Exteme Cruel Wife

Most of my books are about female domination, usually the domination of husbands by wives. In my book “Breaking in Her Husband” a wife uses extreme measures to not only break in but break down her husband in an attempt to turn him into the perfect slave. Those methods include but are not limited to: Whipping, Forced Feminization, Humiliation, Cuckolding and Bondage and Discipline. Below you will find an excerpt from that book. I have included a link at the end of the snippet.
With cramps in his arms, shoulders and legs, Marcus could do nothing except dangle from the hook. He was completely helpless to resist when Janine came down in the morning and lowered him to the floor. She did not take off his hood until she had fastened some type of harness around his waist. She released his hands from his cuffs but he was not in any shape to offer any resistance as she replaced the cuffs with a new set. Finally she removed the hood so that he could see. After being in complete darkness the lights in the room hurt his eyes and he had to blink several times to allow them to adjust. She pulled the earplugs out so that he could hear her and then removed the ball gag.
He moaned and began begging her to massage the knots out of his muscles. She had on a pair of boots with some type of hard plastic serrated soles and she obliged by using those to roughly maneuver the muscles in his shoulders, arms and finally his legs. She took delight as she noticed the bruises that her boots were causing and she vowed that later she was going to stretch him out and do a complete walk over his entire body with them. Only when he begged her to stop did she finally relent.
“I don’t care if you have to shuffle, hop or crawl, but I want you upstairs in 5 minutes preparing my breakfast. If you fail me you will be trussed up again for the rest of the day. Work or hang are your only options.”
With great effort he managed to get up on his hands and knees. He now was able to determine that his hands were connected to a leather harness she had locked into place around his middle. His cuffs were attached with chains that were long enough for him to use his hands but with some degree of effort. And his boots were still secured together with that short rope making it impossible for him to move quickly. With every ounce of strength he had he forced himself to his feet and began the laborious task of climbing the stairs.
Janine had a severe look on her face by the time he entered the kitchen. “You cut that one pretty close, slave. In fact you are a couple minutes over but I have to weigh the advantage of your performing manual labor against the pleasure I would get from knowing you are in pain. If you do a good enough job of cooking perhaps I will let you do housework for the rest of the day instead of returning to the hook in the basement.”


Breaking in Her Husband Cover - Copy


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