Friday’s Book Offering

Here is a short sample from my latest book “Cuckold’s Anonymous”. It is available from the Kindle Store at Here is the direct link:

Cuckold’s Anonymous

Cuckold's Anonymous Cover

A Surprise Encounter
It was not long after that the meeting adjourned. I hung around for a few minutes to see if there was any possibility that I might be able to worm my way into one of the conversations but these folks were pretty tight lipped when they did not have a microphone in their hands. I looked around to see if perhaps Marcie was available for a little chat but she was no where to be found. I supposed she took the first opportunity to make herself scarce so that she did not have a confrontation with her former husband.
Realizing that my work for the evening was probably over, I made for the exit. No one stepped forward to stop me and say thanks for coming, hope to see you again. This was definitely not like alcoholics anonymous where everyone seemed to wear their alcoholism like a badge on their arm for everyone to see. Those meeting were almost like a fraternity where each person was not separate but was part of the group. Not so much like that here.
As I exited the door and headed for my car I noticed that someone was already there. It was in a part of the lot furthest from the light and so it was difficult to make out who was there, apparently waiting for me but I could tell there was someone because of the glow of the cigarette they were puffing. That was also different from alcoholics anonymous. In those meetings everyone smoked and drank copious amounts of coffee. But this was the first cigarette I had seen smoked at this meeting.
I approached my vehicle cautiously although I have no idea why I should be worried. I had never slept with any of these men’s wives or if I had it was so long ago that I did not remember it. And I had not spoken in front of the group so nobody should have been angry from my remarks. Never the less one cannot be too careful in this violent world in which we live.
I relaxed a little as I saw who was waiting for me. I doubted that Marci had anything against me and her relaxed posture told me that she did not.
“I thought you had left.” I announced as I came up to her. I held out my hand in greeting. She took it and gave me a firm handshake, which surprised me a little. “By the way my name is Jack.”
“Yes, I heard the greeting at the meeting. Do you have much trouble getting through airports?”
I smiled although I had heard that joke a million times or more. “And I guess you would be Marcie? Are you waiting for me or is my car the only one the right size to lean on?”
“No I thought I should welcome you to the group although I have a feeling that you don’t belong here.”
“Why would you say that? What other motive could I have for attending a meeting like this?”
“Well, I suspect that you have ulterior motives. For one thing you were paying way too much attention to what was being said. And yes before you asked, I have been observing you.”
“Really would you mind telling me why?” I asked.
“For starters you don’t look the part of the typical cuckold. And I will answer the question you are dying to ask before you get it off your tongue. A typical cuckold has a hangdog expression, especially when they are in the company of a woman. When I began to argue with Bill you turned around and looked me straight in the eye as if I was just another of the crowd and not the mortal enemy.”
“So then what is your theory about why I am here? Do you think perhaps that I am a married man thinking of having my wife cuckold me and I want to find out what the ramifications are before I do it?”
“Highly unlikely. I think you have a whole different agenda. I think you are either a journalist or a novelist that is trying to gain information for a story or book. How close am I?”
“Supposing you are right, how likely would it be for me to succeed in my venture?”
“That depends on whether you would like to buy me a drink or not. I have heard almost all the stories but they are much too long to tell standing in this parking lot?”
“Do you have a preference of the establishment for me to buy the drink?”
“Your place if you are not married, my place if you are.”


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