was coming a little bit faster and I wondered if the audience could sense the change as well.

“I think we need to move on to another area. A lot of your books have the act of licking boots in them, why is that?”

“Ah, this should be truly humiliating for me. I guess that is my greatest fantasy. I have always been fascinated by women’s high-heels and boots.”

“You say always, how far back does that go?”

“Wow, another tough question. The first time I can remember being attracted in that way to a woman’s shoes was when I was about 5.”

“I don’t even want to go there, but do you actually lick women’s boots?”

“Yes, every chance I get, which is not nearly as often as I would like. When I was married, my wife indulged me in that perversity but after she left me, I haven’t found anyone that shares that interest.”

“I am amazed that you have not caught some deadly disease from that practice. Don’t you worry about where the woman has walked? Or do you only lick shoes that have not been worn outside?”

Let’s take your first assumption that I should have caught some type of deadly disease for ingesting something from a woman’s boots. I am not sure which comedian it was that said that his immune system was improved because he swam in the East River, which at the time was little more than a sewer. Well maybe my immune system has improved from the practice of licking boots.

And as far as sticking to boots that have not been worn outside: “Oh, heavens that would spoil the entire experience. Part of the excitement is not knowing where she has walked. What fun would it be to lick a pair of clean boots? For instance, the pair you are wearing are too highly polished for my taste. Of course the soles probably would be dirty enough to give me pleasure.”

Her face flushed a deep shade of red and I am sure if she had held a whip at that moment she would have used it on me.

“Well, another subject that went off in the wrong direction. Let’s talk about cuckolding.”

“All right then, another of my favorite subjects. Do you also find that to be fascinating?”

“Of course not but it is a theme in almost every book you write so I figured it held some special meaning for you. I don’t want to embarrass anyone else so I am going to refrain from asking about your personal experience, but why do you write about it in the way your do? Most other authors that broach the subject, it is always the male’s idea and the wife is reluctant. But in your books the wife always uses it as punishment, why?”

“Again, it goes back to the idea of happy endings. I suppose there may be a few isolated instances of a husband encouraging his wife to sleep with another man where it ends up happily for both of them. But, I doubt that happens very often. Some women have casual sex and form no other attachment than physical. But, I assume that for the majority if they had sex more than a couple times with another individual they would form some emotional attachment to him. She would then have to make a decision as to which man she liked better. And there is the other aspect, which is respect. I believe it would be very hard for a woman to respect a man that would willingly share her with another person, male for female.”

“So then you would not want a woman to cuckold you?”

“Absolutely not, I would hate it with every fiber of my being?”

“Then why do you write about it?”

“Because it is exciting. My readers get off on it. A lot of people are cruel by nature and they want to read about someone having their life torn apart. They want the guy to be destroyed. And truthfully that excites me as well.”

“Wow, you really do have a sadistic side, don’t you?”

“Of course, I do. One subject that you have not broached is that of betrayal. I absolutely love the idea of people betrayed and hurt by those they love most. In Tales of Betrayal you will notice I have included the very dearest of relationships to tear apart. A wife betraying her husband, a husband betraying his wife, a woman betrayed by her friend and mother-in-law and a man betrayed by his entire family led by his mother. I loved writing those stories because frankly it is almost impossible to be able to find stories like that.”

“Oh, I almost forgot, in Cruel Wife, Slave Husband you introduced the idea of chastity. Have you ever been subjected to that practice?”

“No, but I have done the two ring system for keeping an erection. It really works but it is extremely painful. I don’t recommend it to others but I found it to be wonderfully painful. My only problem was that I had the opportunity to take it off whenever I wanted and so I did not get the complete effect. Of course maybe that was better since I have no idea how long a man can keep an erection without having permanent damage done. As far as the chastity idea, I can see the fascination. I know being excited and not being able to touch myself is extremely pleasurable. I have never tried a chastity tube but that I think might be different. If you cannot fully attain erection it might not be as satisfying.”

“So are you working on any other books at this time?”

“I am kind of in between ideas right now. I am always swirling ideas around in my head and I imagine something will pop out eventually. There are so many topics that I would like to write about but seem to be off limits to society today.”

“Really, like what?”

“Oh, I never write about actual rape, although it fascinates me. I just don’t know how much of my audience would go along with my idea that the woman could never enjoy the act. I hate it when someone writes about a woman being attacked and her body always betrays her and she gets all wet and has multiple orgasms. Maybe I will write a story about a rape counselor so I can get to hear all the horror stories direct from the woman’s mouth and I might even throw in a twist where the counselor gets excited by making the woman believe she was to blame for the attack.

And then there is incest. I love that topic but it is pretty taboo with the mainline press. And of course women with animals would be a great subject but again hard to get published.”

“Dear god, you are truly disgusting. Aren’t you afraid that you will lose your readers from this interview?”

“No, quite the opposite. I think they will flock to see what added degradation I can dream up.”

The interview was over and I was escorted off the set. Angela did shake my hand but she did not have much enthusiasm in doing so. I could tell that she had not found our exchange of ideas to her liking. But as I left I did catch several of the female employees following me with their eyes. I did not know if that was because deep down they had some desires that related to my books, or if they just wanted to make sure they recognized me so if we ever met again they could avoid me.

I went back to writing and did not give much thought to what had transpired with Angela or her crew. I was somewhat anxious to see what the interview would do to my sales once it aired. What I did not consider is how others I knew would react.

I was informed about when the interview would air but I did not bother to watch it. I figured that Angela would paint me in the worst possible light and watching it would not change anything.


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