Breaking in her Husband, Chapter two

Breaking in Her Husband
A Dominant Wife Story

Lesson Number One
As he entered the basement the first thing he noticed was that it had been sectioned off into a pleasant looking den as you first walked in. There was a large screen television mounted to one wall, a large leather sofa across from it and several comfortable looking leather armchairs surrounding a beautiful mahogany coffee table. He also noticed that speakers had been installed and he figured that they were for surround sound.
She allowed him to stand there with his mouth open waiting for him to speak. She could see that he was working up the courage to start railing at her and she welcomed it. After all she was about to whip him, he might as well give her even more incentive to do it right.
“Jesus Christ, Janine, this stuff looks like it cost a fortune. You know we don’t have this kind of money to piss away on a whim.”
She did not answer him but instead opened the door and ushered him into the second part of the basement. Here he was even more shocked. Another large sofa had been set up on the edge of large section where the rug had been cut out. Several more chairs equally as nice as the ones in the outer room were arranged so that the concrete section seemed to be the theater as there was nothing else in the room that looked like entertainment.
He tried to figure what the purpose of having an expensive rug cut out when he looked up and noticed that a huge wooden beam had been installed directly over the cut out section. Hanging from the beam was a block and tackle with a large hook hanging down from it. And then he took a closer look at the rest of the room and noticed that one wall was covered with whips, paddles and all kinds of bondage gear.
And he also saw that a video camera had been set up and was pointed where he knew he was going to be shortly.
“No, No, No.” He said with a raised voice. “Enough is enough. I am going to get the hell out of here and then we are going to have a long discussion about what in hell you think you are doing.” And he turned and tried to leave.
Janine just laughed as he tried to shuffle past her. She began roughly pushing him backwards and with his feet bound in the unfamiliar heels he had difficulty keeping his balance. She had no problem in maneuvering him under the block and tackle and she pressed a button and the hook began to lower down to her.
He still was not too worried however because he reckoned that she would have to untie his hands in order to hoist him up. That would be all he would need to put an end to this nonsense. But once again he had underestimated his wife’s ingenuity. She allowed the hook to settle all the way to the floor and then attached the rope between his boots to it. She told him to lie down on his back if he did not want his head smacking against the concrete and out of fear for his life he followed her orders.
She pressed the button and his feet began to be pulled upward. She did not stop until the back of his head was resting uncomfortably against the hard concrete floor. Only then did she untie his hands. He tried flailing his arms hoping to keep her from rebinding his arms together. But she just stepped back and laughed watching him try to bend upwards and get a hold of the hook. When he almost succeeded she stepped forward and brought her riding crop down smartly between his legs. He let out a scream and settled back down.
“This has to stop, Janine. This was not what we agreed on.”
“On the contrary dearest. You agreed to do everything I told you for the entire weekend. Now, you want to renege on your deal. Well, I am not going to let you. You are going to be restrained in one fashion or the other for the entire weekend. Now you can make this easy or hard on yourself. The more you fight me the more pain you will endure. Now hold your hands together at your chest like a good little girl so I can get them cuffed together. I hope you appreciated that I got you some leather cuffs so your wrists will not get rope burned.”
Still wondering where she got all the money to spend on this stuff he obeyed. She produced the leather cuffs and placed them on one wrist at a time and buckled them closed. Once they were both in place she went over to the sideboard and came back with two small padlocks, which she used to secure the buckles so that they could not be reopened.
“Now if I lower the hook and release your feet do I have your word that you will not try to escape and that you will willingly put your hands over the hook?
He hesitated trying to figure some way out of his dire predicament. He figured there might be a chance of him overpowering his wife but it was a small chance. And if he failed she would make him pay all the more for his rebellion. So he just nodded his head in agreement.
She allowed the hook to settle back down so that he was lying flat on his back. She took the rope between his boots off of the hook and then placed his cuffed hands so that the hook caught the chain between them. She then pressed the button and the chain began to rise pulling him upward. She did not stop until his hands were stretched as high as they could go and still keep the spike heels of his boots on the concrete. She felt the muscles of his arms and then his legs to see just how much tension they bore. Not quite satisfied she pressed the button until his heels were raised and he was resting just on the balls of his feet.
“There now that seems better to me, how about you slave? Are you nice and comfy?”
“Do you really care how much discomfort I am feeling? Apparently you want to hurt me. What I don’t understand is why?”
“We will discuss the why’s after I release you Sunday at midnight. Right now you have 30 strokes coming. I really should add another 30 for not obeying me but I will take pity on you this time. Go ahead and scream if you want. I had this room insulated to the point it is almost sound proof.”
“Let’s see you did say the tops of your legs first I believe.” She brought the crop back and brought it forward with all her weight behind it. It landed squarely at the junction of his legs and his buttocks and it did elicit a scream from him. He tried to suck in his breath in anticipation of the next blow but she waited until she heard him exhale and then struck again precisely in the same location. The nerves in the already bruised area cried out sending shock waves of pain throughout his taut body. This time he managed to hold the scream to a low moan. Again the evil crop landed this time a fraction of an inch lower. Fresh nerves and fresh pain lit him up.
She stopped for a minute and reached out and teased the tender skin with her fingernails. “Am I causing you enough pain, slave?”
He had had enough of civility and he said. “Do your worst bitch. Just remember when I get out of this I will have my turn with you.”
“Helpless little girls really should not be threatening their mistresses. Maybe I won’t release you after all. Let’s get back to work.”
By the time the tenth blow landed on the backs of his legs he was whimpering like a little baby. Tears were streaming down his face and mucus was starting to form in the end of his nose. She left the room for a while allowing him to get control of himself before she returned to continue administering his punishment.
He was almost cried out when the first blow landed in the small of his back. To his surprise although the pain was severe, it was not as bad as the ones on his upper legs. But he screamed as loud as he could, trying to make her believe she was doing more damage than she was. Maybe she would let up on the strength of her blows. But apparently all he did was encourage her and she landed the next one even harder. She made sure that she allowed enough time between strokes for him to absorb the entire amount of one stroke before administering the next. He almost admired how skilled she was and wondered where she had learned her trade.
By the time the 20th stroke had landed he was not sure if he could endure any more. He could barely breath from the flow of mucus, which was now dripping onto the concrete in front of his boots. Janine finally took pity and held a tissue up and allowed him to blow.
And then she started punishing his nipples. She was unbelievably accurate and every single stroke came across his sensitive buds. He screamed until his throat was raw and then he screamed some more. She noticed that he was losing consciousness once and stopped her labors long enough to break open a vile of smelling salts and wave it under his nose. Only when he was fully awake again did she continue and finish up with the whipping.
“Well, that was quite a workout.” She said with a lilt in her voice. I really released a lot of endorphins. That was even better than the best orgasm you ever gave me. But come to think of it that wouldn’t be too hard to accomplish. You look pretty relaxed yourself. I see your nasty little hard on has gone down. Well I am going to go relax with a nice glass of wine and watch a little television before going to bed. Just to make sure I don’t disturb you I had a special hood made up for you. She walked over to the sideboard and picked up several items and brought them back to him. First we need to keep you quiet so you don’t disturb me. She held up a hard plastic ball with some straps attached so he could see what it was. “Open your mouth like a good little girl.” He did not have the energy to argue so he did as he was told and the ball was shoved into his mouth and behind his teeth. The straps went behind his head and were secured in place. Next she placed a set of thick ear plugs into his ears effectively blocking out any sounds that he might have otherwise heard. And then she put the leather hood over his head. The only opening in the leather was a small one under his nose.
She stepped back and admired her work. She knew that he was now blind, deaf and dumb. And she was going to leave him that way for the rest of the night. She was surprised at how sexually excited whipping him had made her. Her panties were soaking wet and that gave her one more sadistic idea. Taking them off she rubbed as much of her pussy juice into them as possible. She then held them up to her own nose and marveled at how pungent they smelled. She then walked back to her helpless husband and stretched the panties over his hood making sure that the vast amount of moisture was directly over his nose hole. Now every breath he drew in would contain her smell.


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